View Full Version : Played it a bit.....I dunno... *level 1 minor spoilers*

03-02-2005, 06:08 PM
Well, I spent a few mins playing the game before work today. I also beat the demo a few times last month or whenever that came out.

From what I've seen so far, it seems Ok. It is pretty darned easy on medium, so I put it on hard. It's definitely NOT a tactical shooter at all like Rogue Spear games. Your squadmates, as you all know if you played the demo, do most everything on their own. And all you get are a few 'click here and do this' moments. The difficulty just isn't right either....you just squash your mindless enemies and run onwards and kill more...It's very player-is-uber-mean and enemies-are-pathetic. After all, the 8 yr olds need to have a chance... :rolleyes: You can stand right in front of a droid infantry fellow and he won't kill you overly quickly.

The game feels very consolish so far... although, that's just from what I've seen of level 1. (Semi-Spoiler Alarm!!!!) Level 1, however, takes place right outside in that giant canyon from Ep2 , during the huge infantry battle. It's very closed in, more so than UT2004 for example. (End Spoiler Alarm!!!)I'm very concerned that they had problems with Xbox's limited RAM and we will suffer on the PC as a result. Still, the Unreal Engine has never looked better. The game has a very refined look overall other than the enclosed spaces.

Basically, my feeling of it is that it's a lot like Elite Force, but you can control your squad. I don't know yet whether that's a good thing. The Elite Force games weren't exactly mind-blowing games....

Oh, and another thread reminded me that I really like the soundtrack. It's a mix of original stuff and some stuff from the prequel films (probably the best part of those films, lol).

03-02-2005, 06:14 PM
I have not yet played the game, so I'm reserving complete judgement until I can play the full pc game myself this weekend. However I plan to skip single player until I can see ROTS in late May (to avoid more Episode III spoilers). Of course this means MP better be good for me to play it from now until ROTS! ; )

Incidentally I'd have put a warning up for the spoiler you posted, but since it's very minor (not Episode III based, the very first level's location) I'll let it go. ; )

Elite Force is perhaps a good analogy to this game, since it too (again going by reviews here since I haven't played the full game of RC yet) had GREAT, but short single player, and "tacked on" multiplayer. Of course there was no console version of EF (that I know of).

03-02-2005, 07:19 PM
I hope you played more than the first level where you land on Geonosis, because on that first level, it's meant to be an introduction to how the game works, for those who didn't play the demo (why didn't they just add a real training level on Kamino? :/). The enemy Battle Droids are severely dumbed-down so you don't get yourself killed in your "training" mission. If you notice they're not even carrying their standard blaster, but the Clone Trooper's dummy rifle.

Give it a chance man! :p