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Ok, the republic is in ruins after a big battle on the planet Coruscant. The Sith are in hiding and the Republic has a new enemy, the Mandalorians who have returned from hiding on Dxun. This is in the time of TSL. The Republic is rebuilding (again) and everything is pretty much in ruins. There are 2 new Jedi Temples, one on Telos, one on Dantooine, and one more on Kashyyk that trains Force Sensitives but not Jedi. Revan has returned and he (Keyword being HE) is training Jedi on Dantooine.

The Mandalorians will return and there has been Sith sightings, bounties are very high and you can earn much money.

Rules are pretty much normal.

Heres the char sheet:

Height and appearence:

Name: Edison Trent
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Alignment: Neutral/light
Side: None
Rank: Force Sensitive Guardian
Species: Human (Echani)
Ship: The Kor, Heavily Modified Heavy Mandalorian Bomber ship, 10 Ion cannons, 4 phasers, 2 quad lasers, 1 bomb hatch Huge Cargo Bay.
Cargo and equipment: Lightsaber, Light Force Robes, Heavy Force robes, Stun pistol, 8000 credits, Speeder Bike, Bronze Armour of the Echani, Heavy Repeating Echani,
Height and appearence: Light Skin, Normal Body Build, Blonde Hair, Blue eyes 5"8'

Ajunta Pall
03-08-2005, 03:56 PM
Name: Berus Pall
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Side: Neutral. Willing to help either side get back on their feet, but will leave afterward
Rank: Force Sensitive Guardian
Species: Zabrak
Ship: The Black Meerkat, a cargo ship modified for medium combat capability. 2 phasers, 1 dual laser, manual turret, large cargo bay containing speeder bike
Equipment: Silver double-bladed lightsaber, Jal Shey Advisor Robe, Ossus Keeper Robe, Circlet of Saresh, Jal Shey Meditation Gloves, Jal Shey belt, Skills Implant (Yes, I like my Jal Shey...)
Height and appearence: 6' 7", natural Zabrak features (horns and facial markings), dark eyes, pale skin, a few battle scars

(This okies, Outrider?)

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(perfect:D )

Trent was on Kashyyk. He was training with a Jedi Master. Trent didn't trust him but he was a formidible opponent and he was training Trent the ways of the Jedi. He told Trent to come and join the jedi.

"If you don't, ill have to take you to Telos and strip you of the force, there can only be Jedi otherwise Sith will always exist, ill also have this place put under Republic arrest."
"Ill never let that happen Jedi." Trent did a high jump and sliced the Jedis arm off.

The Jedi fell to the ground. Trent felt sorry for him. He decided to go to his room in the academy and talk to the Masters.


"So why do you guys train force sensitives?" Asked Trent
"We believe our ways exceed the Jedi and that everyone should make there own choice." Said Hak Loorn a jedi master
"But, that seems a bit..." Trent was cut short as 2 students burst through the doors.
"Get back from him Trent hes a Sith!" Said Laya, Trents friend
"HAH you found out where we Sith reside, and you found out before we brainwashed you!" Suddenly 10 Sith burst through the doors and took away the woman next to Laya and tried to take away Laya but she pulled out her lightsaber....


Trent and Laya were in space. They were tired after the battle with the Sith, not short after, the guy Trent trained with showed up with many Jedi. Laya became Trents apprentice and Trent was ranked a Jedi Master. There mission was to find other force sensitives and have them go to Kashyyk or Telos.

"Trent theres a cargo ship up ahead, I sense a force sensitive on board!" Said Laya
"Hello there, this is Edison Trent of the Jedi, will you allow us to dock with you so we can talk face to face?" Asked Trent as he opened a talk channel.

new char

Name: Laya
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Alignment: Light
Side: Trents
Rank: Trents apprentice, Jedi Sentinel
Species: human
Ship: None
Equipment: Double Bladed Purple lightsaber
Height and appearence: 5"1' light skin, skinny body build, short mangled black hair, Grenn eyes, very sexy

03-09-2005, 01:42 PM
(you got your chars name off freelancer didnt u)

Name:Steven Solidus
Rank:Captain of the Massassi Star
Name:Massasi Star
- Length: 115 meters long
- Speed: 3 Dyne 577 Radial Atomizers, Hyperdirve Long Voltage tri-arc Cd-3.2
- Crew: 1 Captain, 2 co-pilots, 1 communications officers, 3 engineers, up to 16 passengers
- Weapons: 6 quad turbolasers turrets, 8 laser cannons Shields/Armor: alloy armoured hull
- Special Features: 3 eight-person pods
Equipment:Com-link, Electrobinoculars
Height and appearence:looks like Atton Rand of kotor2.
Other: Stevens ship is a mercinary/trade/exploration ship. They do missions for the republic, trade there cargo or credits or other cargo and when it dose do that it explores space, known and unknown.

Rank:Communications officer, force senstitive(exile jedi)
Ship:Massasi Star
Equipment:com-link, electrobinoculars, light saber(purple crystal)
Height and appearence:http://stego.bravehost.com/Indentify/Unknown1.jpg

The Massasi Star was in Kashyyk space. They desided to take alook around because none of the crew had ever been there and heard the wookies had goods worth trading.

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hmm sith sightings? and how many chars are we allowed to have?

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Ajunta Pall
03-10-2005, 11:55 AM
Berus dashed out of the cantina, quickly followed by several blaster bolts colliding with the wall opposite the door. A Rodian, a Quarren and a Twi'lek ran out, shouting insults and cursing in native tongues. 'I have got to remember not to play Nar Shaddaa pazaak with anyone ever again.' he thought. Looking behind him, he noticed they had given up chasing him. Stopping, he leaned agains a set of railings, but found himself sliding down until he was sat on the ground. He was panting, only just able to catch his breath before he realised they were Exchange thugs. "Oh, Sith spit..." he muttered. He picked himself up, and carefully made his way to the Red Sector. He was 'allowed', as he considered himself a sort of mercenary Jedi.

03-10-2005, 12:27 PM
Steven knocked on the door to amys quaters "Amy. We need you on the bridge and u seem to discented your...."
"i'm having a shower!" amy shouted
"okay okay. Just get to the bridge in 5 mins. We're reaching our distination"said steven

:::::5 mins later::::
Amy rushed to the bridge. "okay i'm here."
"good. Send a message to the space station, tell them we're coming and then meet me in the hangar. you and me are going there" order steven
"Why do i alwase have to go on this trade?" asked amy
"because your beatiful and most scum give discounts to beatful woemn"

03-10-2005, 06:01 PM
Char 1
Name: Dan Halo
Age: 32
Sex: male
Alignment: lightside
Side: Freelance (leans Republic)
Rank: Soldier/ bounty hunter
Species: Human
Ship: The 'Blind Stalker' (pilot)
- 2 twin laser turrets
- single foward torpedio launcher
- 2 forward ion connon batterys
- 2 single forward laser cannons
- 3 force cages for bounties
Equipment: Twin balanced heavy blaster pistols, back mounted rocket launcher, targeting sensor visor.
Height and appearence: 6", average body build, dark hair, brown eyes.

Char 2
Name: S2- F7K
Alignment: lightside
Side: Dan Halo
Rank: Utility/Astromech droid
Species: Droid
ship: Blind Stalker (Navigation droid)
Equipment: droid shock arm, single mounted blaster, Demolitions sensor. computer interface and security breaking tools.
Height and appearence: 2"8'. small a cross betweenn R2 and T1

Char 3
Name: Juno Ter
Age: 28
Allignment: lightside
Side:Dan Halo
Rank: Scoundral/ Bounty Hunter
Species: Zabrak
Ship: Blind stalker (Gunner)
Equipment: Stealth generator, Single vibroblade, Health Regeneration implant.
Height Appearance: 5"7', average Zabrak.

(OOC: are these o.k)

03-11-2005, 11:58 AM
((meh, lets make this even larger. :dev7: ))
Name: Rgorgska Golkiach (aka Ska)
Species: Miraluka
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 265 lb.
Appearance: Always wears an opaque visor of some kind over his eyes. Very fit and muscular. Fair complexion, but skin is heavily scarred and mutilated.

Side: Leaning Sith
Alignment: Dark
Rank: Former Sith Lord/Jedi Guardian

Equipment: Dark Jedi Master Robes, staff saber (red crystal), specialized visor designed to assist in meditation, Strength Enhancing Belt, and Controlling Gauntlets (strength, dexterity, and constitution bonuses)

Ship: Blade's Edge
Type: Gunship Droid
Capacity: 3 crew members
Armament: 6 turbolaser batteries (forward-facing turrets); 2 ion cannons; 2 concussion missile launchers (carries max of 32 missiles)
Defense systems: Duel-shielding system (2 overlapping sheilds of same strength); Desh/Durasteel Armor
Special: Ship is sentient and can automatically repair itself.

Backround: Although Ska is a Miraluka, he was taken from his family at a young age and forced to fend for himself in the Lower City of Taris. There, he adopted his name from several Trandoshans that lived nearby. Sensing his Force Sensitivity, he was trained in the ways of the Force by a former Jedi that lived on Taris. However, he was later ambushed, beaten, and left for dead by several swoop gang members. During his recovery, he became enraged. Sensing the anger, his master tried to calm him but was cut down by Ska.

He smuggled his way off planet and sought out the Sith, who were led by Revan at the time. There, he became a powerful Sith Lord and a capable battlefield tactiction. Loyal to Revan, he left the Sith after Malak betrayed him. However, he left for the Trayus Acedemy at Malachor to further learn the ways of the Darkside under Darth Traya.

At the academy, he was defeated in a duel with Darth Sion and fled the Academy. Left to roam the galaxy, Ska finally found a home on Dxun.

03-11-2005, 12:47 PM
A shuttel left the station and entered the Massassi star
Steven"well that could of gone off worse."
Amy"yeah. Well they learnt a lesson, if your going kill som1 kill them instead of talking what your doing to with your enemies corpse
Steven"tue." they walked to brdige "set a corse for nar shadda"

03-11-2005, 02:07 PM
Ska was taking his daily run outside of his camp. Although the Force was useful in keeping a person's body in shape, it didn't provide the same kind of experience that running in the jungle did. He was running without his robes on in the rain (he's still wearing an undergarment). It was a rejuvinating experience as he could focus in on his own body and feel the world around him with the Force. And the rain made him feel that much more in tune with the world around him as it allowed life to literally touch him.

His species had relied on the Force so much, they had become almost completely blind physically. But it was of no consequence as they could still see through the Force. He could see every drop of rain falling from the sky, every tree, every leaf, and he could even see the bomas in the clearing ahead.

As he ran into the clearing, the bomas were startled at the appearance of the Miraluka. However, they did not attack: they had become accustomed to the Dark Jedi's daily jaunts through the jungle. As dark as Ska was, he could still feel completely at one with the life that surrounded him.

Ska had decided to take a new route through the jungle. He had long ago felt the presense of something. As he ran forward, he started to pick up glimpses from the Force of a very large camp nearby. He kept running forward and suddenly, the Force revealed a massive camp just ahead. Ska stopped and began to creep his way forwards.

He began to see details in the camp. Large numbers of troops and equipment where everywhere. The life eminating from these troops was dark. It was full of hate and anger. Concentrating, he noticed some of the equipment: Basalisk War Droids.

He was just outside of a major Mandalorian Outpost. Ska had heard rumors that the Mandalorians were starting another invasion of the Republic. But he didn't care much about the Republic: it was a haven for the Jedi. Without seeking to disturb the life coming from the camp, Ska returned to his own camp deep within the Dxun jungle.

Ajunta Pall
03-11-2005, 02:11 PM
Sat in the pazaak den, Berus was approached by a Trandoshan and a Rodian. "You Berus Pall?" The Rodian spoke in his native tonuge, grabbing Berus' attention.
"Yes. What if I am?"
"You dead." The Rodian put a blaster to his head, and was about to pull the trigger when Berus' 'missing' friend let seemingly possesed the gun, making it fly out of the alien's grasp. At oddly high speeds for anything with two legs, they shot out of the den. "Long time no see, Fenn..." Berus grinned.
"Long time no see yourself, Berus. Why do I get the feeling you've made a rather unwanted name for yourself?"
Berus leaned in closer. "Maybe it's because you're a Force Sensitive, gal?"
"Perhaps..." she smirked.


Name: Fenn Rith
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Alignment: True Neutral
Side: Berus Pall
Rank: Force Sensitive Guardian
Species: Echani
Ship: The Black Meerkat, a cargo ship modified for medium combat capability. 2 phasers, 1 dual laser, manual turret, large cargo bay containing speeder bike
Equipment: Jal Shey Neophyte Robes, Matukai Warrior Robes, two bronze lightsabers, Sith Gauntlets, Jal Shey belt
Height and appearence: 6' 6", slightly tanned skin, ice-white hair, blue-silver eyes, attractive to those close enough to her or stupid enough to look at her

03-12-2005, 12:17 AM
Name- Krowlington Onasi AKA Krow
Species- Unknown [information below]
Sex- Male
Age- 18
Height- 6'9
Side- Darkside
Allegiance: Sith
Occupation/rank: Dark Jedi, Pilot of the Diablo
Type: Jedi Guardian
Weapons:Two Red Lightsabers [short used in his offhand][Top of the line sabers]. Mandalorian Heavy Blaster Rifle [rarely seen using this weapon, but it's always with him], Mandalorian Ripper, Traditional telescopic Combi Stick, Shurikens, and three foot long gauntlet mounted wristblades, and netgun [built into the offhand gauntlet]
Equipment: Celtic Mask, Sith Power Gauntlets, Celtic Body Armor, Immortality D-Package, Echani Dueling Shield [both arms], Eriadu Stealth Unit, ascension gun [built into the offhand gauntlet, used in 2nd gear], A99 Aquata Breather [Built into the mask], Holocam [built into the stronghand gauntlet], comlink [Built into the mask], Electrobinoculars [built into the mask], trilaser system [external component of the mask], thermal detanator [built into the suit]
Apperance: Black Dreadlocks, with a muscular toned body, grey eyes,tanned skin, and tribal tatoos found all over his body
Ship:The Diablo
Bio: Unknown

03-12-2005, 11:52 AM
Wow... a Jedi Predator... for some reason, I doubt that a Predator is force sensitive, or if they even live in a galaxy near the one of Star Wars, but, oh well. By the way, the species should PROBABLY be "Yautja." As Predators are known as the Yautja Predators.

Name: T9-J2
Age: N/A("14")
Sex: "Male"
Alignment: Chaotic neutral-evil.
Side: Whomsoever he wants to be with.
Rank: "Utility Droid"
Species: Droid
Ship: None.
Modular Plating Mark III; Custom Assassination Module (?!); Anatomy Library; Self-sustaining Unit; Droid Multi-spectral Emitter. And 2x Mandalorian Disintegrators?!
Appearence: Same style of build as T3, only he's more "curved" I suppose. His paint job is a forestish green. A light, leafy green with darker green "strokes" of paint. Somewhat like jungle camo.

Bio: T9 was in use as a Mandalorian utility droid during the Mandalorian wars. In one of the many battles, he was beat up, nearly destroyed. That's when a Trandoshan Assassin came upon him. The Assassin (known as X'gren) worked day and night on T9 to create the ultimate assassin droid. T9 was used often with X'gren in assassinations, being sent in as an average utility droid, only to kill the target(s) and their guards in a short amount of time. He was outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment. However, during the Jedi Civil War, X'gren was killed by his own contractor. In revenge (as T9 had gained an interesting and unique personality) he went to the Hutt's little fortress, and killed the Hutt, his hounds, his attendants, and most of the guards. However, a stealthy guard was able to deactivate the droid and threw him out into the junk heap.

Years later, T9 awoke to a pounding noise. He saw a strange, dark-gray protocol droid trying to break open a sealed door. He watched as the droid broke free, and equiped with a rifle, went on to murder the crew. T9 took this chance to make his escape, and took an escape pod off to Nar Shaddaa, where he "worked" as an assassin-for-hire. He later met SA.

Name: SA-11 (Stealthed Assassin unit)
Age: N/A ("4")
Sex: Male
Alignment: Chaotic neutral-evil.
Side: T9's side.
Rank: Assassin droid.
Species: Droid.
Ship: None.
Droid Energized Armor MK III; Assassination Module; Droid Agility Upgrade; Droid Advanced Cloaking Device (like a stealth belt, only more effective, and it also allows him to run while making minimal sound); Bio-Assault Spray; Charric + backup vibroblade that flips out of his arm like in Republic Commando, used for stabbing. Also has a wrist launcher that only shoots out darts.
Appearance: A dark blue paintjob, somewhat like the shadowy parts of Nar Shaddaa. His build is more or less like an HK unit's, except his head is narrow and his eyes are on his sides like a bug. His body is more or less thinner than a HK's.

Bio: SA-11 was the newest in a line of illegal assassin droids. He was used by numerous beings, killing many, many beings. However, he soon grew a unique personality as T9 had, and grew tired of the fools' pathetic uses for him. He killed his current owner of that time and went on, looking for something to do. That's when he came upon T9, who had just destroyed a slaver's ship out of spite. Taking glee in the little droid's love for destruction, he and T9 quickly became allies, and later, friends.

03-12-2005, 12:59 PM
I'd rather just be some guy in a highly powerful battle suit ^_^

03-12-2005, 02:36 PM
"Is that all, Vogga?" SA emotionlessly spoke up after their discussion. He sighed. "You could have just told us to kill the man instead of going through that whole lengthy discussion."

"Be silent, droid. Your target is no mere piece of human scum. He is a Jedi," Vogga scowled, followed by some growling, roaring, and barking from his Kath Hounds.

"You know, I could just kill you, your dogs, and that little Twi'lek right there, open up your vault, and rob you blind. Of course, you'd be dead at that point... but..."

"Bee-dwoot!" T9 yelled out impatiently. The small droid "kicked" SA with his "arm." (the thing that utility droids use to slice things and stuff. Those extending thingies...)

"Alright, alright. We'll have his head for you soon. Start counting up the money. Oh and, an image or something?" Vogga nudged his attendant to hand SA a small disk with the Jedi's info.

"Forgive my master's words, the Jedi is an Iridonian, not a human. They look too much alike for him to tell the difference. And there is also a second Jedi he forgot to mention. A female human, I believe."

"That complicates things."
Shortly after...

T9 and SA walked through the busy merchant sector of Nar Shaddaa, ignoring everything around them, focusing on nothing but Iridonians.

"Berus Pall and Fenn Rith, eh? Are you sure we can handle TWO Jedi?" SA looked down at his little friend.

"Bee-beep, doo-wah wee!"

"Eh? What do you mean we're not going to bother fighting them? What do you have up your 'sleeves,' T9?"

"Doo-doop, bee-wah beep. Dwooo... boop!"

"Oh, I see... Well, a female human is an easy find, Vogga can't tell the difference. But where to find a Zabrak male? The only one I can think of is the Jedi himself."

As the two continued to move on, thinking of every face that they've seen on Nar Shaddaa, a merchant suddenly stepped in front of them.

"Eh-heh," the Iridonian merchant grinned at the sight of two droids, ripe for the taking. "You two'll fetch a fine price in the market. Come with me!" He began to walk away, just barely noticing that the two droids merely stood there. "GET OVAH HERE!"

T9 and SA exchanged glances, if they weren't droids, they'd be grinning. It was obvious that this was a newcomer to Nar Shaddaa, as he knew nothing about the two droids. People around them glanced at the Iridonian and sighed, shaking their heads, and walked away. T9 crawled up to the merchant and told him to lead on. As the man turned around, T9 raised his gun compartment and shot the Iridonian in the back. With a fairly large hole in the back, SA picked up the carcass, and began scanning the crowd, searching for a suitable fake for the Echani female.
After a few hours of waiting, the two droids walked in and threw two heads in front of Vogga. Both had been singed multiple times so that Vogga would hardly be able to tell the difference. Not even the Twi'lek girl could.

Vogga chuckled. "Good, good." He slapped the attendant's rear and told her to give the droids their pay.

03-12-2005, 02:43 PM
Trent and Laya boarded the cargo ship. They walked through and saw men in suits everywhere. This ship didn't feel safe, it seemed to have a dark taint to it.
"Laya, you need to go back to the ship." Said Trent
"Just do it!"
Laya walked off through the halls again. Trent continued to walk to the Bridge. He walked to a door and opened it...


Trent woke up. He was in a dark room and it felt evil. He looked around with the force. He could feel something.
"Dang where am I?" Thought Trent
Trent tried getting up. Somehow he couldn't move, he was parilyzed(sp). He used his mind to meditate himself out of the bed. He tried moving and it took him hours before he could start walking again.

Trent looked around in the room. There was nothing except odd looking markings on it. He looked around for a weapon of some kind of equipment. He only had his light force robes on at the time. He felt around and he felt someone. He finally turned on a light switch.
"No no it can't be!" Yelled Trent
Laya was on the bed bleeding. She was barely alive and the force could not heal her quick enough. Trent felt blood coming from his robes too. He could handle it though. He was in some kind of morgue.
"Well I have to do it." Said Trent
He gave Laya almost all his life force giving her life and strength. Trent quickly fainted on the ground and Laya woke up.
"Well my path has taken me here again, The Trayus Academy!" Said Laya

03-13-2005, 08:10 AM
Aboard the Massissi Star
"sir, we're coming out of hyperspace"
"What!? I didn't order that"steven
"the ship, it seemed to coe out of hyperspace by itself. we seem to be near a cargo ship."
"send a squad to investigate."steven
"yes captain

:::::::5 mins later::::::::
"sir, we've done a complete sweep of the ship. It's empty expet from the morge, it's lock. we're getting harison to open it"Squad leader
"okay. Let me know when u find something or someone"steven

03-13-2005, 12:59 PM
Ska was meditating in the rainstorm. It was the last part of his daily cycle. It was still raining, but Ska sat just inside of a cave. He could feel the mist from the rain as it splashed off of the leaves and rocks. It was soothing. Focusing in the distance, he could feel bomas and a pack of malraas squaring off over territory. It was the struggle of all life. It produced power, and Ska fed off the power coming from it.

The standoff consisted of 3 massive bomas and a pack of malraas. One malraas that had more ornate markings on it stepped forward. This leader of sorts growled a warning to the bomas. However, the bomas would not move. Instead, they feigned an attack at the malraas. The leader held his ground while the rest of the pack faltered briefly.

In that brief moment, energy was released from the bried struggle, and Ska absorbed it. Putting the stored energy to use, he used it to pull at the muscles in his arm. They pulled on them like a tug-of-war and threatened to split the muscles in two. The pain was intense, but Ska used more nearby energy to apply a counter-pull on his muscles, slowly returning his muscles back to normal. Finally, the muscles relaxed, and a small amount of strength was gained inside of those very muscles. For Ska, it was in this way that all life, all of the struggles in life, would strengthen him.

Something was coming. Ska woke up from his rest in the cave. Ska felt outwards with the Force and saw a squad of Mandalorians approaching. Oddly enough, they weren't making any attempt to hide themselves with stealth generators. Ska crept closer to them and began to probe their minds. They were hunting something. Feeling deeper, he could feel the untamed feelings of both excitement and fear. These were young Mandalorians out to prove themselves so that they could join the rest of their clans in the war.

Feeling ahead, he noticed a large zakkeg that was also on the hunt. This was a conflict in the making, and Ska crouched quietly in the brush. The Mandalorians stepped into a clearing, unaware that the zakkeg was lying hidden in the nearby brush. The Mandalorians looked around, but found nothing worth of notice. So, they continued on the trail. Meanwhile, the zakkeg waited patiently for them to get to that perfect spot on the trail.

The zakkeg began to poise and tensed up. Suddenly, one of the Mandalorians tossed a thermal detonator right where the zakkeg was hiding. All of the Mandalorians jumped back as the detonator went off. The blast knocked the zakkeg backwards against a tree, but it hardly even wounded the beast. Instead, it became angry.

Ska immidiately felt the anger and began to feed on it. The anger grew and multiplied in the animal as a small battle ensued. Ska could feel the anger rising within him as well, and before long, he was in a complete rage. The power he had absorbed was stored and ready within him. The battle was already over between the Mandalorians and the zakkeg. The zakkeg was now gorging on the bodies that now laid in tattered ruins in the clearing.

Ska stood up. He could no longer contain the anger, and the zakkeg seemed to be waiting. Ska activated his lightsabe and walked into the clearing. The zakkeg looked up from its meal and roared a challenge to this new threat. Ska felt the energy he had stored within himself and began to channel it through his nervous system. It began to build a charge. Hanging on for as long as he could, Ska finally released the charge in the form of powerful bolts of lightning upon the zakkeg. After the charge was released, Ska immidiately attacked the zakkeg in a full fury.

Ajunta Pall
03-14-2005, 11:10 AM
Berus' eyes shot open, the sound of the pazaak den flooding into his ears again. "Are you ok?" came Fenn's soft voice. "You blacked out."
"What? Uh, yeah, I'm fine. I just... someone's just... I think we have a problem."
"What d'you mean?"
"Bounty hunters... I think they've murdered two random people as replacements for us." Berus shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. "C'mon. We'd better go." He got up and made his way out of the Entertainment Promenade (*cue loading screen :p*). Passing the docks, a strange chill ran down the Iridonian's spine, making him twitch.
"Are you sure you're alright?" Fenn looked at him, quirking an eyebrow.
"Hm... something tells me we ought to get back to the Meerkat, but another's telling me we need to get to the bottom of this. We should go talk to that Hutt scum-slug Vogga. He'll probably know what in the name of the Order's going on..."
"No... I don't know why there would be bounty hunters after you. Uh, maybe you should ask around?" Vogga attempted to make them think he wasn't part of it.
"Vogga, you don't tell us now, we'll get it from you when we slice off your tail. Now... who's behind this?" The blade slipped out of the hilt, the saber humming. The kath hounds barked.
"Alright, alright! It was me, but that won't change the fact that the droids are after you!"
"Droids... I heard they were quite ruthless, and I was overjoyed when they came to me. I realised that you two were causing me countless worries, and so I decided to make them give chase after you."
"We'll be back, Vogga. Believe me. You'll want to make some strong connections before we get back, or you'll wish you were still on Nal Hutta." Grinning, Berus left for the cantina, Fenn following.

03-14-2005, 01:28 PM
[Dxun's Orbit]

The Orbit of Dxun, was vacant, nothing was to be seen other then the checkpoint that blocks passage into Onderon. loyalists didn't bother with Dxun. Dxun was just some jungle moon, with raging zakkegs and more predatory animals. The Thrill of The Hunt. many big game hunters on Tantooine hunt for Krayt Dragons. many big game hunters on Onderon hunt for Zakkeg, and the Zakkeg takes down more hunters then the Krayt, beleive it or not..

Dxun's orbit was no longer vacant..A red starcrusier, known as the Diablo, just dropped out of hyperspace.

[Diablo Interior]

Mazelike corridors and domed chambers were flooded with the hot,muggy, and preferable climate. One by one, decks were illuminated with a red glow. The architecture was unknown,but it could pass for the interior of a feudal warlord's fortress or the grim torture chamber of a medieval castle. The glow made shadows dance along walls with sharp-edged Sith Holocrons. High, vaulted ceilings resembled those in a Gothic cathedral, but spikes poked out of the flying butresses that held the vaulted ceilings up. This room is probably the warroom. In the middle of it was a roundtable with ten chairs..huge chairs, in the middle of the roundtable was a hologram of Dxun...leading out beyond the roundtable was a wall, nothing else then a wall, suddenly a hairline crack appeared going down the middle of the wall, it wasn't a wall it was a door, the door slid into the actuall wall, enabling whoever to come past. This room had a faint fog to it, but in the middle of the room was a pillar that was six feet tall, and ontop of the pillar was The Celtic Mask..beyond the pillar was another wall, but it didn't open instead it had an arsenal of weapons and armor lined along it. In the middle was the Celtic armor which could fit a humane giant. suddenly to the right another door opened, and this room was circular in shape, but it gave a beautiful view of Dxun, but thats not all what the room had in it. In the middle was a pool, a pool of blood, but lining the far side of the pool was a translucent cryo-tank. In the cryo-tank a colossal humane figure stirred. The cryo-tank suddenly opened with a hiss..

[Diablo Exterior]

Suddenly the ship took to the atmosphere of Dxun, and soon entered the planet, with a dull thump a gleaming missle fired from the belly of the Diablo. Like a gigantic bullet, they slammed into the ground. Punching a deep crater into the jungle of Dxun. At the bottom of the crater the shimmering steel projectile began to hum, anyone near the crater could hear the loud hiss of escaping gases. A hairline crack appeared on the smooth surface of the missile where there had been no joint before. more phospohorescent red gas vented into Dxun's atmosphere as the crack widened. The projectile finally opened, and something stirred inside- something alive. Suddenly, a savage howl of a beast was released, causing all predatory birds around the crater to take flight. The Diablo went back to Dxun's orbit with the cloaking device now on, which the ship was on autopilot.


Climbing the steep crater Krowlington looked to his left and right, he did this under all five vision modes ( Infrared, Ultraviolet, Thermal Imaging, Low-Light Amplification, and Air Density Pressure [movement] .) Krowlington paused for a second as he could see a humane looking creature coming down the trail. Krowlington slowly hit a button on his wrist computer, and he turned invisible, but if someone looked closely enough they could see the outline of him. Krowlington moved quickly up into a tree and waited..

Coming into the clearing was a Mandalorian, which was nearly impossible to see if it wasn't for the infrared vision enability. The mandalorian looked to his left and right, then slowly moved to the crater's ridge, Krowlington slowly dropped out of the tree, with a quiet thump he moved quickly behind the mandalorian who had his back turned..

"What the hell? Damn I need to warn base about th-"
The mandalorian felt a large hand with a strong grip grab him by the helm and lift him upward. The Mandalorian started to grab at his helm. Krowlington watched the mandalorian fall to the ground without his helmet. The mandalorian uncloaked and started firing his mandalorian blaster randomly..Krowlington moved forward with speed and he kicked the mandalorian in the side, which sent him sprawling down the crater losing his blaster in the process. Krowlington uncloaked and made his way down the crater slowly, he wanted to enjoy his first kill..

The mandalorian suffered a broken rib from Krowlington's kick, fumbling around for something he picked up a large treebranch that must of broke off from the impact of the projectile, and he turned on his knees and swung at Krowlington with it. Krowlington took the unexpected blow to his forearm, the branch shattered into peices, but it didn't stop Krowlington one bit, grabing the mandalorian by the throat he lifted him up to where they were face to face.

"What the hell are you?" The Mandalorian squeaked

Krowlington turning on his heels he threw the Mandalorian to the top of the crater

"what the hell are you?" Krowlington mimiced with his Sonic Sensor, while he moved up the crater he pulled out his offhand Sith Lightsaber, but he didn't activate it yet, he grabbed the mandalorian by the head who was laying down in the mud face first, and he put the lightsaber to the back of his head and he ignited the lightsaber..the blade/saber impaled the mandalorian through the head. He let the body drop down into the crater once more. Krowlington now rising to his feet he deactivated the lightsaber. He knew he needed to make some traps so he could keep his pod protected..

03-14-2005, 04:31 PM
The Blind Seeker streaked through hyperspace heading towards the wookie homeworld of kashyykk(sp). The Two sentient crew members were all in the small cockpit in their normal positions. The droid, S2-F7F was whizzing around the ship ensuring the ship was operating at optimum efficiantcy.

Juno- "So who is this big bounty we're after for?"

Dan- "A private party, annomyous. proberly some high up politician who wants to keep someone silent."

Juno- "where do we collect the money?"

Dan- "Telos on one of the new cities there."

Juno- "I want to know why they would want a force sensitive killed."

Dan- "As i said proberly to keep him silent. We're not paid to ask question we're paid to assinate this guy."

03-14-2005, 09:09 PM
Ska was calmly meditating in the clearing. The corpse of the zakkeg laid nearby. There was a gash on Ska's arm that was still bleeding. Ska felt around him. He was looking for the distinct energy of conflict. Finally, he felt it and immidiately began to absorb it. Concentrating, Ska used the energy to pull both sides of the wound together. The wound quit bleeding, but it still wasn't healed. Ska then searched for the energy of pain. It didn't take long. He absorbed the energy released from a Mandalorian being impaled from a lightsaber.

Ska released the pain itself into the wound. The skin around the wound began to crack, like it was being dried. The edges around the wound began to crackle and rejoin. Finally, the wound itself began to close. The pain was extrordinarily intense. Finally, the wound closed completely.

Ska then immidiately began to focus in on who killed the Mandalorian. It was hard to focus, now that his vision had to see around all the life between him and the creature. Ska still managed to study the creature. It was a fine predator, and much darkness dwelt within it. He felt that it would be releasing much darkside energy on the moon. Sensing further, Ska could feel a confrontation, but could not deturmine the end result.

Ska then left the clearing and finally returned to his small outpost. Inside, he finally put on his black cloak. Ska could feel the extra power coarsing through the cloak and arcing through him. The energy within it was constantly being renewed, and Ska could use it at will.

Ska returned to the jungle and began to seek out this new dark user that had arrived on Dxun. Stretching outwards, he felt a landing pod about a mile from where he was. Ska was at a full sprint. He wasn't hardly breathing at all: he had trained his body to live with hardly any oxygen. Withing minutes, he was within a couple hundred feet of the pod. The predator was somewhere nearby.

03-15-2005, 01:36 PM
Krowlington knew more mandalorians were to come search for the scout he killed savagely. He stripped every peice of equipment of the Mandalorian and the Mandalorian was the bait for a trap. Finally, the unsuspecting came into the clearing..a pack of Malraas' moved swiftly to the Mandalorian's corpse, but suddenly they tripped a laser and on each side of the path concealed by the bushs were heavy gun turrets. They destroyed the pack of Malraas with ease. Krowlington stood up in the high tree branch and let out a menacing warcry. Something caught his eye. He crouched and begun to switch vision modes. Infrared picked up Ska's body heat with ease.

Krowlington turned on his heel and jumped out of the tree into the greenery below. his camo was activated during midflight. Krowlington was already running as soon as he hit ground, he could feel Ska coming closer and closer. There was something about him, that he was uncertain about, with a flick of his wrist three foot long blades came from his Sith gauntlets.

He could see Ska in the clear just past some more tropical plants. Krowlington was impatient so he took a colossal leap over all the plants and he landed right infront of Ska. While rising his camo was deactivated. The wrist blades gleamed proudly in the sun..

03-15-2005, 01:58 PM
The dark seeker flew through the atmosphere of Kashyykk and landed on an abandoned landon pad that was obviously left since the czerka occupation during the Jedi civil war. The three crew were in a small room with a holopad in the middle of the room the pad was projecting the image of kashyyykks surface.

Dan- We are here in section D-12 and according to the intel the force sensitive academy is a few clicks away in sector F-15.

Juno- The forest is two dense for the airspeeder we'll need to go by foot.

Dan- Agreed, We'll need to take the ground, the local wildlife won't be any trouble.

Juno- We need to bring the contractor a hand of the force sensitives, The right hand.

Dan- So i can't blow him up incase it damages our proof.

Juno- no sir i think we need to be a tad more subtle.

Dan- shame, we better get moving, S2, stay here make sure the ships ready to go on our return or for a quick pick up.

03-15-2005, 02:52 PM
Ska watched through the Force as the predator lept at him. Unknown to the predator, Ska was already absorbing the darkside energy that was eminating from him. As the predator landed, Ska felt a shimmering from the creature. Curiously, the creature was using a stealth field generator. It made no difference: one cannnot hide oneself from the Force.

As soon as the predator landed, Ska instilled energy from the Force into his nervous system. He unconciously guided it to his hand where it arced out towards the predator. As the electricity arced outwards, Ska lashed out with the Force itself on the Predator with a massive wave. Ska ceased the flow of energy through his nervous system and gathered energy in his legs. Releasing it, he lept backwards about 100m while activating his lightsaber in midair.

03-15-2005, 03:15 PM
He didn't expect to be shocked he expected Ska to look at him oddly. Krowlington stumled back, but then he stood still the Celtic Mask giving the grim look to Ska. Suddenly, with a flick of his wrist the wristblade went right back into the gauntlet. he slowly rose his hands up to the mask and he yanked on a tube that was connected to the mask. Gas came out of the tube. Krowlington slowly moved his hands up to the mask and he begun to pull it off, he tucked the mask under his arm..he wasn't a predator he was a human..his skin was tan which happens to be rare for a Sith.

"I seek allegiance"

03-15-2005, 04:04 PM
The zabrak and human bounty hunters walked the surface of kashyykk as if they were taking a strole around the fields of dantooine. They had no trouble from the creatures of the surface those that the local species feared through mythology. They were practically underneith the academy in the tree tops where their target was. They found a small lift made from ropes and wood and desided that would be the best way up, the lift rised as Dan drew his blasters and Juno activated his stealth field making him invisible. The lift arrived at its destination and 4 guards were there holding their blasters at Dan.

Guard "Don't move and put your weapons on your floor!"

Dan- " if you want"

He began to kneel on to one leg, when suddenly one of the guards throats was slit as if by the wind, Dan then rooled to the left and shot 2 of the guards killing then instantly. The last guard stering at what seemed to ge a blade made of blood floating it the wind as it began to fly at him hittind him in the forehead, he fell backwards on to the ground. Juno decloaked and walked over to the man his vibroblade just impaled and kneeled next to him and pulled it out of the guards skull.

Juno- "I won that one."

Dan- "I make it 2 all"

Juno- "Its not the quantity its the quality"

Dan- "Ha, mine was still quick, yets go these weren't our targets."

The two walked into the academy, it was practically empty they managed to avoid those who were in the academy, dan presumed the rest were all in training or somthing. They arrived at there targets quarters, they knocked on his door and was opened by a male human wearing a kind of jedi robe but differant. Dan and juno both pushed him into his room and walked in Juno locked the door behind them as dan pointed a blaster at his head.

Adept- "Don't do it, please don't kill me!"

Dan- "Sorry, it's not personal"

Dan then fired his weapon at the mans head ensureing an instant death, Dan rearly killed his bountys if he could avoid it but if he had to he always made sure they didn't suffer. When The adept hit the floor Juno rushed over to him and removed his hand as evidance. The two then quickly left.


The Blind seeker shot out of the atmosphere at full speed to head to Telos, The stars then streaked as they entered hyperspace.

03-15-2005, 07:52 PM
SA sat down in the Pazaak Den against the Champ. "Alright, what's your wager, you little runt?"

"10,000 credits, plus a champ-level card."

The droid thought for a sec, and nodded. "Alright, 10 thou creds and my entire side-deck." SA looked at the Champ, who apparently had on a grin.

As the two began to play, T9 moved around the Den, and suddenly heard a earsplitting scream. The doors opened and the guard's body was flung into the Den, nearly landing on T9. A massive wookiee with dark, nearly black fur ducked into the Den.

He roared and glared down at T9. "Vogga wants to see you and the other machine in his room."

"Bee-beep beep boop ooh?" T9 quickly replied.

"Yes. But the fat slug not figure it out had the two Jeedai not come to his doorstep and threaten the fat Hutt."

T9 thought for a minute, and began to charge his emitter. He turned his head toward SA who nodded.

"I'm sorry, Champ, but it looks as if we're going to have to finish this another day..." The little creature nodded, picked up his cards and belongings, and left the Den.

The wookiee motioned for the droids to follow, and crouched down to fit back out of the door. Just as the beast began to turn, T9 let lose a shot from particle emitter, throwing the Wookiee down and creating a fairly large, smoking crater in his shoulder. SA walked on top of the wookiee and aimed his rifle down at the head.
The droids rushed over to the docking bay, while the people of the Pazaak Den cleaned up their mess, and the wookiee carcass. A Twi'lek was readying his ship for liftoff, when he was suddenly grabbed from behind.

"Eh, what?" SA merely stared at him for a few seconds, then stabbed him with his hidden vibro-blade. The two entered the ship and took off.

"Vogga will undoubtedly scour the moon until he sees that we have left. And he'll have guards posted around for a while, waiting for our return... So where to, my friend?"

"Beep-boo dwah!"

"Nal Hutta it is." SA muttered as he set course to the damned planet.

As the ship slowly made way to Nal Hutta, T9 searched the ship and noticed a strange little item in the midst of all the useless junk. He called to his assassin friend and handed him a special lightning emitter (droid shock arm-like weapon, only it can strike multiple targets and can disable certain droids and machines and paralyze most biological beings. It also doesn't do nearly as much damage).

Ajunta Pall
03-16-2005, 06:05 AM
Berus looked at Fenn. "They're gone..."
Fenn looked back. "What do you mean?"
"They've left the planet. Don't say we should stay, because we'll end up dead because of some other Sith spit pistol-jockey bounty hunter."
"Alright, let's get back to the Meerkat..." Fenn sighed.
"Well, look who's back..." came a masked voice.
"Alright, Kurik, don't get too teary." grinned Berus.
Kurik s******ed, nodding to Fenn. He wandered off to the map room.
"You'd better go get some sleep, Fenn. You're going white as a damn Kasha crystal."
"I will... I'm just... nevermind. G'night."
"Night." Berus smiled, making his way to the cockpit. "How's it going, Vrussk?"
The Twi'lek turned his head to acknowledge Berus.
"Not bad. You?"
"Fine. Just a little bounty hunter trouble, but nothing else." Berus shrugged. "Think you can get us to Onderon?"
"Closest I can get's Dxun, boss. Sorry.
"Don't be. Just get us down there."
"No problem, boss." Vrussk gave the Iridonian a smile, before looking back at the brightly-lit controls.
Berus poked his head into the starboard cabin doorway. Fenn was asleep. Or at least she looked like it. "Hey, Berus..." Her tone seemed to be a very depressed one.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing... Do you ever get the feeling that someone's hoping you're dead?
"Umm... that depends. Are you talking about bounty hunters or-"
"No. Someone that you've betrayed or left behind."
"Oh, all the time. Damn Twi'lek women figure I'm what their life revolves around."
"Fair enough. I get that with my brother. He's a merc now, and apparently, he's got bounty hunting under his belt as a part time thing. He's been sent after me... alone."
"And you don't think he's going to go subtle on you, do you?"
"Nope. He hates me. Thinks I'm the source of all his trouble. Like when he met this girl, I accidentally let slip that he shot himself in the foot when he was out hunting with a friend. She walked off. He pointed his blaster at my head, warning that he'd murder me if he ever saw me again. And, I know that he's waiting for us on Onderon. Or Dxun. Just depends whether or not he realises that we can't get through. And, if he *is* on Dxun, whether or not he can avoid the Mandalorians and the other little beasties."
"Don't worry. I'll only slice off his hand if he points a blaster at you." Berus smirked.
"Thanks. I'd appreciate it." Fenn giggled.
"Well, with that to be thought on, get some rest. We're going to Dxun, should be there in a few hours." Giving her another smile, Berus went to his quarters, hearing the buzz of Terrim's fusion cutter as he worked on the crew's astromech droid. Sitting on his bed, he yawned, and sprawled out on it. He fell asleep to the soft hum of the engine.

03-16-2005, 07:15 AM
Dan juno walked along the newly restored surface of Telos, they stood in the middle of a field outside one of the newly built cities. On their arrival to telos they were told to meet outside of the city at the location they now stood to make the exchange. They had been there for nearly an hour and dan was getting frustrated while juno was as calm as he always was.

Dan- They've ****** Us, they aren't coming.

Juno- Calm down they are coming.

As he said those words 3 airspeeders appeared on the horizon and were heading in there direction.


Dan- Considering the secracy of this guy in the pass why would he bring three airspeeders.

Juno- To out number us.

Dan- **** it's a trap!

one of the airspeeder began to shoot at the two bounty hunters on the ground as the other two began to lower to surface level for landing. Dan and Juno dived in opposite directions to avoid the shots being fired when dan managed to right himself he fired a rocket from his backpack launcher at the speeder that was fireing at them, the rocket sored upwards and impacted the right repulsorlift engine causing it to blowout with in turn caused the speeder to spin out of control and crash into the land. while this was happening the other two speeders landed and 4 people got out of each. Juno cloaked as Dan managed to fire another rocket at one of the landed speeders the explosion killed the 4 surrounding crew and knocked 2 of the men from the other speeder to the floor, dan drew both his blasters and shot one of the men who were still standing, the other standing man appeared to be floating in the air withh a bloody blde through his stomach. he was then tossed aside and ht the floor as Juno decloaked and wiped off his vibroblade. Both Dan and juno walked over to the two men who got knocked to the floor one had died as he got a piece of shrapnal in his chest from the speeder explosion. The other was knocked out but coming through so dan grabbed him an pushed him up against the side of the speeder and slapped him to bring him through.


Man- He'll kill me.


Man- ok, ok, It was an exchange boss.

Dan- What! Why would an exchange boss want us dead.

Man- He didn't want to pay the bounty.

Dan- What the bounty was for the excange?

Man- Yes

Dan- ok, one last question, What are the start-up codes for this speeder?

Dan and Juno we're flying to their ship in their newly acquired speeder.

Juno- You know how the exchange opporate, no loose ends!

Dan- I know we need to leave.

Juno- where do we go?

Dan- Somewhere we can hide... Nar Shadaar!

Juno- The heart of the exchange opporations.

Dan- last place they will look!

03-16-2005, 11:04 AM
((is it too late to create a character and join?))

03-16-2005, 11:52 AM
(YES!! nah, only kidding. Come and join)

Harrison"we're opening the door!" The door opened. As soon as it open a laser bolt came from the room and killed harison. The other crew menbers started shooting into the room. A disk threw out of the room and cut off one of theres head
"Patrol to ship, we're under attack by an unknown enemy. It's taken out two of our menbers and we havn't hit it once. It apears to be using a st.........AHHHHHHHHHHHH"

"sir, it's taken out all of our patrol!"Amy
"quick! pull away from the station and to head to Duxen!"ordered steven
"Duxen?"asked amy
"I have a friend there. We'll return here to take out this creature but with better equipment"

(i have a real predator :smirk2: )
Alignment:His own
Side:his own
Equipment:Wristblades, Combistick, Speargun, Netgun, Plasmacaster, Plasma Pistol, Disc, Remote bomb, Self-destruct. Stealth belt, a mask with different visions
Height and appearence:

The predator picked up the corpse of harison. He pinned him to the wall and skinned him. After that he pulled out the skull and roared. The roar could of even been heard on Massissi Star.

The MAssissi star undocked with the station and entered hyperspace.

03-16-2005, 12:56 PM
Ska heard the words spoken from the distance. His lightsaber was still humming, waiting to slice through and opponent once more. Ska deactivated it now that his curiousity was somewhat aroused. This predator was looking to join him. It was curious as to how: he had not felt it before. Ska walked back over to the predator and studied him through the Force. Dark energy rippled across the man, but it was unfocused, random.

He would have to prove himself worthy. No doubt his predator skills were almost unrivalled among non-adepts, but how would he fair in a hunt against a true Sith?

Ska- "If you seek to earn my alliegance, then you must prove yourself worthy. First, you must show me where your strength lies. Set aside your technology and hunt me with the Force."

With that, Ska gathered nearby energy and used it to cloak himself in it. He was literally invisible, and he quickly moved silently through the jungle.

03-16-2005, 01:26 PM
The Blind Seeker flew through the City of Nar Shadaa flying under bridges and between buildings they desided to find a friendly sector if one exsisted. They pretty much ignored the comunications from the docking authority and just continued flying as they knew they actually had minimal authority. They found a landing pad in the refugee sector it was unguarded and obviously had been abandoned for a long time. The ship set down and the crew met in their breifing room. The central holopad was projecting an image of the imediate area and was showing varius 'points of interest' collected from the traffic control computers.

Juno- So what now?

Dan- We need some serious auterations to the ship, It will allow us to move around the galaxcy more easerly.

Juno- Does that mean i get to install a cloaking device.

Dan- Yes, I give in we do need one, we will also get some new weapon. We've saved enougth credits over the past few jobs.

Juno- So How do we go about that?

Dan- we need to find a dealer with weapons, you and S5 begin installing the cloak, i'll go get the weapons.

Juno- Be careful.

Dan- Arn't i always?

Juno- as long as you don't come into contact with other sentients.

Dan- Ha, get to work i'll be back A.S.A.P.


Dan was walking around the docks heading to Vogga the hutts place. He had got a tip that Vogga had gotten a couple of new Quad laser that would fit perfectly on the Blind Seeker. He walked up to the entrance when he was stoped by one of voggass thugs, after various persuasions he managed to get an audiance.

Vogga- What do you want bounty hunter?

Dan- Those quad laser you have in your possession.

Vogga- Ha, Ha, Ha, Those are expensive and i don't want money for them.

Dan- What do you want for them?

Vogga- Somthing a bounty hunter can give me.

Dan- A bounty?

Vogga- Yes, i want the head of a mandalorian

Dan- Any mandalorian or one in particular.

Vogga- Ha, Ha,Ha, I like you human, I think you will manage to do this job... I want the head of a mandalorian named Kezal of the jap clan.

Dan- Can i ask why?

Vogga- Yes... he was a Thug of mine until that mandalore came here, let's just say he knows things he shouldn't.

Dan- Do you know where he is?

Vogga- Now that would be me doing your job.

03-16-2005, 01:29 PM
Krowlington was able to get an answer out of this Sith, but he had to prove himself. Watching Ska vanish into thin air. He tore off every single peice of equipment, except the sash that was around his waist. He hid the equipment under a bush hopefully no Cannoks would come across his equipment.

Krowlington bellowed a warcry, which was able to be heard as far as Ska was. The hunt was on. He quickly moved on the ground, but then he took a collasol leap into the air landing on a large treebranch, surprisingly that could hold his weight. Krowlington stopped for a second, closing his eyes he begun to call for what Force he had inside of him, hopefully this would be able to find his prey. There, he finally saw...

Krowlington rushed to Ska's position in a matter of seconds and he lunged out at the cloaked Sith..

03-16-2005, 07:12 PM
Ska felt the man closing in. Good, he was learning quickly. Ska stopped and waited. Turning, he saw the rush of energy towards him. This predator was in full pursuit. Ska watched in amusement as the predator lunged at him. Ska very quickly gathered all kinds of energy within him and focused on the details around him. Ska turned to look at the predator and focused.

The predator seemed to be moving much slower all of the sudden. Ska felt the life around him begin to slow down; even the leaves became lethargic as he began to reach pure concentration on the details. With time slowed down around him, Ska reached out and grabbed the predator by the neck. Time resumed to normal, and Ska had the predator by the throat.

Ska- "Good, you have some skill with the Force. Now, show me its extent."

Ska once again concentrated, and time seemed to slow down once again. Ska then turned and ran into the distance. Time was still as he ran. Things around him seemed frozen in a three dimensional painting. By now, Ska was well over 5 km from the predator's original position. The energy Ska was using was beginning to falter, so he simply released it, returning time to normal around him.

Feeling around him, Ska used a different technique to cloak himself. This time he used the energy of life itself to cloak him.

03-16-2005, 07:33 PM
Krowlington thought he had finally caught Ska, but when he lunged out it was like he was moving slow..too slow.. time came back and Krowlington didn't know he ended up in Ska's grasp and it irritated that he was being held like some animal. Listening to the words that came out of Ska's mouth he snarled some, but Ska took off after losing his grasp on him..

Krowlington lashed out with his hand trying to catch Ska, but time slowed down once again, it got old quick, but suddenly he stopped everything stopped except the Sith that he was pursuiting, after a while of impatientness he finally was able to move once more, and while moving he let out a howl of pure rage. Suddenly stopping to a sliding halt, he thought to himself, if he was able to reach out and find his prey through the force, he could very well use it in his pursuit..

Krowlington took off in a fast sprint, but the thing is he never stopped sprinting, he was using the force to speed himself up, while everything around him moved at it's original pace..

Krowlington was unaware of what he could of ran into, he thought he was still running on the path, but he wound up running into something he was unable to see, and it sent him sprawling to ground, but he was back on his feet as quickly as he went down, but he may just bounced off the ground hard enough for him to get on his feet that quick, he was slightly dazed from running into Ska or whoever had camoed themselves..

This was a fluke.

03-16-2005, 10:09 PM
Ska studied the predator. It was almost predictable that it would become enraged, but it had to learn. The man was very fast and had already caught up with him. However, as the man approached, Ska raised a wall using the Force directly into the predator's path. The predator collided into it, but was quick to return to their feet.

Ska decloaked himself and faced the predator.

Ska- "You may not believe it, but you are learning. As you may have noticed, the Force is far more powerful than any form of technology you may wield. Technology has its uses, but it is limited to its design. The Force, however, is only limited by your mind. Now, look inwards to yourself and focus on your own energy. Use it to attack me in whatever form you so choose."

03-16-2005, 10:53 PM
Almost immediately after landing on Nal Hutta, the demonic little droids were fired upon by a group of mercenaries. The two quickly ducked behind some cover. SA sighed and turned towards T9 with an annoyed look.

"I told you Vogga would have sent mercs here..." he sighed.

"Beep bop beewoo!" T9 replied, angered by the constant blaster fire. Suddenly, a green blast scraped off part of his paintjob. In anger, he popped up his guns and strafed left, moving out into the open. SA followed his lead.

The two began strafing as quickly as possible, firing with deadly precision. A disruptor shot broke through an unfortunate Rodian's skull, and as soon as he landed, the two droids stopped firing. SA dusted himself off and glared at T9.

"Bee-deet," he said calmly. "Dee-dee bo-doo bah boh."

"See, we should have gone there in the first place..." The two turned around and headed towards their ship, when they were stopped by a screaming Twi'lek.

"STOP! STOP! Droids! Please! Stop..." The Twi'lek stopped at their feet, catching her breath. "I have a message for you, from Vogga."

"Give it to me..." SA yanked it out of the Twi'lek's hands and pushed her away. "Sorry for those mercenaries that had come after you, I didn't have the chance to call them off. I would guess that they would be dead by now. I have another job for you, that if you would take, all would be forgiven. I've reason to believe that those two I had you after are on their way to Onderon, or somewhere nearby. Take them out, and all shall be forgiven. This Twi'lek will aid and give you more information."

"Beep boop doo doo...?" T9 asked, turning towards the Twi'lek.

"I am, Vaasha Nydei, at your service," replied the dark-yellow twi'lek.

"What use are you? We've murdered many Jedi in cold blood before, and can probably handle these two, though an extra pair of hands may be useful... depending on what kind of hands those are..."

The striped Twi'lek grinned, and unsheathed a weapon. "For one thing, I know all there is to be about all things coming in and out of Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta, Onderon and its moons, Telos, Coruscant, the Tooine system, and much more. I also am-" she activated the purple lightsaber and smiled even more brightly as she spoke her last words, "a long dead Sith's apprentice who lives to kill both Jedi and Sith. I also have a ship."

SA and T9 looked at one another and nodded. "Let's go."
Name: Vaash Nydei
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Alignment: Chaotic-evil.
Side: Whoever wants to kill the Jedi or Sith the most.
Rank: Ex-Sith
Species: Twi'lek
Ship: The Praetor
- 2 four-barrel automatic laser turrets.
- 2 large howitzer-style cannons on the sides of the ship.
- A large filter-like mass in the front which can fire off missiles.
- Is about 3/4 the width of the Millenium Falcon, but 50% longer.
- Has a fairly large cargo hold.
- Pretty fast...
Equipment: A ripped and tattered Dark Jedi robe.
Height and appearence: 5'4". Your average Twi'lek but with a grainy yellow skin. And with black stripes.

Bio: Vaash was taken in by a now-dead Sith Lord of unknown name and trained for many a year. Then during Revan's journeys, this Sith Lord foolishly tried to fight against him, and utterly failed.

Vaash rested for a number of years, then grew restless and tired and took her lightsaber and began murdering force sensitives out of cold blood. During one such journey, she clashed blades with a Jedi Master, having her saber broken and nearly killed. The Jedi spared her, shaking his head. A few days later, Vaash took pried his lightsaber out of his dead hands as she hopped off of a speeder bike. She had rammed the Jedi whilst he was drinking a glass of Juma Juice. As in, she stole a speeder, went through a few doors and thin walls, into the local Cantina, and killed him.

She recently had gone into dancing for Vogga, until one day, where a number of bandits out for the Hutt's blood broke in, and they were quickly dealt with by Vaash. Vogga saw her abilities and made her into one of his deadly assassins.

03-17-2005, 12:21 AM
He snarled some as he looked at Ska coldly, he disliked the fact he was chasing a prey, that was always one step ahead of him. Hearing the words come out of Ska's mouth, he calmed himself and begun to take The force out of himself and his surroundings.

Stepping forward with his left foot he swung at Ska's midsection enough power in this punch, could puncture a hole in a sheet of metal. There was plenty of forced concentrated in his melee attack, but he had plenty of strength along with it.

03-17-2005, 05:10 AM
The recently upgraded Blind Seeker rushed through hyperspace on cource towards Onderons moon of Dxun. The Two sentiant crew members were in the cockpit checking all their ships systems.

Juno- Do we need these weapons this much, I mean to go to the heart of mandalorian terrortory.

Dan- I think its worth it and where better to start our search for a mandalorian.

Juno- It's a good thing idid install that cloak. Should i activate it.

Dan- Good idea.

The Blind seeker began to shimmer away untill all that could be seen was the streajing stars.


A few hours passed before the invisible blind seeker left hyperspace on the opposite side of onderon to mask their presance from Dxun. The Shup flew in a high orbit around onderon untill the moon could be seen from the cockpit screen. The ship then shot off and headed towards the planet, after a quick scan they discovered a clearing just outside of the mandalorian sensors. The ship, still cloaked, Shut down in this clearing. The crew went into their breifing room again this time with a holo-image of Dxun's surface. It was mainly dence jungle and caves with the exception of the mandalorian bace.

03-17-2005, 07:45 AM
Ska could feel the blow coming through the Force. He quickly reacted and placed both hands in front of the blow. As the fist hit his hands, Ska immidiately released energy into his hands and arms, allowing him to not only absorb the blow entirely, but it also allowed him to catch the fist entirely.

Without hesitating, Ska lashed back with a massive wave of energy.

Ska- "Good. Your anger is strengthening you, but you cannot hope to defeat me with fists or raw power. Find some form of strength within you and attack me through the Force."

03-17-2005, 04:50 PM
He wasn't surprised that the Sith had caught his punch, nor was he surprised that the Sith struck back with his own attack. Listening to Ska's words closely. Krow closed his eyes for a second, but as soon as he reopened them, he thrusted a hand out, but he didn't touch Ska, but it would feel like he did, because of the Force Push he used.

03-17-2005, 10:05 PM
Ska felt the build up of energy within the man and prepared for the release. Ska could feel the energy rushing towards him, and quickly absorbed it. Studying it, he noticed that it wasn't quite focused, and there was no hatred behind it.

Ska- "Not bad, but this time form it like a blade. Make it sharp, swift, and deadly. Similar to this..."

With that, Ska quickly lashed out with the energy in one quick strike, of which he aimed specifically at the man's chest. Ska also began to focus in on his own anger. His utter hatred of his master, the hatred of Malak, and the hatred of Sion.

Ska- (yelling in anger)"Now hit me!!"

03-17-2005, 10:50 PM
He was aware of his attack not having any anger or hatred put into his attack, but he decided to change it this time.. Krowlington let out a warcry, and he stepped forward with his teeth grinding amongst eachother, his metal beaded dreadlocks nearly blocked his vision from seeing Ska. He swung at the air infront of him, with an open hand, but with his nails sticking out more then anything else, and he attempted for the force to rip right into his torso, if he had enough hatred in it.

03-18-2005, 11:20 AM
"what is it?"steven
"Tim was doing a scan of the ship and he found a weird life form, it's not human or any species we know of.It could be the same creature that killed our search team"amy
"we're arriving on dxun now. I have a feeling that'll it will leave when it has the chance.

The Massasi Star entered Dxun and hovered above the trees. It would be hard for a ship that size would land abongst the trees.
Deccol was standing on the ship, he let of a roar and jumped down onto a tree. He let out a louder roar

"sir, whats that?" poilt
"he's gone! go higher !" steven

Ajunta Pall
03-18-2005, 01:15 PM
"Boss, we're on Dxun..." Vrussk's voice seemed to be coming from the port quarters doorway. Berus nearly jumped out of his skin, and looked at Vrussk, panting.
"Umm, er, great, great... Geez, don't do that... Has Chask finished with B2?"
"Yeah. Planning on taking him out for a spin?"
"Err... something like that. Tell Chask to get him ready. He might prove useful with the new upgrades."
"Will do, Berus. Listen, I could hear Fenn mumbling something to herself in the starboard quarters, and she started to get a bit teary. Might wanna go and see if there's anything wrong."
"Ok. Thanks, Vrussk." Turning to put his feet on the floor, the Iridonian yawned and rubbed his eyes. He felt the gloves of the Ossus Keeper robes against his face. 'Guess I dropped off pretty quick...' he thought. Laboriously, he stood up and stretched, certain he heard his neck crack. Picking up his saber from under the bed, he quietly made his way over to the starboard room. Fenn was asleep. "S'pose I'd better ask her later, then..."
"Ah, chief. Finally awake, I see." Chask nodded to Berus.
"Yep. Rough night, though. I'm sure I fell asleep on something hard and sharp..."
"You'll be fine once you get outside. The Dxun air should do you good. I take it our Twi'lek friend told you I managed to fix up B2. Think you'll like him more, now. If I remember rightly, I put a new module into his behavioural core."
"Which was...?"
"Better battle eval and tactics. Figured it'd help if any Mandalorians rushed you blasters blazing. Anyway, just let me know if you want anything more doing to him. Oh, should I get the time, I'll scan and patch up our assassin droid. Looks like he's been out for years.
"Thanks, Chask. I'll see you later." Berus went to the map room, the B2 unit following, emitting a series of enthusiastic beeps and whistles.
"Do me a favour and take a good hard look at the planetary terrain scanner, would you? I'm sure I've heard that thing clicking."
"Beep-boop wheet-beep-beep whirr." Extending its utility arm, the astromech began to pull down the panel cover and take a look, leaving Berus to go and see if Fenn was awake. Still wasn't. He sat himself just outside of the doorway, leaning against the wall.

03-18-2005, 01:16 PM
Name: Horag Joog (Ho-Jo)
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Alignment: Neutral/Dark (in other words is technically evil but still feels remourse and guilt, doesnt really beleive any jedi or sith teachings)
Side: On his own, afraid of being hurt or abadoned, but can hold his own
Rank: Scout/Scoundrel
Species: Mandalorian (but unaware of his origins)
Ship: Stranded often, hops ship to ship
Equipment: Simple clothes with plating hammered into shape tucked under them, a modified, elongated vibrosword and a simple blaster pistol, 5000 credits and a stealth field generator
Height and appearence: 5,8" in height, medium build, clothes mostly grey and black, long hair tied back with some ripped part of clothing and carrying his vibrosword wrapped in cloth slung over his back.

Side notes: Focuses more on speed and dexterity, skills mostly involed with repiars and treat injury, experienced with a swoop bike, has often stolen from other hence the dark side side points, and was left on telos once after some exchange thugs killed his parents, left alone, not knowing of his origins. Currently staying in a cave in the jungles of Dxun, also force sensetive, and somewhat mild mannered for a mandalorian

He stepped out of his cave carying his blaster pistol and his elongated vibrosword, cautiously and quietly steping past all the beasts with his stealth field generator online, feeling a strong wave of hatred passing over a part of the jungle. Hojo's heart suddenly dropped as he felt the Krowlingtons hatred, stepping into what is unknown to him, he begins a long journey he wont soon forget.

03-18-2005, 02:17 PM
Deccol went searching for prey. While jumping from tree to tree he saw Ho-Jo and switched on his cloacking device.
He jumped on a branch when he could see Ho-Jo clearly

03-18-2005, 03:17 PM
The energy was intense and full of power. Still, it didn't have quite as much focus as Ska would have liked to have seen. Curiously, some of the energy did cause some minor damage to Ska. Such is the way of real power.

Ska- "Excellent. You have progressed much. I have seen much potential in you and I will allow you to fully realize it as my padawan. But only if you so choose. Otherwise, return to your hunting."

In the meantime, Ska wondered if there wasn't some real purpose for finding this predator. Perhaps it was a sign that the Sith were finally coming of age. Perhaps now was the time for Ska to take on the mantle of the Dark Lord of the Sith. His time in Dxun had strengthened him much, both in body, mind, and the Force. If this was a sign from the Force, then Ska would have to meditate on it for a time.

Perhaps now was the time for the shell of the Jedi to finally collapse in the galaxy. It had come so close during the time of the Exile, but perhaps now, he would make it complete.

03-19-2005, 07:40 AM
Hojo took a few more steps then stopped, looking around "what is that?...is there someone watching me?" he looked upwards towards the trees, his eyes passing over Deccol, but not being able to see through his cloak, Hojo slowly took the clothe from his vibrosword and took it into his hand, wrapping the cloth around his waist "I better be careful"

03-19-2005, 08:10 AM
He switched his vision to blue switch he can see human alot better with. He jumped to another branch without making a sound

03-19-2005, 08:21 AM
Hojo Gritted his teeth, grinding them slightly, narrowing his eyes "where are you?! are you just a simple cannok? or something more...?" he stepped cautiously onward. He stopped for a second to let out a quiet sigh "my hairs are standing on end, whats wrong with me? i don`t normally feel this way...but then again, if it was a cannok it would have attacked by now, better stay on my toes" Hojo pulled out his blaster as well as his vibrosword, but held it backwards so he could defend himself if anything got too close.

03-19-2005, 08:51 AM
Deccol decided instead of killing the prey, he'll test with him. He declocked and threw a disk straight towards to HoJO

03-19-2005, 11:51 AM
Hojo saw the disk flying towards him and quickly threw a rock directly at it, knowing it wouldnt stop it, he then pulled up his long vibrosword and held it sideways stopping the disk as it hit the flat side of the blade "what the hell?!" he picks up the disk and look right up at Deccol "you did this?! why?! who-i mean, whats are you?!" Hojo stood with fire in his eyes and courage in his heart, facing Deccol

03-19-2005, 12:26 PM
Deccol let out a roar and pulled out a spear. He jump down and stared back at HoJo. He quickly swung his spear and the side hit HoJo's chest. The blow winded Hojo but part from that did no damgage.

He jumped back on the branch he jumped off. He started jumping from branch to branch, circiling HoJo and he waited for his preys next move

03-19-2005, 04:57 PM
Hojo coughed loudly at the blow as Deccol jumped backinto the tree. Hojo soon gained his breath and aimed his blaster one tree ahead of Deccol timed each shot hitting Deccol`s body in random areas barely making any damage, he spun his blaster on his finger and put it back in its holster, simeltaneously raising his vibrosword into both hands and ran for the trees, slashing off the branches "come out you coward! are you abounty hunter?! a mandalorian? awful quiet and stealthy for a mandalorian" Hojo smirked, his smirk quickly turned into a focused frown, readying himself for the next attack.

03-20-2005, 04:25 AM
Deccol landed ion the ground. He flicked a switch on the side of his mask and steam came out. He did the same on the other side of the mask and pulled it off. His face was nothing like Hojo had ever seen.

Deccol let out a battle roar and sent a 3 disks at him

Ajunta Pall
03-20-2005, 05:51 AM
Berus looked around. Chask and Vrussk seemed to know an awful lot about Dxun. Stepping back up the ramp, he called to Chask and Kurik to join him. They geared up and followed him out. "Doesn't seem to be anything out here... maybe the Mandalorians cleared the place out." shrugged Kurik.
"Maybe. Just keep your eyes open anyway."
They slipped through the jungle, unable to see anything that would have already attacked them. After a while, they spotted a grouping of Mandalorian sentries. "After you, Kurik." The Mandalorian led Berus and Chask toward them, and spoke quietly with the main scout, who led them into the camp.
"Well, Kurik. Didn't think I'd be seeing you around here again." He turned his head to find the person addressing him. It was Tarn.
"Hello, Tarn..." Kurik groaned. Tarn always had something against him, which he never knew what.
"Why are you here, Kurik? Looking to try and take me on again?"
"Just get away from me, Tarn. I'm here to see Mandalore, that's it... I'm not here to argue with you..." Kurik walked away, with Tarn glaring at him.
"Sure, I can get you to Dxun. I need to prove you're worth the trip, though." Mandalore's voice emerged from his helmet.
"How are we gonna do that, then?" Berus piped up.
"Ask around. I'm sure there's a few of the others who could use your help... hmm, you look pretty strong. I think the battle circle's your best bet."
Berus, Chask and Kurik wandered out, looking at each other in confusion. "Never thought Mandalorians had problems... always thought they were too resourceful."
"Well, Dxun's a harsh planet, for one thing..." came Chask.
"... and sometimes us Mandalorians can't always combat nature." finished Kurik.
"Well, best get back to the Meerkat, see if anyone specialises in Mandalorian tasks..."


Name: Kurik Torrum
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Side: Berus Pall
Rank: Mandalorian
Species: Mandalorian
Ship: The Black Meerkat
Equipment: A pair of Mandalorian Rippers, a pair of Sith Tremor Swords, spare frag grenades, some thermal detonators
Height and appearence: 6' 0", basic Mandalorian armour recoloured to black as the primary colour, red as the secondary

03-20-2005, 12:19 PM
@Ajunta, I thought that the limit was only 3 characters >:P

Ajunta Pall
03-20-2005, 03:02 PM
Originally posted by jblue789
@Ajunta, I thought that the limit was only 3 characters >:P

(It was? Guess I'll get rid of my astromech and my Twi'lek's profile, then. Make them non-plot characters confined to the Meerkat.)

03-21-2005, 12:07 AM
He listened to Ska, closely every word made him think to hisself. Hearing the chance of him being a Padawan of a possible future dark lord, he couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. He slowly fell to one knee and swore an oath..
"I, Krowlington Onasi the last of my Yautjan clan will follow you til the end.."

A dark age was coming.

03-21-2005, 01:20 PM
Originally posted by steven
Deccol landed ion the ground. He flicked a switch on the side of his mask and steam came out. He did the same on the other side of the mask and pulled it off. His face was nothing like Hojo had ever seen.

Deccol let out a battle roar and sent a 3 disks at him

Hojo spun to the side narily missing the disks, two skimming his clothes and making wounds, not deep enough to make much more notice than a small twinge of pain, the other landing in a tree, Hojo turns and looks Deccol in the eyes "...what are you?" he growls and charges at Deccol firing his blaster wildly in his direction and bringing his vibrosword up with the other arm ready to strike, as he gets closer he aims at the ground and fires repeatedly to cause dust to rise and compromise Deccols vision, Hopjo takes his chance to strike and swings his sword with all his might.

03-21-2005, 03:00 PM
Deccol pressed a botten on his wrist computer and the disks came back and headed towards HoJo.

Deccol let out another roar

03-21-2005, 05:58 PM
Ska now knew that this meeting was not by mere chance: it would have a purpose. It was the time for the Sith to finally crush the Jedi as it was meant to be so long ago. But things needed to be done before this could happen. Events needed to be set into motion.

Ska- "Rise Krowlington. The time has come for the end of the Jedi, the end of the Republic, and the beginning of the Sith Empire. This new dawn shall begin with our re-organization of the remnants of the Sith Lords. Come, the call of Korriban is beckoning."

03-21-2005, 06:07 PM
Krowlington rose to his feet, he would need to return to his pod and grab any equipment he needed to take with him, but then he though for a second..

"My lord, why don't we seek allegiance of the Mandalorians, because they have as much hatred as we do for the Jedi and Republic?"

03-21-2005, 09:48 PM
SA, T9, and their newest companion, Vaash Nydei, crashed onto a remote point of Dxun, a few miles away from the Mandalorian camp.

Vaash came out of the smoking ship, coughing, followed by the two droids. "Never trust a meatbag with the piloting of a ship, as I always say. Especially one that uses the 'force' to pilot it... tch."

"Be silent, droid. Just be glad I'm even bothering with you..." Vaash angrily replied. She turned around to see a rifle pointed at her forehead.

"I will kill you if necessary..." the two continued to glare at each other for some time, until T9 made a sigh-like noise.

"Bee-weet! Whirr... doo-doo-dee-dah!" T9 rang out, angrily. He then smacked the two with his "repair" arm, and the three continued.

As they walked on, they heard a loud roaring noise and noticed a large, dark red beast, tearing apart some smaller creatures.

"I believe that is a Zakkeg..." SA muttered.

"Then lets kill it, you know, for some sport..."

"Heheh, I like this meatbag's choices. Let us enjoy this time in these jungles, T9. They may award us with a good deal of sport!" T9 whirred happily.

03-22-2005, 07:57 AM
Ska- "True, but wars are not fought between armies. Instead, they are fought between battlefield leaders that control the armies. That is why we should seek out Korriban for any remaining Sith Lords. We need leaders, not numbers. And I also think it would be best for us if we avoided entangling alliances with such peoples. They have proven themselves both as warriors and as mercenaries, niether of which is completely reliable. Now, if you have a ship, then I will meet you at Korriban. Otherwise, follow me to my camp."

With that, Ska turned and started running back to his camp.

03-22-2005, 10:36 AM
Originally posted by steven
Deccol pressed a botten on his wrist computer and the disks came back and headed towards HoJo.

Deccol let out another roar

Hojo stopped in front of Deccol upon hearing the disks whizzing behind him, and jumped into his shoulders, pointing his blaster to the top of Deccol`s skull "if you can speak galactic basic its about time you started begging for mercy" Hojo smirked and pressed the barrel of his blaster to Deccol`s skull to show he wasn`t bluffing "i think im more than good enough to take you out, even if i dont know what you are" Hojo was starting to get cocky having such an advantage, so he went down onto Deccols shoulder and sat on them with the gun pressed agains the back of his head "Gonna stop trying to kill me now?"

03-22-2005, 11:21 AM
Deccol grapped the tree disks and jumped before HoJo had chance to shoot he pressed a botten on his wrist band "its about time you started begging for mercy" came HoJos own voice. He pulled out his netgun fired it at HoJo

(permission to talk your character???Just kidding)

03-22-2005, 11:50 AM
Hojo growled and sliced the net with his vibrosword "I hate it when people mock me!" Hojo charged at Deccol and kicked off his chest, doing a backflip, using the momentum to swing his vibrosword at Deccols face, just skimming it and kicking off his chest again to get some distance, panting and gasping to catch his breath "why are you doing this?! why?!" Hojo`s rage began to build "just go awaaaayy!!" he screamed while running at Deccol.

03-22-2005, 12:02 PM
Deccol jumped onto a branch and did a salute sign. He'd have his fun he threw a disk at him but it wasnt chargd. It landed infront of Hojo. it was a trophy for Hojo for sirving his training session.
"you have my respect" said deccol using a record of another victim.

He switched his cloack on and jumped away

03-22-2005, 12:25 PM
Hojo looked down puzzled and picked up the disk cautiously "hmph!" he smirked and put away his weapons. He continued to wander the jungle in hopes for a ship and a crew, or just a ship he could use to get off the planet "dxun is such a dump, i`ve only been here a week and it feels like a lifetime" he sighed and looked at his feet "life is so cumbersome" he sat down for a while, hoping ot get some rest.

03-22-2005, 12:47 PM
Deccol went hunting new prey and he came across the mandalorian base. He switched on his cloacking and looked at the mandalorians

03-22-2005, 02:05 PM
Hojo decided it was time he finished resting "Heh, that guy would have been a powerful ally" he yawned and got to his feet "hmm, i dont recognise this part of the jungle...and theres a fire...and banners!" Hojo smiled widely "finally...i might be able to get out of here" he took a few steps towards the road leading up to the mandalorian camp and a couple of mandalorians turned off thier cloaking devices in front of him "hm? oh hi!" Hojo grinned. The mandalorian looked upon him with cold eyes, Hojo could see the eyes through the visor on his helmet "state your business with us!" Said the mandalorian guard, keeping his cold eyes on young Hojo "well, uh...um, I'm sorta stuck on this planet, I`ve been attacked by Cannoks and a strange humanoid type sentient, and I would really like to leave, or at least seek refuge here on the camp, even if i have to work for it!" The mandalorians cold gaze had left him "i think you`ve proved yourself good enough to mingle with us, surviving attacks from cannoks and that strange menace we have caught on our sensors now and then, it seem to be taking random cannoks here and there, it could be a threat, but, despite all of what i said, except for the proving yourself of course, you may go" Hojo quickly smiled and thanked the guard with a handshake, and ran laughing into the mandalorian camp.

03-22-2005, 02:21 PM
Deccol saw the gaurds. He pulled out his disk and targeted all three of them. He actived his disk and threw it. Due to the computer lockon the disk killed all of the mandalorians.

Deccol quickly rushed down and took the bodys and ran into the trees. He skinned the mandlorains and tore out there skulls. He tied there bodies on a tree and jumped on a tree and cept jumping to the body of the tree.

He carried on watching the mandalorians

03-22-2005, 03:54 PM
He thought to himself, as Ska turned down the offer to ally themselves with the Mandalorians, but it would be better for them to search for any remaining Sith at Korriban. Watching Ska run off the opposite direction, Krowlington did the same and he was heading back to his capsule, but he tripped over something in the greenery that consumed him, it was his equipment, he nearly forgot about it.. Krowlington slowly put every single peice of equipment on, the ground under the equipment was sunk due to the weight of the equipment. Last he put on the Celtic Mask, while turning on his heel he cloaked and begun running torwards the Landing Zone..

[Landing Zone]

With Krowlington now inside the capsule, the hatch slowly closed with a hiss, and after a few quiet seconds the capsule shot off into the sky anyone could see the capsule as it shot off into the sky, it was as loud as it had landed..

[Dxun's Orbit]

The metal missilelike space pod was just roaming freely in space, suddenly the Diablo uncloaked and flew directly infront of the capsule and with it's docking bay opened, the pod went inside to dock..

[Diablo Interior]

After departing his personal pod, Krowlington made his way into the Warroom. Walking up to the large table he pressed a couple of buttons and a hologram of Korriban came to life.. Krowlington grunted slightly at the world map. He then pressed another button and a red circle moved onto the map of Korriban and it stopped after moving up the map 3/4. Krowlington turned and walked off to his cryochamber for a short sleep..

On the Hologram's main controls the coordinates read 'Sith Academy'

03-23-2005, 09:22 AM
Ska returned to his makeshift camp. Curiously, he smelled the distinctive scent of burning flesh. Looking around, he noticed about 3 burning carcasses of bomas in the 'lawn'. He didn't even have to get close to them to know what happened. Ska went inside his makeshift shelter and took what remained of his supplies and went over to a nearby cave. As he entered, he saw the shape of a moderately sized gunship. It was the Blade's Edge.

Ska- "Warm up your engines. We have work to do."

Blade- "As you wish. And I hope you didn't mind me taking care of some intruders earlier."

Ska- "Not in the least bit. Now lets just get ready to go."

With that, Ska loaded up the small amount of rations and supplies into the cargo container on Blade. Then, he crawled inside the droid towards the main cockpit. The cockpit was definately cramped: you had to be laying down the entire time, not matter where you were on the vessel. As he got in the pilot's position, Blade automatically latched him in. It was comfortable, but definately claustrophobic.

Ska went through the pre-flight checks and finally took off. Technically, Blade's Edge didn't even need a pilot, or any other crew for that matter. Ska had modified the gunship's computers so much that it was actually sentient, and could control itself. But Ska still preferred to fly Blade himself: it was just all the more fun for him.

As the Blade's Edge left the atmosphere of Dxun, Blade automatically calculated the coordinates for Korriban. After they were free from the gravity of both Onderon and Dxun, Blade flashed into hyperspace.

03-23-2005, 07:20 PM

Suddenly the ship took to the atmosphere of Korriban, and soon entered the planet, with a dull thump a gleaming missle fired from the belly of the Diablo. Like a gigantic bullet, it slammed into the ground. Punching a deep crater into the sand and skeletal remains inside the valley . At the bottom of the crater the shimmering steel projectile began to hum, anyone near the crater could hear the loud hiss of escaping gases. A hairline crack appeared on the smooth surface of the missile where there had been no joint before. more phospohorescent red gas vented into Dxun's atmosphere as the crack widened. The projectile finally opened. Suddenly, a savage howl of a beast was released. The Diablo went back to Korriban's orbit with the cloaking device now on, which the ship was on autopilot.

[The Crater]

Krowlington stepped out of his capsule, crushing a cracked skull under his massive weight and size. Ska was nowhere to be seen, but something else was, something that posed a threat. A Hssiss came rushing down the crater's slope. Krowlington got into a Martial Arts stance, with his strong hand torwards the back of his body, suddenly coming out of the Sith Gauntlet came his three foot wrist blades. The Hssiss came to striking distance, and Krowlington swiped down and he sunk the blades right into the head of it, not as deep as he planned and he payed the price. The Hssiss struck with its tail, and Krowlington took the hit to his head, it would of been fatal, if he didn't have the mask to protect him. The Mask now had a Battle Scar across the right eye of it. Krowlington fell back on his back and now was being mauled by the Hssiss. Krowlington suddenly felt the rage and true darkness of the Sith. Krowlington grabbed the Hssiss, by the throat, while getting up he rose it in the air and slammed it down on the ground crushing every single bone that felt impact. He then finished it off, by impaling it in the head with his wristblades.

[The Valley]

Noone was to be seen in the tainted darkness, so he decided to wait..

03-23-2005, 09:50 PM
Blade exited hyperspace. In the distance was the silhouette of Korriban against the light of the star that it orbitted. Blade did a quick scan, revealing only a cloaked ship in orbit. There was nothing else around. It seemed as dead and lifeless as it always had been.

Ska, however, could feel the darkness eminating from the surface of the planet. There was much power here. Blade came in at a combat drop vector. They would be entering the atmosphere at full burn as they would if they were assaulting a ground target. Blade came in fast, the heat was tugging and burning at the shields. But these shields were designed for this sort of thing, so they hardly dropped at all. Ska checked the trajectory mapping to make sure they were landing at the Valley.

Blade came in fast, and fired its massive braking thrusters along with the engines in full reverse. It came to a sudden halt and dropped quickly, only firing a burst from the repulsor lifts to prevent the contact with the ground from being too severe. With a hiss, Blade began venting hot gases that had collected in its engines while it opened the hatch for Ska to get out.

As Ska got out of the cockpit and onto the ground of the Valley, Ska looked around with the Force. The valley was full of dark and unused energy. If any Sith Lords were here, they would be basking in the energy. Ska noticed Krowlington in the distance admiring a fresh kill. The predator still hunted, and perhaps that would be the kind of weapon he needed.

Feeling around, Ska could feel and recognize the energies from the tombs. Like the masters the energy had belonged to, these energies were unique. They held their own powers and strengths that could be exploited. Motioning towards Krowlington, Ska walked over to the tomb of Naga Sadow. There were two energies within the tomb: one was distinctly Sadow's. The other was one that Ska could not deturmine. It was intriguing: he had to know what it was.

03-23-2005, 10:13 PM
In Krowlington's spare time as he waited for Ska to show, he had plucked every teeth inside the mouth of the Hssiss and he begun making a necklace. He barely had it on his neck, before he turned his head upward hearing Ska's ship, he zoomed in on the ship, numbers and unidentified symbols begun scrolling down his visional set, which this was only to give his specs. Watching Ska get out of his ship, Krowlington already begun to walk over to him, in a matter of seconds he would be next to Sca, who begun to walk torwards Naga's tomb. Krowlington heard of this Sith lord, he could feel the spirit of Naga, but then he could also feel someone elses, he wondered whom this could be? A Dark Lord? He'd hope it was, so maybe they could ressurect the Sith to it's true hatred..

03-24-2005, 08:20 AM
Ska headed towards the entrance, but he realized that it was blocked with rubble. Feeling with the Force, Ska could feel where the entrance structure was critical, and what might cause it to collapse completely. He then felt several large pieces of rubble that didn't have an effect on the structure and wrapped them in energy. Ska then pulled them out of the way and headed towards the tomb's door. He felt inside of the door and realized that it had a strange locking mechanism on it. He felt for the perfect spot and moved the lock. The door opened.

Ska- "This is the tomb of Naga Sadow, one of the greatest Sith Lords that ever existed. But I feel something else within this tomb, something ancient. There is no life within this tomb, which makes me curious as to the identity of this second energy. Be careful: I do not know if the traps of this tomb are still active."

Ska went inside the tomb.

Ajunta Pall
03-24-2005, 09:46 AM
The Iridonian half-opened his eyes, his vision blurry. When he managed to focus his sight, he found himself sat up against the map terrain creator in the most uncomfortable position. Everyone was looking at him. "Well, can't say that looks very Jedi-ish..." Kurik half-s******ed. Berus rubbed his head and managed to stand up, just very uneasily. Fenn and Kurik managed to catch him before he ended up on his back. "The bounty hunters... they're here."
"We guessed, but last time you figured something out about the bounty hunters, you didn't pass out. There's something else, isn't there?" Fenn tried her best to sound sympathetic. She didn't do to badly from Berus' point of view.
"Yeah... I think someone's going through a tomb on Korriban... I'll bet they're gonna go through Tulak's and Marka's... Ajunta's, too."
"Yep. You've said that before, too. You aren't telling us something, Berus..." It was Kurik's turn to speak again.
"It's, er, complicated. Did any of you ever wondered why I'm called Berus *Pall*?" There were murmurs of 'No', and head shaking.
"Well, I'm, um, a descendant of Ajunta. I know, I'm Iridonian, but I am. I dunno how, but my parents explained it to me when I was a kid. That's why I was never really at ease with the Council or the Sith."
"Well, at least we know, now..." Fenn rolled her eyes. He got odd looks from Vrussk and Kurik, and B2 was quietly beeping and whirring to himself. He stumbled off to his quarters and sat on the bunk, rubbing his face with his hands, still dizzy. 'Well done, Berus, now no one trusts you...' he thought. Sometimes he hated himself. He kept looking at the doorway, slightly paranoid.

03-24-2005, 09:58 AM
Deccol smiled as saw a main building in hte mandalorian camp. He thre 3 remote bombs at it. It pressed a botten on his wrist band and the bombs exploded nearly destroying it.

He let out a loud roar so. The roar echoed off the trees so it was impossable to know where the roar came from.

03-24-2005, 05:07 PM
He cocked his head to the side as he watched Ska, from behind. 'What the hell is he doing?' he thought to himself, as he watched him move some rocks, and he kept working on the mechanism that appeared to be the lock, he begun to thought it was a waste of time, but he wasn't known for his patience and soon enough the door leaving into Naga's Tomb opened..He watched Ska enter.. Krowlington shrugged to himself, but before he begun to enter he turned on his heel and looked at the smoldering crater..

[Naga's Tomb]

Krowlington didn't bother to see where Ska was heading, instead Krowlington was looking at the figures aligning the wall which looked like gargoyles, and directly above them were heiroglyphics..Krowlington begun reading, he knew the language. He was blessed with being a Sith. Krowlington moved to the next heiroglyphic and the tile he stepped on sunk..

It was a trap! Krowlington snarled some as he unsheathed his saber and in a eloquent way he severed the blade from the wall that came out do the trap, the blade clattered to the floor, as Krowlington decided it was most important to just to follow the objective, before he even had his saber, back in its sheath, the floor beneath him opened and Krowlington fell through. As quickly as it opened it closed. Krowlington looked up after landing in a crouched position to avoid getting his legs broke, with rage he jumped right back up and started flailing his massive fists against the trapdoor. The blows he was deleivering would of killed the Hssiss that he was fighting earlier, but the trapdoor didn't even have a dent.

He muttered to himself as he'd have to find another way out. He walked down the corridor where sith statues and heiroglyphics alligned the walls, but he didn't bother looking at them, oddly enough there was an opening at the end of the hall way, and it lead to a very large room..

Krowlington entered the room looking around it. He was amazed, by everything on the walls, but what intrigued him the most is what was before him..

Naga Sadow's Spirit.

03-24-2005, 07:00 PM
Her face painted with the blood of a Boma, Vaash could hardly prevent herself from giggling. After calming down, she looked at the two droids who were staring intently at a crude structure, covered in jungle plants. "What, what is that?"

"...T9, can you... repair this for us?" SA muttered, as T9 whirred in reply. The little assassin immediately began working, and was actually done in a short while.

"Whirr... doo-dee-bwah!"

"So... this... thing, just needed a bit of dusting and activating? That's it? Oh and, I almost forgot, SA, what about the ship?!" Vaash said.

SA ignored her and inserted a number of small orbs into the structure. "What are those?"

"Special miniature droids created to automatically repair the machine they are in. I inserted some inside your ship before we left it, and it should be repaired... soon. And this is, a Basilisk War Droid! The Mandalorians' version of the starfighter. And like all Mandalorian technology, it is superior to the Republic counterpart."

Vaash nodded. "So, what now..."

"Now, we ride."
With T9 inside the war droid, constantly helping repair it and upgrading it; SA as a pilot, and Vaash as a passenger, the three rode down towards the targets. They spotted the Meerkat and noticed the crew, as well as the Jedi, just outside it.

Berus and company looked up at the machine, as it rained hell upon their ship. After dealing a fair amount of damage, the three assassins were attacked by the Mandalorians and the Jedi. Swiftly dodging gunfire, T9 finished installing a new weapon into the war droid, and fired off the cannon, heavily injuring two mandalorians and leaving a smoking crater in the Meerkat.

Vaash looked down and stared at the Echani. She leaped off the war droid, much to the Assassin droid's dismay, and force blasted away all the Mandalorians around the Jedi, knocking them out. Vaash struck Fenn at lightning speed, however, Fenn parried each strike with her bronze sabers and struck easily as quickly. The two's skills were evenly matched, and Vaash's master dueling abilities counteracted with Fenn's expert dualing abiltiies. (:P Dueling and dualing)

"Can you handle piloting the war droid on your own, T9?" SA got his answer with a simple beep, and he looked down at the Iridonian Jedi, who leapt towards his ally. SA leaped off as the droid speeded past, and collided with Berus, and unleashed his vibroblade, stabbing the Jedi in the shoulder. The Jedi threw off SA and they both crashed to the floor. Despite the pain of the crash, the Jedi got up as quickly as SA, who quickly camouflaged himself. He was completely camouflaged, matching the surroundings perfectly. He minimized all of his bodily noises, making him almost absolutely silent. Changing his body temperature to match the surrounding temperatures, he flourished his rifle. It would be impossible for the Jedi to detect him, as his heat matched completely with the surroundings, the force couldn't detect droids, and he made so little noise, that only a Sullustan could hear him, and still it was just barely.

He began firing, changing his position and moving about, so as to not be detected. Unfortunately for the droid, this Jedi was strong, and was able to deflect and dodge every blaster shot. This would take a long time. But as long as Vaash defeated the Echani, and T9 kept a barrier around the fighting so that the Mandalorians couldn't enter, they were fine.

03-24-2005, 09:32 PM
Ska felt Krowlington fall through the trap. Feeling downwards, Ska could feel another corridor directly beneath him. Feeling along the corridor into a larger chamber was where Sadow's energy resided. Ska felt the energy: it was very powerful. Hmm, perhaps....

Ska felt for Krowlington's energy and found it. Ska put part of his energy into Krowlingon's energy. His energy could now act as a voice.

Ska- (through the Force)"Krowlington, ahead of you is the energy of Naga Sadow. It has long since become untamed and almost random. However, in that room it waits. Remember, the Force has many energies associated with it, and like all energies, this one can be absorbed. But you will have to tame it and control it first. Be wary, apprentice. This energy has yet the power to destroy you."

With that, Ska waited for the results of the coming confrontation.

03-24-2005, 10:23 PM
He was awestrucked, but his trance he was put in from Sadow, was stopped when Ska talked to him telepathically. Hearing every word then hearing that it was untamed, and it was possible to absorb Sadow's energy. Such power would lead to great things for the Sith, but the last word made him wonder if this power was really worth it..

He soon decided after thinking for only a minute..
"This energy needs a master.."
He stepped forward and was so close to it, he could touch it, but instead of doing that he begun to use a technique he had learned for times like these. He begun, to take Sadow's energy in slowly, but he sped it up to where he was on his knees from the power that overwhelmed him.

He soon rose and spoke with a dark and cruel tone..
"My Master where must i go?"

03-24-2005, 10:33 PM
Ska felt the energy being absorbed. Excellent, his apprentice was learning quickly. Now he just needed to manipulate a few things...

Ska- "Excellent apprentice. Now, take the energy you've absorbed. Focus on it with all of your malice and rage. Form it into a weapon of almost uncontrollable fury. Then, intensify it until it seems that the rage will rip you apart from the inside. Let it consume you."

Feeling around the chamber, Ska felt two doors in it. Ska opened them, and behind them were two almost half-dead men. The flesh seemed to be literally falling off their bones. They eminated with darkside energy.

Ska- "Now kill them with your newfound power."

03-24-2005, 10:44 PM
He watched the two doors at the end of the chamber open and seeing the half- dead men, and hearing what his master ordered, he flailed his head back and let out a massive predatory roar, while this was happening a purple coloured lightning erupted from his chest, and the two corpses were turned to ashes.

Surprisingly enough, one of the half-dead's head was still in favorable condition and it rolled it's way over to Krowlington, and Krowlington rose his foot and crushed the head into bits. One of the eye's shot out from the half-dead men and hit the opposite wall.

He spoke with hatred and cruelty.

"The extinction of the Jedi is among us!"

03-24-2005, 11:14 PM
Ska smiled wickedly to himself. Although the manifestations he had just created for Krowlington were no match for his newfound power, they still did their job.

Ska- "Good. Now feel outwards for the other energy. You will have to travel your own path through this tomb. I will meet you at the source of the other energy."

Ska headed down into the tomb, heading for the source of the energy. As he opened a door ahead of him, he noticed a large river of acid flowing ahead of him. Suddenly, Ska felt a small amount of energy at his feet. Kneeling down, a pile of bones and a tattered uniform layed next to him. The nametag was still visible, and it read 'Wynn'. No doubt it belonged to a Sith teacher of some kind, but it just didn't have any energy left in it to be useful.

Ska got up and began to feel the currents of the Force within the tomb just ahead of him. They seemed to be moving in a certain direction, away from the direction he wanted to go. He wasn't a guardian, but he knew the technique of jumping with the Force, so it was still possible. Ska backed up a bit and began to gather energy in his knees and ankles. He ran forward, and at the last second, Ska released the energy. Ska soared above the acid pool and landed several meters past the pool.

Ska had landed just fine, and headed for the entrance of a room. Feeling ahead, Ska could literally see the energy eminating from a certain object. It was much clearer now, and it looked like some sort of machinery. Ska opened the door and stepped inside. He studied the object. It didn't look like anything he had seen before. Stepping forward, it suddenly began to open and expand.

Ska could feel the energy increasing as it expanded. Suddenly, a glowing object came out in the center. It was spherical is shape, and it began to glow. Suddenly, it seemed to explode outwards into a large hologram. It was a map of the Galaxy. Ska recognized several planets right off, but there were a few that he could not recognize. Feeling the energy, Ska could almost see a certain interface of some kind. It was a computer, and it was waiting for his input.

Ajunta Pall
03-29-2005, 03:07 AM
(Er, jblue, I'd appreciate it if you didn't roleplay with my characters.)

04-01-2005, 04:17 AM
Age: unknown
Sex: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Side: none
Rank: Predator
Species: Yautja (Predator)
Ship: none
Equipment:The predator equipment and weapons

(my other charcters are no more)

Zarlak had woken from many years sleeping. Something activated from he aweakening. He looked around, he looked for his mask. He was in some sort of tomb. He picked up hids mask witch was under his feet and put it on.

He heard Skas footsteps and let out a roar witch echoed around the tomb. He switched on his clock and began walking to where he heard the footsteps

04-04-2005, 09:04 AM
Ska continued studying the interface. He felt it with the Force, but it was in a very unusual format. It did have a droid-like intelligence about it. Then, he felt part of the energy decending on him. It was studying him. Finally, the interface became recognizeable, albeit unintelligible. Connecting with it, the interface seemed to be fairly simple. Apparently, it operated on the interpretation of body movements.

Finally, the interface seemed to make sense. By controlling certain muscles without moving, Ska could control the machine.

Computer- "Interface complete. Star Map 00003 is now ready for use. How may I assist you?"

Ska was puzzled. At first, it seemed that he could control it only through body motions, but now it seemed to have a voice recognition to it as well. Then he realized what was going on: the computer only responded to Force Adepts. By attempting to access the interface through the Force, he had must have gotten the Star Map to activate.

Ska- "Hmm, please transfer all Star Map coordinate data to my datapad."

Computer- "One moment... Access denied. Only military officers and preists are allowed to transfer Star Map data to another media device."

Ska- "Then who all has access to the Star Map?"

Computer- "One moment.... Data corrupted. Extrapolating... One moment.... Preparing list... Current access is for Force Users only. Other information reguarding access is corrupted. I can attempt to repair the data, but it will take approximately 12 hours to complete. Should I continue?"

Ska- "No. Can you explain the coordinates on the Star Map in the Beta 034 sector? I don't recognize them."

Computer- "One moment... Access Denied. Only military officers and preists are allowed access to specific details of the coordinates. From the current symbols and labels of the coordinates, you should be able to recieve a basic idea of their meaning. Do you require an explanation of the symbols?"

Ska- "No. Can you tell me the current levels of access to this Star Map?"

Computer- "One moment... Current access levels are Basic, Military Officers, Priests, and Builder Access. Your current level is Basic. Do require a change in access level?"

Ska- "Yes."

Computer- "One moment... Error encountered. You now have Builder Access. No authorization is now required for any data that this Star Map unit contains. You have full access."

Ska- "Very well. Now can you transfer all coordinated data to my datapad with details on each coordinate?"

Computer- "One moment... Download of data commencing... Approximate time remaining: 1 hour. Please wait for completion, although you can cancel at any time."

The Star Map had connected remotely to his datapad without a physical connection of some sort. Ska simply set the datapad on the ground near the Star Map and sat down. The darkside was very powerful in this place, and Ska began to focus on it. Its energy was thick and waiting to be harvested. So Ska pulled it into himself and meditated on its power.

04-04-2005, 09:16 AM
Zarlak switched on his cloacking feild. He then heard Ska and the computer. Zarlak recored parts of the conversation.

"please transfer all Star Map coordinate data to my datapad" zarlak played so that Ska can hear it

04-04-2005, 04:56 PM
Krowlington Onasi looked around Sadow's chamber for an exit, but it was nearly impossible to find what he needed, so he just randomly moved around.-click-. He suddenly stopped and looked down his foot had landed on yet another trap, except this time it wasn't a trap. A hairline crack appeared in the wall behind him, and it soon opened revealing a hidden door, Krowlington whirled around while grabbing his Mandalorian Rifle that was modified to his personal needs. He aimed into the newly revealed room, but nothing came out so he moved on into it with hesitation.

The room was as dark as the last but, he could see a large podium etched with Sith markings. Krowlington didn't bother to read, because his eyes were glued on the chest that rested upon the podium, Krowlington made his way slowly over to it, and before he knew it he was looking down upon it, with the flick of his wrist the chest opened...

Inside was the curved hilt of an lightsaber etched with Sith markings. With the power of force push he made the Hilt jump into his hand, without the slightest grunt. Feeling it's smooth surface. He ignited it..

The blade of the lightsaber was odd too odd http://www.princeofpersiagame.com/uk/weapons.php [The third one closest to the top on the left is what it looks like]
The red crystal danced off his shining armor, as he whirled it in his hand and slicing at the air ahead of him.

With the newly found Sith Lightsaber on his waist, he made his way into another room..Only to find himself staring at the back of another Yautja,which he could see only in his thermal vision. Ska had his back turned to the Yautja, whom seemed to be messing with an ancient computer. Krowlington had a rather agressive personality when it came to combat...

He pulled his right arm back and swung at the back of the Yautja, before him, and while he was following through with his roundhouse type punch, the wrist blade gauntlets came out to their full extent. If his attack was to connect, then Zarlak would have two long cuts from his shoulder all the way to the hip bone..