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01-19-2005, 12:31 PM
Hey, I am going back to a couple of saved games from throughout my first tour of the game (as a LS sentinal) to try to find some alternate endings and unlock some movies.

On Datooine, I let the mercs keep Master Vrook (sp). and attacked the Khoonda with them. After the assault I am confronted by the Jedi Master and be pretty much gives me a total beatdown. I cant defeat him- so does anyone have any pointers ?

Also, this leads to an interesting thing. If i do defeat Vrook, what happens when I go back to Datooine later in the game. At the save point I started from here, I havea lready found the Jedi Master on Nar Shaada and "allied" with him. If I kill Vrook and lets say kill the Jedi Master on Onderon, will only the Jedi Master from Nar Shaada be at the new Enclave when I return ? And if so does Kriea still kill them ?

01-19-2005, 01:16 PM
he can b e pretty tough. however, I found an easy way to defeat him but it's not very glorious...when you run low on health, run behind on the the trees in the room. If you do it fast enough, he won't follow you and since he's a jedi, you don't have to worry about him using offensive force powers :D . Heal up , use a good shield, buff your attributes with what you have and go back to face him or try using a sonic pistol (he can't defelct it) and grenades. If you have been able to enroll Sulruu (the moisture vaporator guy), Vrook may chose to attack him instead of you. Just keep throwing grenades at Vrook.

btw, in order to avoid spoilers in thread titles, I edited the title of your thread ;) I consider mentionning that Vrook is in the game, a spoiler

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01-19-2005, 02:24 PM
Thanks for the tip, Darth - i beat him :) WHICH NOW LEADS TO AN INTERESTING SITUATION.....

Ok, so I did Nar Shaada completely LS, and Dantooine completely DS ('allying with the Jedi Master on Nar Shaada and killing the Vrook on Dantooine). My allignment is now completely neutral. Do you think at this point the game's ending has been determined or will it depend on what I do at Onderan ? Do you know what happens if i kill the Jedi Master on Olderan ? WIll only the one from Nar Shaada be there when i return to Dantooine ?

Sorry about the spoiler in the thread topic earlier :)