View Full Version : Terraspace kicks behinds.

03-17-2005, 01:02 PM
Yes, it does. Click for large version;

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y38/HauntedByAngels/notu_small.jpg (http://www.deviantart.com/view/16198597)

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y38/HauntedByAngels/falling_small2.jpg (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/16126634/)

Feedback much appreciated.

03-17-2005, 01:21 PM
I'd have to agree with you. Looks great!

03-17-2005, 01:29 PM
tidal wave!!!

03-17-2005, 02:13 PM
As I agree with one of the deviantfeedbacks, realism isn't really a strong point of the drawings (shadows etc).
The rest is amazing. Very good job

You have potential to exceed master Yoda

03-17-2005, 02:38 PM
Fixed. :)

03-17-2005, 02:49 PM
I like the depth of the first one, and the scale of the second one.

I've already seen these on deviant art, they look great. :)

Lady Jedi
03-17-2005, 09:30 PM
Wow! Just wow. Those are incredible. The detail is amazing on both of them, especially 'Falling'. Very nice.

The first one kind of reminds me of this place that I go swimming in Fish Creek, crossed with some sort of awesome fantasy realm. Amazing. :)

The second one: I don't know what to say. Awesome! Almost takes my breath away; I don't know how to explain it. :)

03-17-2005, 09:53 PM
These are AMAZING!

Wow, I can't get over how awesome they are.

What kind of program do you use to make these?

03-18-2005, 03:14 AM
Originally posted by Acrylic
What kind of program do you use to make these?

Terragen and photoshop.

03-18-2005, 05:23 AM
Plus WorldBuilder, since it has a better, more advanced way of creating TerraGen terrains.

Says so when you lick the link, anyway. :)

03-18-2005, 04:09 PM
More I say!

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y38/HauntedByAngels/rebirth_small.jpg (http://www.deviantart.com/view/16238798/)

Lady Jedi
03-18-2005, 04:52 PM
Very nice. The planet textures are great, and that vortex thing you've got going on is incredible. It seems, I don't know, almost softer than the other ones. It's problably the cliffs that make it seem that way. All in all, I think it's another awesome piece. :)

Keep it up. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Did you write that bit underneath it on your Deviation page. It's very good. :)

03-18-2005, 05:03 PM
I did, yes. Thank you! :)

03-19-2005, 01:57 PM
That looks awesome. I've been using Terragen for a while and could never get anything that good. Any pointers?

03-19-2005, 02:55 PM
Use WorldBuilder for terrains, play around with atmosphere a lot, use large terrains, and most of all: Experiment. :)