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02-20-2005, 10:22 AM
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Edit tk102:
This tutorial by maverick187 is a quick run through on how to find and extract textures using KotOR Tool. The pictures are a nice touch.

First thing is that in KotOR Tool you should go File>Manage Paths (http://img206.exs.cx/img206/8249/clipboard012rj.jpg) , and make sure it is pointed to TSL and then make sure the image viewer path points to Photoshop or another .tga image viewer, it makes it vastly easier to see what you're extracting.

Now all of the textures are located here:

The two important ones are
swpc_tex_gui.erf - mostly for your icons and other small things usually
swpc_tex_tpa.erf - for all of the high-quality textures, b and c are smaller versions.

Now click on the swpc_tex_tpa.erf node and you should see:

now the letter P has a lot of the texture files you are looking for i.e.: PFBXXX are the female version of the robes and armor. the PMBXXX are the male textures of the robes and armor, the XXX being various different letter number combos ie: B01:

B = clothes (I think)
C-H = armor light to heavy
I = robes
J = KotOR 1 revan robe
K = no idea looks like more armor
L = no idea possibly the dancer garb
M = robe armor i.e. Zal Shey blah blah
N = some more robes
like this:

the PMHXXX and PFHXXX are the male and female head textures
XXX = i.e.A01xx; A=Asian, B=Black, C=Caucasian xx=d or d1,2,3 etc. (darkside transitions)

and finally P_XXXXXX, is the NPC heads, i.e. P_MiraXX are the body and head textures for Mira:

Once you set the image viewer path in manage paths, than to view the image just double-click on whatever you want. ;)

Now remeber after you are done editing them when you save them, save them as .tga files aka Targa files and make sure you save them with 32bit/pixel:

Hope This Helps,