View Full Version : nVidia 6800 + KotOR = WTF?!

01-06-2005, 01:49 AM
So - with a whim of nostalgia (and boredom, until the newest batch of Q1 games comes out) I decided to reinstall this excellent game. Actually, this will have been the FIRST time I'd installed this since moving up from my 9800XT/3.2 P4 days...I couldn't WAIT to see how well/gorgeous this would run on my new rig.


With seemingly ANY large/busy exterior area, I get an absolutely HORRENDOUS slowdown. I'm talkin' <1 frame per second. And either: a) when the game catches up to itself, my character is stuck in a corner, doing the running man, or b) the friggin' game'll get caught in an infinite loop and NOT catch up to itself. Hard reboot follows.

I'm using all the latest official drivers for EVERYTHING and my rig absolutely BURIES any recommended specs for the game. I've alternatively tried unofficial beta/WHQL/non-WHQL/tweaked video drivers all week long. Same crappy results.

So I ask: WTF?!

Here are my specs:

AMD64 3500+ @ 2.625 Ghz
HTTx800/250fsb/mem 2:1
A8V rev 2 - 1009 final BIOS
2x512Mb OCZ 3200 Platinum rev 2 @2.5-3-3-8
BFG 6800GT @ 400/1060 (love it!!)
2x WD 740 Raptor (SATA)
2x MAXLine 3 (SATA)
PCP&C 510 Express


Here's a related thread at the BioWare forums: http://swforums.bioware.com/viewtopic.html?topic=398932&forum=80&sp=0

At the end of the post, the mod suggests going back to a previous official nVidia driver release. Did it work? In a word...


01-06-2005, 10:51 AM
check your graphics settings on kotor. if your antistrophic filter settings are at 16x, then you might have problems since i don't think kotor completely supports that mode (whick doesn't make much sense to me, either).

try experimenting with the antistrophic filter settings below 16x and check your results.

it worked for me whenever i moved kotor to my new kick-a system and i had graphics problems. i had to tone down the resolution and turn the antistrophic filtering to a mere 4x. :(

01-13-2005, 05:01 AM
Try forcing AA and AF through your graphics card settings instead of the kotor options...
hey, it's worth a try! ;)

16x AF works for me on a much crappier card. (9600 XT)