View Full Version : Sote Character Models Needed!!!

02-20-2005, 02:49 PM
I am Jedispy and leader of the SOTE mod for Jedi Academy. We've been in production now since November of 2004. We've already made EXCELLENT progress (considering the resources at hand). Nevertheless, we are moving to the next phase: Character and Creature creation.

We already have the majority of the needed models for the project, but many more need to be created from scratch. Images are available upon request.

I am looking for the following character/creature models:

Prince Xizor - if you don't know who he is, you need to go out and buy the Shadows of the Empire novel. Oh and move out of the cave you're living in.

Jix - Thug for hire. Hired by Darth Vader to capture Luke Skywalker.

Mugger - My own little creation. He's a humanoid-alien that is big and dumb.

Datslag - Another of my creations. Datslag is a male twi'lek. Perhaps he could be reused as Boc for DF2MOD.

Quarren - Squid head aliens in SWROTJ

Princess Leia - in a sexy dress (but tasteful!)

Princess Leia - in white dress from ending of ESB

Princess Leia - in any other plain clothing.

Chewbacca - with flat-top mane

Chewbacca - dressed as Snoova

Zuckuss/Gand - 6 arm insectoid bounty hunter in SWESB

IG-88 - Combat droid bounty hunter from SWESB

Barabels - the alien captors from the comics/novel

Leebo - Dash Rendar's droid sidekick (looks kind of of like 8T-88 from Jedi Knight).

Combat Astromechs - R2 droids with small blaster cannons

IM4 Droid - Small flying droids with blasters.

Admiral Piett - One of the few Imperial officers actually NOT Killed by Darth Vader in ESB & ROTJ.

Jabba the Hutt - This will be a creature model. He needs to look exactly like he does in ROTJ. We need wiggling tail, blinking eyes, and moving mouth. He doesn't need to move at all

Dianoga - may use DFMOD's dianoga unless a better one comes along

Large Dianoga - In the original SOTE game, the "Into the Sewers" level boss is an enormous dianoga. Rather than swimming around, it sits at the bottom of the room and flails it's huge tentacles about. There are two types of tentacles. These can be seperate creature models.
Large Dianoga: Attack Tentacle - The attack tentacle is just a big limb with a spikey ball at the tip.
Large Dianoga: Eye Tentacle - has a huge red eye at the end. (see trash compactor scene in SWANH)

Han Solo in Carbonite
Dash's Jetpack
Small health
Large health
Jabba's Throne