View Full Version : Problem with Layers during couple of the maps

03-11-2005, 11:44 AM

I've noticed some Major errors on about 4 of my maps both Kashykk, the Naboo map in the city & yavin temple map.

The problem is i can see the layer of water right thru the other layers (buildings, trees you name it).
Picture it as a huge blue screen blocking my whole view. Anybody else have this problem, its really annoying please help.

03-31-2005, 05:11 AM
I have exactly the same problem. The only way i can get rid of the massive pond on the side of my players head,is to look down, nd that gets you nowere!
sry i dint reply wiv a solution, i jst wanted to say ur not alone :)

03-31-2005, 05:54 AM
How frustrating is it, i hope they address it in a new patch or something. I got the patch with the Jabba map and it didnt fix the problem.

03-31-2005, 02:31 PM
Yea , i downloaded that patch aswell , i hoped it wud stop it, bt i still got water on the side uv my head :( and it does it with fog aswell :( its soooo annoyin.
i hope they do bring a patch out for it soon , now i no its nt my computer actin wierd and its the game itself , they should address the issue.
i cant get past that map in the historical campaign cos of it.
does it happen on every map with water wiv u ?? cos i cant go near water on any map at all :(