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01-12-2005, 11:59 AM
Ive read the tutorials, but I'm still a bit confused. What I want to do is make a custom item, (which I know how to do) and make its appearance look like, say darth bandon. so for example. say I took the jedi robes, made them a custom item, with properties and such, and gave them a new name (bandon robes). Now how would I make the jedi robes, look like bandons. I know it has something to do with the GFF editor, but im not quite sure. help would be apreciated.

P.S.- they really arent Bandon robes, I want to make them look like...

The Sith Assasins in Kotor 2. (I got kotor 2 backed-up to my harddrive)

Dak Vesser
01-12-2005, 03:14 PM
Ok let me get this right; You want to change the look of the Actuall Jedi Robes to look like something else, like in your case the enemy's outfit---> as in when you open a locker and the game drops a "Jedi Knight robe", you wear it and you now look like a sith right?

For Kotor II you can still use Fred Tetra's Kotor tool just change the file paths to read KotorII files. In 2da bif, look for Templates and go to "BluePrint Items and look for a Jedi Robe. For K2 it would look like "a_robe_xx.uti" where xx is a number from 01 to 30.

Open it with Item editor and you will see the Variation numbers on the "General Page" when you change the Variation numbers, you change the model, body ,and the texture of that item. If you don't know the item number you want, then just compare it to the actuall Item and looking at it's Variations in the Item editor.
just save it and put in the Override folder. Kotor II Item variations are still un-explored.

If you want to make it into a disquise, then I would recommend using the GFF editor after extracting the robe. Kotor Tool has issues with that property change.

01-12-2005, 03:58 PM
I wish It were that easy, but what I want the robes to look like, arent an item. They made this particular enemy a model in his own, so he has a body model, and a head model, plus the textures.

Maybe I could try the disguise property thing, not sure how to do that. Ill have a look at the tutorials again.

01-12-2005, 04:20 PM
Ok for what you are looking to do here there are a couple of different methods. Both will require some 2da editing.

1st method: add a new line into appearance.2da at the bottom which will be for the appearance of your new model. a good example would be Svosh's Revan Redemption Robes mod. Then in the item uti file under properties add the disguise property effect which will point to your new line in appearance.2da.

The 2nd method: In appearance.2da under your model & texture I columns you will need to add a model to these cells for every player model you would like it applied to. The model texture I column points to the revans robes/starforge robe item appearance type if I recall correctly or maybe it is just jedi robes in general not sure off the top of my head. A good example of this method would be the Darth Bandon Robes Mods out there. I believe Redhawke has a mod that does this I know his Make Canderous a Dark Jedi mod does this.

Now to either of these methods you will need to have a seperate model files to have entered into there try to keep these model files uniquely named that way it is easier to pinpoint where conflicts may occur in a mod. For the models all you need to do is find the model you want to use and rename both the mdl and mdx files to something unique for your mod.

Now of the 2 methods above I would recommend the first method as it is maintained as a disguise property and will not cause less possible conflict for other robes and models.

Dak Vesser
01-12-2005, 04:21 PM
Hello again"lol" Before you go and edit the appearance.2da, lets disquise one of the Jedi Robes in GFF editor first. OK ---> Try this:

Kotor II
1-In Kotor Tool look in "BIFs/templates.bif/BluePrint, Items/
2-Extract "a_robe_01.uti"
3-Open it in GFF Editor and look for "PropertiesList" [List].
4-Unfold it out then Right-click on it and add a new [User-Defined-Struct:0]
5- Under [User-Deifined Struct:0] Add the following like this:

ChanceAppear [BYTE] =100
CostTable [BYTE] =0
CostValue [WORD] =0
Param1 [BYTE] =255
Param1Value [BYTE] =0
PropertyName [WORD] =59 <----is the # for Disquise
Subtype [WORD] = 459 <--- is the # for the Character

You can find character numbers in appearance.2da

So add that into the "a_robe_01.uti." In GFF editor and always "Save as" Otherwise it gets written as ascii code and will not work. FTP it to your Override folder and that should give you the Sith_ Assassin_01 look to your character each time he or she wears that robe.

If you want to drop your modded robe in a corpse on Paragus so it will be there at the beginning of the game Do this:

In Kotor tool, look in "Rims/Modules/101PER_s.rim/Blueprint, Placeables" and extract "g_tresgencorp005.utp"

1-Open it with GFF editor and Go to "ItemList"
2-Unfold it out then right-click on ItemList and "Add[User-Defined Struct:0]
3-Under [User-Defined Struct:0]Add the following like this:

InventoryRes [CResRef] =a_robe_01
Repos_PosX [WORD] =0
Repos_Posy [WORD] =0

And thats it --> all you have to do is save as "g_tresgencorp005.utp" and ftp to your Kotor II Override Folder. F: or E:/Kotor II/Override

Hope that helps.

Dak Vesser
01-12-2005, 05:22 PM
"a_robe_01" <---is basic clothing "ooops!" Ma'bad - not a good idea to mod lest you want your PC to look like that everytime he/she wears plain clothes. Try "a_robe_04" <---that's the Jedi robe.

I'm still trying to get to know the files in this new game too.

01-12-2005, 06:29 PM
thanks for the info guys, although im going crazy trying to get the gff thing to work. Ive tried a million combinations looking for my pc. I even tried using the first male black pc,so i would know exactly what number to plug in, and it still didnt work. Ill keep trying though.

Dak Vesser
01-12-2005, 06:44 PM
Actually, I missed out one important thing and that is to change the Base Item to "Disquise". <---In Kotor Tool's Item Editor.

If you wanna "instead" edit it in the GFF editor, then the BaseItem value is gonna need to be set to "BaseItem =90" Otherwise if you try to equip your PC with that disquise and the value is other than "BaseItem=90" the game will crash "lol"

Do not forget that!!!!!

I know that after doing that, It no longer becomes a "Jedi Robe" instead, it becomes a "Disquise" with the same Icon as the Sith Armor on Taris. "And" so far I can't figure out any other way around that as to give it back the Jedi Robe Icon without the game crashing,

StormAngel is the only one I know who can figure it out, since he's already made mountain of modded disquises for Kotor1 and kept the "Icons" the same.

I'll have to ask him how.

01-12-2005, 07:13 PM
Ok im going to go crazy if I cant figure out which one my male pc is.

If you go to the player selection screen. start with the black male PC's. go over untill your done with the black pc's, and you get to the guy with the dark colored skin, and long black hair. the one right after him is my character. he's got sort of a goatee, and his hair is neatly combed, and its black. could someone identify which PC it is. Im pretty sure its one of the new PC: P_MAL_H_LRG_02

Dak Vesser
01-13-2005, 12:53 AM
No no no, There's no need to plug in anything. You don't need to mess with the 2da files at all to get your PC to change into the other full-body character that you want.

You don't need to worry about what file your PC is. Just follow the step by step instructions I posted above..

You can also use for "Subtype [WORD] =528" or 529, or 530.

These nubers are in the "Row Label" box in appearance.2da
459 = sith_assassin_01
Other sith assassin characters:
528 = Dark_jedi_Low_Male_01
529 = Dark_jedi_Low_Male_02
530 = Dark_jedi_Low_Male_03

01-13-2005, 11:32 AM
so that one number works for all PC's? O ok, That would explain why nothing was working. thanks for your help

Dak Vesser
01-13-2005, 02:51 PM
Ok let me go into more detail about editing an Item in GFF editor:
Let's leave the .2da files alone, <-----don't change anything.
Instead, we'll use the appearance.2da as a guid or a map.

Extract an Item from kotor tool (Example):

a_robe_03.uti <---Open in GFF editor.

Now, the first thing you see is:

[TopLevelStruct] =Type:UTI Ver:32.2.

When you click on the + next to the -1, the Toplevel expands and now you see all the nodes like "AddCost", "BaseItem",
"BodyVariation", and so on.

BaseItem: For the purpose of making a disquse (changing your character into someone else while the Item is equipped) the Data Value needs to be changed to =90. That gets changed in the in that big Box in the bottom right. When you change the number, make sure to take your mouse and click on the "BaseItem" node so the number is set. Do this with every node you change. Now the node should say:

BaseItem [INT] = 90

Ok that's done, "great."Now we move on down the list of nodes until we find:

PropertiesList [List] =...

When we click on it, we see a row of nodes that say:

[User-Defined Struct: 0]

Now click on one of those nodes, and we find a subtree in each User-Defined Struct node. Let's change the numbers so that it looks like this "Example of a Disquise":

ChanceAppear [BYTE] =100
CostTable [BYTE] =0
CostValue [WORD] =0
Param1 [BYTE] =255
Param1Value [BYTE] =0
PropertyName [WORD] = 59 <---This number equals "Disquise"
Subtype [WORD] = 28 <---This number equals "Sith_Soldier_01

As we see in the "PropertyName", the number is the property that will be added. In this case it's 59 "disquise". All the numbers for the ProtertyNames are found in Itempropdef.2da in the 2D Array.

As we see in the "Subtype", This number belongs to that character the disquise is going to change into. In this case it's number 28 "Sith Soldier". If we were to change that number to 4, Then that would be Bastila "a Bastila disquise". Change the number to 6, that would be Carth. 8=Juhani, 10=Mission and so on. <---All these numbers can be found in "appearance.2da" in the 2D Array

Ok here's is the thing, You can change all the properties in Kotor Tools with ease, except for some reason "Disquise" <----Goes into Error every time.

So this is what you should do: Change all your properties in Kotor Tool's "Item Editor". Change the name to "Sith Soldier Disquise" <--Something like that "leave the tag alone" and then save it. Once it's saved then you can open it in GFF editor and change the base Item & add the disquise property there. That will give you no errors. Now you're done and ready for the Override.

"And" with this, I hope any discrepancies are now cleared away and you should be able to create some really good disquises now.

01-13-2005, 03:19 PM
Ok now I see, the thing taht was really confusing me, was the numbers to add in the Gff editor. I was thinking that the last number to put in, was the number belaying to your PC. This clear everything up. Thank you again for all your help.

Dak Vesser
01-13-2005, 03:39 PM
That's good. Because even I was having trouble figuring all this out. :D