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Kitty Kitty
01-27-2004, 07:45 PM
Sorry if this is old news, but...

First off, under
[Game Options]
EnableCheats=1 (we know all about this)

There's a line that says

Change that to a 1, and you can hit the Print Screen key, and each time you'll make a file in your root KotOR folder called KotORnnnn.tga (nnnn = a sequential number beginning at 0000)

Second - this one REALLY handy for people working on mods where they have to constantly do some work, save files, then re-load a save game etc etc..

Find a line that says:
FullScreen=1 (under [Graphics Options])

I saw nowhere to select full screen or windowed in the configuration areas (though maybe I missed it), but if you make that number a 0, you run in windowed mode.. which can be REALLY handy.. you can do some work, save it, then just switch windows and re-load a save game instead of quitting kotor, working, loading kotor, loading the save, etc.

Now obviously, not ALL files will have any effect if modified while the game is running.. but for those which will, this will save me a ton of time and agrivation ;p

Just thought I'd share these in case they weren't known.. I hadn't seen them mentioned, though everyone prolly already knew ;)


01-28-2004, 11:41 PM
Originally posted by Kitty Kitty
Sorry if this is old news, but...

Dont be sorry - its imformative and should be in the forums at least somewhere :D

To add to your list:


allows you to switch from fullscreen to window and vice versa by pressing ALT-Enter

02-01-2004, 11:02 AM
I agree, don't be... You are a big help in this forum...