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02-05-2005, 08:12 PM
According to Sithy and some of the fellas, my power supply is dead.

Uh, yeh.... they said I should get a 500 watt one. I don't wanna dish out a ton of money and end up not needing it. What would be a good size one to get? Could I get lower than 500 and still end up with one that'll last awhile?


El Sitherino
02-05-2005, 08:14 PM
50 dollars for 500 watts. It's a great buy. You'll need that much juice in the future anyway.

02-05-2005, 08:16 PM
Is that the maximum? And, I don't game much, so I dunno if that has to do with the outcome.

It died trying to load up JA :\

El Sitherino
02-05-2005, 08:19 PM
they make 700's but 450 - 500 is pretty much what you'll be needing now for parts. Nothing to do with gaming.

450W Power Supply (http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=17-154-010&depa=0)

02-05-2005, 09:55 PM
i'd hit it.

02-05-2005, 10:09 PM
nah, get 480w (http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=17-163-017&depa=0), cause thats what the big 6800s take, if you ever want to get one some day.


El Sitherino
02-06-2005, 04:09 AM
POWMAX's aren't that great, they die out really fast.

02-06-2005, 04:44 AM
Well, for the record, it may not be just the power supply (which is 350 watts).

It seems one of the heatsinkers fell out of place. Hope we don't need to get a new motherbaord.

El Sitherino
02-06-2005, 05:22 AM
o_O How'd the heatsink fall out of place? Did you not secure it properly?

02-06-2005, 05:27 AM
I've had to replace my power supply at least 4 or 5 times before.

02-06-2005, 06:48 AM
Originally posted by InsaneSith
o_O How'd the heatsink fall out of place? Did you not secure it properly?

As I told you on MSN, the motherboard we bought was pre-assembled. :)