View Full Version : Glitch on nar shadda ? patch ? -possible slight spoiler-

02-15-2005, 06:05 AM
Hi im on nar shadar and there appears to be two doors that cant be clicked on. near the docks, if you go to pylon 2 and put your back to it so u face the Twi-lek.

You will see two doors. the left on leads to a dormentry which contains the thiefs, mandalorians an scientist and a dude who lost his wife.

The RIGHT door i walk up to and on the mini map i can some where to walk but i cannot click on the door.

Has this happened to any one ?

Also has a patch been released yet ? (Cant do auto update as i dont have the internet on the KOTOR 2 computer)

02-15-2005, 08:09 AM
yep. i don't know what happened there, either. initially, i thought it was apart of the warehouse, but obviously, i was wrong.

my guess is that those doors led to something the devs cut out of the final release, and they simply replaced the original doors that can be opened to "dummy" doors that are simply apart of the scenery.

02-15-2005, 09:49 AM
so are these doors not suppose to open at all ?

Then im stumped how the hell do i contact the exchange, that little mouse dude annoys me and the jeff jeff bar i know will have the exchange member in but the door actully says it locked

P.S Kinda sucky that the developers locked us out of extra map :mad:

02-16-2005, 05:50 AM
Are you Dark or Light?

If light, do things to disrupt their operations. In the Pazaak den, beat all three people you can play, also take a close look at the droid that plays as well. You only have the play the lady once, the droid not at all if you 'fix' her, and the guy 3 times. When you do that, the 'champ' will walk in and challenge you, beat him 3x. There, your done getting the Exchange mad at you, well at least in the Pazaak Den.


Go to the Refugee Sector and convince both sides to leave the Refugees alone through words or force


Go to the Races and talk to the Twi'Lek woman, accept her offer and take out the droid pilot.


Look for Oondar in the main square, ask him about his problem, he will offer a discount on his merchandise if you convince/kill Geeda to leave. Go talk to her and tell what Oondar offered you, she will match it if you get him to leave/die. Go back to him and he will threaten you with the Exchange. Go back to her and either accept her offer (light) or not (dark). Take the light side to get the exchange mad. Go back to Oondar and kick him out.

Now head back to your ship and things will start rolling along.