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03-20-2005, 03:54 PM

Officially this is where you can talk about your favourite episodes, but really it's just an excuse to post some nice artwork. Let The Great Tierra de los Muertos Fest '05 continue...


Part I: There's a New Death in Town
Miguel Huesos, a reaperman, is sent to retrieve the soul of Tomas 'The Red' Encion, a stoolie for the cops in the mafia who fell on bad times (rather hard as well).


Part II: To Live in the Land of the Dead
A mortal finds his way to the land of the dead, perhaps fulfilling the ancient prophesy of the chosen one, who will lead the people to the promised land...


Part III: To the Rhythm
The mortal, Number Two, is taken to meet Death and to learn more about the prophesy in which he will take part, in which he leads the people of Tierra de los Muertos to the promised land.


Part IV: City Archives
To find out more about the Gates of the Afterlife, Miguel Huesos, Number Two, and Tomas Encion travel to the City Archives, run by a mysterious skeleton known only as the Great Sage, to discover the truth about the legend...


Part V: The Edge of the Empty Sea
Miguel Huesos and Tomas 'The Red' Encion begin their journey to find the Gates of the Afterlife, aided with an ancient manuscript and the presence of the mortal, Number Two.


Part VI: The Boney Lass
Stranded beyond the first marker in the Dead Sea, Miguel, Number Two, and Tomas Encion are rescued by the swashbuckling entrepreneur named Valora DeCazador, who is also on a very familiar sounding quest...


Part VII: Isla Calavera
Run aground offshore of Isla Calavera, Miguel, Tomas, and Number Two resign to the fact that the Great Sage has lead them on a dead goose chase. Death is less convinced.


Part VIII: Two-feet Tall Pygmy Headhunters
With death being held in the village of the pygmy headhunters, a daring rescue is staged involving a terribly cunning plan.


Part IX: The Volcano
After a daring escape from the savage pygmy headhunters, one final obstacle faces our heroes in the quest to find the Gates of the Afterlife... a volcano...

Part X: The Gates of the Afterlife
The giant volcano holds the way to the River of Dreams, across which lies the Gates of the Afterlife, to which Number Two alone holds the key...

03-20-2005, 10:04 PM
That's right, I forgot all about Death having a crack in his skull.

Geez, my art sucks. :)

03-22-2005, 05:22 PM
I still have my original pencil drawing of Part III. ;D