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03-19-2005, 12:33 PM
Not to spam again, but this is copied from a thread in Yoda's Swamp. I post this here for the RTS players that love troops and vehicles, as I do!! Anyway, this is what was posted:

Well, watching this trailer led me to see some stuff that got me excited. You see, I love Star Wars vehicles and soldiers. So, I am now going to show you certain pictures to further your knowledge.

First, we have the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (as seen in SWGB, it was cut out of AotC):


Second, we have some Corporate Alliance Tanks and some MAF's (from SWBF, those infamous horrible vehicles, but they look sweet here):


Third, we have those weird new ships, the Droid Trifighters (I thought that they were going to look crappy as the toys did, but they look sweet too):


Fourth, we have the famous Juggernaughts. Theses bad boys appeared in SWGB as the Rebel Alliance heavy tank. These were originally Galactic Republic tanks that the Rebels "acquired" over time. These might have appeared in other games as well. The removed "Hovernaughts" from SWBF were essentially these things, except they hovered. Here is a picture:


Fifth, we have the silently swift Lambada-class Shuttle precursor, escorted by the precursor TIE Fighters. Those precursor TIE Fighters are in a stage between Jedi Starfighters and TIE Fighters. Anyways, here is a picture:


Sixth, we have the begiining of the rumored battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grevious. Obi-Wan looks a bit...outnumbered in this. This is what I mean:


Seventh, the one that I am most unsure about, is what seems to be a Y-wing precursor. But, I think that I am wrong. Tell me what you think:


Eighth, we have the new Clonetroopers, which are the Stormtrooper precursors. They look wicked. By the way, look at them and not just Aayla's beautiful Twi'lek cleavage! Oh, yes! Anyway, enjoy:


Ninth, but not least, is another picture of the new Clonetroopers, which are the Stormtrooper precursors. This one isn't blocked by her cleavage:


This is about it. If you hadn't noticed the half Acclamator-class military transports (RAS's, Republic Assault Ships) and half Victory-class Star Destroyers, you are blind!!

Hope you find this thread intriguing.


03-19-2005, 08:12 PM
to bad this game is playing after the clone wars and the empire has donated most of this stuf ot the garbage eaters or the 3th world to build houses in :o

03-21-2005, 01:45 PM
It also seems that palpy is gonna kill mace.