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01-05-2005, 05:53 PM
On the planet known as Dantooine, A lone boy sits alone near a stream, deep in the harsh wilderness. The boy bites his lip and nervously turns his head slowly to the left and then to the right; only spiky blba trees and multitudes of strange white flora. He slowly crept to the stream of crystal clear water. With a sigh, he looked to his reflection. His eyes widened and his mind became a war zone of conflicting thoughts. He dipped his hands into the cool water and saw a red cloud form around them. He closed his eyes and began to mutter a few words, “W-why is my reflection some one… I… I don’t know.” His mutterings came to an end as he heard a snap of a twig behind him. His eyes narrowed and his hand slowly crept down to his belt. He had two lightsabers. Another twig snapped. He slid his hand towards his Light Saber, exhaled, and then turned to the sound; nothing. Perhaps he was simply imagining it. After much time, he slowly turned and again kneeled near the stream. He looked to his robe; Covered in Crimson Regret. He took off his robe and looked at his exposed chest. He cringed as he slowly ran his fingers along his wound across his stomach. He began to try to wash off the stains that would never come out in the stream. A part of him still desperately tried to cling on a past he knew that he could never return to. He closed his eyes and tried to comfort himself. “T-There is no emotion… T-t-there is… p-p-p-peace,” he said quietly to himself, “There is no ig…ignorance—There is knowledge.” The boy’s voice gradually became weaker as he uttered each word, “There… is no passion… there is serenity.” Tears soon welled up in his eyes and he let out a small squeal of pain and sadness. His voice began to get louder as tears streamed down his face, “There is no CHAOS—There is ONLY H-h-harmony…” He let go of his robe and it began to drift away downstream. The boy’s hands trembled as he continued to look at his reflection. “Who is that boy I see… staring strait back at me,” The boy’s voice began to become choppy as he started to sob. He then quickly threw a stone at his reflection. “There… There is no death…Only… Only,” he suddenly came to a long pause, looked up to the sky and screamed.

(Character Stats)
Name: Jaiken Reynolt
Age: 15
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Silvery
Body Build: Low to Medium
Height: 5'9''
Class: Jedi Consular 3 (Padawan)
STR: 10
DEX: 16
CON: 9
INT: 14
WIS: 18
CHA: 15

Awareness: 3
Stealth: 5
Persuade: 6
Treat Injury: 1

• Melee weapons Proficiency
• Blaster pistols Proficiency
• Blaster rifles Proficiency
• Sniper Shot
• Critical Strike


OOC: Please note that this is just a low level thing (1-15). Its highly unlikely that some Dark Sith Prodigy would take leisurely stroll in Dantooine.. Hope you guys will have fun RPing in this.. And please use spell check. No PC can control other characters. And no PC can say, I run up to the player, force jump fifty feet in the air, and then land on him slicing him in half. (Why? Because the character could've jumped out of the way. Instead, say, "I jump up in the air in the attempt to slice him in two--Then we'll figure something out-- or something like that...) (If no one minds I could take the roll of DM-- but whatever)

Also: This takes place before Revan and Malak Go out to fight in the Mandalore War.

One More Thiiing: You can be whatever.. a level 7 Bounty Hunter... whatever in the 1-15 level... however Dark Sith would be less likely-- later as the story progresses, yes, Dark Sith will pop up later)

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05-23-2009, 05:55 PM
But then, just as his head reared back and that shattering scream erupted from him, a great shadow encompassed the entirety of his surroundings as a massive meteorite fell from the stars and absolutely obliterated all of Dantooine. And the young boy's head popped off, while a deep, rumbling voice would proclaim from out of nowhere: "Fatality!"

:P Love ya.