View Full Version : Basic question on leveling up (applicable to KOTOR I/II)

Master Zalius
01-21-2005, 03:54 PM
How does this system work beyond the fundemental gaining experience points to level up?

If say for instance you have a Class Scoundral who didn't level-up at all until you attained a Jedi Class, would you then be able to use all those unused level ups in your new Jedi class to gain more powers then you would when you reached a certain point...

...or is it not possible to reach a Jedi status till you have reached a certain level on your base class?

I'm just curious as to what constitutes reaching say... level 28 when I see 2 level numbers such as Class Scoundral 8/Class Jedi Sentinal 12 or whatnot. How does it break down? I dont have the game with me so I can't figure it out right now but I'm just real curious.

This applies to KOTOR II because of some of your companions "special capabilities"

Nrak Ujhade
01-21-2005, 04:02 PM
holding back lvls is an old favorite strategy of many. it was mostly used in KOTOR1 because many wanted more force points before they became jedi. The olny drawback in the first one was taking awhile for you and your party to evenout in lvls but holding back on lvls does not hurt you at all, infact it is even better in KOTOR2
like when I first get handmaiden and Bao. I dont really lvl them up until i make them jedi. Atton I increase a few lvls cuz he has to go a long way till he can be a jedi
there is no pentaly for holding back.

Master Zalius
01-21-2005, 04:22 PM
Yeah I gotta go back and see how long it takes the companions dialogues to reach that point... I'm trying to think about how long it takes till you have the old "talk" with atton about his feelings cause it does seem to happen pretty late. Perhalps I can figure out all the dialogues at the earliest times.

with Mira you could pretty much smooth talk her as soon as she joins you on Nar Shadaa can't you?

And with the handmaiden you have to beat her in all the fights..

I never had much dialogue with Bao Dur that would lead to him becoming a Jedi so I dont know when that was ever possible to come into play.

I'll just level-up T3 to the max since he has no where to go and you have him all the time... that way I can use his abundance of high skills to compensate for me holding back the other guys.

01-21-2005, 06:30 PM
A sound Strategy.
Handmaiden I found is quite easy to make a jedi, as is Mira. Bao-Dur takes some talking to and I found it is easier to influence him if he is in your party for certain acts of random Kindness you display. The hardest part about not levelling Mira is you have to use her to open the door for you. which means beating Hanharr and a couple Obese. While on Telos make sure you let Atton or Bao-dur recover as many mines as possible. They make short work of the Obese. For Hanharr I beat him at the standard lvl 6 you get Mira at just by running in circles around the room and taking Sniper shots or rapid shots at him while he tries to close to Melee range. takes awhile but if you outfit her and have a ranged weapon prepared for her with attack bonus upgrades along with armor/items it isnt a problem. Beating Handmaiden in the duels is easier when she is lower level while you are pimped out, its just a matter of dialogue with her and Kriea about her mother. I love having Handmaiden in my party, she is devastating, especially once I got her those lightning gloves, they add some nice damage to her already high hand to hand ability. I cant say I ever bothered with Atton much, I used him as a gear head and never really brought him on any missions, unless I needed things crafted at a workbench or lab station. So I never make him a Jedi and barely bother with any dialogue with him for that matter. I just outfit him with ever skill advancing item I can find and jack up his intel for extra skill points. Sometimes I use Bao-dur for that, but he is a much more competent combatant and making him a Jedi ensures that when the dxun/sith mission happens, he can march through everything they throw at him with nary a scratch.

Master Zalius
01-22-2005, 11:09 AM
Cool, thanks!

I've been wondering with the games... does anyone know if it is possible if your a Jedi Gaurdian/soldier could get all the feats, or if your a Jedi Consular to get all the force powers possible by the end of the game if you reach the highest level?

Feel free to put the answer in a spoiler TAG for those who dont want to know.

01-22-2005, 11:13 AM
Well, With my 30 Weaponmaster There were only a few feats left that I didnt really need or want anyways... and as a 46 Sithlord, the only force powers I didnt have were a few of the LS powers that didnt really do anything for me anyways. So I'd say that yeah... you could just about have every feat or power depending on your class if you really wanted.

Master Zalius
01-22-2005, 11:53 AM
Cool thanks, good to know for the day when I feel like having the most badass Jedi crew.