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01-10-2005, 02:27 PM
Here u go........any help would be appreciated !

Hey, I didnt really know where to go with this so I'll ask here. I just beat the game today and wanted to ask a couple of questions.

1) I beat the game primarily as a Light Side character. My game ended with a final confrontation with Kreia. I didnt have much of an 'ending' persay, just the Hawk escaping Malachor V. In KOTOR 1 there were alternate endings for light side or dark side, so I ask is there a dark side ending in this game ?

2) In KOTOR 1, if you went throughout the whole game as a light side character but made the decision to join Bastila at the Temple Sumit, your allignment swung all the way to the dark side and hence altered the ending of the game (a critical moment if u will). My second question is, is there a similiar event that alters the ending of the game in KOTOR 2 ?

3) Kinda a random question, but I heard that you can kill Carth in KOTOR 1 (i never did it personally) on the Star Forge. If thats true, how is he in this game ?

01-10-2005, 06:48 PM
1. Answer: Yes the ending is different between the LS and DS.

2. Answer: TSL does not have the single choice of LS or DS at the end like KOTOR did... it is far from it, the choices you make through the game that give you LS or DS points actually make the decision for you, because it really depends on what Prestiege Class you choose, this is devided by your alignment, if you are DS when Krea trains you you choose from a Sith one and you get the DS ending, if you are LS when Krea trains you you choose from a Jedi one and you get the LS ending.

3. Answer: Generally, Carth only appears if you selected that Revan was LS in the conversation with Atton at the beginning of the game. Carth could only die if Revan was Female and DS. Carth appears in some cutscenes in TSL, but some other character appears in his place if you had a DS Female Revan.

I hope this helps! :D

01-10-2005, 08:07 PM
Thanks Hawk. Mistakenly I posted the same thread in the Telos Tourist forum, perhaps you would be interested in continuing the discussion there ? :) I have more questions


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OK! :D

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