View Full Version : OJP Bug: Incorrectly displayed Completed Siege Objectives (map)

03-04-2005, 09:49 AM
Okay, I noticed in Siege that on the "objectives" screen (which shows a map and little icons to represent the loctions of objectives) the icons are not displaying correctly.

When you click on the objectives option in the menu you get a list of objectives for each side (numbers, which are crossed out as you complete them). Then there is a "Map" in the center of the screen which displays little icons for each objective location.

As you are completing them, they are supposed to change to a "crossed out" version of the icon. For some reason, each Siege scenario displays the incorrect map overlay.

While the map itself is correct, the "completed" (crossed out) objectives are from another map. The objectives are completed in real time, but display the incorrect one each time (on Desert you'll get the first objective for hoth displayed), but you simply start out with some crossed out objectives that don't even apply to that map.

This bug was introduced in OJP mod. However in basejka, the crossed out icons NEVER appear (so it's never worked as it's supposed to). It can also be confusing for players not familiar with the maps.

Hoth shows the completed objectives from Korriban.
Desert shows the completed objectives from Hoth.
Korriban shows the completed objectives from Desert.

I've seen the objective icons in the assets pk3's. They're just little images of like a crossed out wall icon, etc. So hopefully this could be fixed.

Apparently Raven goofed it up and never fixed it. It would certainly be a helpful feature to have!

If you still need further clarification of this, ask me and I'll upload some screenshots.