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01-16-2005, 08:33 AM
Long time in a galaxy far far away…………

1000 years after Revan's war, the Old Republic was in a period of peace and the Jedi Order were in a total confidence of the destruction of the Sith….

But in the other side the Sith lords forced to hide to regain their strength and have their revenge, but that was hard as they were in a constant war as everyone named him self as a dark lord of the sith and fought the other ones who do the same, so they cant be ever get strong to face their rivals, in these circumstances the name of Sith'ari has rised for the first time as he is a prophesied saviour of the Sith Order. The Sith'ari was a perfect being who would rise to power and bring balance to the Force. According to prophecy, the Sith'ari would rise up and destroy the Sith, but in the process would return to lead the Sith and make them stronger than ever before, and as this prophecy grown bigger and bigger the sith lords tried to kill this savior before he discover his power and destroy them all, and so are the Jedi masters as they sent 2 Jedi knights with their Padawans to search for a source of a great dark side power as they sense a disturbance in the force, but their ship was destroyed and they disappear without a trace.

A young Jedi knight Korfredonn El-Zieka, one of the most powerful Jedi knights in the Order was back form his mission as he heard about the lost Jedi knights, he was full of sorrow as his friend and his beloved one plus his old master (who's training her) were among the lost ones, after 2 weeks he had a vision of his master telling him that they have discovered a three sith clans fighting each others and they killed him and the other master while his friend has turned to the dark side and took his beloved one in order to turn her to his side. At these information young El-Zieka, full of anger and sorrow traveled to find his beloved one against the will of the Jedi counsel but his ship was destroyed by strange fighters and at last landed in Yavin.


I was planing to writ a story but I decided share my ideas with you to reach a great story line, so jump in and register your name in star wars galaxy.Use your wild imagenation, Be your self, make your characters meet your own characters absolutly and make its choices as its yours so live the game, at the end that’s why we play RPG games.

My character:

Name: Darth Tranka

Gender: male


Age: 20

Side: none

Allegiance: Dark Side

Rank: Sith'ari

Weapons: 2 curved hilt red light sabers

Appereance: long black hair, brown eyes, black robe with a black and silver mask, and has a tattoo of 2 crossed lunar moons between his sholders from the back.

As korfredonn's ship was landed at Yavin he could make it befour it blown into tiny pieces, as he ran from 4 dark jedis he found a temple and hide in it,he opend his Holocron as his beloved one's picture appeared" My precious angellore" as he use to call her, he remember her soft tone when she says to him "the seventh dreamer" coz she thoughts that he was so imaginary, and suddenly felt anger towards his old friend, then he decided to discover this temple and begin to walk in it:"it seems that it's a sacred place" as he keep walking he saw a tomb, he came closer so he could see the words written on the tomb" here lays the legendary Exar Kun" he feel the waves of fear penetrating him but he remember his master's words" fear leads to the dark side" he calm his self with these words:" he is not more than a dying body now", he complete his journy and then he find a painted wall with picture of 2 men fighting with eachother " I'll try to read the words down the picture" he said as he read it "the sith'ari will come to here some day and destroy Exar Kun" he laghed as he knew that no body can kill a dying man, but he cut his laghter as he saw a mark of a 2 crossed lunar moons shining from the sith'ari's picture, "it’s the same sign that I had" then he remembered that his master told him that he was born with this sign, he was shocked as he heard a voice comes from behind:" I've been waiting for u sith'ari, I cant wait to kill u"

It was Exar Kun's spirit who talked to him and without giving him any time he attacked him but korfredonn activated his light saber and stop his attack "not bad for a lost man like u" kun said, "I have the best to come" Korfredonn respond" whether I am the Sith'ari or not u'll die" the 2 keep fighting for along time and Korfredonn was almost died becouse of his wounds he tried to run away as he saw that he cant win this hollow figure, but he hear his master's voice" you can take him, the prophecy said that, you must believe in your self", after hearing this words he call for the force and stand on his feet to face his enemy as he say: " thou art eternal darkness, thou art eternal heresy, thou art day and night, thou art the flame inside, I'll make my misery thy saturnine"

At these words Exar Kun attacked Korfredonn but he was able to defend himself and strike Kun's spirit down, and just before this he fall down to the floor as he saw Kun's spirit fadind away, he was so exauhsted and feel that there is no power source left to him, he opened his hologram to see her picture, his eyes fill with silver tears as he say:" the night falls upon my dying eyes…. please…please forgive me my precious angellore" And so like this he close his eyes and fall asleep……did he die????

01-16-2005, 08:34 AM
Korfredonn opened his eyes as he wake up from his coma, "where am I? What am I dong here?" he gain his strength and get up, he saw a holocorn in the ground and open it, "she has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, but who is she??" alot of questions was running through his mind, he saw some words written on this holocorn" my precious angellore, what does it mean" he cant remember his identity nor his name. his thinking was interrupted by some sounds coming from the outside, the 4 men came closer to him as one of them shouted at him "at last we found you we'll kill you" the dark jedi attack him but he fell down before the mighty sith lord one of the dark jedi attacked him from behind but he stop as he saw the tattoo through his teared robe "he is the sith'ari" shouted with fear "even so we have to kill him" say the other dark jedi then the three attacked him, it takes him only a few minutes to send the 3 to the oblivion.

Impressed with his strength, the fallen Jedi took a new black robe and a black/silver mask from the tomb and say as he get out from the temple" it doesn’t matter who I am as long as I am the sith'ari" then he punched the wall angrily "where is the point if I know almost everything but I don't have a clue about my self" said sadly, in this circumstances he proclaimed the name ofDath Tranka.

01-16-2005, 05:47 PM
May I join? Thanks for your consideration!

Name: Justin Daxter

Gender: Male


Age: 16

Side: Light

Allegiance: Light Side.

Rank: Jedi

Weapons: 2 lightsabers, one green, one purple, (his most used) a staff lightsaber (green), and a blaster.

Appereance: Short, messy black hair, the Jedi Knight Robes, and leather boots.

01-18-2005, 04:56 AM
Still in the temple lord Tranka's meditation was constantly interrupted by his own thoughts he was thinking about his past , why did he came here? Who is he? Who is the girl in the holocorn? All these questions were torture him as he seeks the answers of salvation through his meditation but it was in vain.

note:i've left Korfredonn's friend,beloved, and master unnamed so u can play as these characters whom are involved directly in the main story line