View Full Version : Ending *spoilers*

03-02-2005, 04:45 PM
Soo... I'm done. :D Got it last night, blasted away for six hours straight, and then another three today.

I had an absolute BLAST playing this - it was a lot of fun. I just wish the single player had been a little longer... but even then, it was awesome. I love how you have to at least THINK when you're attacking a roomful of droids as to where to place your snipers and cover a slicer properly while he takes out the dispenser, etc. It was really, really well done. :D Now only if they'd incorporated some of that into multiplayer...

But for anyone else who's finished: did you get really kinda stunned by the ending? At first I was like oh no, Sev's incapped (since we've heard "Help! Multiple Hostiles! [static]" many times during the game and the commando always came out OK...) but that he'd be dead since we weren't going back for him.

But then we did go back and set up a command post in the city... so I'm assuming Sev's ok, since Yoda was saying to rendezvous with Delta Squad... I'm assuming he'd want the whole squad intact.

Eh, it just felt a wee bit short. Awesome ending, but it would have been much more effective if the last line of the game was delivered AFTER Sev had been picked up.

(is he dead or not? I'm still confused lol)

And er, if the Republic's invading... with the Jedi helping... how did the Empire take over? heh.