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03-20-2005, 01:10 AM
Better late than never right?

This was going to be posted a long time ago but we ran into some snags and didn't get around to it.

Anyway, for now it's posted in my section, but until we find a better place for it there it is.

This is a review done of the Xbox demo of Republic Commando (included with KOTOR 2 on Xbox). As you may know, it covers a different part of the game than did the later PC demo (I myself haven't played it, not owning an Xbox and not wishing to play later into the game until I've seen ROTS).

So if there's any Xbox users still wondering about the game, this might be of use to you.

Thanks to Zbomber for writing it, and sorry for the delay in posting (and feel free to leave him your feedback too).

Hey, every little bit of info helps, and it's always nice to hear another's opinion.

Read it HERE (http://www.republiccommando.net/index.php?action=bootcamp&page=xboxdemo)!

03-20-2005, 10:21 AM
Yay! :D

This level is actually in the full game. same objectives and everything, just in the demo, there a few more battle droids in the beginning. ;)