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04-11-2000, 02:09 AM
I've checked everywhere, and I can't find the answer to this question. It seems obvious simply because of its unspoken nature, but still...

It's got to be possible somehow to run the X-wing Alliance Campaign in a multiplayer setup. A few postings down under the post "multiplayer co-op" there was a reference to a method in the news archives. First, if it is possible, where can I find out how to get this going?

If not, why doesn't someone figure this out, I can hardly think of a cooler multiplayer experience. Someone out there's got to know enough code to pull this off...

04-11-2000, 12:33 PM
yea I've heard of ppl hacking the exe. and playing campain MP, but I don't think its very reliable.

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04-17-2000, 02:03 PM
I don't know how to go about "hacking the exe". I'm very frustrated. I've been to multiple message boards across the net, and I've sent multiple e-mails that have all been ignored. Someone must know more about this. One would think this endeavor might be the ultimate goal of many on-line gamers in the communitiy. I know I'm not alone. So I'll ask the question again...

How can I play the original X-Wing Alliance Campaign with another player on a direct 10 base T TCP/IP connection, under the most recent patch?

If the necessary code is all encrypted, then just let me know. If not, then I challenge any and all programmers who are Star Wars lovers to rise to the challenge!

04-17-2000, 02:14 PM
you could find out how in the news arachives under august 1999. About how to do 3rd party missions. it's not the actual missions but some of the 3rd party missions are preaty good

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