View Full Version : Suggestion for folks who use full Force codes in SP...

02-06-2005, 06:22 PM
Anyone who's tried using the "setforceall 3" code in SP knows that you can't progress in the game any more due to the fact that there has to be at least one slot open to assign a force point for the next level. For those of you who prefer playing with full Force, there's a way around this limitation that my friend Wizardwolf (no, that's not his real name, that's just what he wants to be called on the web) pointed out to me.

It's quite simple, really. After using the "setforceall 3" code, simply set your least favorite force power to 2. The particular power has to be a Light or Dark one however, since you can't assign points to neutral powers. For example, if my least favorite Force power was Lightning, I would type "setforcelightning 2" in the console. As long as you repeat this process at the beginning of each level, you will be able to progress further in the game.

I know many of you probably know about this little trick, but there have been many posts in the past by newbies concerning this problem. Hopefully, this will answer their questions.