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04-10-2000, 07:21 PM
just got my first twisting-3d-joystick but I dont't get the technic. could anyone plz explain it to me???


04-10-2000, 09:04 PM
Well erm, twist should be thye rudder.\

Is it a MS sidewinder you have?

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04-11-2000, 02:13 AM
The general idea behind the twist handle in XWA is too allow you to spin your ship in place. It can be rather helpful when trying to keep up with a manurverable craft that is going up, as most people seem to contol their craft better while turning down, so the handle allows you to ajust that rotation.

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04-11-2000, 07:15 AM
I meant how do I twist to turn as much as possible. ie turning down left and twisting to the right... or maybe there is no rule for that


04-11-2000, 08:32 PM
Twist left to roll left, twist right to rol right, and PRACTICE!!

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04-11-2000, 11:05 PM
THere are several ways to use the Rotating/twist funtion.

When going Head to Head you can Twist To the right, and pull the joystick to the lower right, this will casue the ship to do a QuickCorkscrew, and you will be labeld as a "rudder-whore", it is best used when you player opponent has a little lag. Other wise it isn'y very effective.

Another way is one i like a lot is you can do a qucik turn, by rotating, and turning at the same time, kinda like a wing-over. Or while in a circleing match you can use the rotating to lead you opponent more and have a better turn rate then him.

YOu need to practice it, and get comfortable using the funtion