View Full Version : Need some help with cutting down the filesize . .

01-26-2005, 03:57 AM
OK, Ive had the game absolutely ages but I never bothreed to try the mp since I only have dialup at home, a particularly crappy dial up at that.
Then I thought, why not play at college? I dont have enough filespace on the server to play the game, but would it be possible to play the game from a USB drive? My MD player can hold a GB of data.
Is this possible and if so, any tips on what parts of the file I can strip out ie sp only compomnents as I wont be playing sp. . .

Thanks a bunch if you can help!

01-26-2005, 06:12 AM
All the asset files are mixed in together so you're not going to save any space that way.

01-26-2005, 04:30 PM
Yeah, there are 3 main files that contain the main data. These are the Assets files. You can load them in WinZip, even though they have the extension .pk3. The thing is, SP and MP are mixed like RazorAce said. For example the single player levels are in the same pk3 as the multiplayer levels. The single player scripts are in the same pk3 as the multiplayer bot routes.

Anyways, its a bad Idea to edit any files unless you know what your doing. And even then, modifying the assets pk3 is probably the best way to screw the game up, especially deleting files.

Also, I used to play on dial up all the time. I played siege yesterday, my ping started at 300... but started to rise.

JK2 (the game before JKA) could fit on a 1 gig USB. Thats only $10 at walmart. (around 600 MBs)

01-26-2005, 05:17 PM
If you are going to try out MP mode, I have some important words of advise: be very careful choosing which server to join.

It's a dangerous world out there in the online JA community. Only a few bastions of competitive gaming remain, desperately keeping the hordes of "honorz," no-guns gamers that go around saying "OMG SAB3R 0Ff=P3ACE L4M3r!!!1111one1!" at bay. Do not be decieved by their blasphemous code of "honor" and "no guns" gameplay. The "honorz" gamers have but one sinister goal; turn JA into one big chat room.

Your best bet is to try out Capture the Flag and Siege servers. The way those games are set up, there's really no other way to play than the pure competitive style that the game was designed for.

01-26-2005, 05:26 PM
Its sad but true. If you do manage to play kill everyone you see. Don't just stand around and chat. Also, don't feel bad if you get kicked out servers, 90% of them suck. Players on those servers only want to sit around and chat all day, and if you disrupt there RPG fantasy they go psycho.

In other new, I was able get into an insane Saber Only FFA in JK2!

I joined a server with honor players, and started attacking. I played dumb when they started preaching about laming. Then, eventually some other guy joined, and we just started tearing each other up all over the map. I guess before long they saw it was fun, and everyone joined in the scrap. It was awesome, 7-10 people on those FFA_Bespin bridges swing sabers as if there lives depended on it (well.. it did) and it was great. Remindes me of my old JK2 days back in '02.

I only wanted to see what was happening JK2... and it seems maybe they are changing. Sure, they were mad at first when threw my saber at there floating tower of jedi, but.... after a while they cooled down, and attacked me back, but not out of revenge, out of a want to play the game, properly. If only you could reason with all the servers like that. BTW, this was yesterday, on a Jedi Academy mod server. :D