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Darth Bashkar
02-12-2005, 08:26 AM
The game goes, after loading in a certain location, to a black screen with just a cursor. I can hear the music/ambience and if I do the little sword taunt move you can hear it. Not only this, but if I save and look at the save screenshot it shows were I am. The key location of this would be:

Onboard the Ebon Hawk, right after you leave the Ice section of Telos

Quick Update: I downgraded by Radeon 9800 drivers to 4.11 to no avail. Unless their was more to downloading the driver and running the install, then 4.11 made no difference from 5.2

02-12-2005, 09:15 AM
Please check if you can reach the "Options" menu by clicking in the left-higher corner. If you can use all menus from there, I think I could help you. Otherwise, It wont be possible.
I've had this problem with SW : KotOR I, when I loaded several times the same save-game. The origin of this issue comes mainly from the virtual memory. Now, I use a software named Acronis Privacy Expert which is available in Trial version. You can download this shareware here (http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/privacyexpert/). When your screen becomes black with only the cursor, close your game, run Acronis Privacy Expert and execute the program which is able to clean the "cache file" (You can also use all programs to do a complete cleaning of your computer). Then, re-load SW : KotOR II : The Sith Lords and try to use your save-game...
But, do not forget that each case is unique. So, this "easy-way" can fail...

I hope this helps... :)

PS : Free equivalents of Acronis Privacy Expert exist surely on Internet. Do not hesitate to search them... ;)

Darth Bashkar
02-12-2005, 10:18 AM
Maybe I don't see it put I don't see a program that 'cleans the cache' or is labeled in such a way. The only one is under Internet, the Internet Cache Cleanup..

Regardless, I installed and ran the entire PC cleanup option, and then ran KOTOR, loaded a savefile seconds before I entered the Ebon Hawk and the same glitch occured.

Quick Edit: If anyone can figure out the code to warp past this one Ebon Hawk section and to Nar Shaddaa or whatever comes next, be my guest.

02-12-2005, 12:50 PM
this sounds exactally like a problem i had yesteday (see the post on this thread)

i just downloaded the latest video drivers and the game worked

Darth Bashkar
02-12-2005, 03:26 PM
I've gone from the 5.2 drivers, to the 4.11 driver, to the 5.2 again. Has not changed anything, at all. I uninstalled/reinstalled. I even used CHKDSK to verify bad files and fix various things, and yet it hasn't done anything.

Again, I ask for the area names/locations so I could use the warp command to skip this bad section.

The best part about this glitch is how it laughts at me. See, I can hit every button that would be apart of the HUD..I can cast force abilities, change weapon layouts, do the taunt..I spam quick save and I can see a brief second of what it looks like, too.

I try to move around, but if I stray too far of the spawn area the movement keys switch to rotating/changing angle of the camera and refuse to move my character.

Just to add more information to this, this is not a GENERAL problem. It is UNIQUE to this situation as it has happened to (3) people in totally at this very section.

What a glitchy mess..

02-12-2005, 07:54 PM
hmm, interesting. i haven't had this problem whatsoever (i'm way past that point). my question to you is: do you have a previous savegame that you can fall back on? like maybe an autosave or something? i hate backtracking as much as anyone, but if its worth continuing the game, then go for it. :)

if you've already tried this, then i would be interested in seeing your computer specs before i give you some 'drastic' advise. ;)

Darth Bashkar
02-12-2005, 09:16 PM
Reloading a previous save does no good. Currently i'm replaying a character up to this point to see if the character itself is doomed..

Specs are as follows:

Pent. 4 2.4 GHZ
1 GB of Ram
Radeon 9800 Pro
Creative SB Live! Series

In a perfect world my computer can play KOTOR 2 flawlessly. However, i'm dead convinced its a game error or perhaps something i've overlooked. As I stated before, three people in total are having this very error, at this very location. One of them I can confirm has more RAM then I do, and a completely different video card.

02-13-2005, 06:09 AM
that's actually pretty wierd. you know, i normally don't do this, but if you think its a driver related issue, you could try a third-party driver and see if that helps.

the link: www.omegadrivers.net

now, i'm not exactly sure if it will help or not, especially since the current omega drivers are based on the 5.1 catalyst drivers. well, that and i've never really tried third-party drivers before. but, if you want to, go ahead.

edit: RAM shouldn't be a problem. i have the same amount of RAM as you do. the only real difference in my specs and yours is the GPU and the processor (9700 Pro; Athlon 3200XP).

02-13-2005, 06:13 AM
ATI graphic cards always cause trouble. :mad:

02-13-2005, 08:47 AM
Ok, After experiencing the same problems you have, I spent about a day trying everything I could think of. I uninstalled DirectX 9, reinstalled it, tried a boat load of different drivers, tried installing the directx SDK just to see if it was different, I even put in my old Geforce 2 MX 440 and tried to do it that way. I then was about to try reinstalling windows xp but I remembered something. Let me guess Darth, you most likely talked to atris, got your party minus the droid, then fought the hand maidens right? Well, After your first fight with the Handmaidens, Youll see your two party members standing near that map, but they will no longer be listed in your party, and you are not in solo mode. And finally here it is, I loaded back to right when you first land on the polar region, before the fight with the HK droids. I killed them, quickly went through the conversation with atris, and headed straight for my party members, next I went right to the ship, save for looting all the little cylinders first of course :D.. Anyways, when I boarded the ship this time it went to a scene of them talking I didnt encounter before. If your game didnt autosave when you boarded the ship you should have a nice clean autosave right outside the temple. REMEMBER, forgot about the handmaidens, you only get exp for fighting and beating 5 of them at once anyways, the only way to do that unless your god like is cheat.


Oh... BTW , let me know if it works :D, Id hate for you to miss out on this game, it kicks ass