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03-16-2005, 04:02 PM
Looks like they put a Q&A thing up on the official LucasArts forums. (We still haven't gotten our's back, but oh well.)

To me, some of their answers were quite disappointing.
: (

Judge for yourself...

Walon Vau
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Hello and welcome to the Star Wars Republic Commando (RC) Official Forums! My name is Chris Williams and Iím the Producer for RC. Iíll be posting here regularly up until the game ships and will answer your questions about what will be one of the biggest games of 2005!

The team is working very hard right now and putting the finishing touches on both the Xbox and PC versions of the game. Both are really really fun. This is not a Ďportí to either platform Ď both versions have been developed at the same time and are tuned, balanced, and thoroughly tested to be great on both systems.

I hope youíve had a chance to play the RC Xbox demo on KOTOR II Ď but if not, donít worry. That same demo will be featured on next months Official Xbox Magazine demo disc along with a big preview on RC - be sure to pick that up. And for the PC gamers Ď we havenít forgotten about you! In fact, weíve made a special and completely different demo that will be available for download in early February. It will also be available on several PC magazine demo disks. The demo takes place on the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk and if you look closely you might catch a glimpse of General Grievous.

Hopefully youíve had a chance to browse through the Official RC Website and also check out some of the great preview coverage we have been getting both online and in print publications. We have many more videos, screenshots, designer diaries, and QA sessions planned over the upcoming weeks so check back here often for the latest news on the game and keep an eye out for RC coverage in your favorite gaming magazine/site. We will also be releasing fan kits shortly with everything youíll need to build a great RC fan site.

Iíll be reading these forums closely over the upcoming weeks so please post your questions about the game and Iíll do my best to answer them. Thanks!

Here's his Q&A in 3 parts:

Walon Vau
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EDITED BY Walon Vau: Feb 01, 2005 03:10 PM

I'm glad to see that there are a lot more people visiting the forum! As I'm sure you have noticed the website keeps getting updated with new content, so visit it often for the latest information on the game. Be sure to check out gaming web sites like GameSpot, GameSpy, IGN, TeamXbox, and Yahoo! Games Domain for previews, videos, and screenshots of Star Wars Republic Commando (SWRC). Also, the latest issue of "Star Wars Insider" magazine has a two page feature on the game.

Here are answers to some of the questions I've seen posted over the past week. Keep them coming and I'll do my best to answer all of them.

Q: Will the release date be the same for Xbox and PC?
A: Yes. The release date for both the Xbox and PC versions of SWRC is March 1, 2005.

Q: What happened to that huge trailer that was on the website a few days back?
A: That video has been moved to the videos section of the website. We are constantly updating and fine-tuning the website as we work out all the details.

Q: Will the Xbox version have downloadable content?
A: Yes. We will be supporting downloadable content for both the Xbox and PC versions of the game after it launches.

Q: When will the fan site kits be released?
A: Looks for fan kits to be posted and updated in the next two weeks. If there is anything specific you need for your fan site, let us know and we'll try and include it.

Q: If I pre-ordered the game will it come in the mail on March 1st or later?
A: I can't really guarantee when exactly you'll get the game, but you will get a free gift if you do!

Q: Is there going to be Linux Server Support for Republic Commando?
A: No. SWRC does not support a server running the Linux operating system.

Q: Are you going to be able to play Multiplayer Offline (split-screen) on the Xbox?
A: Yes. All game modes and specially designed maps will be available for 2-4 players to play split-screen on the same Xbox.

Q: I was wondering if there was going to be any Multiplayer bots?
A: No. SWRC will not have "bots" in multiplayer games on the PC or the Xbox. You will be playing against real people at all times and up to 16 players!

Q: Will there be dedicated server support for Republic Commando?
A: Yes. Stay tuned for details on how to easily use your PC or your Xbox as a dedicated host for a SWRC multiplayer game.

Q: Will there be multiplayer in the PC demo?
A: No. The PC demo released in early February will be a single player experience.

Q: In multiplayer, do you get to choose your own appearance?
A: Yes, you will be able to choose to play as the Republic or as a Trandoshan and then customize your appearance with different skins and attachments.

Q: Is there going to be Cooperative play on Xbox Live and Offline?
A: Star Wars Republic Commando is a game where we put a tremendous amount of our effort and emphasis in making sure the squad based single player experience is outstanding and innovative. The squad in SWRC is not just a bunch of bots that follow you around shooting things. The squad is an effective and intelligent weapon that the player uses strategically to progress through the game. The squad members are not something that we can divide up between two people playing coop, and they are not something we can remove. If you take the squad out of SWRC, you remove the heart of the game!

Q: I've read about the Assault mode in Multiplayer, but I'm wondering what it will be like?
A: Assault is very fun objective based multiplayer. Each side takes turns attacking and defending a base. You get points if you successfully carry your flag into the opposing team's base. The maps are very well designed to promote several different tactics and strategies for how to accomplish this.

Q: Will you be adding downloadable versions of the choral music from the demo?
A: Yes! Keep an eye on the SWRC website for Mp3 downloads of the original score created by our composer Jesse Harlin.

Q: Can "Boss" have a blue paint job?
A: The members of Delta squad all chose their own paint scheme for their armor. Details on this can be found in the Designer Notes section of the SWRC website.

Q: What are the levels in the game?
A: There are 15 single player missions in SWRC that span across three different campaigns and many unique locations. Stay tuned for more info.

Q: Can I download the voice files from Delta Squad that I hear on the website?
A: I'll look into it and get back to you. Stay tuned!


Walon Vau
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EDITED BY Walon Vau: Feb 02, 2005 02:01 PM

It's been a little while since I posted and I wanted to give you an update on how Star Wars Republic Commando is finishing up and provide answers to some more of your questions. The team has fixed the final bugs and we've made our last pass at tuning and tweaking the game. Our test group is giving it one final review before we call it "Gold" - which just means "done". I expect that will happen very soon.

The PC Demo can now be found out on the web for download at a number of different sites and also on some magazine demo disks so I hope you all get a chance to play it. From what I've read here on the forums it looks like many of you already have and are really enjoying it. We expect to post it for download here on the official site very soon. Also, we have added some new movies in the videos section of the site so be sure to check that out.

Here are some more answers to your questions:

Q: Do you know the exact release date for the PC demo?
A: Yes. Today!

Q: Can you customize your Heads Up Display (HUD)?
A: Yes. Under "Options" in the User Interface you have several choices on how you would like to customize your HUD.

Q: Will there be a difficulty setting for the game?
A: Yes. At any point while playing the game you can adjust the difficulty setting. There are three choices: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Q: Will there be the option to play the game from a 3rd person view?
A: No. Republic Commando is designed to be experienced from the first person perspective and from within the helmet of the Clone Commando "Delta Thirty-Eight" aka "Boss".

Q: I don't have Xbox Live. Will I still have fun with the game? Will there be a lot of replay value to the single player mode?
A: We put a huge emphasis on making sure the single player campaign is something you are going to want to experience over and over again. There are certain missions that I've played over a dozen times and still go back to them. Because the game isn't highly scripted and you can use your squad in so many different ways, there really are many different ways to play each mission. And even if you don't have Xbox Live, you can still play split-screen Multiplayer with up to three of your friends.

Q: How long is the single player campaign?
A: Your length of play is going to depend on what difficulty mode you play at, how good you are, and how you chose to play the game. I expect for a typical gamer on a Medium difficulty the single player campaign represents well over 20 hours of gameplay.

Q: Will there be a spectator mode in Multiplayer?
A: Yes. You will be able to enter a game and watch by either flying around or following a player in the game.

Q: Will people with an Xbox be able to play people on a PC in Multiplayer?
A: No. Online Multiplayer for Xbox is through Live and for the PC matchmaking is done through Gamespy.

Q: Will you be able to pilot vehicles in the game?
A: No. Although vehicles are present in the game and you will interact with them frequently, you cannot pilot vehicles in either Single Player or Multiplayer modes. You can, however, use some of the very cool turrets to take out your enemies. Those are featured on the official website in detail.

Q: Will the Trandoshans and the Republic Commandos have the same shields and health in Multiplayer?
A: Yes. They are both balanced so there is no strategic advantage to one over the other. It's really just your preference on who you want to be.

And finally...

Walon Vau
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I'm sure by now you have seen that Star Wars Republic Commando has 'Gone Gold' which means that the game is being manufactured and shipped out to stores for the March 1st release date. The team worked extremely hard during the last few weeks to make some final adjustments and improvements to the game and we are all extremely happy with the way it turned out!

Some great reviews of the game are starting to roll in and critics are saying some very positive things about Star Wars Republic Commando. For a complete listing of all the latest reviews go to:


There will also be a ton of new and exciting movies posted in the Videos section of the official Star Wars Republic Commando site this Wednesday so be sure to check those out when they are posted.

For the PC community who are excited about creating MODs of SWRC you should know that a Level Editor will not be included in the PC version of the game but will be available online for download a few weeks after the game ships. This should give you a little time to enjoy SWRC before you start changing it!

Here are some answers to some of your more recent questions:

Q: Is the guy who does the voice of Scorch the same guy that did the voice of Carth in KOTOR??
A: Yes, the actor who plays Scorch also played Carth in KOTOR. Interestingly enough, however, it wasn?t his role in KOTOR that won him the part. He submitted an audition with hundreds of others and he simply read it better than anyone else - a perfect blend of sarcasm and rogue-ish charm. He also was a great contrast to Jonathan David Cook, who?s deep, cutting voice was chosen for Sev. The actor?s name is Raphael Sbarge.

Q: What is the level of customazation we will have for our multiplayer skins?
A: You will be able to chose from a wide selection of different colored/textured skins and then add attachments to your character. There very little chance two players will go into a Mulitplayer battle looking the same!

Q: Will the music from the game be available on a CD?
A: We will not be releasing a CD of the music from SWRC, but all of the original music tracks are currently available for download from the official website in MP3 format.

Q: Can you assign someone other then Fixer to hack into a computer? And if so does he do it slower then Fixer?
A: In an effort to take the micro-management out of the squad experience, we don?t require you to specify which one of your squad mates follows a command once you?ve issued it using the ?One Touch? squad control. If all the squad members are close to the computer ? Fixer will be the guy who does it and he?ll be happy to do it. If Fixer is busy doing something else, Scorch or Sev will jump in and do the job just as well ? they may just complain about it a little!

Q: Xbox version, is there unlockable content?
A: Yes ' as you progress through SWRC you will unlock additional content like cool 'Making Of' movies giving you a behind the scenes look at the creation of SWRC.

Q: Will the PC version of the game require hardware that supports Pixel Shader 1.1?
A: Yes. The PC box lists which hardware configurations that the game supports and the game also includes a tool that will analyze your computer and tell you whether or not you can play SWRC.

Q: What HD resolutions are going to be supported on the Xbox for SWRC?
A: The Xbox version of SWRC will support 480p HD and can also be played in a Widescreen 16:9 mode.

From here (http://forums.lucasarts.com/forum.jspa?forumID=30&start=0).