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This is a story that is like a LOTR/Norse mythology mix. I made it while I was bored in school so if it sucks (which it does) I already know. I am just putting this on here to see if I should even put an effort into continuing the story.

Chapter 1

The three vikings trudged along in the snow. They did not ask to do the task that was appointed to them, but they could not refuse what the Elder of the village said. Some Norse Orcs had ben attacking their village recently and pillaging all their treasures. They had to go to the Orc encampment and kill every Orc they could find. Such a task was appointed to only the strongest and bravest of all the warriors in the village. And the Elder was not wrong in his decision of picking the three best warriors of the village. He appointed Ragnar, Sven and Ulf. They were the toughest vikings in the whole region so if they could not handle this task then no one else would be able to either.

Well I already continued the story. Here is the rest.

Continue of Chapter 1

Ragnar was the strongest of the three. He was appointed as the leader of the group. He was a muscular man with brown hair and brown eyes. He resembled the englishmen because he had no beard. His father had been a Viking Beserker and that inspired him to become a great warrior. From the time that he was 7 he had always went to the warriors hall to talk to the warriors of the village and also learn certain fighting techniques from them.

Sven was the next warrior. He and Ragnar had often competed in duels to see who was stronger. Sven often lost and had reminders of those losses from some meager scars on his arm. Sven had blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a short beard and often teased Ragnar of being womanish because he did not have one. He had crafted weapons and armour in his fathers blacksmith shop since he was 9 and had learned to master just about all of the weapons he crafted.

Ulf was the weakest of the three only because he practiced archery more than swordcraft. He had red hair and green eyes. He had ben told that he looked like the god Thor so he had a long beard and always carried a giant war hammer so he could look as close to Thor as he could. He had ben inspired to practice archery because of a battle where he had almost lost his life. Trolls were attacking his village and they had destroyed his home. He ran outside and then was surrounded by five of them with giant axes. He had no escape, but just as he was about to be chopped by one of the trolls an arrow whizzed over his head and hit the Troll right between the eyes. He had lost his entire family on that day which he remembered well because it was the day he turned 10 and since then the viking who shot the arrow and saved his life had adopted him and tought him the ways of archery.

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Any feedback?

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Here is Chapter 2.

As they walked through the snow with their minds thinking about other things other than the task at hand, none of them had noticed that it had begun to snow. It was a light snow, but usually when it snowed that far up north the snows always started small, but later turned into blizzards.

Ragnar looked up into the blue sky and noticed a grayish black stream of smoke coming out of a small forest. "That must be where the Orc camp is." he thought to himself. The vikings then started walking at a faster pace that soon turned into a run. They noticed that it had started snowing and they did not have the proper furs on to keep them sheilded from the cold temperatures. They knew they needed to finish this task quickly if they wanted to get back to the village in time before the storm worsened.

They snuck through the forest and hid behind some bushes that were right next to the Orcs crude tents. "I bet these will please our Troll Lord." said one of the Orcs in a scratchy voice. "They are working on behalf of a Troll?" asked Sven. "Since when did those two races start working together?" No one replied. Ulf was climbing a tree trying to get a good spot to be able to remain hidden, but also be able to kill a good amount of Orcs.

Ragnar had taken out his sword and was waiting to charge.

Sven had snuck from behind the bushes to beside one of the Orc tents and took his axe out.

They would wait until Ulf had fired his first shot to charge.

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Good job, excelent. I really like this story, it's well written and thought out. The charaters go into alot of depth and almost make me feel like I know them.

This is one story I'll keep my eye on. ;)

I just have one question, I got confused when you said your father had ben. Did you forget to capitalize Ben? Was he your father's slave or something? Or is there something I'm missing?

04-02-2005, 09:45 PM
Do you mean this?

His father had ben a Viking Beserker and that inspirered him to become a great warrior.

That sentence?

04-02-2005, 11:08 PM
It's "been" when it's not a name. :)

(Also, "inspired". XD;;)

04-02-2005, 11:30 PM
Yeah that's the sentance I was reffering to. But Just ignore me, my whole post was bogus. I didn't even read your story except for up till there.

Sorry I guess I was just being dumb. It's acctually not a bad story. I hope I didn't make you feel bad. Anyway sorry for the interuption, go on with the story.

*Slaps self*

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Originally posted by Redwing

(Also, "inspired". XD;;)

GAH! I knew that looked weird to me.

And Mandalorian54. I don't really care if you read it or not. :p

I do this stuff when I am bored.

If anyone wants Chapter 3 I will post it on here when I have time.

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lol okay...that's acctually exactly why I made a pointless reply...bored.