View Full Version : Heir to the empire and last comand AB reissued

03-08-2005, 10:31 PM
Hey guys with the excitment of episode III
loaming in the horizion it looks like lucas
books decied to rerelase some classic
star wars audio books like the Thrawn
triolgy that Timothy Zhan wrote back
a few years ago I got hire to the empire
and last command because my oringal
Audio books on tape got twisted up in the
good ole tape player one time but in all
these were good reissues of these classic star wars books on tape but
denise lawson is still boring to listen to
I enjoyed Anothy Daniels naration a lot
better let me know if you have see any
other classic star wars books on tape
and these were only $9.99.........

03-09-2005, 04:44 AM
man, i'd love to have an extensive AB collection, on my pocket pc in mp3 format to listen to when and where I choose :)

My friend does have the entire SW/ESB/ROTJ radio drama on CD...I just gotta get around to doing the conversion :)


03-20-2005, 02:41 PM
I have them too. Actually I have the OT radio drama, as well as the Thrawn Omnibus (that's what Bantam calls it).

I have converted ANH and ESB into MP3. I just need to finish ROTJ.