View Full Version : Kurgan's WishList of fixes for OJP Basic

02-22-2005, 05:47 PM
To avoid bugging you Razor, here's some of my immediate concerns for OJP (basically for the benefit of my siege server and of course others doing the same thing):

I'd like to see the bots able to finish Hoth without human assistance. Currently this is the only map they can't do unaided.

1) Bot navigation fixes needed. Bots are unable to complete objectives 2 and 5 on Siege Hoth by themselves.

A) Specfically bots will get stuck on the left outer edge of the doorway to the "Ion Station" near objective 2. They will pace back and forth, not going inside, unless nudged by an explosive or body.

B) Once inside the Ion Station bunker, there is another sticky point. A bot traveling through the bunker, on his way to the other side (to throw the switch for objective 2) gets stuck on the left edge of the doorway right before the ramp leading down. He paces back and forth until somebody pushes him or an explosion nudges him through the doorway.

C) During the Shield Generator attack, they fire wildly at the Shield Generator, but since they can't use Ewebs, ONLY the Heavy Weapons guy's rockets can do any damage, and his aim is HORRIBLE. Most of his rockets hit the side of the bunker as he spastically wiggles back and forth. There's no possible way they can win in the time limit unless somehow you had 10 rocketeers or something. Navigation wise if there was someway to get the Heavy Weapons to "post up" and take better aim, he could do it.

D) Once the droid codes have been captured, all of the bots get stuck right before Objective 5 (in the hangar area, with the ceiling guns). Specifically they get stuck in between the first two boxes after you enter through the hangar doors. Usually a bot will just stand there until nudged out of the way or an explosive sends him forward. Once not hung up on this point anymore, the bots run around between this area and under the ramp on the left side of the hangar. They seem oblivious to the ceiling guns and don't even attempt to fire back, thus they get whittled down and killed until a human player enters the Infirmary (objective 5) to advance.

Even then usually the bots are very slow to advance, and when I tested it (I had 5 bots on one side), two of the five remained running in circles in the hangar until the round ended.

2) I know you're working on this one, that's the elevators not getting hung up by body parts and weapons. The "weapons" screwing up the elevators isn't a problem in Siege, but it is in other game modes, especially CTF. And when an elevator is hung up, the bots don't know what to do, and can't seem to navigate beyond it.

I know you're busy with a lot to do, but those are my primary concerns with OJP right now. If those were fixed, that goes a long way to making Siege that much more playable on my server.

I wish you luck!

02-22-2005, 09:03 PM
Elevators have been fixed. Same with the bot routing, looks like they had been screwed up for some time after I added some additional paths. (you have to seperate sequencial nodes by 100 feet if you want them not to be connected.)

Working on a solution to the shield generator problem.

02-26-2005, 07:40 PM
Awesome and good luck with the generator.

I already told you about the wish for a cvar to balance human players with bots (an equal number of humans on each team, so one player doesn't end up with a team of bots vs. a whole team of humans).

I eagerly await the next beta!