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02-01-2005, 10:14 AM
This RP is based just before the events of the first of KotoR. The war has been going for some time now and the jedis number have beagan to dwindle. Both large battle in space and duel on a planets surface are occuring on a regular basis. You can be species, have any Job and be affiliated with any side (even freelance or neutral).

No god modding
No char controling
no killing other players without their per mission
You can have up to 3 PCs
Try to limit 1 line posts.

Character 1
Name- Jon Freeman
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 31
Height- 5"7'
Side- Freelance (leaning more to republic)
Allegiance: Lightside
Occupation/rank: Mercenary, Ex-Jedi
Type: Jedi Guardian
Weapons: Lightsaber, Blaster Rifle
Equipment: Medium Fiber armour, Stealth belt.
Apperance: Black Hair, Acrobatic body build, White Skin, Brown eyes
Ship: The "Phoenix" a Modified corillian Medium freighter : 3 quad laser Turrets ( 2 ventral 1 dorsal, 2 Concussion missile launcher (1 forward one rear), 2 Forward ion cannons, Large cargo bay (with installed holding cell), two two-man quarters.
Bio: An ex jedi who left the order after he felt the jedi was holding him back. He be came a mercenary and does missions for anyone who needs him although he prefers working for the republic.

Character 2
Name- Tia Nasai
Species- Human (corillian)
Sex- female
Age- 20
Height- 5"3'
Side- Freelance
Allegiance: Neutral
Occupation/rank: Mercenary.
Type: Scoundral
Weapons: Wrist mounted repeater blaster, vibro blade, Blaster rifle with granade launcher.
Equipment: Stealth Armour, 'Hacking' Visor (for breaking into computers, doors, etc.
Apperance: Blonde Hair, Acrobatic body build, tanned Skin, green eyes
Ship: See Jon Freeman
Bio: A orphin on corillia took to a life of crime at an early age. At the age of 17 she was trying to steal from Jon Freeman. He caught her and "rescued" her from her criminal activity. She now works as the co-pilot on the phoenix and is the main enginneer. she has worked on many jobs and thinks of Jon as an older brother.

The Phoenix flew through hyperspace heading towards the republic prison starbase just outside of the corillian system. Jon was in the cockpit at the front of the ship looking at the starcharts when Tia walked in.

Jon- How's our cargo?

Tia- iritating, he won't shut up!

Jon- Well that's a sith officer for you, Thinking they're so superior.

Tia- he keeps going on about how the jedi will fall and then the republic shall follow.

The Jedi and scoundral where on a mission to transport a captain of a sith battleship to the station for incarseration as he was tried as a traitor after he defected taking his ship and most of it crew with him.

Darth Smaug
02-15-2005, 11:51 AM
Name- Sion Capion
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 16
Side- Doesn't care about the Republic,Sith...Jedi sideish :)
Allegiance: Lightside(later on DarkSide)
Occupation/rank: Jedi Master,Council Master
Type: Jedi Consular Master
Weapons: Capion Green lightsaber
Equipment: Jedi Council Master Robes,Jedi Belt
Apperance: Long Black Hair, Acrobatic body build, White Skin, Dark eyes with red glow
Ship: The Twilight Dragon .
Bio: A discovered boy at the Age of 12 strong in the force..Joined the order at the age of 12 and when he was 16 he already was in the Council and was one of the strongest Masters...Arrogant.

Where is the War happening??:D

02-15-2005, 01:53 PM
Name- JTO
Species- Human
Age- 34
Height- 6"1'
Side- The Republic
Alligiance-Light Side
Occupation- Jedi Master
Type-Jedi Sentinel
Weapons- Yellow Lightsaber
Equipment- Jedi Master Robes, Jay Shey Belt
Appearance- Spiky black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, six pack abs
Ship- Galaxy Cruiser
Bio- A man strong in the force. He was trained only when he was just three years old. He became a Jedi Knight at the age of 13 and became a Jedi Master when he was 21. Some people say he was the son of Bastila Shan, a Jedi Knight who fought along side Revan in the Jedi Civil War.

02-16-2005, 04:57 AM
(OCC: Where is the War happening??
this is based just before revan was ambushed by the jedi)

Jon and Tias ship droped out of hyperspace a few clicks away from the prison spacestation.

Jon- "I'll prep our prisoner."

Tia- "o.k" *She goes over to the communications console "Republic station this is the phoenix transporting prisoner for incarseration"

Voice- "Thank you phoenix we have been waiting for you, do you need a security team to assist you on docking."

Tia- "no we can handle this sith, just have our payment ready we want to leave A-S-A-P."

Voice- "O.K, phoenix your clear to land in hanger bay three.

Tia- "Thank you station, Phoenix out."

The phoenix flew towards the station as they got in to range to begin landing procediur a large door began to open with the number 3 (in Starwar numerics) on it. the ship entered and the landing thruster began to fire as they slowly approached the ground. On landing the loading ranp lowered and Jon with his sith prisoner still wearing his officers uniform walked down it. they headed to a door at the back of the hanger that automatically opened. Two armed guards were standing there.

Guard- "We will take him from here."

Jon- "once i get what i'm owed"

The guard then threw a small bag at jon he opened it and tipped the contents into his hand. A medium sived crystal landed in his hand.

Jon-" thank you, he's all yours"

Jon pushed the sith at the guards and turned back to the ship. In the cockpit the tia was preping the ship for launch as Jon walked in.

Jon-"come on let's go."

Tia-"where to?"

Jon- "let's go to corillia, i could do with a good ale!"

Darth Smaug
02-16-2005, 10:57 AM
meanwhile in corillia at a droid shop...

Merchant: I don't know anything!! I swear!
Sion Capion:You should tell me what you know of the Sith
Merchant: But i don't know anything
Sion Capion:Then in this moment when we talked i revealed myself as a Jedi and don't like the Sith wich you must know after the conversation so you die...
Merchant: Wait i know the Sith are evil !! They have a couple of Dark Jedi kidnapping kids at night training them into Dark Jedi!!
Sion Capion:Thanks for the info Lowstander..Then when say everything to your master i will be revealed so you die..
Merchant : But but No!!
----A Green Saber makes a fast move and the Merchant falls on the floor..Dead..----Capion brainwashes the witnesses and get's a drink at Dax's Cantina..

02-16-2005, 11:13 AM
i think that i'll re-use another character that i never rely got a chance to develop in another rp. then, i think i'll add another. ;)

Name: Rytanya Cryain
Sex: Male
Race: Zabrak
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 178 lb.
Alignment: Leaning dark
Side: None, Escaped Convict
Class: Scoundrel/Soldier
Appearance: Medium build; medium skin tone; yellowish horns on head that have been sharpened down; black tribal tatoos across top of head that travel down the sideburn area of the face

Light fiber-armor designed for good protection and stealth
Two curved daggers
A 36" katana blade w/ vibration coils
2 Silenced dart pistols. darts use a range of poisons designed for instant kill or instant sedation.
A baragwin stealth field generator
Throwing knives
A heavy blaster pistol
A terminal hacking tool

Ship: Re'allis
A two-seat fighter
2 concussion missile launchers
4 fixed turbolaser batteries
2 fixed ion batteries
duel shields system
twin-engine w/ thrust vectoring
15 extra maneuvering thrusters were added
twin-delta shaped craft with no wings

Cryain had been a freelance mercenary and crime lord enforcer for many years. Unlike the blatently bold mercanaries that most people envision, Cryain used stealth and martial arts tactics to do the job, which made him a valuable intelligence ops to most militaries. He had done some minor bounty hunting in the past, but he prefers mercenary work. His skills were offered to the highest bidders, and he had very little sense of loyalty to his employers. The rescent lack of loyalty to the Republic has caused his current wanted status.

Name: Roa Ceetu
Sex: Male
Race: Mandalorian
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 279 lb.
Alignment: Dark
Side: None, Escaped Convict
Class: Scoundrel/Soldier
Appearance: Very solidly built, with clan tattoos on his left shoulder and several facial scars from previous battles.

Modified Mandalorian Battle Armor
Clan Vibroblade
Sniping Rifle (range: 8km)
Modified Mandalorian Assault Rifle
Baragwin Stealth Field Generator
Lock-picking tool

Roa had been detained by the Republic many years ago for war crimes during the Mandalorian Wars and had been serving a life sentence for strategically taking out a Republic Diplomat on Onderon with his squad early in the war. He met up Cryain during his incarceration, and they became close friends. With the Republic distracted by Revan's initial attacks, they had just recently escaped from prison no sooner than 4 months ago and are wanted dead or alive by the Republic. Cryain recovered his equipment during the escape, but Roa got his equipment from a small Mandalorian settlement on Dantooine about a month later.

02-16-2005, 11:18 AM
The phoenix flew out of the station and headed towards the planet at sublight speed. Both crew members were in the cockpit not doing much as the autopilot was on. Tia swung her chair to face the ex-jedi.

Tia- "so all that work just to get that crystal."

Jon- "Well the jedi on coruscant want it and are willing to pay alot for it."

Tia- " Yeah but was it worth having to hunt that sith aswell."

Jon- "look the jedi want the crystal, the warden owned the crystal, the warden wants that sith, a sith soldier has information on how to get the sith, the soldier wants to be hiden, we hide the soldier, he gives us info, we get sith, give sith to warden, we get crystal and now we give the crystal to the jedi... after we get a drink."

Tia- "still semms like alot of work."

Jon- "we get paid... well, now lets land this thing and get those drinks."

The ship flew up to the planet and entered the atmosphere landing on a floating above the planets capital.

02-16-2005, 11:49 AM
The Re'allis was pulled out of hyperspace. Suddenly awake, Cryain looked outside his cockpit, only to see a Sith Interdictor activating its tractor beam. The tractor beam locked onto the fighter, and held it in place. Very much aware that the Sith might open fire if he activated his weapon arrays, Cryain simply activated the communications console and hailed the Interdictor. The Sith responded.

Sith- "Your ship's transponder codes do not match any known codes. You are being brought on board for a thorough search and some questioning."

Cryain tried to respond, but the channel had already been closed. With that, the Re'allis was dragged into the landing bay.

Sith Interrigator- "You know, we found a lot of weapons and such on board your fighter during the search. You wouldn't happen to be Republic lackey's on their way to Corellia, now would you?"

Roa- "Roa Ceetu. Serial number 13-889-12-6274"

Interrigator- "Ah, yes, the Mandalorian vigilence to not give up their information and become traitors. I remember fighting your kind during the War. You were weak. You had no honor in your fight."

Cryain- "Enough!! I won't have you goading him into a fight. We were on our way to Corellia, yes. But we were going to Corellia to find work for a local company."

Interrigator- "So, this company needs weapons for the job?"

Cryain- "(lying)Of course not. Those weapons have been in our respective families for generations. They are nothing more than personal effects."

Another Sith walks into the room and whispers something into the Interrigator's ear.

Interrigator- "I've just been informed by my master that you are to be released at once."

With that, the Force cages were released, and the two men were escorted to the Re'allis by several soldiers. As they prepared to get back on board, a Sith Captain walked up to Cryain.

Captain- "I have been ordered to give you this datapad."

Cryain- "What is it?"

Captian- "I don't know. I didn't look."

The captain then turned around and walked away.

The Re'allis re-entered hyperspace. Within about 10 min, they arrived at Correllia.

02-16-2005, 12:10 PM
Tia walked into a cantina on corillia and headed strait for the bar and called for the bar keep and got a corilian ale. as she took her first sip one of the less civilized patrons approachhed her.

Patron- "hey, this is no place for a lady, why don,t i take you somewhere safer."

Tia- "no thank you, i'm fine here."

Patron- "well i think you should come with me."

The patron then grabbed her arm and held it for a few moments when suddenly a lightsaber ignited near his throat. it was jon holding the saber standing behind the man.

Jon- "and i think you should leave the girl alone!"

Patron- "hey, I didn't know she was with a jedi!"

Jon-" I'm no jedi."

Patron- "sorry the lightsaber confused me."

Jon- "Well you should step away and straiten your head out."

Jon then deactivated his saber and took a step back to let the man pass. The guy then quickly left the cantina and jon took his place at the bar and turned to smile at tia.

Tia- "you know i could have handled him."

Jon- "Yes, But you would have killed him and we don't want that kind of attention."

Tia- "Like anyone cares if we kill scum like that."

Jon- " just have your drink then we will leave in an hour."

02-16-2005, 05:45 PM
JTO was wandering the halls of the Jedi Academy on Dantooine.
Then we was instructed to join the Republic in the war.

JTO: "The Republic is taking heavy losses. I shall go to Courscant to align with them, as you say. And may the force be with you."

Master Rohnjin: "And also with you."

JTO walked to his ship, and surrounding it were Republic Soldiers.

JTO: "Is my vessel ready?"

Captain Vorel: "Yes, Master. Right this way."

The Galaxy Cruiser took flight. It headed to Courscant, but the ship accidently crash landed onto a moon near Courscant. It ran out of fuel and the ship's hyperdrive has been busted. JTO headed out to the surface.

JTO: "I believe I'll be staying he for a long time. I must find parts for my ship, including fuel. Though I'm afraid that the Sith have infiltrated the area. It's going to be hard."

A rodian walked up to JTO. It attacked JTO. He decided he had no other choice, so he fought back. The rodian stopped and backed away.

JTO: "Why did you just attack me?"

Rodian: "I'm sorry...I thought you were a threat."

JTO: "Do you know where I may find fuel and ship parts?"

Rodian: "There's a dealer downtown...but beware."

JTO: "Why?"

Rodian: "The place is filled with Sith, mad Wookies, Kath Hounds, and Laigreks."

JTO: "What is the name of this moon?"

Rodian: "G:ZR 5-10."

JTO: "I do not understand."

Rodian: "It is in code. It means "War Grounds".

JTO: "Hmm. Well, I shall be going now."

JTO walked away, saying "War Grounds" repeatedly.

02-17-2005, 07:16 AM
After considerable persuading, Cryain finally convinced the Corellian Docking Authority to let him land the Re'allis. Apparently, nobody recognized his transponder codes. They'd have to get some new, more standard codes to prevent problems like he just had. As they landed and disembarked, Roa was actually quite surprised that no one had come to greet them. All the trouble the CDA had gone through to prevent them from landing, and they weren't going to investigate. Stupidity.

In order to not cause a big stir, Roa decided to wear some light armor that wouldn't be as eye catching as his battle armor. As per docking rules, Roa also couldn't bring along anything better than his vibroblade for weapons. Still, it was definately better than nothing. Cryain, on the other hand, could have his full layout, since none of his weapons had been banned from leaving the spaceports.

Since they were looking for jobs, they headed for the local cantina. Cryain figured he could find them some kind of work from either the local Exchange boss or possibly even a local gang. It didn't matter to either one of them, as long as they stayed out of trouble with the Republic. Upon entering, they were somewhat startled to see a lightsaber being activated next to someone's throat. But, by listening in, it didn't take much for Cryain to relax the automatic grip he had just placed on his two knives. Still, he couldn't be too careful. Former jedi or not, they made for very worthy adversaries.

02-17-2005, 07:34 AM
On their second drinks Jon and tia were going to pay for a third round. Jon reached into his pocket and pulled out the crystal and plased it on the table while he continued looking for credits in his pockets.

Tia- So what is so special about the crystal.

Jon- I don't know its some kind of artifact found on malachor V during the war.

Tia- Spoils of war, ha.

Jon- i guess so although the masters were adiment that they wanted it and the sith must not be allowd to acquire it.

Tia- maybe we can pump up the price.

Jon- maybe.

The bartender brang them there third round of drinks and Jon paid with the credits he found.

Jon- make this your last drink i'm running low on change.

Jon then picked the crystal up and sealed it in his pocket and went back to his drink.

02-17-2005, 07:46 AM
Roa and Cryain sat down at a table with a few pints of ale. Cryain specifically began to study the people in the pub. Most people were either enjoying their drinks or the company of their companions. Cryain paid extra attention to the ex-jedi. He noticed the jedi pulling out the crystal and studying it. Cryain was just at the right vantage point that he could study the crystal as well. The crystal looked like nothing more than a small gemstone, but there was something about it that was slightly off in a way. Then, he made the connection between a jedi and the crystal.

Overhearing the conversation, he knew that the Sith might be interested in such a crystal. Cryain was no longer looking for a job, he had found one. But this wasn't their opportunity just yet. Motioning at Roa, they left the payments for the drinks on the table, with a tip, and left the cantina.

02-17-2005, 08:07 AM
Jon and tia finished off their drinks and desided to leave they gave the bartender a tip and left the bar. they desided to take a shortcut to the shuttle port that would take them to the landing pad. They walked through a dark alley when Jon stopped in his tracks.

Tia- Whats wrong?

Jon- We are being followed!

Suddenly five men walked out of the shaddows, one of which was the man who hastled tia earlier in the bar.

Man- You shouldn't have imbarrised me jedi, so i desided to get my friends

Jon- 5 versus 2, these odds seem to be un even

Tia- yeah u could have at least tried to give us a challange.

Man- enougth talk, shes mine and your dead jedi.

The man pulled out a vibro sword while is companions drew their blaster rifles. tia pulled out a concussion granade and threw it at two of the gunman. Jon ignited his lightsaber and dived at two of the other gunman cutting their swords in half causing the two men to turn tale and run. He then pulled out his rifle and pointed bith his saber and rifle at the leader.

Jon- Lightsaber or blaster, i'll let you choose your death.

The man looked shocked ang droped his vibroblade when he collapsed as Tia crept up behind hin and knocked him out with the butt of her pistol.

Jon- you managed to go a fight without killing someone. well done.

Tia- I guess you are rubbing off on me.

Jon- Ha, come on lets get to our ship the authoritys can deal with the scum that din't get away.

Tia and jon walked to the shuttle port to catch the next shuttle to the landing pads. the shuttle arrived and they got on with a croud of over passengers.

02-17-2005, 08:29 AM
Roa reached out and grabbed the man by his throat, lifting him into the air. It was a strange sight to see a man being picked up by a cloaked man, but it didn't last long as Roa slammed the man against the wall. The wall shuttered, and an imprint of the man's head could be seen in the durasteel. The other man watched the whole thing in horror, but suddenly, his head rolled off his shoulders and thudded to the ground. Blood shimmered on the cloaked katana as Cryain deactivated the cloaking field.

Roa- "Great, now they're both dead. What kind of info are we supposed to get now?"

Cryain- "We don't get it from him, we get it from him." (motions toward the alley where the fight originated between the jedi and the thugs)

They simply dumped the bodies over the edge of the tall building and walked towards the alleyway. They arrived to see a man just starting to come to his senses. Roa smiled wickedly to himself. He was going to enjoy this.

02-17-2005, 08:51 AM
The shuttle arrived at Phoenixes landing pad so Tia and Jon got off and walked towards their shuttle. Outside the shuttle was a Rodian, Sulustian and a twi'lek waiting for the two humans, they were all wearing a similar uniform that was red with a dark circle over the left side of the chest.

Tia- who are these guys.

Jon- they are members of the black hole syndicute(sp)... The crime organisation, second only to the exchange.

Twi'lek (in tw,ilek)- Mr Freeman we here you have accuired a certain artifact our employer wants.

Jon- I don't know what your talking about.

Twi'lek- We have been told to get the item at any... cost.

Jon- as i said i don't know what your talking about.

Twi'lek- Please mr freeman *turn to face tia* you wouldn't want her pretty face to be ruined.

Jon- You touch her and your head tails will be used to tie your head back on your body.

Twi'lek- ok mr freeman but be warned our organisation does not like the word no.

The three aliens walked off towards the pads shuttle bay and tia and Jon entered the ship.

Jon took the crystal out of his pocket and looked closely at it.

Jon- there is somthing more to this than we have been told. I'll put it in the secure locker, take off as soon as we are cleared to go.

02-18-2005, 07:25 PM
The interrigation didn't last too long. A couple of punches to the man's face from Roa was enought to convince him to sing like a canary.

The guy was still half-drunk, but he was apparently the type that usually got his way with most women because of his status. He was the son of the richest merchant on Corellia. He had just simply gotten upset that he couldn't get the girl. Too bad, thought Roa, after I'm done with him, the only way for him to pick up a woman is to rely completely on his status.

With that, Roa connected another couple of hard blows to the man's head. Blood oozed out of the man's nose and mouth, and he finally got knocked out on the last hit.

Meanwhile, Cryain had continued to follow Jon and Tia from a distance and watched the whole conversation with the Black Hand reps. Taking note of the shuttle's ID number on the vertical tail, Cryain picked up the pace towards the Black Hand members. All too easy, Cryain thought to himself.

As he neared the members, he very quickly tossed a throwing knife into the back of the Sullistan's head. As the Twi'lek and Rodian turned to look, Cryain quickly landed another blade directly between the eyes of the rodian and rushed forward towards the Twi'lek. By now, the crowd was reacting to the two killings, and were backing away from the scene. Cryain grabbed the Twi'lek by the arm and discretely pushed the point of a dagger against the side of the Twi'lek. As he did this, he pulled the Twi'lek out of the crowd and into an alley.

Cryain fully revealed the dagger and pressed its edge against the Twi'lek's neck as he slammed the Twi'lek against a wall.

Cryain- (forcefully)"What were you talking to the Jedi about?"

Twi'lek- (calmly, as if nothing had happened)"What are you talking about, my soon-to-be-dead friend?"

Cryain- (with a hint of anger)"Cut the bull****. (presses the dagger harder into the twi'leks neck, this time drawing blood) I'm not going to ask anything twice."

Twi'lek- (much less calmly)"Fine, the Jedi has something my employer wants."

Cryain- "Well, what is it?"

Twi'lek- "A crystal of some kind. Apparently, its valuable enough that my employer is willing to kill for it. And obviously, so are you. Assuming that your after the crystal."

Cryain- "What kind of crystal is it?"

Twi'lek- "I don't know."

Cryain- "BULL****! (punches the Twi'lek with his free hand) You know a **** of a lot more than that."

Twi'lek- (recovering from the hit, now somewhat annoyed)"Now, that was unneccessary. The crystal is a lightsaber crystal. It is rumored to have been infused with immense power of some kind. My employers have stated that they would like to harness that power in... other applications."

Cryain- "Well, you give your employer a message: that crystal is mine. And nobody else is going to get it, clear?"

Twi'lek- (smiling lightly)"Crystal."

Cryain quickly sheathed the dagger and walked away in one fluid motion.

02-19-2005, 03:53 AM
The phoenix flew through hyperspace on course towards coruscant. Jon and tia were in the cockpit, Jon was wondering why the crystal was so special it seened to be an average lightsaber crystal. However the jedi, sith and the black hole crime organization wanted it, but why.

Jon- We need some answers... get me a channel tothe jedi temple ask for master atris.

Tia- O.K

A flew moments passed then the holographic image of the female master appeared.

Atris-What do you want jon.

Jon- whats so special about this crystal you wanted me to get.

Atris- I suppose you deserve to know... In the earliest years of the republic there was a war between the jedi and a group who called them selves the acolite, users of the darkside. the war raged for years and then a man entered the war but not one who was affiliated with the force. he was just a human who was in the wroing plase at the right time. He mnaged to end the war and help the jediu so as a reward they created a crystal to be put in a lightsaber. The crystal would give the person who holds it a true affinity with the force, however this corrupted him and he attacked the jedi and slew many of them. The crystal also absorbed the force from those who are slayn by the saber it is fitted in and gives the powers to its user. eventually the jedi managed to retreive the crystal and it was hidden on malachor V. The sith wants it so they can absorb the force from the jedi, and the leader of the black hole organization wants to feel the power of the force.

Jon- so why do you want it?

Atris- in the hope we ca............

The channel was suddenly ended and phoenix was jolsted out of hyperspace. Jon and tia looked at the sensors.

Tia- Gravity well!

Jon- a ship?

Tia no its an asteroid but it seems to have come from no where.

Suddenly the proximity alarm suonded.

Tia- we have a swarm of incoming fighters.

Jon- how many.

Tia- over 50.

Jon- Bah! We can't fight that many... We have to head for the asteroid find a plASE TO HIDE.

02-19-2005, 01:28 PM
JTO went Downtown. He seemed very intense about anything odd going to happen.

JTO: I feel a disturbance in the force.

JTO looked the other way. He was hit by what looked like a Wookie's paw and was knocked out cold. The Wookie dragged him by his foot, and took him home.

JTO: Where...where...am I?

Wookie: Rarrrgh! Rarrgh! (He's awake!)

JTO: I know...I am awake, yes.


JTO: Calm down! I did not mean any harm.

Wookie: Wurf wurf. (I'm sorry.)

JTO: I forgive you.

Wookie: Nnnargh! Shar! Shar! Erf! (My name is Rukyr.)

JTO: Rukyr, may you lead me to downtown?

Rukyr: Goh! Nnargh! Shan!

JTO: It is dangerous, yes, but just please, I must go.

Rukyr: Rrggh! Niff! (Fine. Let me lead the way.)

Rukyr and JTO left the Wookie part of the area. JTO was suspicous of Rukyr, though. He didn't even know him for 10 minutes. But they went on.

As soon as they got there, a Mandolorian stopped them.

Mandolorian: We are advising the people in this area turn around.
So go turn around.

JTO: I need fuel and ship parts.

Mandolorian: I've got some right here...in return for something else.

JTO: Well what is it? I do not want to waste any time.

Mandolorian: I need you...to be our captain in the war with the Sith. Just for this planet.

JTO: I do not want to fight.

Mandolorian: Coward. You Jedi are so...ugh!

JTO: But though...would you help me find the Sith?

Mandolorian: I thought you said you hate fights.

JTO: I didn't say I would fight. I only want to find him.

Mandolorian: I suppose we can get you to the Sith. But we must find them before that.

Mandolorian: You must help us first though.

JTO: If that must be, me and my wookie friend will join you.

Rukyr: NNARGH!!!

They went to the Mandolorian camp, and concocted their battle plans. They were prepared, and ready for the Sith Assault.

02-21-2005, 05:02 AM
The phoenixs sped along the asteroids surface a few meters from the ground, It was traveling at fall speed firering its turrets behind the ships rear as several of the fighters were following them.

Jon- I need more power to manouvering thrusters.

Tia- Transfering power from forward weapons.

Jon- Fire rear concussion missile.

The missile flew out of the rear of the ship and hit the front fighter causing it to exsplode taking two more out with it. The turrets managed to take out the rest of the fighters.

Tia- they weren't that tought.

Jon- There are still 50 fighters out there... We can hide in that cave.

The ship headed towards a large mountain on the surface and headed towards a hole in the middle of it. The ship landed so Tia and jon began to relaxs.

Tia- So why did they attack us.

Jon- I don't know but i'd bet it has somthing to do with that crystal... keep the coms open and listening to the audio traffic. I'll take a look at the crystal.

Jon but the crystal on the workbrench in the cargo bay, for several minuets Jon just looked at the crystal until tia came running in to the cargo bay.

Tia- I have some bad news and good news.

Jon- start with the bad.

Tia- There is a bounty on our heads so big every hunter from here to the outer rim will be after us... and there are 3 of them.

Jon- and the good news.

Tia- Its to take us alive.

Jon- small mercies i suppose... they want the crystal aswell.

Tia- yeah.

Jon- we can't go to corruscant they will be waiting for us and they will know our ships ID.

Tia- so what does that mean.

Jon- we can either hide here or try to find a way out, without being hunted.

02-21-2005, 07:51 AM
The Re'allis took off from Corellia. Using the information from the orbital traffic control, Cryain set the fighter on the same hyperspace heading that the Phoenix took and went into hyperspace. Apparently, they were heading for Coruscant.

The Re'allis forcefully exited hyperspace. It was another Sith Interdictor ship. This time, however, Cryain quickly transmitted the proper transponder codes, and the Sith gave them clearance. Cryain studied the sensor sweep and discovered a nearby asteroid field. Perfect cover for their prey. Cryain set a course for the astroid field while Roa studied the sensors for signs on where the ship had disappeared to.

The Sith helped out by providing the last know coordinates of the fighters that had been shot down. Unfortunately, none of their patroling fighters had been able to locate the ship yet.

Cryain headed for one of the larger asteroids. Roa then spotted trace ion particles on the sensors. Cryain headed for the location and the sensors began to pick up larger amounts of the ion particles. Their quarry was close by. Turning on the cloaking sheild, the Re'allis disappeared off of the Sith's scopes. Cryain didn't want them to know exactly what was happening.

The Re'allis headed for a mountain on the surface. Finally, the sensors picked up definative signs of a ship. It had to be the Phoenix. Instead of hitting full power towards the ship, Cryain brought it in nice and slow. Upon seeing the cave the Phoenix was in, Roa primed the concussion missile batteries. Roa studied the entrance to the cave and selected the perfect spot. The Re'allis fired a concussion missile.

The missile hit near the entrance of the cave, causing the entrance to collapse. The Re'allis landed on the surface and waited patiently while Roa studied the Phoenix through the sensors to figure out what it's captain would do.

02-21-2005, 08:29 AM
An explosion shoock the cave and made a large noise echo through the ship. The shacking caused tia to fall over while Jon was securely seated in a chair, when the shaking stoped jon ran over to tia and helped her up.

Tia- What in the name of **** was that?

Jon- we need to check the sensor logs!

Both crew members ran to the cockpit and began looking at the logs of various differant sensors they noticed that a missile hit the mouth of the cave and caused it to cave in. The only exit was closed and they seemed to be trapped.

Tia- Now what?

Jon- We need to open the entrance.

Tia- we could fire the rear concussion missile.

Jon- no that would cause another explosion and may make things worse... We need somthing more descret whoever did this is still out there, I can feel their presance the anger and determination... bounty hunters.

Tia- so what do you suggest?

Jon- Well they can't in if we cant get out so for now we are safe... we should try somthing unique those holo-projectors we got on that mission a month ago Prepare the enviromental suits and place them and point them at the rocks. download the sensor information from the cave in on them, I'll do the rest.

Jon began connecting the sensor logs to the transmitters while tia placed 3 holo proectors outside the ship. tia then went into the ship and approached jon in the cockpit.

Tia-so why did i place those holoprojectors out there.

Jon- we are going to pull a curtain over the enemys eyes

Tia- Huh?

Jon- the projectors are going to project the image of the wall in the same place as the wall.

Tia- That seems kind of pointless.

Jon- well as we are going to move the rocks with the tractor beam it will look as if they are not being moved.

Tia- Well done oh great master jedi but there sensors will still show them it's a hologram and rocks.

Jon- Thats why we are going to transmitt information from our sensor logs on a traffic frequency which all ships accept.

The ship slowly began removing rocks after they turned on the the holoprojectors and began the transmission.

02-22-2005, 03:45 AM
Roa studied the sensors. Surprisingly, all that had happened was that the people on board had come outside to inspect the damage and return to their ship. Despite expectations, Roa knew that hunting required patience, and although that was different from the combat he was used to, it suited him all the same.

For Cryain, waiting was a slightly different matter. For him, waiting for that perfect moment, the perfect opportunity, was apart of him and his training. Assassinations and covert ops required such delicate timing, and he was used to it. Looking out the window, he studied the collapsed entrance. Nothing had changed. Looking more closely, he noticed that nothing really had changed at all. Dust and loose stones that were falling were now stationary in mid-air. It was as if they were frozen in time. His curiousity now aroused, Cryain checked the time. Sure enough, the seconds were still passing by as normal. But what of the "falling" stones?

Cryain- "Hey Roa, what exactly is the Jedi doing right now?"

Roa- "Absolutely nothing. They haven't changed a bit. Why?"

Cryain- "What about the heat signatures, anything unusual?"

Roa- "If anything was weird, I'd say something. But like I said, nothing is out of place."

Cryain- "Well, look out the cockpit at the entrance. Now study some of those stones for me."

Roa- "They're stones. The entrance collapsed. There's a bit of carbon scoring on a couple of the rocks."

Cryain- "Yes, but what about the dust or the stones that haven't settled yet?"

Roa- (studies them further)"Hmm, well, if your trying to point out that they're not settling whenever they're supposed to be, then I see it."

Then, Roa noticed a rock shimmer. He knew that rocks don't shimmer, and immidiately turned back to the sensors. Nothing had changed. Working furiously at the controls, Roa adjusted the frequencies and modulations to multiple settings, even random settings at times. Then, he noticed a movement on the sensor sweep. Returning to that modulation, he varied it with a randomizing algorithm. The ship was no longer just sitting there, it was moving the entrance to make an escape. The sensors even picked up the holoprojectors that had been fooling them.

Cryain had been watching things the whole time, and was already making adjustments. He turned off the cloaking field and transmitted coordinate data to the Sith. Roa activated the weapons and shield arrays. If they were going to be in a fight, then they would be ready. Roa activated the targeting computers and fixed all the weapons on the Phoenix.

Cryain- "Give them a warning shot so that they know they've been discovered. Use the ion batteries and make sure you hit them."

Roa- (smiling cruelly)"With pleasure."

Roa fired a short burst from the ion cannons. A few bolts glance off some of the rocks that were still blocking the entrance, but the rest hit true on the Phoenix.

02-22-2005, 04:20 AM
Tia was in the cockpit she was in the last stage of moving the rocks when the alarms started sounding. She turned to face the sensors and saw a ship on the asteroids surface uncloak. The ship then fired a few shots at the ship some of them hitting, Tia turned to the com and hit the button.

Tia (in to com)- Hey jon our friends have unloaked and took a shot at us i'm pretty sure they worked out what we are doing.

Jon (voice coming through speaker)- Quicker than i expected these guys are quicker than i gave them credit for... I'm practically on them they took up a classic stratigic possition. I'm right next to them, prepare to initiate plan b.

Jon was standing outside the mercenaries ship in a light enviromental suit as there was still a atmosphere that allowed for a lower resistance needed for the fabric on the suits allowing maximum manouverbility, This suit was specially adapted by Tia with a stealth generator allowing Jon to move unnoticed. Jon walked up to the ship and placed 5 large ion mine around the ship he then used the force to jump on to the ship in front of the cockpit viewing transparasteel. he deactivated the stealth suit and saw the two crew members in there he pulled out the crystal from a pocket and held it in front of his face to make sure the crew saw it, he then placed it back in his pocket and waved "goodbye" to the crew members. he then pulled out a stick with a trigger button and pressed it, The ion mines all went off. The phoneix flew over the merc ship and jon saluted at the crew to add insult tio injury then jumped up and got in the ships airlock as Tia flew the ship away from the asteroid hoping the ion mines would last longer.

02-22-2005, 04:32 AM
Cryain struggled for control of the Re'allis, but was quick to do so with his long-time experience as a pilot. The first of the duel-sheilds was down, but the second one was holding. Roa activated the self-recharger that used the engine exhaust to run a generator. The second sheild was restored to full power, and the first shield was charging.

Cryain put his engines in full burn and gave chase to the Phoenix. The very fast and agile fighter easily began to recover lost ground. Now, the Sith fighters were joining in the chase, and were moving to cut off the freighter. Meanwhile, Cryain gave Roa the signal to open fire. Roa fired off two concussion missiles and opened up with a barrage from the turbolaser batteries.

02-22-2005, 04:56 AM
Tia- **** we have serious incoming... And those mines didn't do their job.

Jon- Don't worry we can jump soon. They won't be able to catch up with us and our shields will hold.

The phoenix flew at maximum speed shots were fired from all the ships but they bearlyt drained the sheilds if they hit. The ship entered hyperspace when it left the gravity well created by the asteroid and intradictor.

Tia- whooooooo, They want us they have to try better than us... so where we heading.

Jon- We'll head to taris, not to many bounty hunters there and its easy to get lost.

02-23-2005, 05:23 AM
Roa- "Well, just think: where would you go if your trying to 'get lost'?"

Sith Captain- "The point is that you promised us that freighter, and we don't have it."

Roa- "So what? Just give us some time to track them down, and we'll get you what you need."

Sith Captain- "The time for patience has past, Mandalorian. Well, at least my master's patience. Lord Revan's fleet is making a visit to this sector and has ordered that the both of be detained for 'personal' questioning."

Cryain- "You don't know what you're ****in with."

Sith Captain- "Now, the apprentices will escort you to the detention block where you will be disarmed and placed in holding cells."

Four Dark Jedi began to escort both Roa and Cryain to the detention block. Cryain thought a bit to himself, and started using an old technique he had learned to mask himself from the Dark Jedi. He began to actively pull up his more base emotions as a barrier. In his mind, however, Cryain was actually going over what would be the best way to slaughter these Jedi and make an escape. The Sith were fools to let him and Roa keep their weapons until they reached the detention block, and Cryain was waiting for the perfect moment. The Dark Jedi took them aboard a lift and closed the doors.
The doors to the lift opened. The Sith squad that was sent to meet them looked in stunned silence at the scene in the lift. Blood was spattered everywhere. The bodies of the four Jedi were lying in pools of their own blood. The Sith immidiately brought their weapons to bear.

Cryain and Roa watched the reactions of the squad while they stood right in the entrance with their cloaking sheilds activated. The squad leader ordered his men to advance into the lift. As they did so, Cryain and Roa moved out of the way: Roa towards the lift controls, and Cryain by the door controls. The squad entered the lift, but couldn't see either Cryain or Roa. Cryain then shut the doors, trapping the squad inside, while Roa activated the lift to take them to the main hangar.

The body of the Sith collapsed on the floor. He had just witnessed all kinds of horror and confusion as members of his squad were sliced and hacked away at by an unseen enemy. In such chaos, there was nothing he could have done. Now, his corpse contributed to the now mass grave of Sith Soldiers and Dark Jedi.

Cryain and Roa silently made their way for the main hangar. The didn't have any problems, especially whenever the bodies were discovered in the lift. Tons of Sith Soldiers rushed past them to go contain a threat that was already past them. As they reached the main hangar, and headed for the Re'allis, Roa pulled out a special remote controller. They reached the Re'allis and hopped in. Finally, Roa pressed a series of commands into the controller. A deep rumble echoed throughout the vessel. Five thermal detonators had just gone off. It was now mass chaos aboard the vessel. Hardly any of the Sith crew had any idea what was going on. Cryain and Roa got things started up on the Re'allis and took off. They left the hangar at full burn.

Roa then entered another set of commands into the remote. Suddenly, a massive explosion ruptured through the hull of the Interdictor. Cryain had implanted a special program into the ship's computer that would cause the ship's fuel compartment to spark, thus the massive explosion. The Interdictor was starting to fall apart as other smaller explosions rocked the vessel.

The Re'allis didn't stick around to watch the carnage and made the jump into hyperspace.

02-23-2005, 06:06 AM
Tia was in a cantina in the under city of taris trying to enjoy a substandard corillian ale. She was also looking at the bars patron who were drinking, playing pazzack or watching the twi'lek dancers. Jon then walked up to the table she was sitting at and sat on the chair carrying a drink.

Tia- You cant get a desent corrilian ale past the mid rim.

Jon- You should try this tarisian ale... its good stuff.

Tia- you know they use tachs to make that.

Jon- well it still tastes good... Anyway i found someone who will change our ships ID codes so we can at least get to corruscant unnoticed.

Tia- whats the problem?

Jon- What do you mean?

Tia- there is always a problem!

Jon- well you are right... we have two. First we need to wait at least 2 days for it to be sauted and secondly we need to do a job for him.

Tia- what is it.

Jon- we need to steal some kind of weapon from davik.

Tia- The exchange boss... you know how difficult that will be?

Jon- harder than you think.. Davik has 2 guests.

Tia- Who?

Jon (speaking holding the glass infront of his mouth before sipping to damping the sound of his voice)- Calo Nord and Canderous Ordo.

Tia- *She jumps out of her seat* WHAT!!! They are the two most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxcy!

Jon looked around and noticed people staring at them.

Jon- Sit down and calm down.

Tia then sits down and moves her chair closer to jon so she can speak quietly.

Tia- If they find out we are on this planet they may try to claim the bounty on our heads and take the crystal.

Jon- i know that but we have no other choice he is the only one who will do it in the time allowed.

They continued finishing there drinks and then left the cantina.

02-23-2005, 06:16 AM
The Re'allis immidiately left hyperspace almost as soon as it entered. Cryain had just simply made a microjump to get away from the ship. Roa checked the sensor logs and took a good look at the heading the Phoenix had taken to get away.

Roa- "Well, if my calculations are correct, they could have gone to either Taris or Naboo. What do you think?"

Cryain- "Just think: where would you rather go if you were trying to hide?"

Roa- "Easy: Taris. The whole planet is almost nothing but city. Lots of places to get lost in."

Cryain- "Well, if we're going to Taris, I'll make sure we get in contact with Davik Kang. He's the local Exchange boss, and one of the most powerful Exchange bosses in the galaxy. He could probably help us find some suitable work. Besides, I've done a couple of jobs for him in the past. This shouldn't be too much trouble."

With that, Cryain made the necessary adjustments to the hyperspace computer, and the Re'allis headed for Taris.

02-23-2005, 06:42 AM
Tia and Jon were in the apartment they rented on the uppercity, Jon was on a local console checking records and Tia came up behind him after just getting changed in casual ware.

Tia- what you doing now?

Jon- Remember those mercs we... 'met' on the asteroid.

Tia- Yeah!

Jon- well knowing mercs they will proberly try and follow us so i want to know more about them. I typed in a description of them, from what i saw of them.

Tia- get anything.

Jon- yep a pure pazzack... The Zabrak goes by the name of Rytanya Cryain, hes a really good intelligance opperative expert in stealth and espionage... Proberly better than you. The other guy is a mandalorian, Roa Ceetu.

Tia- where did you get this stuff.

Jon- The republic prision records, They are escaped convicts, wanted, got a fairly high republic bounty on them.

Jon turned around and saw tia wearing very casul cloths that she rearly wore as she prefered to be fully kitted out.

Jon- Going anywhere?

Tia- there i thought i'd go to the local cantina and relax.

Jon- you know we have a large bounty on us.

Tia- oh come on they won't be looking for a person wearing these kind of clothes.

Jon- O.K. put keep a low profile and keep a descreat vibroblade hidden somewhere... just incase.

With that Tia left the appartment and left Jon to his work.

02-23-2005, 08:01 PM
Taris customs were even easier to get through than Corellia. They were given clearance to land, and that was the entire process they had to go through. Cryain knew that in order to get in touch with Davik, he'd have to go through a couple of contacts to set up a meeting first. The most likely place to find those contacts would be the local cantina.

Roa and Cryain left the hangar. Roa went to scout out a place to stay temporarily while Cryain went to the cantina alone.

Inside the cantina, Cryain ordered a drink. Pulling out a small package, he ripped it open and poured a small amount of white powder into the drink. Mixing it up a bit, he downed it quickly. The healing drugs immidiately began to work on some old wounds that Cryain still had from the escape from the Republic jailors.

He sighed to himself as he thought about how he was starting to need those doses more and more as time progressed. He knew it was the start of an addiction, but the neurotoxin training he had recieved in the military prevented kolto from working properly. There was nothing else he could do to heal those wounds than the special crystals.

Sitting alone at the table, Cryain didn't bother to study the other people in the cantina. It wasn't that he wasn't looking for a contact, but rather, it was that he had already found his contact. He was busy watching the twi'lek dancers. Getting up from the table, Cryain walked over to the man and very carefully pressed the tip of a throwing blade into his back.

Cryain- "One mistake, and its over for you. I need to contact Davik, and I need you to do it. If I don't get a response tommorrow at 2:30 in this cantina, then I will personally hunt you and your family until your very existance is erased from the galaxy. My name is Rytanya Cryain. That is all you need to know."

With that, Cryain turned around and headed for the dueling ring to watch a couple of fights.

02-23-2005, 11:47 PM
Jon checked the time in his appartment and noticed that tia had been gone for a while. He began to worry she may have been caught by soom bounty hunters, so he decided to go to the cantina and check on her. He was walking across the walkway to the cantina when be began to feel various disturbances in the force as if a great darkness had been extinguished he fell to his knees the disturbance was powerful and made it hard for Jon to concentrate. The disturbance soon passed and Jon desided to ignor the feeling and continue on his journey. He got to the cantina and be gun to look around the bars and tables for Tia. she was no where to be seen so he went to check the other rooms. he peeked in the dueling ring viewing room the only people were a few duelists and some people watching the fights. Suddenly there was a large cheer coming from the the dancing stage a thought to him self ' please don't be her' he moved quickly to the dancing stage to witness Tia dancing on the stage completely upstaging the twi'lek dancers. he rushed over to the stage and grabbed her arm and pulled tia off the stage. Jon put his mouth to tias ear.

Jon- Low profile, i saiid low profile.

Tia- I'm just having a little fun.

Jon- we are on the bounty lists and you are making an exhibition of yourself.

Tia- These guys aren't bounty hunters * she blows one of the watchers a kiss*

Jon- we have to be more careful, let's go!

jon and tia began to walk out the cantina and headed back to their appartment.

02-24-2005, 02:53 AM
Cryain left the dueling ring almost annoyed. Those fighters knew nothing of real combat, and it showed. They were there to put on a show, and it was almost disgusting to watch them attempt to make it look real. As Cryain was leaving, he noticed a bit of commotion coming from the dancing room. He was about to enter when he caught a glimpse of both Jon and Tia. Putting up a barrier to prevent himself from being noticed by the Jedi, Cryain did his best to dissappear in the crowd.

As they walked out of the cantina towards their appartment, Cryain followed at a distance, and activated his cloaking shield as an extra precaution.

02-24-2005, 03:57 AM
Jon and Tia were walking towards their appartment when Jon stopped in his tracks as he did in corillia.

Tia- are we being followed again?

Jon- I don't know its strange like... RUN!

Jon and tia ran to their appartment locking the door behind them. Tia quickly got changed into her armour and grabbed her equipment.

Jon- We are going to have to speed up our work here and leave a.s.a.p.

Tia- Why?

Jon- They tracked us here, and more may follow. The Exchange now have a bounty on our head, along with the sith and black hole, each one is trying to out do each other.

Tia- why is that crystal so important?

Jon- you heard what atris said. Gives and absorbs the force. If the sith get it they can kill jedi and take their power. if a crime lord gets it they can control the force and use it to their own means.

Tia- That would be bad, do you think it could give me...

Jon- Don't even think about it, you heard atris it could corrupt you!

Tia- Imagine if one of those hunters discovered what it could do.

Jon- They would proberly keep it and attempt to take over the galaxy.

Tia and jon began to work out a plan how to steal the weapons from davik so they could escape from the planet.

02-24-2005, 04:32 AM
Cryain listened in through a small sound amplifier he placed on the door. So, thats what that crystal is all about, he thought to himself. To have that kind of power.....

But somehow, Cryain knew that he didn't really want that kind of power. For him, power was being being able outwit your enemy to the point that they no longer knew where he was or what he was going to do next. That kind of terror was Cryain's specialty, and it was that kind of power that suited him. Controlling an individual is one thing, but the galaxy was just not something he was interested in. For him, the real question was now whether or not he really wanted someone else to have that kind of power.

The pay would be one of the biggest hauls he ever took in, but would it be worth all of the potential suffering it could cause? Cryain paused in mid-thought and smiled to himself. He was starting to get philosophocal again. But perhaps it was worth him being philosophical and concentrate on destroying something of so much power.

Now, the question arised: did he really want to work with a Jedi? They had proven unreliable for him in the past, and they had never understood his tactics or ambitions. Maybe, this time, though, it was worth the risk.

Cryain decloaked and contacted Roa through the comlink.

Cryain- "Any luck with a place to stay?"

Roa- "It was easy. All these places are filled with empty boxes. The landlords are pretty desperate to get them filled, too. I'm in the North Apartments."

Cryain- "Wait, thats just down the hall. I'll be right there. Out."

Cryain paused and looked at the closed door to the Jedi's apartment. It wouldn't be hard for him to just bust the door open and fight the Jedi. But now, the situation called for a much different solution than just taking the crystal. He wondered if the Jedi would pay him for helping out. Perhaps that was the best solution. Cryain walked down the hall to the new apartment and closed the door behind him.

The small datapad automatically rang the doorbell to Jon and Tia's apartment. It read:

"Meet me at the cantina tonight. I will come unarmed, and you do the same. This concerns the gemstone in your possession and the prospective buyers. Don't be concerned, I no longer represent any of those buyers, even if I have already shown interest.

R. C."

02-24-2005, 04:49 AM
Jon and tia began to read the message for the third time when Jon and Tia finished they looked at each other while they contemplated the offer.

Tia- It's got to be a Trap.

Jon- Perhaps, but they know where we are why didn't they attack.

Tia- let's think, ummmm, because you have a lightsaber!

Jon- mercs like that wouldn't care to much. no i think we should go.

Tia- you are insane, we go unarmed we get killed.

Jon- Who said unarmed, i'm skilled with the force. we both go see this guy. If he starts somthing youu run i kick his ass.

Jon and Tia walked to the cantina and entered he looked around for the zacrak.

02-24-2005, 06:21 AM
Cryain casually entered the cantina with Roa. Neither were wearing armor, nor were they armed in any way. If there was one thing both Cryain and Roa believed in, it was honesty. Backstabbing and betrayal was reserved for extreme situations only, even then, personal honor would come into question.

It took some time for Cryain to convince Roa about the situation, but even the old Mandalorian realized the danger of such a powerful relic that came into the possession of the wrong person. It didn't take long for Cryain to spot Jon and Tia. Roa selected a table near a back corner to help promote some privacy.

02-24-2005, 06:30 AM
Jon and Tia sat in seats on the table the two mercs selected it was obviously selected for privacy, which made jon think it would be a good place for the two to attack them, however he could sence their thoughts were intirely innocent they seemed to want to help.

Jon- so first things first what exactly would a mandalorian and zabrak mercs want with us, other than the bounty on our heads?

02-24-2005, 06:57 AM
Roa- "Well, thats an interesting way to start a conversation. Straight to the point, without bothering for any kind of backround. Well then, I'll make it easy for you: we haven't been after you. In fact, you were never the target. That crystal, on the other hand, is what we've been after. However, there has been some... complications as to the why. Usually, its for the money, but I think you can agree that there is a lot more at stake for not only us but also for everyone else. Galactic domination due to a simple crystal is not exactly what we would like to see."

Cryain- "And its not just that. You see, I'm sure you've done a bit of research to realize who we are, but the truth is that you don't really have any idea as to who we are. Public records do little to suffice the truth. We have our honor, and we intend on keeping it. By turning in this crystal to the wrong people, we would be in betrayal to everyone else, thus we would lose our honor.

We've already been betrayed by the Sith, and I believe it wouldn't take much for anybody else to betray us. The promise of power is too great for those that seek it to even think rationally. That is why we would like to offer whatever assistance to you in destroying that thing before it has a chance to cause any more problems."

Roa- "Now, as far as we know, you need to get something from the Exchange. Not an easy task, but we've already been working out a way to get hired by Davik. Our contact is supposed to meet us tommorrow at 2:30 in here. We would like you to join us as a way to get all of us inside."

Cryain- "This is entirely up to you, of course. So if you need to ask us questions, I suggest you ask them now."

02-24-2005, 07:11 AM
Jon thought for a moment he sensed no deseption from these to mercs. Mercenaries with honor is not a rare thing but a mercenaries honor is to their employer... so why would these wish to help... to save the galaxcy?

Jon- You know i beleave you. but there is one thing that we all have in common, we are all wanted. There is a differance in our wanted status, you are wanted by the republic who i prefer to work for and we are wanted by the the sith and crime organizations who you work for.

Tia- so why should you trust us and why dhould we trust you.

Jon- however you are our only way into daviks bace, so that means we need your help. so we...

Jon stopped in mid-sentance and began to look around with a worried look on his face.

Jon- I hope you two didn't tell them we were here, as that will be a deal braker.

Tia- whats wrong?

Jon- A dark jedi master and two knights have just walked in.

02-24-2005, 07:27 AM
Cryain looked around, and it didn't take long for him to spot the Dark Jedi.

Cryain- "The Sith must have caught word that we followed you here. They've got to pissed about what we did to that Interdictor. Let me handle this."

Roa smiled lightly to himself because he had a good feeling as to what Cryain was going to do. Cryain stood up, and his entire demeanor changed. Instead of a nice, calm Zabrak, he changed into a drunken stupor. He stumbled over to the Sith and 'accidentally' stumbled into them.

Cryain- "Ooopz, I'm szorrry. Here, *hic* let me buy you fella's a round."

Sith- (disgusted)"Get off of me you ****ing drunk."

Cryain- "He-*hic*-ey now, no need for in'thults. Just tryna be friendly, is all. (slaps one on the back) Now how 'bout dat drink??"

Sith- (now angry)"I'm not one to give out warnings, so lets just take care of you outside." (they grab Cryain by the arm and lead him outside)

After a few short minutes, Cryain calmly walked back inside, this time carrying a couple of lightsabers. One of them was covered in blood.

Cryain- "Well, I tried to just simply throw them over the edge, but the one wouldn't budge. I'm afraid that I had to use a bit of technique to dispatch him with his own saber. (hands a saber that looks quite ornamental to Jon)Here, you might want to take a closer look at this one."

02-24-2005, 07:37 AM
Jon- Hmmm, this is not your average saber. this was made for somthing special.

Tia- like what?

Jon- Can you pass me that fake crystal we were going to fob these guys off with.

Tia- Sure *looks up at the two mercs* No offence but you guys weren't going to tell the differance... so Jon here made an identicle copy.

Jon fiddles with the hilt and puts the crystal indide.

Jon- A perfect fit... I recognise this saber i've seen it before. This saber was adabted to hold this crystal... Its revans old saber.

02-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Roa- "Okay, I guess the question is why they were here with Revan's saber?"

Cryain- "Hmm, I fear that this may be a sign that things are shifting within the Sith. Revan I can tolerate because he doesn't bother doing things that don't make a difference in the overall scheme. Malak, on the other hand, would be far more destructive, with little reguard for strategy. Malak would kill just for the pleasure of the kill. Well, that's if I got my intel correctly on that one assignment back a couple of years ago..."

Roa- "So, this could signify that Malak now rules the Sith? But how?"

Cryain- "Thats a good question. (looks over at Jon)What do you think?"

02-25-2005, 12:03 AM
Jon began to think back over recent events and remembered what happened when he was looking for Tia.

Jon- earlier today i felt a great disturbance in the force, it was as if a dark shroud had fallen but was quickly replased. And now we find revans saber! this could only mean one thing...

Suddenly all the various aliens in the bar started running towards a Holo-net screen. Jon signaled to tia and the others to follow him and check out what was on. he found an un-used Holo-net screen and turned it on.

Newscaster- This is holonet news if you have just joined us we have confirmed reports that the sith leader Revan has been killed. He was killed during an attack on his flagship by a jedi task force led by the jedi bastilla shan. Reports indicate bastilla was the one who commited the fatal blow. It is beleived that The ex-jedi Malak has taken command of the sith forces.

Jons surpisions were confirmed revan was dead and by bastillia.

Jon- I never thought bastilla would kill revan, not the way they used to be together.

02-25-2005, 04:59 AM
Cryain- "Well, things are definately getting interesting. But for now, I think it would be best for us to part our ways until after the meeting I have tommorrow. Hopefully, things will work out the way they're supposed to."

02-25-2005, 12:30 PM
Jon- Untill tomorrow.

Jon and Tia then left to go to their appartment for some rest.

02-27-2005, 10:24 AM
Cryain left the apartment. It had been a sleepless night for him, but he was used to it by now. Roa had left earlier to make sure that they arrived seperately. Roa's job was to oversee the meeting from a nearby table. Roa made sure to wear his full Mandalorian armor to ensure that nobody bothered him (unless they were really drunk).

Cryain began to go over things a bit in his mind, as he normally did. He wondered if he should appear threatening to the Exchange Representative, or to just relax and see what kind of terms that will come up. Cryain's reputation alone would probably get him an easy meeting with Davik. Mercenaries with Cryain's status don't usually bother trying to get work. Work comes to them. But even then, sometimes a reputation alone isn't enough to..."AAAUURRGH!!!"

Pain shot through his leg. Feeling it, Cryain felt blood already seeping through his leg. He was still inside the apartment complex, and nobody was around. The pain was intensifying in his leg. Ripping open the pant leg, he could see that one of his old wounds had somehow split open. Taking out his emergency kit, Cryain quickly assembled the tools that would close the wound. Carefully, Cryain began to wince as the tools began to burn the wound closed. The smell of burning flesh intoxicated the small hallway. All Cryain could do was to hold back the pain in his mind so that he could concentrate on the wound.

Finally, it was closed again, and Cryain collapsed on the floor in pain. He had just lost a lot of blood, and the red pool around him was definate proof. He was beginning to feel faint. Going back to his emergency kit, Cryain grabbed an injector. It was full of adrenaline, and Cryain emptied it into his body. Then, he pulled out a unit of replacement fluid for his lost blood. He hooked it up in a special way so that it would slowly drain into his body without it being visible. Standing up, he limped back to the apartment to change into his armor.

Cryain arrived at the cantina. He was still a half-hour early. He found Roa and gave him a very discrete signal that he had arrived. Cryain got a water and mixed up the healing crystals in it. The crystals started to work again, although Cryain distinctively noticed that the pain wasn't being numbed this time. Cryain walked over to the table he had picked out and waited.

A man walked over to the table and sat down opposite of Cryain. It was the Exchange Representative.

Exchange- "Rytanya Cryain, I presume."

Cryain- "Yes. Is the meeting a go?"

Exchange- "Davik would like to meet you in person. Transportation is ready."

Cryain- "Then lets get moving."

02-27-2005, 11:11 AM
Jon was meditating in the middle of a room, although he had left the order he still knew the dangers of the dark side and meditated to help stay neutral. His mind was trying to look in to the coming future, but he was having problems, it was shrowded, uncertain. His thoughts began to wander to the past back when he was still a jedi on dantooine, He remembered how he used to teach the young apprentices combat stratergies and tactics, He began to connect them to resent events, how he noticed revans mind was greatly strategic even all those years ago and how bastillia's special ability was first noticed by him. When suddenly his mind flashed with images that seemed to be of the future but it was of sith troops on Taris...lots of them.

Tia came storming in to the room carrying a datapad and in her combat gear. Jon opened his eyes and raised to his feet.

Tia- Jon we got a problem.

Jon- What is it.

Tia- You know those cameras i set up around the appartment block... Well they just picked up twenty sith in the elevator.

02-27-2005, 07:39 PM
Cryain sat quietly inside the speeder. The Exchange thugs had made sure that Cryain couldn't see outside so that he wouldn't know where he was going. However, Roa was following at a distance in the Re'allis, so that Roa and Cryain could fullfill their end of the bargain to Jon and Tia. Well, just in case things didn't go well inside Davik's complex. Roa watched as the speeder entered a spot and landed. Roa watched as Cryain was led out. To make sure that the Exchange wasn't just simply trying to fool him, Roa circled the complex several times to see if any speeders came out. Satisfied that they weren't trying to fool him, Roa went back to the landing pad.

Cryain was led into a large room with an elaborate chair set up in the center. It reminded Cryain of throne rooms set up in systems led by monarchs, tyrants, or dictators. Davik Kain was sitting in the seat, flanked by a Mandalorian and a short man wearing black goggles. As he approached the "throne", Davik's eyes just simply followed him.

Then, Cryain was stopped directly in front of Davik.

Davik- "So, this is the man responsible for bringing the Sith to Taris."

*smack* Cryain fell forward to the ground as one of the thugs butted a rifle into the back of his head. He tried to catch himself, but he was still feeling woozy from the earlier blood loss, so he fell flat.

Davik- "So, do those wounds seem so harmless now, Rytanya? Or should I once again remind you how costly they were?"

One of the thugs pulled out a vibroblade and stepped towards Cryain. Realizing the danger, Cryain pushed upwards and kicked towards the vibroblade wielding thug. The kick missed as the thug reflexed backwards. Cryain started to feel pain in his unhealed wounds once again. The medication was already wearing off, and it wouldn't be long before one of his wounds would simply split open again.

Davik- "I'm sure you can feel the pain beginning to return by now. Your medication is thinning. Surely you must realize that your stuff does originate from the Exchange, and then ultimately me. We've been modifying your doses Cryain, and I see that our efforts are already bearing fruit."

Cryain winced, as one of his wounds was starting to split open once again. This one was on his back. Blood was starting to seep through his armor.

Roa watched the whole thing in the corner of the room, cloaked. His anger was rising to the surface. Roa pulled out his sniping rifle and started to line up a shot. Unfortunately, the thugs were disrupting his line of sight to the short man and Davik (Roa wouldn't even think of shooting another Mandalorian). So, he simply lined up a shot with the thug with the vibroblade. Roa decloaked as he prepared to fire.

02-27-2005, 11:46 PM
Jon and Tia was prepareing for an attack from those sith troops Tia had set up some mines and used her stealth skills to get around the sith without being noticed. The sith aproached the door to Jon and Tias appartment. They begun to brake into the room, It took them some time to open the door but when they finally did a mine exploded. 4 sith got flung back and were dead before hitting the wall. The remaining sith were heartless and ignored their fallen comrades and continued to enter the room. Jon was standing by the back of the room with his eyes closed and head down.

Sith- Jon Freeman, Give us the crystal.

Jon slowly raised his head and then opened his eyes to face the enemy that did not know he had just used the force to increase his speed, agility and strength. He ignited his saber and within a blink of an eye he had already moved and beheaded one sith and stabbed another in the chest. By this point Tia had decloaked behind them and threw a granade at the back, Knocking out half a dozen men. Jon quickly disposed of the remaining sith with his lightsaber and great speed. Tia and Jon moved the bodies and put them in their appartment until they could dispose of them properly. Jon noticed a datapad on one of the sith troops and took it to read. After a few moments a look of shook came across his face.

Tia- Somthing wrong?

Jon- Our situation has worsend

Tia- Great! How?

Jon- In 10 hours the sith are going to begin a planetary blockade of Taris... as part of a plan to intercept the republic ship the Endire Spire.

Tia- I hope Roa and Cyain can be done by then.

03-01-2005, 03:37 AM
The thug's head was simply ripped off the shoulders. The disruptor blast had hit true to its mark. Another thug recieved a shot to the head. Finally, Davik and his men realized that they were under attack and dove for cover. Roa ran forward and decloaked. He put up his sniper rifle and pulled out his vibrosword. Within seconds, the thugs near Cryain were dead. Canderous noticed the Mandalorian and stood up. He knew that he would be safe. Davik tried to get up as well, but Roa walked over and calmly placed the blade against his neck.

Davik could feel the vibrations from the blade, but could do nothing. Cryain took the time to inject some kolto into his body. He knew it wouldn't have much of an effect, but at least it would help stop the bleeding. Cryain slowly began to stand up. The kolto was indeed having an effect, as he could feel the wound in his back closing back up. However, it wasn't doing much to heal anything else.

Guards began to enter the room, but they could do nothing to actually help Davik since shooting Roa would probably force the blade into Davik's neck. But Calo Nord wasn't just going to do nothing. He lept at Roa and knocked him away from Davik. Cryain took the quick moment of confusion to toss a thermal detonator at the guards. Before they could react, it went off. A massive explosion ripped through the guards, tossing them across the room. Cryain wasn't at 100%, but it wouldn't stop him from cutting down the guards like flies. He quickly unsheathed his katana and attacked the remaining guards.

Meanwhile, Roa and Calo struggled on the ground. Finally, Roa landed a hard right jab to Calo's face, slightly disorienting him. Using the oportunity, Roa got Calo's arm in a specialized lock around his leg. Twisting ever so slightly, the arm popped out of the socket. Calo cried out in pain. All Canderous could do was smile as Roa had pulled off a perfect Mandalorian wrestling move.

Cryain, however, quickly dispatched the guards. Their bodies and parts of their bodies littered the blood saturated floor. Davik got up and quickly headed for an exit. Cryain, however, quickly pulled out a throwing knife and threw it, hitting Davik between his armor plates. However, more guards entered the room. Cryain quickly activated his cloaking shield.

Roa finally released Calo and kicked him away. He noticed Cryain cloaking, so he did the same. Getting up and looking around, he found out why. The room was filling up with guards. Cryain signaled Roa, and the two of them quickly and silently left the throne room. They quietly made their way to the hangar where they stole a speeder and left the estate.

03-01-2005, 03:55 AM
Jon and Tia had just got back to their appartment after they had disposed of the sith bodies. Jon and tia were waiting for their allies to return from daviks estate with the experimental weapons they needed to get the new ship ID codes.

Tia- jon you know even if we do get the new codes we still won't be able to get close to the inner rim or core worlds, our ship is unique.

Jon- I know we are going to have to find a descreet jedi enclave, The jedi know how to destroy the crystal.

Tia- well where would we find an enclave outside the inner rim.

Jon- I can only think of one we'll need to go to dantooine.

Tia- but you said...

Jon- I know what i said but we have no choice i have to back.

Tia- so how do you intend for us to escape their is already 1 sith ship in orbit and if that datapad is correct in 8 hours we will have more.

Jon- We are going to use the ship they are after as a distraction. we leave the planet when the endire spire arrive. the sith sem to consider it a high priority!

Tia- What about Roa and Cryain?

Jon- They can come with us if they wish. I'll do them a favor and talk to the republic admiral i know and have the bounty taken off their heads.

03-01-2005, 04:05 AM
Cryain was actually out of breath for the first time in what seemed to be ages. The blood loss was really taking its toll on him. Roa piloted the speeder up to a nearby public hangar, where the Re'allis was parked. Roa landed the speeder.

Cryain tried to head outside, but he could hardly walk. Roa had to help him get to the Re'allis. Once inside the Re'allis, Cryain hooked up several medical systems that would aid in restoring him to health. The medical systems immidiately began to administer some universal blood as well as special healing agents. Roa, meanwhile, returned the Re'allis to its original hangar. Cryain decided to wait in the med station while Roa headed back to the apartments to let Jon and Tia know what happened.

Roa knocked on the door to Jon and Tia's apartment.

03-01-2005, 04:11 AM
Tia and Jon heard a knock on the door.

Tia- Could that be them.

Jon- it should be, but stay armed.

Jon walked over to the and opened it, he saw Roa standing alone. he then signaled to tia it was fine and to stand down.

Jon- Where's Cryain, did somthing go wrong.

He then signaled to roa to come in and take a seat.

03-01-2005, 06:46 AM
Roa- "In a manner of speaking, something did go wrong. Apparently, our escapades aboard the Sith Interdictor near that asteroid belt led the Sith here. Or, at least that's what Davik seems to think. Lets just say he turned us down and leave it at that.

As for Cryain, he's had some... complications. He's at our fighter taking care of a couple of problems.

Now, the weapons you were after, well, its not going to be easy to get them, but if you have some skill with stealth, then it should be pretty easy going. We know where Davik's estate is now, and we can get you inside. My guess would be to do this tonight while they're still recovering from the mess we made of the place. Just don't count on much help from Cryain. Like I said, he's dealing with a couple of problems. However, I'll be more than willing to....(smiles)kill a couple of troublemakers for you once we're inside."

03-01-2005, 06:56 AM
Jon- good idea, but we may need to go quicker than that... The sith are still comming and well read this datapad.

Jon handed Roa the datapad he took from the sith.

Jon- as you can see there is a republic ship coming and they have begun to blockade the planet in preperation for its arival. However we can use this to help with our escape.

03-01-2005, 07:09 AM
Roa- "Hmm, most interesting. Well, if either one of you are in need of a stealth generator, then let me know because we have a couple of spares in the Re'allis. Now, unfortunately, we didn't stick around long enough to get the layout of the place, but I don't think it would be too much trouble.

Now, if we need to time our escape, then lets go ahead and get this done. My suggestion would be to use seperate ships. We'll take the Re'allis, and you guys could grab a speeder. We'll head in first to clear out the hangar, then you guys would come in and get what you need, then we would high-tail it out of there. Agreed?"

03-01-2005, 07:19 AM
Jon- We are fine with stealth equipment... remember the asteroid. and we need to be in and out in 1 hour get back to our ship. and then we will need to head for dantooine. When there i'll sort out having your republic bounty removed. and sought out any compensation. we better get ready do you have a speeder we can use.

03-01-2005, 11:51 AM
Roa- "Meh, what's it matter? Just 'borrow' one from the hangar."

Roa headed back towards the Re'allis and told Cryain about the plan. Cryain was just about done with the medical system, so he decided to fly.

Cryain- "Well, we'll wait for them to grab a speeder, and we'll get the job done."

03-01-2005, 11:59 AM
Tia had broke into a hanger and found a nice speeder that could easily be hidden and that was also fast enougth for an escape. Jon desided to fly it and drove it with Tia to the hanger of the Re'allis. Jon saw both the mercs near their fighter.

Jon- Cryain did you sought out that problem... We better go we're on a tight schedual. We'll follow you!

03-01-2005, 06:55 PM
Cryain- "Everything's fine. Now, just stick close: it gets a bit dark at night."

With that, Cryain and Roa got inside the Re'allis and took off towards Davik's Estate. They stayed low, with traffic to help avoid getting spotted. Cryain had definately been right: visability was getting quite difficult in the growing night. To compensate, Cryain activated the night-vision sensors. Night went to day in less than a second.

Finally, Davik's Estate popped up on the horizen.

Cryain- (over an encrypted channel)"Okay, you guys wait here while we check the perimeter for guard droids or patroling speeders. We'll radio back when we're done. Out."

03-02-2005, 12:48 AM
On the way to their location Jon used the force to see in the darkness. when they got contacted by Cryain he stop and pulled up between two buildings so radar still would not pick them up.

Jon- Tia

Tia- What?

Jon- This is going to be dangerous i think i should go alone.

Tia- Jon you have to stop trying to protect me, i'll be fine i'm more than capable.

Jon- Your the closest thing i have to family, I would never forgive myself if somthing happened to you.

Tia- And your the closest thing i have to a brother. But you'll need my help to break any lock and computers.

Jon began prepareing the speeder to get close to one of daviks hangers.

03-02-2005, 07:11 AM
Roa monitored the sensor arrays while the Re'allis circled the Estate a couple of times. Finally, Roa picked up some tracking signals. They signals were attempting to lock on to the Re'allis. Cryain activated the cloaking field to compensate while Roa used the passive scanners to triangulate in on the source of the signals.

Sure enough, a couple of droids were patroling very close to the building in order to mask their signatures. Apparantly, their circling had caught the attention of the droids. Cryain flew in very close to one of the droids. Studying it, he noticed that it was only lightly armored, and only carried light blaster weapons. They were no match for the Re'allis, but they could easily bring down the speeder that Jon and Tia were coming in on.

With a quick maneuver, Cryain knocked the right delta into the droid. The droid pitched and sounded an alarm. Roa immidiately picked up tons of scanners going active, and was able to triangualate all of their positions. Cryain maneuvered away from the building to allow Roa to study the defenses. Several turrets had become unmasked from their positions and were searching for targets. Then, the worst news: speeders were being launched from the hangar. Cryain decided the best thing would be to let the speeders come out, since they would be easier to handle outside than inside the hangar. Roa activated the weapons arrays while Cryain decloaked. The shields were activated.

The Re'allis punched the engines at full burn. The massive burst of acceleration was accompanied with burst from the turbolasers. Several stationary turrets near the hangar were destroyed. Several droids locked onto the Re'allis and fired, but their blasters couldn't even penetrate the first sheild, much less the second one. The speeders joined suit, but their speed and maneuverability couldn't match that of a fighter. The dogfight between them was quite short.

Cryain then moved the Re'allis into the hangar and took care of a couple of the stationary turrets. It was about as clear as it could get.

Cryain- "Jon, this is Cryain. You're cleared inbound. Over."

03-02-2005, 07:35 AM
Jon put the speeder into fall speed and shot into the speeder hanger, Jon and Tia dived out and activated their stealth fields. They started by going to the other hangers as thats where they thought it would be the most logical place for a high tech weapon for a star ship. They went to one hanger witch had a near impossible lock but tia had years of training and knew how to handle it. The hanger had a ship in it some kind of freighter on closer inspection it looked fast and pretty well armed.

Tia- I wouldn't mind flying that.

Jon- thats daviks pride and joy the Ebon Hawk. we are in enogth trouble we don't want to steal a crime bosses ship.

Tia- no, we are just stealing his weapons.

Jon- which are not here, so lets see if they have a lab.

The two humans started exploring the estate untill they found a small lab. Jon checked the time.

Jon- damn we only have an hour to get the device to our friend.

Tia- well i think i found it lets go.

Tia put a weapon on a trolly and began to move it to the hanger. they put it in their speeder and left the hanger.

Jon(in to com)- Cryain, Roa, We're done we'll meet you at the pheonix hanger.

They flew their speeder to the twi'lek who will change the ships codes and handed him the weapon system. They had the codes and time was counting down for the arrival of the endire spire.

03-02-2005, 07:44 AM
Cryain quickly backed the Re'allis out of the hangar. Guards were starting to come through the door, but the Re'allis wasn't going to be around long enough for them to cause any damage. Some of the remaining patrol droids tried to stop them, but once again, they couldn't cause any real damage to the Re'allis.

The fighter did a quick 180 turn, and left at full burn for the Phoenix hangar.

The Re'allis arrived at the hangar and landed. Cryain and Roa worked at repairing any damage that may have been inflicted to the fighter during the assault. As they conducted minor repairs an maintanence, they waited patiently for Jon and Tia to arrive.

03-02-2005, 08:06 AM
Jon and Tia ran into the hanger and saw Roa and Cryain repairing their ship.

Tia- Hey guys hope your ship wasn't to beat up cos we need to get moving soon.

They ran into their ship and changed their code transmitter for the new one. With this Job done they began to prep their ship for their escape.

Jon- Tia i need you on turret control although they will be dealing with the republic ship but i'm sure a few fighters will change course.

Jon watched the sensors for the endire spire to enter the system he knew they had one chance to get away and it was a very small window of oppotunity. The sensors suddenly showed a republic ship enter the system and hit the com.

Jon (in to com to the Re'allis)- Guys its time to move we'll meet you at dantooine.

Jon switched off the com and whispured to himself i hope as he knew that they may want to stay away from a place where the republic is heavy.


The pheonix shot through the atmosphere and headed to the jump point. jon could see through a side port that the republic ship was being boarded and heavily battered 'whats so important about that ship' jon thought to himself as the proximity alarm sounded.

Jon- Tia we got company.

A squadron of six fighters flew at the pheonix at break neck speeds. Tia was standing by a small console where she had full control over the quadlaser turrets. she pummeled the front two fighter with a barage of energy blast practically disintergreating the whole of the hulls. The over 4 fighters broke formation to avoid the same fate. How ever one of the fighters flew infront of the ship and jon hit the ion cannon disablling it in mid flight. The other 3 managed to regroup at the ships rear and chased the speeding pheonix. jon simply fired a concussion missile from the aft launcher destroying the fighter on the right flank, Jon thought 'what a waste of a missile' as he knew how weak these fighters were and felt insulted them only sending 6 in the first place. tia turned the turrets and finished off the other two with a couple of well placed shots.

Tia- Ha, That was simple.

The phoenix arived at the jump point and the star streaked across the bridge viewing port.

03-02-2005, 02:53 PM
Name- Greyson
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 23
Height- 5"9'
Side- His own
Allegiance: Lightside
Occupation/rank: Jedi
Type: Jedi Guardian
Weapons: Lightsaber, Wookie Warblade
Equipment: Robes of the fallen one (heavily modified Jedi Master robes)
Apperance: Blonde, Flexible body build, White Skin, Blue eyes
Ship: The "Jonquane" a Modified republic heavy fighter : 4 quad laser Turrets small cargo bay
Bio: Greyson was a trained Jedi by a man he thought was his friend. The man told him that he was a correlian merchant that knew how to train the force. The man was actually a Sith Master by the name of Darth Kalam.

(Hey can someone summarize whats going on:D )

03-02-2005, 03:11 PM
Cryain and Roa watched Jon and Tia leave on the Phoenix, while they finished up installing an upgraded power cell for the engines. Now, the Re'allis should have even bettter acceleration and speed.

Cryain and Roa were quick to get in the cockpit and take off just moments later.

Roa- "I'm picking up numerous Sith fighter squadrons and Interdictors, the remains of a couple of Republic warships, a couple of Republic fighters, and one Republic Capitol Ship. I think its the Endar Spire."

Cryain maneuvered the Re'allis slightly away from the battle so that they would hopefully be able to slip by unnoticed. They made it through the atmosphere untouched. An alarm sounded.

Roa- "I've got two Interdictors and a couple of squadrons moving in on our position. They're trying to cut us off."

Cryain- "And we're not in position yet. Looks like we'll have to do this the hard way. Load up the weapons."

Cryain activated the shields and dove down back into the atmosphere. The shields were already starting to drain a bit trying to absorb the heat from the friction.

Cryain- "Hang on!"

Cryain cut the engine thrust and did a 180 maneuver. The Sith squadrons were following carefully, but couldn't go very fast in the atmosphere without burning up. Cryain then hit the engines at full burn. The Re'allis quickly decelerated, and the Sith fighters quickly flew past the Fighter. Activating the shield rechargers, the shields were returned to normal levels as the Re'allis once again exited the atmosphere. This time, however, the Interdictors were there to block them. Cryain maneuvered the Re'allis parallel with the atmosphere at full burn.

Meanwhile, the Sith fighters that had overshot the Re'allis had managed to turn around and head back towards the Re'allis, but they couldn't match its speed. They had been effectively eliminated from the small battle, and now, it was now all between the Re'allis and the two Interdictors.

The Interdictor still wasn't in range to tractor in the fighter, but they could open fire on the Re'allis. Several turbolaser blasts went past the cockpit, and Cryain knew they were in trouble. Cryain quickly pulled the Re'allis straight up, perpendicular to the atmosphere. The second Interdictor moved to cut them off, but Cryain altered his course in the other direction. They were almost in the clear.

Roa- "I've got another squadron of bogeys heading in our direction. And it looks like Mommy's coming with them."

The scopes were showing that a third Interdictor was indeed moving in to cut them off. Cryain quickly ran the hyperdrive computer through an 'improvosation' program that would a microjump to a specific coordinate.

Cryain- "Hang on...."

The distant stars turned into lines, and then back into white dots again as the Re'allis made a microjump. There was now plenty of room to make the jump, but the hyperdrive had to recharge momentarily first. The Interdictors, meanwhile, moved back into their positions. They weren't in battle anymore: they were forming a blockade.

Watching on the scopes, Roa watched as one last escape pod was jettisoned from the Endar Spire just before it exploded. Finally, the Re'allis made the jump into hyperspace.

03-02-2005, 06:59 PM
"Sir you can't be serious!"
"You will do it or die by my hand!"

The high up Exchange members were areguing over a new bounty put out, it was on a man named Greyson. He had slaughtered exchange members by the hundredths. They decided he needed to be put down.

"So how many men will we send after him?" asked one member
"Were not, we'll just put a bounty on his head so large, even the Republic couldn't resist!"


Greyson, Jorgan and Melissa, friends of his, were in a cantina on Nar Shadaa, they were looking at bounties of the people. He saw his, and many others.

"Hey look at these people, they look as if they have the same problems as you." Said Melissa
"Hmm they look like they might come an handy." Said Jorgan
"Heres the plan, Jorgan and Melissa you guys go look for these people, there names are Tia and Jon, tell them to meet me on Taris and that I need to talk to them about buisness of getting them and me off the bounty list."

So the 3 friends departed and Greyson got in his ship. He took off and headed for Taris.

03-03-2005, 01:08 AM
The phoenix left hyperspace just outside the gravity well of dantooine. Tia signaled the enclave for landing permission and informed them of the crystal.

Tia- Well they're glad we brought them the crystal.

Jon- They can destroy it. of course theey would be happy.

Tia- Are you okay going back i mean?

Jon- I have to be we have no choice.

Tia- we got permission to land on one of the enclaves pad. I also cleared the re'allis.

Jon- Good we can meet them after they land.

The phoenix entered the atmosphere and flew over the surface for a few klics untill they arrived at the enclave. The pheonix touched ground and they switched the power off. The two crew members walked to meet the dantooine council and they were quickly sent through. As they entered the jedi starred at tia which made her feel unconfortible. then the focus changed to Jon as he pulled out the crystal.

Vrook- good you have brought the crystal.

Jon- I hope you brang the money.

Vrook- A jedi who seeks prophet?

Jon-I'm no jedi.

vandar- You will never stop being a jedi.

Jon- let's get on with this.

Master vandar called for a padawan who gave Jon the credits and took the crystal away to be destroyed.

Vrook- I see you have brang somthing else for us?

Jon looked at Tia and held out the credits she grabbed them and looked back at Jon.

Jon- Tia go back to the ship

Tia- but...

Jon- just do it.

Tia turned and left the council room and headed towrds the ship.

Vandar- You have not told her?

Jon- She does not need to know.

Vandar- Everyone must know their destiny.

Jon- her destiny is differant from what you think.

Vrook- Surely you see the truth.

Jon- I remember seeing the truth, I remember telling you what would happen if we didn't stop the mandalorians. But you choose to ignor me. I told you all those years ago when they started to attacks those away from the republic. But you did nothing, and now what i said would happen has happened, I did not think it would be revan but that does not matter. You brought this civil war on yourselves. I told you to stop the events at the source.

Vandar- Yes you did but we can't change the pass.. and we were discussing the adept.

Jon- I won't yet you train her.

Vrook- She must be trained or she will fall.

Jon- no i'll protect her.

Vandar- she must become a jedi.

Jon- She deserves more than the order... more than the force.

Vrook- you still use the force the way the jedi does.

Jon- she will not be trained.

Jon then turned and headed back to his ship.

03-03-2005, 03:34 AM
The Re'allis finally arrived at Dantooine. Cryain didn't bother with trying to get permission to land: he just simply set the fighter down in a field near the Enclave. Roa was able to deturmine the Phoenix's position, and the two men made their way towards the Enclave on foot.

As they were heading in, something howled in the distance. Cryain looked around and noticed a pack of dog-like creatures in the distance. Kath hounds. Cryain was about to step forward when Roa stopped him silently. Just 2m away layed a pack of sleeping kath hounds. Cryain and Roa activated their cloaking shields and silently crept by the hounds.

They finally made their way to the Enclave, so they deactivated their cloaking sheilds. A couple of settlers nearby stared at Roa in almost pure terror. Roa realized it was because he was wearing his full Mandalorian Armor. Roa smiled: people still feared his people even long after the wars were over.

They headed on into the Enclave and made their way to the Phoenix. They finally arrived and waited for Jon and Tia.

03-03-2005, 04:14 AM
Tia walked out on to the landing pad and saw the zabrak and mandalorian standing near her ship.

Tia- Hey guys!

She called to the two to gain their attention as she approached.

Tia- On our way here Jon managed to sought out the republic bounty on your heads... so you are no longer wanted by these gurs. ohhh and the jedi are destroying that crystal now so we got our credits... so here's your share.

Tia handed over a small bag of credit chips of quite high nominations.

03-03-2005, 04:33 AM
Cryain- "Alright. Well, we'll be sticking around here for a couple of days to take a break. Then we'll be off to Manaan. I've heard the Republic and the Sith are competing quite heavily for good mercenaries."

Roa- (to Tia)"While we're here, if you need help in repairs or the like, I'm quite handy with a hydrospanner. Besides, there's nothing for me to repair on the Re'allis. That fighter is in the best shape its been in since it left the shipyard."

Cryain- "Yeah, well, I need to see a doctor of some kind. I need to get some of these old wounds checked up on. My comlink will be open if you need me."

03-03-2005, 03:02 PM
"Greyson, you will be most pleased." Said Jorgan
"All bounties on you have been dropped but uh one thing has happened, the Jedi are now after you, they think you murdered Master Trosshan, I suggest you go lay low."
"One more thing (ship then goes bang*, what the, OH MY GOSH, help im being tractored in by a republic cruiser..." The screen went blank

Greyson still hadn't told Melissa about Tia and John. His plan was to find them and kill them. They had witnessed the power of the crystal and must die. He headed for Dantooine to retrieve the crystal before it was destroyed.


He arrived on Dantooine and docked. It was easy, he saw a few characters and his first target. But first, he must retrieve the crystal. He easily just showed his lightsaber and fake robes around and snuck into the counsels doors. He broke in with such force everyone looked at him.
"You musn't destroy the crystal, trust me." Said Greyson as he
activated his lightsaber. He looked around, suddenly all the jedi activated there sabers.
"So be it."

03-03-2005, 06:20 PM
Cryain went down into the Enclave. He figured one of the best things he could do would be to find a Jedi that specialized in healing arts. The addiction forming to the crystals he was taking had to be overcome, or it would prevent him from being in his top form.

As he headed down into the Enclave, he noticed a lot of lightsabers being activated. Cryain quickly activated his cloaking shield and peared inside. Someone was challenging the Jedi. As Cryain listened in, he realized that someone was still after the crystal. Cryain used the same Force shutoff technique and crept inside. They weren't fighting yet, but Cryain knew they would soon.

Cryain saw the crystal, grabbed it, and left the room. This thing has to be destroyed. Even if I have to do it myself, Cryain thought to himself. That fool trying to get it, well, he'll have to come through me now.

Cryain left the Enclave and deactivated his cloaking sheild.

Cryain- (over the comlink to Roa)"Time to leave. Trouble's brewing with the package recently delivered. Meet me up at the town house. Out."

Cryain pulled out the crystal and studied it. He could feel its power. It was almost unimaginable. He knew he shouldn't revel in it, but it was all too easy to give in. Images flashed across his mind. Domination, greed, ambition, power. Something inside of Cryain began to grow. He was becoming more in tune with the Force, and the darkside that was already within him was starting to grow. Darkness was starting to overtake him, and

Roa- "Rytanya, what the **** are you doing with that thing?"

Cryain- (startled)"Oh, uhh, somebody broke into the chamber where the Jedi were going to destroy this thing. Whoever it was, they wanted this crystal badly. So, while they were distracted, I took it for safekeeping... I mean I took it so that it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands."

Roa- "Well, if that thing needs to be destroyed, then I have a good idea on what to do with it. Hmm, I always did like a good fireworks display."

With that, Roa and Cryain left the Enclave.

(note: Cryain has just been made Force Sensitive through his recent encounter with the crystal. He doesn't have any Force powers to speak of, but he is now much more resistant to the effects of Force Powers that others may use on him.)

03-03-2005, 07:56 PM
Greyson noticed the crystal gone. He quickly ran. He could feel the power of the crystal nearby. He knew that there was only one way to destroy the crystal, drop it in the heart of Malachor IV.

He finally saw two men outside the enclave. He ran to them, but suddenly, he felt a tickle in the force from one of them. He knew that with if that man possesed the crystal long enough, he would become strong, very strong. He walked up to him.

"You must give me that crystal, it creates tremendous destructive power if posessed to long, I feel a small amount of force in you, tell you what, give me that crystal and ill train you in the ways of the force." Said Greyson
"It must be destroyed one way or the world will fall into chaos, if you can't understand the power of this thing you must die."

03-03-2005, 11:54 PM
Tia Noticed that Roa was in a hurry to get somewhere so she desided to follow at a distance. she cryain holding the crystal but why? was it their plan to steal it alalong when Jon no longer held it in his posession.


Jon left the Enclave towards the phoenix, The jedi were ddiscussing an intruder who seemed to disappear after the crystal. It didn't take him long to work out that tia was gone and their had to be a connection. Jon had a strange connection to Tia that aloud him to find her he knew that it was because of her strong connection to the force, The one she didn't know she had. he quickly found her and through a series of hand signal she pointed out the mercs and what seeemed to be a jedi. However their was somthing odd about Cryain he seemed more open to the force but it was dark. Jon knew he had to save him but the other jedi he could corrupt him.

Jon and Tia walked over to the two mercenaries.

Jon- That crystal must be destroyed cryain give it to me. The path of this one *points at Greyson* will only lead to the pain of those you trust,need,love... Trust me!

03-04-2005, 03:48 PM
"No, the crystal can only be destroyed one way!"
"Your Jedi teachings killed off my whole family, I am not a Sith nor a Jedi!"
"Now hand over the crystal so we can destroy it."

Greyson felt something dark within Cryain. It was an evil feeling, the feeling the Jedi had given him when they killed his family. He was angry.

"You don't understand this crystal, if its posessed to long or to little, the holder gets wanting and turns evil, more eviler than any creature in this galaxy, I have a plan, how about we all take it to Malachor IV and destroy it for good." Said Greyson

03-04-2005, 07:17 PM
Cryain- "You guys don't get it, do you? I don't want the crystal. Surely you can sense that within me, with you guys being Jedi and all.

(points at Greyson)And why the **** should I give this thing to you? You're the one I was trying to keep this thing away from in the first place. (mocking)'Destroy the crystal at Malachor' my a**."

Roa- "Ahh, well, that explains things a bit. (at Greyson)If you want your 'ultimate power', then you'll have to work for it. (pulls out a remote control device)I was planning on detonating the d*** thing in a concussion missile. Care to see what happens?"

Roa then pressed a series of commands into the remote, and a missile launched off the ground into the air. After a couple of seconds, the missile went off in massive explosion above the fields of Dantooine.

Roa- "But you know what? The crystal wasn't on that one. (mocking tone)You know what, I think it was (presses a button) this one."

Another missile lauched into the air and exploded over the Dantooine fields.

Roa- *sigh*"Then again, it could be this one here. (launches another missile)I just can't seem to remember. Oh, and you might want to run off and look for it, because, i'm pretty sure it was in this one here (launches another missile). Oh, no wait, it might be in this one....bah, I guess you'll never know, will ya. In fact, as far as you know, we just simply have it hidden somewhere. (coldly)You just don't have a ****in clue, do ya?"

Cryain- (pulls out his two daggers and points one at Greyson)"And you'll be getting that information as you pry it from our cold, dead fingers."

Roa pulls out his repeating rifle and aims it at Greyson.

Cryain- (slowly emphasizes each word, intimidating)"Back off."

03-05-2005, 01:03 AM
Tia also aimed her gauntlet at Greyson and Jon prepared his lightsaber.

Jon- Cryain, Although I feel tha taking the crytal back to the malachor system would be aa mistake. You should not possess it much longer it will lead to your destruction. and you *looks at greyson* you are vastly outnumbred and out skilled if i were you i would just leave. That crystal is two dangerous to be given to you. *Looks at cryain* You both know i am capable of resisting the crystals influance... you must trust me.

03-06-2005, 01:33 PM
"Fine, I will be watching all of you, if the crystal isn't destroyed were all dead, so get it to Malachor IV and ill be going now." Greyson then did a huge force jump out of sight.

He installed a tractor beam on there ship. It was almost impossible to sense unless someone did a very thorough chech of the ship. He quickly ran to his ship and got in. He decided he will just fly to Malachor IV and wait for them. So he left a datapad on there ships too that he will be on Malachor IV waiting for them, if the crystal wasn't destroyed in 4 weeks he would hunt them down.

He entered hyperspace...

03-06-2005, 03:23 PM
Jon- Cryain are you o.k what happened I sence the forse in you now, Its powerful... I'm going back to the phoenix, can you please meet me there. I need to speak to you. *turns to tia* Tia we need some supplies can you go get them.

Tia- sure!

Jon and tia left to their locations

03-06-2005, 11:31 PM
Greyson felt a bump. He fell over his bedside. He looked out and there was quite a comotion going on. One Sith Warship against 2 Republic Freighters. The Sith Warship tractored in Greysons ship and the other Freighters were destroyed. He quickly put on some clothes and grabbed a spare vibroblade and a blaster pistol.

He walked over to his command console and sent a message to Jon and Tia.
"Help *buzz sound*, im on a Sith Warship, here are the coordinates *goes dead*." Greyson was seized by Sith Knights and put in a force field cell next to someone else.

"A...A Jedi!" Said the lady
"I am not part of the Jedi order." Said Greyson
"Neither am I, but I know a way to get out, help me get that vent over there open, and by the way my names Keira." Said the lady

(here new char for a small while)

Name- Keira
Species- Human
Sex- Female
Age- 23
Height- 5"4'
Side- Her own
Allegiance: Lightside
Occupation/rank: Jedi
Type: Jedi Guardian
Weapons: A small lightsaber
Equipment: Jedi Master Robes Apperance: Blonde, Skinny fast body build, White Skin, Blue eyes
Ship: None
Bio: She was trained by the Jedi but left because of the rules.

03-06-2005, 11:35 PM
Roa turned to Cryain and smiled lightly.

Roa- "None of them have a clue, do they?"

Cryain- "I didn't think they would. At least the ordinance carrier you made right quick worked correctly. Whatever that thing was you had in the one missile has to be at least 20, maybe even 40 km away by now."

Roa- (breathes in deep)"Ya, I'm just a clever guy."

Cryain- "Ya, well, don't let it go to your head or your head's gonna blow from the pressure. Now, lets go meet back up with Jon and Tia. This shouldn't take too long."

Cryain and Roa walked back to the Enclave, where they waited in front of the Phoenix.

03-07-2005, 04:33 AM
Jon looked out of the on the viewscreen that showed the camera view of the outside of his ship, Cryain and Roa were standing there. he was still thinking about the short com he got from that person who tried to steal the crystal, he was certain it was a trap. Jon opened the loading ramp and walked down to see the two mercenaries.

Jon- Hi guys its nice to see you came, but tia needs some help with a bounty she has discovered in the cantina, its not big but it'll put food on the table for week. Roa can i ask you to help her out please. Ill give you the higher end of a 60-40 split. Cryain we need to talk can you come in please.

Jon turned and entered the room closest to the entrance, it was a room that was a living area with a dejaric board, a normal table for eating and two mats on the floor for meditation.

03-07-2005, 12:56 PM
Roa headed for the cantina. Nothing like a good job to improve his abilities in battle.

Meanwhile, Cryain went inside the Phoenix with Jon.

03-07-2005, 01:12 PM
Jon looked at cryain for a few moments then locked the door. he turned to a small capinite and pulled out a bottle and two glasses.

Jon- Do you like Juma Juice?

He continued to poor without waiting for an answer as if he didn't Jon had no other drink to offer him.

Jon- Cryain, one of the reasons i tried to keep ahold of the crystal was to prevent somthing like this from happening. you have become a Force adept and I'm sure you have begun to notice things feel things that seem strange. First I'm sure you've noticed a secret i have been keeping for years somthing anyone who feels the force can notice. Tia! I'm sure you have seen she is strong with the force... But she doesn't know because i have been blocking it from her. when i was a jedi i learned i could supress the force in other i could stop them from controlling it for years i have been doing this to Tia... to protect her. I want you to keep this secret. In return i can help you firstly i could help heal those wounds you have been trying to hide and secondly i will give you an option if you wish i can do the same to you stop the force and allow you to get on with your life. Or I can help you harness the power i can train you... not as a jedi or a sith but how to use the force for your survival. Of cource you can just walk away and try to live with it but that would not be wise. also i'll need to examine the crystal again chanses are to destroy it now it may kill you and i would prefer it if you didn't die because of my mistake... and i could guess how you feel.

Jon turned and faced Cryain handing him a drink.

03-07-2005, 04:38 PM
Greyson followed Keira through the vent system. They came across the weapons room. Keira busted open the vent and jumped down, so did Greyson. They grabbed there stuff and headed toward the hangar. It was easy for them because no one was awake, except maybe a few Sith patrolling but they were out of earshot.

They walked through the door to the hangar. It seemed very odd. Then suddenly to Dark Jedi jumped out of the shadows. It was Darth Kalam, Greysons old master, and a young Sith Girl.

"HA so you actually thought you would escape." Said Darth Kalam
"Shall I kill them my master?" Said the Girl
"Yes my darling, you may!" Darth Kalam did a huge jump to the far side of the hangar.
"Your not running this time you piece of s***!" Yelled Greyson as he jumped too.

He and Kalam engaged in a huge saber fight. Greyson was very weak compared to Kalam. Greyson did a jump with his lightsaber, he surely was going to hit Kalam, then Kalam force pushed him on the ground. Kalam raised his saber to Greysons throat.

"Now you will die!" Said Kalam

Keira suddenly jumped out of nowhere and sliced Darth Kalam. He then engaged with her and she fought back easily.

"RUN GREYSON." Yelled Keira

Greyson got up and limped to his ship. He boarded and turned the engines on. He looked out, Keira was on the ground. Then he flew into hyperspace. He was bleeding very bad. He decided that Jon who was a loyal Force holder, would help him. He of course thought Jon was a jedi, but he didn't know if they would help him because they didn't like him. There was an abandoned station up ahead. He could rest there and wait for Jons reply. He sent another message to Jon to ask for help.

"If you help me, there is a reward for you." And Greyson docked in the station...

03-10-2005, 01:01 AM
Cryain took the drink and gave it a small sip. It definately wasn't the best thing he had ever tasted, but it seemed like a descent enough year for this batch of Juma Juice. He wolfed down the rest of the Juma Juice and placed the cup on the floor.

Cryain then pulled the crystal out of his pocket and studied it again. He could feel the dark power coarsing through the crystal. He could even feel the sting of darkness itching in the tips of his fingers where they touched the crystal. In almost pure disgust, he tossed it on the floor. The thought of it brought back old memories. Cryain then looked up and glared into Jon's eyes.

Cryain- "I've been through so much in my lifetime its hard to remember everything. But you know what sticks out in my mind? The training.

The training that was forced into me at Iridonia. They trained us to be the most elite combat units of all time. All kinds of instructors from across the galaxy trained us in every form of martial arts, marksmanship, knife fighting, sword fighting... You name it, I was taught how to do it.

Of course, they recognized early on that I excelled in melee and hand-to-hand combat. Thus, they pulled me aside for the most brutal and intense training I could possibly endure. They taught me covert operations. How to sneak into a place unnoticed. They taught me sabatage, intell gathering, and assassination.

For testing, they took me to a specially designed area. They wanted me to ghost as many of the guards as possible. I still remember my first kill on that mission; the first time I had ever killed a sentient. It was at night. She was holding a blaster rifle, guarding a small lookout post. She was equipped with night vision sensors, and a motion tracker was next to her.

I had one weapon on the whole mission: the knife I have sheathed on my belt right now. I had to sneak up sort of in between her and the tracker or else I would have been caught. As I got closer, I remember doing it almost in automatic, almost as if it wasn't really even me. I reached up and grabbed her by the mouth to make sure she was silent and slit her throat wide open. I kept holding on until the gurgling noises coming from her throat silenced. I then searched her body and found an IFF transpoder that would prevent the motion trackers from detecting me as a threat. Then, I pulled out a small holocron.

Out of curiousity, I activated it. It was a still holo of a family. Looking closely, I recognized the woman I had just killed as the middle-height child in the still. It was her family. It was right then, with my first kill, how personal I had been trained to do my job. You see, I stared at the holo and didn't feel a thing for that family. It was simply business.

These old wounds, the weapons, everything you think I am is the result of solid training. But now that I look back on it and see my indifference, the results of my training, I can only wonder why I bother sometimes.

You see, I kill for my job. I'll admit that it has its own form of enjoyment to it, but its not what I want to do the rest of my life. Thats why I don't want this power. Heck, the only reason I'm still around is because there's still a war to be fought.

If there is one thing that I would ask from you about this 'Force': would you just simply train me to live with it. I don't want to use it, but if I have to have it, then just let me know how to live with it and nothing more. I would rather fight the way I was trained then to become the focal point of a battle. This is all I ask. You don't have to heal me, I've learned to live with it. Just let me live with myself and you will have my gratitude."

03-10-2005, 05:17 AM
Jon looked at cryain then down at the glass then back up again.

Jon-"I'll try to Teach you to live with it. but the force is difficult to just live with. You become apart of it, it consumes you, it can change you and even control your own Fate.... I will try. If you do as i ask in return i will ensure you can you the force to survive. I will teach you to expand youre already exceptional abilities. If i were a jedi i would take my time to teach you, But we do not have that luxury, I feel somthing coming somthing big, as i'm sure you now can. However to take shortcuts would lead to darkness, pain, anger, suffering. I will train you to be more neutral. normally the jedi and sith split jedi into 3 classes, the consular, gaurdian and sentinal. The consular uses the force as there primary weapon they specialise is useing it to end situations, The guardian use the force to expand their strength, speep agility and the sentinal uses his own skills over the force and weapons. You should choose which way you want to learn. also i have to ask a question that jedi are never asked as its forced upon them... Do you want a lightsaber?

Jon walked over to a cuboard and pulled out a draw with several componants and crystals in it.

03-11-2005, 10:44 AM
Cryain- "A lightsaber? Well, if you haven't noticed, I've never really been a big fan of fancy weapons. Still, it holds true to my training that melee weapons are far more powerful in combat. If you give me the training, I'll take it.

As for the class of training, I would prefer something that doesn't rely on the Force. I'm guessing the Guardian would fulfill that request."

Sunrider fan
03-12-2005, 11:45 AM
Character 1
Name- Aleema Sunrider
Species- Human
Sex- Female
Age- 21
Height- 5"5'
Side- Republic, Jedi Order (loosely)
Allegiance: Lightside
Occupation/rank: Smuggler, Former Jedi
Type: Jedi Guardian
Weapons: Lightsaber, Stun rifle
Equipment: Stealth belt, Light powered armor
Apperance: Long brown hair, green eyes, Althletic body, off white skin. Her body is covered in a light green suit of power armor that seems to have a unnatural glow around it. Her hair hangs down to her lower back, and she wears a mask over her face most of the time. On her belt a pair of lightsabers rest against her hip, and a Cerellion engineering Stun rifle rests over her shoulder.
Ship: The "Starfury one" a modified Starstriker class Light fighter: 4 light laser cannons, 2 medium ion cannons, 3.0 class hyperdrive, 4 rear facing engines, Advanced sensor array, light shield generator, one person cockpit.

The "Greyhound" a modified Kaut Drive yards heavy freighter: 2 heavy quad ion turrets, 4 rear facing ion cannons, 2 rear facing proton torpedo launchers. Dorsal hanger bay (room for 2 fighters), 1.5 class hyperdrive, 3 large cargo bays that can be configured to hold a variety of cargos from materials, to animals. 6 2 person quarters that can be fitted to suit a variety of atmospheric needs.
Bio: Aleema never truely joined the jedi order but through her second cousin Vima and her cousin Nomi Sunrider, she has maintained a loose relationship with the order, and enough of one to get her own lightsabers. She had practiced the force which she inherited from her father since she was a little child but seems to only have access to the Sense sphere of the force. She has a love hate relationship with the republic, on one side she provides a much needed asset to various branches and individuals/organizations within the republic, on the other side the manner she does it is technically illegal. She will work for anyone but tends to get the most money transporting or capturing rare creatures for zoo exhibits.

is this character acceptable? and how should i be introed :)

03-13-2005, 04:47 AM
(OOC: Thats fine but so you know you can have 2 more PC)

A slight grim came across Jons face as he handed Cryain the box of parts and equipment to cryain.

Jon- The lightsaber should represent its owner, That's why you must make it yourself but later. Now to begin your training... A jedi's life is sacrifice and a sith's life is control, But my life and what i will teach you to do is live with the force for survival. *looks around the room* See that box concentrate on it make it rise.