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02-07-2005, 04:43 PM
Ok if any of you have read my first thread then you will pretty much know whats going on.

For those who don't...

Correlia is one giant destroyed mass. There is a high criminal organization called the Hiyans. The Hiyans do anything a normal criminal organization would do but there primary targets are Force Sensitive beings(Sith and Jedi mostly). The Hiyans have just attacked a big base on what remains of Correlia. There a few survivors, many people died. The planet was blown to bits by the Hiyans "Free" button that a person pushed. Now lets start.


No Godmoding
No Char Controlling
No killing PC without owners permission
Up to 3 PCs allowed
Have Fun!


Name: Edison Trent
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 28
Side: None Bounty Hunter
Allegiance: Neutral/Lightside
Type: Jedi Guardian
Ship: Republic Scout ship
Weapons: Lightsaber, old Blaster Pistol, Mandalorian Power Armour
Apperance: Blonde Hair, strong body build, White Skin, Blue eyes