View Full Version : "Freeze after Cha. creation" bug - fixation possibilities

02-27-2005, 11:07 PM
I'm the one who encounter such familiar issue of freezing after character creation and intro. Because of My laptop which has IGP cards and It didn't meet OpenGL1.4 requirement. Though I could play KotOR1(it's require OpenGL1.4 too - -;; that's why I'm still hope.) excellently.

I never play KotOR 2 since I buy it from store, until yesterday I'd tried to load a saved game (which saved on Peragus Outside the airlock where there're venting that's hurt me and I can see Republic ship come and refuel). And It's work!!!! It's the first time I can play these game!!!
But then, after I found another airlock that's lead me to that space station interior. I found lockup and goes back to desktop.

The Point is This lockup is just like the same old lock up, I found myself watching that space station interior with freeze and music still run... damnably similar to familiar T3's vision freezing .

This come to conclusion that there're some unnessesary visual effect in these ship's interior that prevent me from playing KotOR2. Why it's unnesessary? Because I can still play it finely when that effect didn't show (space staion exterior is the sample, I can see, I can run to everything until I go interior...) I guess if I disable it once, it will affect a little and I could still play.

Do you guys know what's the visual effect I mentioned?
And if we don't know so how do we know?
who did know please tell me. Because this will come to fixation possibility that we could just disable it by tweaking or even create a MOD that disable these weird visual effect then we could play finely.
Why I'm so sure? I don't know... May be I just saw some Mod or Tweaking that can disable some effect in Burst of speed force then I see it possible it fix the others.

I may be a loon. But I'd rather die old trying this issue than cut my limited budget to by new desktop and play this game next year.

Thanks in advance... :D