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03-20-2005, 06:09 PM
This RPG is based off of Gundam SEED. Best Gundam series I've seen ((And I've only seen afew.)). Anyway it's baseicley about a war, about genetic DNA enhanceing. There is Zaft, which is run by teh coordinators. ((They are the geneticly enhanced humans.)) And here's teh Earth Forces, which is agenst ZAFT and the coordinators. It's pretty much about two 16 year old oys, Kira Yamato, and Athrun Zala. Kira earth, Athrun ZAFT. They were friends a long time ago, but that's changed as the yare fighting opposiote sides in the war. ANyway, the two end up splitting form their factions alogn with many others, and go agents the Eart hForces and Zaft. Kira and AThrun are both coordinators, and are soem of the strongest. Anwyay this war is about the time when they split, After Alaska and ORB . There are now other ships joining their cause, and they are going agents all factions. Right now they are wandering in space, and with the joining of Lacus CLyne and her crew, teh survivors of Orb, AThrun Zala, Dearka (SP?), and teh crew of the ar angel, they are a very powerful force. You can be ZAFT, the wanderers, or the Earth Forces, ZAft are all coordinators, earth only himans, and wanderes both. The war ships of teh wanderers are the arc angel, the kusainagi, and Lacus' ship. ((Forgot name.))

1) No god mdoeing
2) No swearing
3) No char controlling
4) No char killing

Char sheet:
Race: ((Patrick Zala calls the coordinators a new race.))
Gundam/mobile suit/mobile armor:


03-26-2005, 12:24 AM
((OoC: Wow You actually made this! Quick question: Can we control main characters? Like Raw Le Cruset giving orders to my own character?

And Lacus Clyne's ship is the Eternal, and it's part of the Three Ship Alliance.))

03-26-2005, 12:32 PM
((Yeah you can. You can't controll main characters completely, but you can controll them to give you orders. And yes, I finilly got around to makeing this. I can't wait till SEED Destiny comes on cartoon network.))

Name: Heero Zela ((No, not Zala, ZEla.))
Age: 16
Side: Wanderer
Race: 2nd degree coordinator.
Gundam: Peace Gundam ((I'll give out what it's like later.))

03-26-2005, 01:16 PM
Name: Canaan Zabaac
Age: 18
Side: ZAFT (Red Elite)
Race: Second Generation Coordinator
Gundam/mobile suit/mobile armor: Faith Gundam(Description? Uhh...I'll get back to you on that)

03-26-2005, 01:43 PM
The fleet was on the move. After arriveing at an old abandond ZAFT space colony, they took refuge there. Three large Ships, the Kusanagi, the Arc Angel, and the Eternal, were all axauhsted with no fuel and scars from battle. WHat the ywould do now, they did not know, but that is where they would stay untill they get refueled.

03-26-2005, 03:20 PM
The Vesalius. Commander Klueze was explaining the situation on the bridge to his team. Canaan was also there.

Rau Le Klueze: "This is the predicted course of the Eternal."
Captain Ades: "The L4 Colony Cluster, it seems. This is awkward. Suspicious people made it their hideout in the past, but now...
Le Klueze: "I believe Clyne's plan isn't that grand, what can they do?"
Ades: "Regardless, now we have orders to supress them."
Le Klueze: "Well, that can't be helped now, can it? Chairman Zala isn't pleased."
Le Klueze looked over to Canaan, his second best pilot. "Canaan, I trust you know what must be done."

Startled, Canaan regained his composure.
"Yes, sir." He gave the Zaft salute and exited the bridge. The Vesalius continued its way towards the abandoned space colony where the Eternal was presumely located.

03-27-2005, 09:57 AM
Heero was on board the coleny. Knowing not what to do, he looked around. There wasn't many things of intrest, and he was tired. He eventually found an abandond dorm, and took a nap. :P

03-27-2005, 12:05 PM
((OoT: It seems we're in Phase 43))

After Canaan exited the bridge, he made his way back to his room. He left everyone behind. On his way, he couldn't help but think about their supposed "assignment."

"Regardless, now we have orders to supress them."

It troubled him. He did not want to "suppress" his icon, Lacus Clyne. And now, there are even rumors that ace-pilot Athrun Zala was with her.

"What the hell's going on?" Canaan said out aloud, noticeably frustrated by these recent events. When he entered his quarters, he took down his Lacus Clyne poster on the wall (:D), but after considerable thought, put it back up.

Dammit. He wasn't sure what to do anymore.

03-28-2005, 06:01 PM
A few hours later Heero woke up. They were being attacked, oddly enough, it was yet ANOTHER ar angel looking ship. He ran to hos gudnam right away, and prepped for launch. Once he was ready, he shot off and immediatley started fireing at some missles launched. ((Dang, all the nukes that the Allience sent out, they ARE evil!)) I blew some of them up, and saw Yamato in the Freedeom. How Heero had wished THAT was his mobile suit. Then he saw the Justice, the red paint design was cool, especilly the double beam saber. But he'd have to do with the Peace. Whci hwas pretty awsome it's self, shoulder mounted large cannon on his right arm, sword pack on the back, and a booster pack on the back as well. It was alot like the Strike, exept diffrent. ((:D))

03-28-2005, 09:07 PM
((OoT: W00t! Sorry, I just gotta mentioned that Phase 23 of GSD sure was awesome! Oh my! :eek: Erm, sorry, I'll get back on track. :D))

Canaan was restless after he left his quarters. He decided to go speak with Commander Klueze, who was probably in his room. Before he entered, he could hear a conversation within. Rather than entering, he decided to listen in.

"You seem tired." It was a female voice. It was probably that weird red-haired Natural that Le Klueze had around. They continued to talk, but then something that Rau said, caught his attention.

"I've finally obtained the key needed to end the war, but I can't open the door if the key is here."

What did Rau mean by this, Canaan wondered. Regarless, he entered the room and gave the ZAFT salute, but completely ignored the red-head.

"Ah, how've you been doing Canaan," Rau said.
"Everything if fine, Commander." Canaan responded. It was at this time that Captain Ades from the bridge contacted him.

"Commander, we've nearly reached the Colony. Something interesting has come up." Ades said through the comlink.

The Vesalius and two other Nazca class ships approaced the colony from behind, but stayed far away enough to avoid detection. Le Klueze and Canaan went up to the bridge, where Captain Ades and Captain Yzak Jule were.

"Well then, what's the meaning of this?" Le Klueze said. "The curtains have been raised already?" He was referring to a skirmish already taking place outside the colony.
"Two ships other than the Eternal. And one of them is the legged ship." Captain Ades said. The legged ship was the Archangel, a ship that had repeatedly escaped fom the reaches of ZAFT. "It looks like the Earth Alliance only has one ship," Ades continued.

"But because we have no idea what's going on, we have no way on acting on anything," Le Klueze said. He paused for a moment, then continued. "Yzak and I will infiltrate the colony and start gathering intelligence." This suprised everyone, including Canaan.

"You're going out personally, Commander?" Ades said.

"Commander, what about me?" Canaan said finally. Le Klueze looked over to him, paused to think, and finally responded.

"I want you to scout out the battle taking place outside the colony. Don't engage, but do so if necessary." And with that, Le Klueze got out of his seat. "The Mendel Colony....if we dig deep enough, we can figure out a lot of things."

Canaan made his way to his Faith Gundam. It was a secret prototype Gundam, personnally given to him by Commander Le Klueze despite protests from Yzak. One could say that it was modeled after the Freedom, but it was much different. It was a stepping stone for a mobile suit modeled for the future. Canaan got in, and made the preparations for launch.

"Canaan Zabaac. Faith. Launching!" And with that, the Faith Gundam launched into space.

((OoT: OK, I'll promise not to over do it next time. ;) ))

03-28-2005, 10:07 PM
((DAMN GUNDAM SEED DESTINY! COME TO CARTOON NETWORK USA SOON!)) I destroyed more missles, and destroyed about two moebiouses. ((I'm still confused about that whole boaz thing. Dangit, I'm about a weak away from phase 49, I saw the preview of it on 48, dangit it looks cool, especilly when it looked like AThrun was kissing Cagalli. I have to see if that was what was happening!))
I then sensed Canaan, I knew it was him. I was an X-ZAFT soilder, so I knew Canaan. It was him alright, I had to talk with him. Seeing as the Freedom and Justice could handle it, I zomed off and looked for teh faith.

03-28-2005, 10:23 PM
((OoT: wtf you sensed me? Are you a Newtype?! :p We must have that Rau/Mwu thing going on...))
((OoT: Oh, and Boaz was back in Phase 47...yet you've already seen 48? I thought CN has only aired Phase 47 so far? :confused: So I think you meant that you saw Phase 48's preview on Phase 47.))
((OoT: Back on Boaz: Basically, Azrael got the data of the Neutron Jammer Canceler, which enabled them(EA) to use nuclear weapons again...which they did on Boaz...))

Upon approaching the Colony, Canaan's senses alarmed him. He's had this feeling before.

What is this feeling? ....Is it....him? No, it can't be... Canaan thought. He continued to move when his radar picked up another unit coming towards him.

No way...! This completely surprised him. Why is he with them!? What is the meaning of this! Dammit! He moved towards the object. He thought for a bit, yet even though he was in a state of shock, he fired the Faith's beam rifle in the direction of the Peace.

03-29-2005, 10:00 AM
((Maybe, I swear it was 48. I lost count though. You are right, dang, so yeah, kinda like the Mwu Rau thing, kinda, :D It's more of the Kira and AThrun thing, they knew one was the pilot of the other.)) "Wow!" Barely activateing my booster jets in time to avoid, I pulled out my sword in my left hand, and fired my shoulder mounted cannon. "What was that for!? I just wanted to talk."

03-29-2005, 12:29 PM
((OoT: I see...))

Canaan just dodged The Peace's shoulder mounted cannons in time, and returned fire with more his own shoulder mounted railguns.

"Says you! I should be the one asking the questions!" Canaan said into the communication line. "Why are you here? Why are you with them?"

03-29-2005, 07:31 PM
"Dont you see what Zaft is doing is wrong? Lacus is right, AThrun is with us, even HE doesn't belive his Father, and he is very devoted to his cause, if he isn't with ZAFT, why would anybody?" Heero said, dodgeing the rail-guns. "I have met some of the naturals, they are just like us, exept they can get sick, and aren't as fast as us with computers. We aren't a new "Species", we are just like them, exept our genes have been altered. It shames me to be a coordinator since they are led by that, Monster!" I started flipping around my sword, knowing this would probabley go onto a fight.

03-29-2005, 10:51 PM
Canaan was shocked at Heero's words.
"What are you saying? You're being tricked! Whatever ever happened to "For ZAFT!? You traitorous little..." Without waiting for an answer, Canaan activated his beam saber and rushed the Peace Gundam. He took a swipe at it.

03-30-2005, 01:00 PM
I shot my sword in the way and blocked it. I popped out a hidden knife in my knee with my right hand and attempted to stab the faith.

03-30-2005, 01:47 PM
The Peace's dagger blade stabbed the Faith in the left shoulder.
"Dammit, cheap shot, " Canaan said, and he stabilized the electrical damage while simultaneously backing off the Peace. He took out his electrical whip and and tried to grab hold of the Peace's right arm with it.

03-30-2005, 02:41 PM
It wrapped aroudn the Peace's left arm and the arm was yanked off. Heero put away his dagger and his sword, and his shoulder mounted cannon folded down into non attack mode. "This is all a distraction... isnt it?" I threw away my sword. "I don't need that, beam sabers beat it any day. I'm not gonna fight you, this is all a plan to make me weaker for one of ZAFT's bigger plans, isnt it? Tell me Canaan, after hearing the words of Clyne, why are you still with ZAFT? Genessis is nearly complete, and you are gonna wipe out earth, arent you? Sure, that'll end this war, huh, all that'll happen is bring more fighting. You can understand taht, can you not?"

03-30-2005, 03:09 PM
((OoT: :confused: How do you know about GENESIS? No one finds out about it until Phase 47. :p Unless this is after...LOL I've been RPing like it's still Phase 43!))

03-30-2005, 03:24 PM
((No, but you're ZAFT, I'm EX ZAFT, I think we'd both know about Genissis. This is still about 43 though.))

03-30-2005, 03:48 PM
((OoC: Well, that makes sense. I'll play along. :) Oh, and I think we're in Phase 44 now. Le Klueze and Yzak have just entered the colony...maybe awhile ago... ))

Once again, Canaan was paralyzed by Heero's words.
"Wha..." He regained his composure. "How the hell did you know about GENESIS? Only a few people know about it." Canaan caught a glimpse of the Archangle vs. Dominion battle in the distance. "Just whose side are you on!? If you don't chose a side, then you'll only get in the way." He pointed his beam rifle at the Peace.

03-30-2005, 06:23 PM
"The right side, the side of your idle, the side of ex teerorism, and the side of ex war. We fight to protect the world by war, have you even listened to your commanding officers? They say you are to fight till every last Natural is dead, does that mean sloughtering THAUSANDS of innocents? Does that mean killing many men, that have a life, just like you? And I know of Genissis because I saw the documents of my commanding officer, that was also part of the reason why I left. I had also heard rumors of ZAFT's super weapon. And when I saw those documents, I knew the rumors were true. The earth's nukes, I do belive what the did at Junius seven was wrong, but what you are going to do with Genissis, is MORE wrong. Take my words into account Canaan, because when it's time fro Genissis to fire at Earth, you will regret every single moment you served with ZAFT. Havent you noticed how evil Zala is? He threatened to kill is own son, and next he is going to destroy a whole planet! I'll be returning to the Eternal now, if you have any regrets of ever being in ZAFT, come find me near the wreckage of Junius seven, in about 2 rotations of earth, I'll be waiting all day dureing the battle agenst earth. If you don't show up that day, then I guess I'll have lost all hope." Heero took out the Peace's rifle, and shot it at canaans. Then Heero flew off, before Canaan would be able to fire back.

03-30-2005, 07:17 PM
((OoC: And during your speech, the EA and the druggies retreated...if that's alright with you.))

Canaan easily dodge Heero's shot, but he didn't return fire. Heero was already gone.

Just who does he think he is? Canaan grimaced. He closed his eyes to ponder Heero's words. What happened to the old Heero that Canaan knew so well? This wasn't like him at all. So now Lacus, Bartfelt, Athrun, and now....Heero too?

"Why are they doing this?" He said aloud. It was troubling, but he already knew where his allegiances lie.

"For ZAFT..."

He continued to think long and hard about what had happened. A small part of him wanted to meet Heero at the site, but that would mean betraying ZAFT: his pride, and most importantly, his spirit. He sat there in space for a long time.

((OoC: Phase 44-45--ish. And wow! I just found the coolest Gundam picture. I think I'll make it my Faith Gundam =) But it "kinda" looks advance for its time. I'll post it later.))

03-30-2005, 09:35 PM
OOC: Yeah that's fine, the druggies, lol. Dang, I wanna see taht pic of faith.

IC: After the EA and the BIO CPU's retreated, Heero docked with the Arc Angel. He looked around, and found the Buster, Justice, Strike, and freedom in bad shape. Heero walked to the med bay to see if anytjing was going on. There was Mu who was injured, and Merriu was by him. Heero was wandering "Shouldnt she be leading the ship? We aren't even back in teh colony yet, what if ZAFT, or the Earth Allience strikes before we can get back to the colony?" Heero told noone anything of a ZAFT ship in the area, tah twas his little secret. Then he flew to the Eternal, and found Kira crying, as usual. And Cagalli and AThrun hanging out. After reporting in there, he visited the Kusainagi and reported in, and they were docked with the colony.

03-31-2005, 12:55 AM
((OoC: Whoops, getting a little ahead of ourselves are we?))

As Canaan stayed motionless, adrift in space, he received an urgent transmission from the Dual Gundam.

"Canaan, we're retreating! The Commander is injured!" It was Yzak. In the Dual's arms was the battered remains of Le Klueze's mobile suit.
"I'm on my way!" Canaan responded. Before he went, he looked back in the direction that the Peace Gundam left.

Next time we meet, Heero, I might not be so....forgiving. Then Canaan left the scene.
Back on board the Vesalius, Yzak quickly saw to the cockpit of the GuAIZ, but Le Klueze was not there. He and Canaan wondered where he went. Canaan went to the Commander's room, but like last time, he didn't enter the room. Canaan was better at eavesdropping anyways. He could hear the commander's angry words as he contacted Ades, who was on the bridge.

"Ades!" Le Klueze said angrily.
"Commander, what happ..." Before Ades could finish, Le Klueze interrupted.
"Vesalius is lanching! Prepare the mobile suit for launch! Relay the message to the other two ships." He said with a raised voice.
"But...!" Ades tried to say, but was cut off again.
"We can't just sit here and watch! We can't have the Earth Alliance have those two units!" Le Klueze continued. He was yelling now.
"But...!" Once again, Ades was cut off.
"I'm launching too! Have them prepare. I'll be right up to the bridge." Le Klueze shouted. Then he turned off the comlink. Canaan heard that he was breathing hard, then it calmed down suddenly.
"Well then," he said. He was probably talking to that red-haired Natural. "I'll need your help too. One last attempt...to see if the door opens or not. I need you to delever this for me. The key to the last door. Once that is passed onto the Earth Alliance, the war will end." He paused for a moment. "Canaan, you can come in now."

This startled Canaan. Crap, he thought to himself. He then entered the room and gave the usual ZAFT salute.
"Sir! I'm sorry I didn't..." Canaan said to try and defend himself.
"No need to apologize, Canaan, but we're getting ready to launch an attack. Assemble at the bridge."
"Yes, Sir!" He gave the salute again and Canaan left for the bridge.
Meanwhile, the Dominion was ready to attack again.
On the bridge of the Vesalius, Canaan stood silently as they planned. Le Klueze was on the intercom, and he was going to contact the Earth Alliance.

"Calling the Earth Alliance Archangle-class battle ship. Before we commence battle, I'd like to hand over a captive that we've had on board this ship," he said calmly over the intercom. He was referring to Flay Alster. Canaan wondered what he was really planning to do with her.

((OoC: Start Phase 46))
The Vesalius and the two other Nazca-class ships were advancing towards the battlefield.
Canaan, Yzak, and Le Klueze were in their repective mobile suits. Shortly before hand, Canaan saw two mechanics put the red-haired girl into a lifepod. But now was not the time to think about that. The Zaft offensive had begun. Twelve Ginns had already launched.

"The main target is the Eternal," Captain Ades said through the intercom.
"Understood," Canaan said. Shortly after, Yzak launched. Now it was his turn.

"Canaan Zabaac. Faith. Launching!"

The Faith Gundam (http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y96/Derc/LFFaithGundam.jpg) launched into space.

03-31-2005, 03:01 PM
((Yeah, alittle I guess, whoops. And wow, that is awsome. Reminds me of the Freedom.)) The ZAFT assault was commenced, so Heeri launched out of the catapault. Pretty much all the GINNS were after the Eternel. Fireing my rifle around, my "new" rifle, I killed about two GINNs in a minute. I took out my new beam saber that replaced my sword, it was double bladed and could split in two. The Peace's new left arm now had a bult in knife, and his right arm was heavily modified. The peace stuck it's rifle on it's shield, and that attached to the left arm. The big cannon on the Peace's right arm moved forward, and then went over, it was now infront of the Peace's right arm. Then it slid back, and was locked in place over the right arm, turning the whole arm into a cannon. Heero fired the cannon at a GINN, one hit kill. ((Gundam music starts playing, I'm not sure of which one it is. It has the guy singing, and it only plays dureing battles.))

03-31-2005, 03:38 PM
((OoC: The music you're referring to is called Meteor. And we're right smack in Phase 46. I trust you know what happens?))

Canaan saw that the battle had already begun. The Dominion and its three mobile armors, Calamity, Raider and Forbidden, were battling the Archangle, Freedom, and Justice. Canaan was heading towards the Eternal when he saw that a yellow beam was shot at Duel. Yzak dodge it easily because it wasn't meant to hit him. It was meant to stop him in his tracks. The yellow shot, to Canaan's surprise, was fired by the Buster Gundam. The last time Canaan heard about its fate, that it was captured by the Archangle and its pilot, Dearka Elsman was taken captive. He did not know what happened to Dearka, so he moved toward Buster to engage it.

"No, Canaan, I've got this one." Yzak said through the intercom.
"Whatever," Canaan replied, and he went to engage the Kasanagi and its M1 Astray Division. He easily took out a few of the Astrays, but three of them were a bit more persistant. ((These three being Asagi, Julie, and Mayura)). He played around with them a bit, exchanging fire with the three, when he looked over to the Eternal. He saw a single Gundam taking out a couple of GINNs. He knew instantly who it was.


He flew towards to engage it, and fired the Faith's blue beam cannons at it.

03-31-2005, 03:48 PM
"CANAAN!" Heero dodged the blast. "I guess you are still loyal to ZAFT, I respect people who are loyal, I've been listening to Commander Waltfeld alot, and I don't want to kill you, I want the fighting to stop, but I fear I'll have to kill you. I don't want to to be now but..." Heero's SEED activates, and his booster pack splits and attaches to his arms. Wings sprout out of the Peace's back, and Heero's beam sabers combine at the hilts, and he grabs them in his left hand. The left hand goes inwards into the arm, and his hand is now a double beam saber. ((Side by side two beam sabers as I said before.))

03-31-2005, 04:10 PM
"Grrr..." Canaan muttered, as he went in for a quick slash with his now activated blue beam saber.

03-31-2005, 04:13 PM
The double beam saber blocked it, Heero was amazed with what could happen to the Peace, and at the modifications they made on normal Peace. Heero fired the large cannon on his right arm.

03-31-2005, 04:22 PM
Because of Heero's SEED, the newly modified Peace was able to blow away the Faith with the cannons. Luckily, the Faith wasn't badly damaged. The Zaft vessels ((and the Eternal and Kasanagi)) continued firing at each other.

"Dammit," Canaan said aloud. Just then, a cry was heard throughout the battlefield.


"Huh?" Canaan said. It was that red-haired girl.

03-31-2005, 04:27 PM
"What the heck was that?" Heero said. "She said Arc-Angel.... Maybe someone on the crew knows her. AGH! That's not important!" The Peace turned to face the Faith "I'm not gonna kill you now." And the Peace shot the cannon at the Faiths' head. Heero reverted back to normal, and so did the Peace. It went out of battle mode, cannon back on shoulder, booster back in place, beam sabers in holsters, and all.

03-31-2005, 05:03 PM
"Damn!" Canaan just bearly dodged by turing sideways then upside-down. In the background, the red-hair girl was still pleading through the ZAFT international rescue channel.

"I'm, I'm here! This is Flay! Flay Allster! It's me! Sai! Murrue! Stop this already!"

While Canaan was upside down, he fired his shoulder cannons at the Peace.

"I've brought the key! The key to end the war," the voice continued.

This paused Canaan for a moment.
"What is she talking about?" He said.

The ZAFT Vessels and the Eternal and Kasanagi were still going at it. ((Remember that the Eternal and Kasanagi focus their firepower on the Vesalius))

Just then, another loud voice screamed thoughout the battlefield.


"What the hell? Canaan said. He did not know what was happening.

04-01-2005, 08:05 AM
"KIRA! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SCREAMING!?" Heero said to Kira. He seemed to have no responce. Heero ignored it and fired his cannon at the Vesalius.

04-01-2005, 12:40 PM
The Vesalius had substained massive damage. And finally, it took a fatal blow. The Eternal and Kasanagi really were trying to break through!

"Vesalius is....!" Canaan desperately said.

04-01-2005, 12:48 PM
"There it goes, one ship to be remembered." Athrun and Dearka were giveing their ZAFT salutes, Heero joined them. "There goes the Vasalius, one of the best Nazga class ships I've ever seen."

04-01-2005, 01:04 PM
The Vesalius exploded in a blaze of glory. Canaan remained motionless as he watched. He received an intercom message.

"We'll retreat too. The surviving troops are to assemble at Delta Zero. There's no longer any meaning in fighting the Earth Military here."

"Tch," Canaan scoffed. And retreated to the surviving Nazca battleships with the Duel Gundam.

((OoC: Now according to GundamOfficial, TWO months pass between Phase 46 and Phase 47. Well, we can do things during this time......I guess...))

04-01-2005, 01:17 PM
"There they go. Two days Canaan, remember, two days." One day passed. Noone was looking good, especilly Kira and Mu. We were about to leave where the remains of Junius 7 were, it took about a day to get there. ((Derc you can post what yo udid during those two days.))

04-01-2005, 01:59 PM
Canaan was restless aboard the Visinger, one of the two surviving Nazca ships. Yzak Jule was aboard the other, the Helldarling. He paced around his quarters, thinking about what to do next. One earth revolution passed. During this time he promoted to Captain, as was Yzak.

"Dammit," he said as he clenched his fists. He left his quarters for the Faith Gundam.
In the cockpit, he activated his Gundam. He got a transmission from the bridge.
"Captain Zabaac, what are you doing?" Canaan didn't answer. He launched the Faith into space.
He arrived at the Junius 7 space colony.
"Bloody Valentine," he muttered. Its sight brought back unwanted memories from the past. He lost his entire family there. His father, his mother, and his little sister. It's why he enlisted in the ZAFT military. To avenge their deaths. He held back tears as he approached the site, and he regained his composure when he landed on the surface.

He looked around the area. He saw nothing. "Am I too late?" he questioned.

04-01-2005, 02:06 PM
"No," Heero said "It's never too late." Heero stared at the wreckage "This place is so, disturbing. Tell me, have you ever questioned your superiors orders? Have you ever seen, what the bloody murderers can do? I don't like killing, and I hate it when things resort to that. I hate the Earth Alliance alot, what they have done is wrong. That girl, she said something about a key. And I fear what ever that key is, it'll repeat Junius Seven. You can still protect ZAFT as one of us, you can still hate the E A with all your soul, and if avengeing your parents is why you joined ZAFT, they why are you still with the murderous villains when you could be with us? If you don't belive me then fine, if you want to kill me, try."

04-01-2005, 02:35 PM
"Murderous villains?" Canaan repeated. "Heero, we are not killers! We are soldiers! We're at war! If you don't shoot, you'll die!" he said.
"Heero, I trusted you. We trained together, worked together. Hell, we even graduated in the same class! Is that gone now? Is our friendship done? And for what? Do you seriously think that forming a third side will resolve the war?"

((OoC: EDIT: And my 500th post! ^_^))

04-01-2005, 02:45 PM
"No, but I'd rather be on a third side that tries to stop everything rather then be on a side that just fights. In war you kill, it's true, the E A is much more murderous then ZAFT, but if Genissis is fired at earth, how is that better then the E A?"

04-01-2005, 03:15 PM
Canaan didn't say anything. He clenched his teeth.
"That's enough, little boy." The Faith Gundam activated its blue beam saber and went into fighting stance. Canaan was ready to fight among the ruins of Junius 7.

04-01-2005, 03:22 PM
Somehow, Heero knew it would come to this. The Peace entered Battle Mode, no SEED yet. "I knew it'd come to this, I knew. I just wish it didn't have to."

04-01-2005, 05:37 PM
With blue beam saber in the right hand, the Faith readied its beam rifle in the other.

04-01-2005, 05:45 PM
Heero charged at Canaan, and swung his beam saber at him. And while doing that, shot his cannon. "I'm surprised your SEED hasn't activated, considering how many times YOU'VE attacked me, I'd think it would activate by now!" Heero's SEED still didn't activate.

04-01-2005, 05:52 PM
((LOL It's not like the main characters ever talked about their SEEDs openly!))

The Battle of Junius 7 had begun.
Canaan dodged Heero's shot first, then met the Peace's beam saber with his own beam saber.
"So, you make the first move. Your first mistake." Canaan fired the Faith's shoulder rail gun at the Peace's head.

04-01-2005, 06:00 PM
((Lol, true true. :D))

The Peace's head blew off, but it didn't matter at this point.The hidden knife on the beam canno extended from the very tip of the top, it extended, and Heero thrust the Peace's arm at the Faith.

04-01-2005, 06:30 PM
((o_O I blew off your head so soon? ROFL I'm not even SEED yet...))

"Heh. Nice try, but not this time." Canaan activiated the thrusters and backed away into the air from the Peace's knife. At the same time, he shot back with his beam rifle. "What the matter, Heero? Losing your head?"

(( :animelol: ))

04-01-2005, 06:36 PM
((ROFL! Nice joke. That's funny.)) Heero responded with another shot of the cannon. ((And hey, if you saw phase 45, I belive it was, maybe 46, then you'd know that you can lose your head just like that. Kira was rushing towards Flay's pod, and his head just went BOOM!)) Heero ejected the booster pack, put his cannon back in place, and with his right hand, grabbed a vulcan gun. He pulled out a shoulder mount, and placed it on the Peace's left shoulder. Heero attached the vulcan gun, and took apart his beam sabers, and placed them on the Peace's back. The cannon dismounted, and Heero had a plan.

04-01-2005, 06:54 PM
((Yeah, but that was long into the fight. And you've already lost yours after my first attack :p ))

Canaan, now in the air, rushed in to take a swing with the Faith's beam saber.

04-01-2005, 07:14 PM
((Well it was in the midst of a big battle, but he wasn't really engaged in a battle. They just fired off his head.)) The Peace had already ejectedd all it's weapon system. The Peace grabbed the cannon, and used it to dodge the attack by fireing it away from the attack. The Peace started attaching some of the weapons onto the cannon, it was now a mega cannon. Now for the hard part, takeing the 5 minute transformation to mobile weapon mode, and fuse with the cannon.

04-01-2005, 07:25 PM
"Just what are you up to, Heero?" Canaan said to himself. He fired his shoulder mounted railguns at the Peace.

04-01-2005, 07:40 PM
The Peace split into pieces, and started to from with the gun. "You'll just have to find out!" The arms started attaching to the cannon. One minute was up.

04-01-2005, 09:19 PM
"Not if I can help it." Canaan tranformed the beam rifle into a plasma chain gun. "Eat this!" He fired an infinite stream of rays at the Peace.

04-01-2005, 09:50 PM
"Damn you Canaan!" the parts moved around to try to avoid the bullets. The head that was knocked off was right behind the Faith. The face mounted vulcans opened fire. "That should buy me some time..." Heero siad to himself.

04-01-2005, 10:12 PM
Canaan promptly side-steped out of the way. "Ha!" He said arrogantly, until there was an explosion behind him. It rocked the Faith around for a few moments.
"Grrr," Canaan mumbled, as he stabilized the Faith. "Clever. You always were the creative one. But can you do this!?" The Faith reached for its backside, and it got out two beam boomerangs. Canaan activated them, and flung both of them at Heero.

04-01-2005, 10:29 PM
"Great... Just a minute left untill I can fire." ne of the Peace's arm picked up a drifting beam saber and threw it towards one of the beam sabers. Heero did the same with the other. "Just a few more seconds..."

04-01-2005, 10:34 PM
"Hmm..." Canaan thought, and he got out the Faith's electrical whip. "Alright," Canaan said, and slashed it down towards the Peace.

04-01-2005, 10:36 PM
The cannon was ready and was about to fire, to late. The whip was binding it together. "Alright Canaan, you won. Now finish it!" Heero said, ready to die. It would be a sad death, especilly since his friend was who killed him.

04-01-2005, 11:01 PM
"Heh..." The cannon fired... It was a gaint beam that went burning through anything it touched. It would turn a Mobile SUit into ashes in minutes.

04-02-2005, 01:32 AM
The beam obliterated the Faith's electrical whip.
"What the..." Canaan said, as the beam headed rapidly towards him. But he didn't get the chance to finish. The beam shot past, ripping through the ruined city behind him. When the beam cleared, the Faith Gundam was gone.

04-02-2005, 10:56 AM
"Where are you Canaan!?" ((Yay, I just saw phase 48 :D. Why the heck is the Rogue PINK!?)) Heero looked around. "No matter, he ran away. I guess this means we are, and always will be till the end of this war, enemies." The Peace started converting back to normal. "Remains of the Faith's whip... He isn't dead, is he?"

04-02-2005, 12:52 PM
((Because Cagalli is badass))
((And whatever you do, DON'T miss Phase 49 :o ))

Canaan deactivated the Faith's Mirage Colloid. It appeared behind the Peace Gundam.
"Nope." The Faith was visibly burned, yet Canaan was able to get out of the way of the Peace's beam and activate his Mirage Colloid at the same time. His SEED activated just before the beam completely engulfed him. The Faith attempted to kick the Peace from behind.

04-02-2005, 01:31 PM
"What the..." The gundam rocked alittle. "Mirage Colloid..." The Peace took out a Beam Scythe. "My last weapon..." It held it frimly "YOU WON"T KILL ME!" The SEED activated.

04-02-2005, 02:02 PM
"JUST TRY ME!" The berserked Canaan rushed in with the Faith, dual blue beam sabers activated. "HEEEEEEERROOO!!!" The fateful battle, and the clash of the titans was at hand.

04-02-2005, 02:08 PM
Heero slashed the Peaces' scythe side ways, attempting to cut off the head of the Faith.

04-02-2005, 02:29 PM
Canaan parried the slash with the Faith's left beam saber, and did an upward slash with the right mean saber to try and dismember the Peace's left arm.

04-02-2005, 02:34 PM
The peace's left arm bent, causeing the saber to hit the shield. The Peace flew back, and spun the scythe around.

04-02-2005, 02:43 PM
The Faith backfliped out of the way. It had lost the right beam saber when it collided with the Peace's shield.

04-02-2005, 03:01 PM
((Gundam Death Scythe move comeing up here. :D)) The Peaces' wings folded up in front, and the Peace vanished. Only to appear behind the Faith and slash with its scythe.

04-02-2005, 03:22 PM
The slash hit the Faith at its center wings. Canaan had to boost forward to get away and turn around.
"Grrrr...." Canaan growled. The Faith came alive and activated its energy wings (http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y96/Derc/Gundam/f057a870.gif), and rushed forward for one final attack.

04-02-2005, 03:27 PM
((Kinda Baten Kaitosish :D)) Heero tried to move, but he couldn't. The Peaces' schythe was stuck in a piece of Junius 7. He tugged and pulled and yanked. He had to get it our or it was over, he knew that the Faith only used its Energy WIngs when it was about to use its final attack.

04-02-2005, 03:42 PM
As he rushed forward, the Faith lifted its right arm, and its palm aimed in the Peace's direction. Particle effects started to charge in front if the hand. He was going to fire.

Memories of his family started flooding into Canaan.

"For ZAFT." He fired the Lohengrin beam.

04-02-2005, 04:01 PM
"Alright, I never thought YOU of all people would be the one killing me. Just remember, the Earth Allience has to die 10 times worse then this, you know, for ZAFT." Heero have a ZAFT salute, knowing the Scythe wasn't going anywhere, the beam came rushing towards him.

04-02-2005, 04:38 PM
Just as he fired, Canaan moved the direction of the shot to just miss the Peace.

He stopped. The realization hit him.
"No...." he said as he backed off. "I....can't do this. What am I doing?" Canaan looked at his hands. They were stained in blood, the blood from all the enemies he killed. He didn't want to add Heero's to it. He deactivated that Faith's energy wings. The Phase Shift armor also deactivated. Canaan shook his head and closed his eyes. "Why I doing this? WHHYYYY!?" He knew Heero had won. Not physically, but mentally. Canaan joined ZAFT as a result of the Bloody Valentine. He killed every EA enemy who oppsed him. Or, at least any enemy who had oppsed him. But...did that mean having to kill Heero too? Heero's words rushed back into Canaan:

You can still protect ZAFT as one of us, you can still hate the E A with all your soul, and if avengeing your parents is why you joined ZAFT, they why are you still with the murderous villains when you could be with us?

If Genissis is fired at earth, how is that better then the E A?

He was right. Canaan always knew Heero was right all along. Tears watered his eyes, and he sobbed quietly.

04-02-2005, 04:45 PM
Heero was confused, he thought he was dead, but the shot missed. Heero knew it wasn't like Canaan to miss a shot on accident. He knew something was up. Canaan had spared him. Heero open his cock pit. He wanted to see Canaan in the flesh, nto on a monitor or in his Gundam.

04-02-2005, 05:53 PM
Canaan opened his eyes to see that the Peace had opened its cockpit. He opened the helmet's glass visor to wipe away his tears. He regained his composure, and he, too opened up the Faith's cockpit.

04-02-2005, 08:31 PM
"Why did you stop? Why didnt you kill me?" Heero stared at the wreckage. "We did alot of damage to each other. This reapirs will be very costly."

04-02-2005, 09:28 PM
Canaan gave a chuckle. "You do all all that talking and all you're concerned about is costs for repairs?" Then he paused for a moment. "I...didn't want to kill you. I couldn't. Enough blood has been shed. I...wanna stop this war too, Heero. You've shown me that. Thank you. But, I can't join your crusade."

04-03-2005, 11:40 AM
"It's alright, I understand. Good luck with ZAFT. Just try not to kill me next time we are in a battle. I don't know if I'll be able to get back to the ship. My booster pack is ruined."

04-03-2005, 02:27 PM
"I'm sorry about that, but I'm sure you'll figure something out." Canaan said. "Heero, come back to ZAFT with me, I'm sure they'll accept you back!"

04-03-2005, 03:17 PM
"I don't know, how can you be sure? I did after all steal their Proto Type Mobile Suit. And it is true, I don't have many friends back there. I'd rather be with one friend and be hated, then be with no friends. " Heero had o think hard. "Well, if they don't accept me back then no loss, but if they do... I guess I'll go back. Or atleast try." ((Heero may very well be the first mobile suit pilot to abandond their factio nand go back. o_O))

04-03-2005, 04:33 PM
((LOL I wasn't expecting you to say yes, especially since all you've been doing this whole time was trying to recruit me into the Clyne Faction, calling ZAFT the "murderous villains." :p))
((Hold on I'm playing around with two options(possibly a third that involves both) on what happens next; this was unexpected...EDIT: Ack! Typos...))

04-03-2005, 05:15 PM
((I know. :p So if this scenerio doesn't work, we can always switch to another one.))

04-03-2005, 06:22 PM
"I'm sure they'll accept you back." Canaan gave out a sigh of relief. "You're making the right decision." He moved the Faith towards the Peace. "Need a hand?" He had the Faith reach out for the Peace.

04-03-2005, 10:32 PM
"Yeah, this old thing isn't going anywhere. I just hope they don't accept me back just so they can get the Peace."

04-03-2005, 11:05 PM
"I'll make sure they don't." The Faith grabbed the Peace's arm, and Canaan activated the boosters. Before he left with Heero, he gave a ZAFT salute to the ruins of Junius 7. "We'll be fine Heero," he assured him. "I hope."

04-04-2005, 10:16 AM
Unfortuneatly, Heero wouldn't be with ZAFT for long. He was going back to attempt to defend the plants. He wants to make sure they don't go down. Noone told him to do this, he is doing this by his own free will. For the first month he'll be a regular ZAFT soldior. In the next few weeks he'd be planting in those defense mechanisms, outside defences in his mobile suit, other things inside. He had to complete his mission.

04-04-2005, 08:14 PM
((Uhhhh...huh? :confused: I guess we already arrived back at ZAFT and the PLANTs then, and you decided to go your own way. Or maybe you'll just planning ahead...))
((I can continue from where we left off, or we can skip one month into the future.))

04-04-2005, 10:05 PM
((I'm just planning ahead, that is what Heero is GOING to do once he is back with ZAFT. AFter that one month he will start planting stuff. We aren't going to skip that whole month. Unless you want to.))

04-04-2005, 10:46 PM
((I guess we can continue from where we left off...and make it continous.))

As they approached the Visinger, Canaan opened the comlink to the Peace.
"Heero, I think I should do all the talking. I'll defend you. But, I don't know what to say to them about your defection. What DID you do when you changed sides?"

04-04-2005, 11:15 PM
"Right. Let's see, I destroyed a few buildings in the plants, I stole the Peace. I killed 5 ZAFT soldiors, and I think that's it. Maybe it was 7 soldiors..."

04-04-2005, 11:43 PM
"WHAT!?" Canaan said shockingly. He paused to think for a moment. "Well, this could get tricky. They could accept you back, or they'll charge you for treason and execute you. If they do accept, I think the worst thing that could happen is that you'll get demoted. And that IF put in a good word." Just then he received a transmission from the Visinger.

"Captain Zabaac, where the hell've you been!? Do you know the consequences for leaving without consent? And what do you have with you?"
"I take responsibility for my leave. However, I received a distress signaled from an old friend. The Peace Gundam."
"The Peace? But it was stolen! What of the pilot?"
Canaan paused to choose his words carefully.
"The pilot is a ZAFT elite, under my command now."
"Captain Zabaac, proceed back to PLANT with that traitor immediately, and report to the Council." It didn't go as he had hoped, but it wasn't as bad either.
"Understood. Canaan Zabaac out." He turned the tramsmission over to Heero. "Well, Heero, I guess they do know about your...past actions. But it could've been worse," he said. "We're going to PLANT now, is that still okay with you?"

04-05-2005, 11:05 AM
"Yeah. Well if they execute me, well then, oh well. If they don't, then Liutenet Lekosh is back. Wow, I only left the plants about a month ago, and it seems like I haven't been there in forever."

04-05-2005, 07:14 PM
The PLANTs. They were the hourglass shaped homes of the coordinators. Canaan docked at the L4 PLANT Armory one, and got out of the Faith.
"Well, Heero, you should remember this place well. I think this was the armory where you stole the Peace." Coincidentally, the Faith was in another armory nearby at the time. "We should make our way to HQ now and report to the higher-ups. The mechanics here, in the meantime, will do the repairs."

04-05-2005, 07:40 PM
"Alright, I just hope they don't ruin my OS. So, who do you have in a mind? Because the closer you are to that higher rank, the more chance I have of my butt being saved." Heero looked around. "The exact spot where I stole the Peace..."

04-05-2005, 08:24 PM
"We'll be meeting with Commander Yuki. You remember him right?" Canaan said as he walked out of the hanger. They were to take a ZAFT jeep to the military headquarters.

04-05-2005, 08:32 PM
"Yeah." Heero said jumping in the jeep. He looked back at the Peace. He just noticed, he still had his flight suit on. "I don't really remember my way around the PLANT main base, direct me to the locker room once we get there, I have to get my old ZAFT uniform on."

04-05-2005, 09:09 PM
"Sure." Canaan was already in his red ZAFT uniform. ((Let's just say I already changed in the hangar lockers...)) He turned the jeep on, and began the drive to military headquarters. "Military Headquarter's been in disarray ever since the Freedom was stolen a few weeks ago. We still don't know by who, and that all we know is that Lacus Clyne assisted in the matter." He paused for a moment, and thought that maybe he could get some answers from Heero. "Tell me, do you know Freedom's pilot?"

04-05-2005, 10:24 PM
"Yes, but I think your own can anwser that. He has known it all along, I know he has. You can ask him when we get there, he'll probabley be there, wont he? You know who I'm talking about."

04-06-2005, 01:12 AM
Canaan took a moment to consider Heero's comments. "Who are talking about? The thief of the Freedom has remained largely a mystery to ZAFT....and the PLANTs," ha said, shifting gears in the process. "Are you talking about Le Klueze? What makes you think that? If he knew, all of us would know. But yes, he'll be there because he reports to the High Council directly. Last I heard, he's here now in the PLANTs to report the situation regarding the Eternal to Chairman Zala." The jeep vessel was fast approaching the ZAFT military headquarters, and just a short drive away, was the High Council chambers.

((Let's just say the two locations are nearby each other because I have no idea if they really are...))

04-06-2005, 01:34 PM
((Ok.)) "Yes, I am talking about Le Klueze. Kira told me about what was happening, he knows. I'm nut sure you can trust where his loyalties(sp?) lie," Heero looked around. "The only thing I remember about the PLANTs is the buildings, I've completely forgotten the land scape."

04-06-2005, 07:14 PM
((You just told me who Freedom's pilot is.........))

".....Kira?" Canaan said to himself. What Heero was telling him was very important information, but he decided not to press it. They now arrived at military headquarters. "Well, you should know this building," he said, as he pulled up to the front of the main building. There were many military personnel about. Canaan got out of the jeep. "Here we are."

04-06-2005, 09:24 PM
((Yeah, I know. Heero knew that it would be ok. And it could just mean Kira was present, that doesn't mean he was the Freedom. I could have said Mu told Heero, and then it would be the exact.)) "Alright," Heero said stepping out of the jeep. He looked around "TIme to change." He looked at his sack that he had in the mobile suit. "Luckily I had this with me when I was fighting."

04-07-2005, 12:37 AM
((Ah, don't worry about. It'll just be abother subplot. I'll tell you why it's critical in a later post.))
((And crap. After watching a few SEED episodes again, I forgot that there was that long elevator ride going down...I guess we can assume we already took that after docking, then we drove.))

Canaan entered the main building. As expected the majestic lobby was busy with many military and political personnels hustling about. In the midst of all this, Canaan pointed to the right. "The locker bays are down that hall. Just keep right and you'll find it," he said to Heero. "I'll be here in the lobby when you're done. Don't worry, I won't stray too far. I'm just gonna scheldule a hearing with Captain Yuki."

04-07-2005, 11:11 AM
"Alright." Heero walked dwon the hall and found the locker rooms. He entered, only to find Yzak. Yzak didn't look happy to see Heero back. Heero ignored him and started changeing. After in full ZAFT unifrom he walked out.

04-07-2005, 10:12 PM
Canaan walked up to the secretary, and leaned on the desk.
"I'm here to schedule a meeting with Captain Ray Yuki," Canaan said.
"One moment please," she replied. Canaan looked around while she looked at the computer monitor. He saw many familiar faces, including an old acquaintance, Shiho Hahnenfuss.
"Yes, Captain Yuki is available, you may go see him now," she said.
"Thank you." When he turned back to look for Shiho, she was gone. "Figures."

04-07-2005, 10:49 PM
Heero walked back. "Are we ready?" Heero looked around, and saw quite a few people from back when he was with ZAFT before.

04-08-2005, 01:00 AM
((So uhh, should I control Yuki too?))

"Yeah, everything's all set. Let's go," he said to Heero. He walked to the elevator and got on. Canaan pushed the button, and the elevator started its descent. "So, Heero, what are you gonna do now? Are you gonna continue to fight for ZAFT? And as long as I can convince Captain Yuki that you've fully committed to ZAFT again, nothing too drastic should happen to you."

04-08-2005, 06:07 PM
((Probabley. If you want if you don't, then I'll do it.))"Yes, atleast for awhile. Maybe in a year or two I'll go back to civillian life, I dunno."

04-08-2005, 08:22 PM
((I am teh control freak :p))

The elevator doors opened he approached the office doors of Captain Yuki. The doors opened and he walked in and gave the ZAFT salute. Captain Yuki was was doing some paper work, but looked up to greet his two guests.

"Ah, Canaan, was it?" Yuki said. "I remember you well." He looked over to Heero. "And you're..."

04-08-2005, 08:53 PM
"Liuetenet Zela... Well, FORMER Liuetenet, Heero Zela is what I should say." Heero said. Heero remained silent, knowing that it'd be best to allow Caaan to do most of the talking.

04-08-2005, 10:57 PM
"Ah, I see. I remember now. You caused quite an uproar when you stole the Peace Gundam. We had no idea where you could've escaped to," Yuki said.
"But Captain Yuku, he's returned now to serve ZAFT once again," Canaan said, speaking for Heero.
"Is that so?"
"Yes," Canaan replied. Captain Yuki walked around to the front of his desk to face the two.
"And why has he returned?"
"He saw the error in his ways, and decided to come back."
"How so?" The Captain said. Canaan paused for a bit.
"I found him disabled after he fought off a battallion of the Earth Alliance's forces. In essence, he was a rogue ZAFT pilot who still shares our hatred towards the Naturals. I talked some sense into him, and now he's willing to rejoin ZAFT." After some considerable thought, Yuki responded.
"Very well. I acknowledge his return to ZAFT," Captain Yuki. Canaan let out a sigh of relief, but that was short-lived when Yuki spoke again. "However," he said suddenly. "Heero Zela's reckless vigilante tactics have no place in our military. He must be taught disipline." He looked at Heero. "You will be stripped of your Red Elite status and demoted to field soldier," he said.
"Captain Yuki!" Canaan cried out.
"Also, we'll be taking back the Peace Gundam. It was never yours to begin with."
"My decision is final. Dismissed." Captain Yuki said firmly. With no chance to respond, Canaan gave the ZAFT salute, and walked out of the room. When the doors closed, he turned to Heero.
"I'm sorry about that, Heero. But it could've been worse. At least you he didn't shoot you for treason. Well, what are you gonna do now? I hope it isn't anything foolish..."

04-09-2005, 05:00 AM
((Well, I sincerely hope you didn't miss Phase 49...))

04-10-2005, 01:43 PM
((Nope, I saw it. Quite good... Poor Mu :(. And it seemed like everyone had a SEED in that episode o_O. And wow, Asrael ((How ever you spell it)) is evil. He shot Badgerule ((How eer you spell that)) like 20 times.)) Heero let out a sigh. "Foot soilder, I'd rather of gotten shot. Takeing the peace away from me, ha. They're going to ruin the thing with all the mdoifications to the OS and main body I did." Heero let out a laugh. "Stripped of my Red Elite status, and the peace taken away. They'll see their errors when noone can pilot it. I guess for now I' not Liutenet Zela. I'll just have to work my way up through the ranks. But I have a feeling something bad is going to happen in the next month, I just have some feeling."

04-10-2005, 02:28 PM
((I was surprised by the lack of edits they did...like they showed Nicol getting stabbed and bodies exploding.....Also in the original, Natarle loses A LOT more blood. LOL eight main characters were killed in that one phase alone...))

"I get those feelings too. Well, I just hope you don't cause much trouble while you're here," Canaan said. Then he continued, "I hear our forces on Earth aren't faring well either. We may have to fall back to Boaz. If anything, they'll likely going to assign me there within the next two months." He gave out a sigh. "At least you'll be safe here..."

04-10-2005, 04:37 PM
((8 PEOPLE!? And I thought it was bad with Natarle already, ALOT more blood! And wow, when Genssis hit the war ships, bodies inflated like baloons and POP! That was freaky. I had always wondered what an Arc-Angel class warship would look like blowing up, and I saw it. Let's see, the people who died, the two pilot girls, Mu, Natarle, Asrael, who else? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...)) "Yeah, but I want to be out there on the front lines. I can't pilot one of theese Ginns, it'd be to wierd. If worst comes to worst, I might have to sneak out again just to be on the frontlines of the battle of Boaz."

04-10-2005, 05:43 PM
((Yep, there's blood floating around everywhere when she gets shot....
Anyways, here were the casualties: (8 total)
-3 Astray girls(Asagi, Julie, and Mayura)
-2 druggies(Shani and Orga)
-Mu La Flaga
Some of the deaths were so quick I'm not surprised you didn't catch'em...))

"Tch. I was afraid you'd say that," Canaan said, amused. "Hey! Don't tell me you're thinking about stealing the Peace again! Heero!"

04-10-2005, 06:51 PM
((Yeah, I guess I missed one of the druggies death an one of the Astray girls.)) "Heh, it was a joke." Heero said with a laugh. "I just hope I can get back my ranking in the next month, this battle might be HUGE! I have a feeling they'll be comeing for me any minute now for help on the Peace..."

04-10-2005, 07:12 PM
"Perhaps so, I can't imagine anyone else piloting the Peace," Canaan said. Just then, an announcement came on the public speakers.

Private Zela, there is a request for you to come to the front desk. Private Zela.

"Speak of the devil," Canaan said. "Well, I still have to speak with Captain Yuki. Looks like we part ways again." He held out his hand for a handshake.

04-10-2005, 07:14 PM
"Yep. See you around some time Canaan." Heero said, reaching out and shakeing his hand. Heero walked off to the front desk. "Alright, what the heck do you want?" Heero asked.

04-10-2005, 07:36 PM
Canaan saw Heero leave in the elevator((which I guess you took...)). He turned around and entered Captain Yuki's office. He looked up in surprise.

"Ah, Canaan. I thought you had already left. Well, it's perfect timing that you're still here. I've just received a call---it was from Commander Le Klueze," Captain Yuki said. Canaan was surprised.

((Btw, it's still two months away, but just say when you're ready to skip to Phase 47.))
((600th post!))

04-10-2005, 07:41 PM
((I know, I was just going to post a bit more later.)) "You're need in A One." "Alright." Heero replied and walked outside. He rode in a jeep to Armory One. He got out of the jeep and walked inside and into the elevator. He rode up, this would take awhile.

04-10-2005, 08:20 PM
((Okay :D))

"Was does he want?" Canaan said.
"He requests for you to come to the High Council where he's currently at." Yuki said.
"Le Klueze is here?" Canaan asked surprisingly.
"Why, yes. You sound surprised."
"It...it's nothing," he said reassuringly. He gave the ZAFT salute. "I'll see to him right away. Thank you." Canaan exited the office and went down the elevator. After the doors opened he went outside and entered a jeep. He started the drive to the High Council chambers.

04-10-2005, 08:28 PM
After the elevator reached the top, Heero exited. There they were with the Peace, like Flys to dead corpses, Misquitos to blood, etc.. The chief engineer spoke to Heero "What the heck did you do to the OS? And what is up with the main body, it's ruined!"
Heero responded "I made those customizations, you WILL be OK with it!"
The enginers were mad "We can't fix it, you WILL fix it!"
"No I won't, you either let it stay in the trash because you can't fix it, or you give it to me!"
The engineer sighed "I can't make that decision, you'll have to talk with a commanding officer."
"Like who?"
"I don't know, just someone."
"What rank would he have to be?"
"Well that all depends if he has the rights, it's not about the rank."

04-10-2005, 08:55 PM
The High Council. Its grand atmosphere fits perfectly with its main cylinder building shining in the artificial sun.

"This brings back memories," Canaan said as he exited his jeep. He entered the main building to find more politicians and military personnel scrambling about. As he walked to the front desk, he caught a glimpse of Ezaria Jule, Yzak's mother.

"Hi, I believe Commander Rau Le Klueze requests my presence," he said to the secretary.
"Yes. Right now, he's in a meeting with Chairman Zala, but you may proceed."
"Ok. Thank you." Canaan proceeded to the chairman's main office. He's been in there before once, but it's dark atmosphere made him fell uneasy that time. He continued down the hall, wondering what Commander Le Klueze wanted of him.

04-10-2005, 09:08 PM
Heero let out a big sigh. "Well, since you won't tell me how to get it back, I guess we let it rot." Heero left, and now wondered what to do. He knew the barracks had to be somewhere, he wanted to sleep. He hadn't in days.

04-10-2005, 09:44 PM
Canaan entered the dark room to find Le Klueze and Zala in an agument.

"You failed to capture the Eternal!" Chairman Zala said angrily.
"I must apologize. Forgive me, Chairman." Le Klueze answered. As he said this, Canaan entered and gave the ZAFT salute. Both the Le Klueze and Zala looked at him.

"Commander. Chairman." Canaan said.
"Who are you and what the hell do you want?" Chairman Zala inquired.
"He is Captain Canaan Zabaac, Chairman. He reports under me. He was there when we fought with the Eternal." Le Klueze said.
"Very well," Zala replied. He turned to Canaan. "Well why didn't you destroy the Eternal? Your failures may cost you your life one day. This is war. It means nothing without victory. Failure means death."
"Yes. I'm sorry, Chairman. I understand." Canaan said, still in his ZAFT salute.

04-11-2005, 01:07 PM
Heero was quite lost, he was only there about a few months ago, and already he has forgotten. He asked around, and finilly found directions to the city in the PLANT. He found his way there, and with all the money he had with him he rented an apartment.

04-11-2005, 01:36 PM
"Good." Zala said. "I'm sure you're aware of the situation on Earth." He turned on the large tv monitor on the side or the room. News videos of ZAFT defeats on Earth flashed onto the screen.
"Those Natural bastards. Thinking to overwhelm us simply by their numbers." Zala said, clenthing his fists.
"Well then Canaan," Le Klueze spoke. "I've requested you here to tell you that you and your squad will be assigned to Boaz, effective in 24 hours."

Hmph. Canaan muttered in his head. Figures.
"Until then, you are on leave. Report back then," Le Klueze finished.
"Yes sir." Canaan saluted again and left the dark room.

04-11-2005, 01:44 PM
Heero was... sleeping. And he might be for awhile. He turned on a TV to see what was happening. He thought Great, Canaan's going to have all the fun. He pouted. Then he went back to sleep.

04-11-2005, 03:48 PM
Canaan was resting in his hotel room back in the city((different hotel, mind you)). He was in his civilain clothes now, and was simply sitting in a chair, contemplating in the silence of the room, only listening to the outside sounds of the city. Even though now he had a short 24 hour leave from duty, he had nothing to do. It was still daylight outside. Suddenly he remembered something. He got out of his chair and headed for the exit.

04-11-2005, 09:06 PM
Awakening a few hours later, he got up. He left his apartment and looked around the city. His apartment was empty exept for the TV, a couch, and his bed. So he bought a refridgeorator, some supplies, and other things. He went back to his apartment and ate some pizza.

04-11-2005, 10:44 PM
The sun was setting now, and Canaan finally reached his destination. Holding flowers in his hands, he got out of his car, and looked towards the rows of endless graves. He started the trek towards his past, passing many hedgestones, until he found the three graves he was looking for.

Dale Zabaac C.E. 32 - C.E. 71
Sheila Zabaac C.E. 34 - C.E. 71
Rika Zabaac C.E. 56 - C.E. 71

He placed the flowers on all three gravestones and sat there on his knees in front of them for a long time.

04-12-2005, 02:21 PM
About a month later... ((Phase 47)) Heero was bored, he was hopeing he'd be able to be sent out there. He get a phone call, it was someone telling him that he can now use the Peace. "Finilly..." Heero mumbled. He was able to get his GUNDAM back, but he was still awaiting an invitation to the front lines.

04-12-2005, 09:08 PM
The next morning, Canaan donned his ZAFT suit once again. He went over to the military headquarters to receive his orders to be assigned to Boaz. His squadron was already stationed there, and awaiting his arrival. Once again, he launched out with the Faith and headed for Boaz.

Boaz. The ZAFT Army Space Stronghold. It was essentially a large military base within a hugh asteriod. Canaan landed the Faith in the hanger bays, and he found his squadron already in the area, saluting him. There were three of them, all a year or two younger than Canaan. Their names were Axel, Manuel, and Sakura. They were normal ZAFT pilots, but Canaan soon found out that they had high spirits. Within the next two months, he would bond with them as a mentor, and more importantly, as friends.

Nearly two months later... (Phase 47: A Nightmare Reborn) The ZAFT forces on Earth have been finally driven back to space, following the fall of Gibraltar and Capentaria. The Earth Alliance has assembled its forces on its moon base, the Ptolemaeus Crater. The ZAFT base stronghold, Boaz, is the final defense base before the EA can reach the PLANT homeland. Tensions run high within the stronghold as the Earth Fleet's attack is imminent.

On the ZAFT side, the outdated GINNs have been replaced with the now supperior GuAIZs. Axel, Manuel, and Sakura were now proud owners of such mobile suits. However, the Earth Forces also had their own mass-produced Strike Daggers to add to their superior numbers.

Canaan paced around anxiously in the briefing room. The Battle of Boaz was at hand.

04-13-2005, 03:02 PM
Heero haveing been bored to death in the last two months was sleeping, like he useally was when he was bored. His apartment now had everything he needed, and after all the work, he was tired. All he could think about was Boaz, wanting to be there to protect it. He knew ZAFT didn't trust him, or else they would have sent him SOMEWHERE. He couldn't leave or for sure they'd kill him. Heero had heard rumors of the new Strike Daggers, he knew they would be nothing compared to the originiol Strike that he heard about. It was a shame it was gone, but he knew that they were able to make another one. Not the Earth ALlience, but the three ship alliance. He awoken and decided to take a walk, knowing that the only other thing to do was sleep. Before he left he flipped on the TV for a minute, nothing inresting so he left.

04-13-2005, 08:11 PM
The alarms blazed throughout Boaz. Canaan looked up, then closed his eyes.
It's begun...
Numerous ZAFT pilots, including Canaan's squadron, flooded into the briefing room he was in, asking many questions.

"The attack on Boaz has begun?"
"No way..."
"Captain Zabaac!"
"How are the PLANTs?!"
"Damn the Naturals!"
"What's the situation? How many are there?"
"When do we launch? Captain!"

To these questions Canaan made no answer. He took the podium to brief everyone.
"Everyone, the attack has begun. Man your stations. We will launch."
"Roger!" The ZAFT pilots all said in unison with the ZAFT salute. Canaan replied with a salute as well. He stayed at the podium as all the pilots left the room. Axel, Manuel, and Sakura approached him.
"Are we going, captain?" Sakura asked.
"Let's do it!" Axel said fiercely.
"For ZAFT!" Manuel replied. Canaan simply smiled.
"For ZAFT," he said.

The Earth Fleet approached Boaz. It was composed of the Strike Daggers, Mobius units, 130-meter class ships, and the 250-meter class warships.

Boaz was ready for the EA, and approached them with numerous GINNs, GuAIZs, Laurasia-class ships, and Nazca class warships.

Canaan started up the Faith as the OS flashed the ZAFT screen. On his monitor, he saw numerous GuAIZs launch. At the same time, he wondered how Heero was doing. Canaan knew that he'd always wanted to participate in this battle.

"Zabaac Team. Faith. Launching!" The Faith came alive and launched into the battlefield. Axel's, Manuel's, and Sakura's units launched behind him. Canaan knew that this would be their first real battle. He knew that their lives were in his hands.

04-14-2005, 10:39 AM
After a small walk Heero walked back in his apartment, and flicked on the TV. The battle of Boaz had begun. For a brief second he saw the Faith and three other mobile suits, Heero laughed and said "Rookies...". If Heero was there with canaan, Heero would have been ten times better then those rookies, unfortuneatly Heero had to be demoted, he still had the skills to be elite, but those pilots didn't. "This is ubserd..." He cried.

04-14-2005, 08:01 PM
((Yeah but Patrick Zala ordered a media blackout :p But you're ok if I guess if you're military personnel))

Both sides negan the shooting. Beams and artillery filled the battlefield. The Zabaac squadron charged into the thick of the fighting.

"Axel, take the left; Manuel, the right; Sakura, stay with me." Canaan ordered.
"Roger," they responded.
"Fire at will!" he shouted. Axel was the first to score a few kills. His GuAIZ outmatched the EA's cannon fodder Moebius units. Manuel also score a few hits with his beam cannon rifle. Soon, he teamed up with Axel to take out a 130-meter class ship.

Meanwhile, Canaan and Sakura made an effective team, and guarded each other's backs. Sakura even made good use of the extension arrestor claws to pierce through a Strike Dagger. Canaan shot down enemies whenever they crossed his path.

Quickly, ZAFT gained the upperhand in the battle. But it wasn't over. Not yet.

04-15-2005, 12:00 PM
((Agh, I forgot about that o_O. Yay, tonight is the final phase of SEED, YAY! :D)) "Wouldnt they have realized by now they need my skills?" Almost angry, he sighed. "I better just forget about this. No way am I going to get out there." Heero sighed again, and took a walk to let out some steam. He felt alone, being the only Soldier on the street dureing the battle. All other soldiers were inside their homes watching the battle, or at the battle. He just remembered, his pistol was still back with the Three SHip Alliance, so he headed for the arms store. Perfect, a great pistol, and Heero had enough. It would need some polishing, but he could handle that. He bought it, and went back to his apartment, and started to polish his gun.

04-15-2005, 08:44 PM
((Yeah, it's the Final Phase! Don't miss it! Of course I already know what happens so...))

The Battle of Boaz raged on.
"Zabaac unit, fill in the hole left open by the Chelini unit," Boaz command center ordered.
"Roger that," Canaan responded. He turned the communications to his squadron. "Spread out on the left wing," he ordered. "Flank them!" After scoring more kills, Canaan noticed something off to the distance, away from the battlefield. He zoomed in the monitor screen, and was puzzled by what he saw.
"Wha..." Before he could finish, he was interrupted by an oncoming Strike Dagger, and proceeded to engage it.

Calamity, Forbidden, and the Raider launched from the Dominion.


Axel and Manuel both saw this in the distance.
"Huh?" Axel said.
"What is it? Is it the enemies' reinforcements?" asked Manuel. Canaan looked at the monitor again.
Those three again... he thought, and behind them, he saw an Archangel class and four Agamemnon class warships. "What is this?" he said, and went off to engage them. He exchanged fire with Calamity, both dodging and weaving attacks. Axel and Manuel also engaged the other two. They both fire upon Forbidden from both sides, until Manuel's GuAIZ was suddenly gutted by the Raider's strike hammer from the back. The impact instantly destoyed the GuAIZ.

"Manuel!" shouted Axel, but there no response. He continue firing his beam cannon at the Forbidden. The beams steered clear away from the enemy unit. "The beams bend!?" Axel said, completely shocked. Canaan watched helplessly as Forbidden's heavy scythe sliced Axel's GuAIZ in half. Canaan could hear his screams as the transmission died.

"AXEL!" Sakura cried.
"Fall back, Sakura," Canaan said. "These guys are tough."

The Earth Alliance's Peacemaker units deployed from the Agamemnon classes.

Canaan also notice this. "What now?" he wondered. They were more of the EA's Moebius units, but each had a different armament attached to them.
"Those are...!" Sakura started to say, but her GuAIZ suffered a direct hit by Calamity's multi-phase energy cannon, fired from the chest. The GuAIZ exploded into oblivion.

"SAKURAAAAA!" Canaan yelled in grief. His entire squadron had been decimated by the EA's druggie trio. Suddenly he found himself engaged with Forbidden, barely dodging a swipe from its heavy scythe. Backing away, Canaan then had to dodge Raider's hammer strike. As he was being double-teamed, he saw that those Moebius fire its weapon. Missiles... Canaan thought. They slowly approached Boaz. Canaan tried repeatedly to get to them, but a druggie would always intervene. Their Trans-Phase armor proved troublesome for him. By the time he fought away one, he was too late. A blinding flash of light ripped through Boaz. It was a light that Canaan was all too familiar with. He knew immediately.

Boaz was no more.

04-15-2005, 09:12 PM
"WHAT THE HECK!?" Heero said tuneing in his TV watching that. He was shocked, NUKES! he though. "BUT HOW!? Someone must've...But..." Heero was confused. Wondering what the heck was going on, he listened into the news station, flipping the channel. They were not sure yet, but it was very likely that they were nukes that destroyed Boaz. The station also said that ZAFT was ready to give a full retreat.
Edit: ((WHAT THE HECK!? Phase 50 synopisis already up? SWEET!))

04-15-2005, 09:31 PM
With nothing left to defend, Canaan activated the Mirage Colloid and retreated back to PLANT.

"The key to end the war..."

Dammit! Canaan thought. So that's what she meant! Frustrated, he headed towards ZAFT's fleet, and docked with a Nazca-class ship. So now they'll be heading here now... The thought disturbed him.

04-15-2005, 09:35 PM
((How long was it between Boaz and the PLANTs? Dangit! I'm confused. o_O :D)) ZAFT was now for sure retreating, Heero wondered, where next. He knew exactly where it was, know that there was nothing standing bwteen it and Earth. "Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat..." Heero mumbled. He polished up his pistol, he might have to use it soon.

04-15-2005, 10:01 PM
((Still in Phase 47...although three days occur between the battles, we can proceed whenever.))

Canaan was regrouping following the disaster at Boaz. Although he lost his team, he would still fight on the front lines. But the more important question to Canaan was how Chairman Zala and ZAFT were going to respond. He could only come up to one conclusion, one he feared most: GENESIS...

04-15-2005, 10:11 PM
Heero, was ready. He made a few trips to the hanger to make sure the Peace was up to date. Eventually he started hand polishing it, it would take awhile, but it works better then the machines.

04-15-2005, 10:22 PM
((What DOES the Peace look like? All I got was "like the Strike, but different"
Well, I've got some ideas, but you should show pictures!))

Three days later...
Canaan sat in the Faith, waiting for the upcoming Earth Fleet attack on the PLANTs. It's almost time...

04-15-2005, 11:04 PM
((Alright, well it looks like the strike, alot, exept it has a cannon, alot like the busters, but mounted on the shoulder. Ith as a shield, and two beam sabers. As you know they can combine, and become one with his left arm. The cannon is on its right. It has a booster pack, but when Heeo is seeded, it ditchs that and wings come out of its back. I'm gonna look for a pic of the main body, because now that I thnik about it, I don't really want the main body to look like the Strike.)) Heero was in the Peace. This time he'd be in the battle. They couldn't leave any soldiers behind. "They're comeing..." Heero said, seeing a massively large fleet headed their way. "WE CAN STRIKE NOW!" Heero said, waiting for the command. At first, there was silence...

04-15-2005, 11:33 PM
"Canaan Zabaac. Faith. Launching!" He launched out onto the battlefield. A transmission message sounded to all ZAFT soldiers participating in the battle.

"The Natural's barbaric use of a nuclear weapon," Canaan recogized the voice as Ezaria Jule's. "We must not allow even one to fall on us again! Our hearts, which didn't take revenge for the Bloody Valentine with a nuclear weapon, the Natural Bastards have betrayed those once again! Now, we can never forgive them! Go! ZAFT's courageous soldiers! Display that power now! Make them realize...who the new leader of this world is!"

The shots started.
The final battle to decide it all.
The Second Battle of Jachin Due.

04-15-2005, 11:37 PM
((I FOUND IT I FINILLY FOUND IT! Only problem is, it takes FOREVER to load, but if it EVER finishes loading, it should appear and voiala. It looks really sweet for a main chassis.)) Heero launched, and was ready for action. After catapulting into space his arm cannon was covering his right hand. It started fireing a long stream of shells at the enemy. "Heh, thanks to that new modification this baby now has a mortar launcher. True, beam weapons can be more effective, but when trying to breach an enemy ships hull, it breaks right through it. They went flying towards the EAs ships.

04-16-2005, 01:58 AM
Canaan blasted into the thick of the fighting, shooting down cannon fodder left and right.
"Gotta defend PLANT, no matter what," he said to himself. Even if I go down trying. He found himself dodging attacks from the superior numbers of the EA fleet. He also saw Yzak and the Duel Gundam taking out several Moebius units. Canaan knew that he would have to go all out; losing was not an option. He continued shooting his two beam rifles at any enemy who crossed him.

Soon enough, he ran into a familiar trio. Them! Canaan was instantly reminder of their past actions, and went off to engage them.

05-09-2005, 06:00 PM
Heero switched the ammo in the Peace's arm cannon and fired a few shots at some STrike Daggers. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed 3 Gundams, far from SDs. "Who the heck are they?" He said out loud.

05-11-2005, 07:41 PM
Before Canaan could reach his three targets, he was already being swarmed by Strike Daggers.
"Small fry!" he shouted, and took out the Faith's beam boomerangs and whirled them at the opposition, effectively taking out a row of them. He quickly proceeded on to engage the Calamity Gundam.

05-12-2005, 05:06 PM
Laser cannon blazeing, Heero was approaching an Earth Forces warship. "This is Heero Zela, requesting permission to assault Earth Forces war Ship." He said over a ZAFT channel.

05-13-2005, 09:20 AM
((700th post :D))

The Faith exchanged fire with the Calamity Gundam. In the corner of his eye, Canaan saw Yzak in the Duel Gundam fighting the Raider Gundam, and Shiho in her CGUE Deep Arms taking on the Forbidden Gundam. Canaan gave a chuckle. Before the war started, he and Shiho were "good friends." But when the war started, their duties separated them.

He would always see her around, like back at the Academy when he took Heero to see Captain Yuki, but they would never have the time to talk. Imagine his surprise when he heard rumors that she was now with Yzak. It may be why Canaan has recently held a grudge against him. And so now here they were together, in the Second Battle of Jachin Due, fighting the three EA mobile armors. He grinned at the thought.

05-13-2005, 10:28 AM
Heero flew in, double beam saber activated in the Peace's left hand, he assaulted the ship with a few mortar blasts, and flew under the ship, he fired a few shots from down there and lfew up back towards the bridge.

05-13-2005, 07:56 PM
Canaan continued fighting.
"Dammit!" he shouted. These opponents were nothing like he's ever fought before. They weren't the grunt Strike Daggers or Moebius units that were easily dealt with. "Who are these guys?" He questioned.
"These guys are tough!" It was Yzak shouting through the intercom.
"Keep at 'em!" Canaan responded. He saw the Duel fire its rockets at the Raider, but it blocked them all with a twirl of its spiked hammer. They can't be Naturals... Canaan thought to himself.

05-13-2005, 08:26 PM
The Peace's beam saber flew right into the bridge of an Earth Alliance warship, Heero pulled it out and quickly flew away from it as it exploded. "Well that's one down..." He mumbled.

05-14-2005, 12:17 AM
As the Faith was firmly engaged in the fighting, Canaan heard a transmission from Yzak.
"Damn! Those are the...!"
"What?" Canaan replied.
"Nuclear missiles!" Yzak said.
"HUH?" He looked over to the edge of the battlefield and saw them. Tiny cylindrical objects heading towards the PLANTs.
"We gotta take out those missile! DON'T LET THEM HIT THE PLANTS!" Yzak cried out desperately.
"Take them out!" Canaan shouted. He sent a message to all ZAFT units to go after the nukes. He too, charged towards the missiles, before being stopped by the Calamity. As the Faith fired its dual beam rifles, the rear proximity alarm sounded. Before wondering what was coming, he immediated manuevered the Faith to do a backflip to dodge the Raider's spike hammer, firing back at it. But before he was in the clearing, the rear alarms sounded again. He turned around just as the Forbidden took a swipe at him. The Faith managed to dodge in time, but its right beam rifle was caught in the slash. As the rifle exploded, he took out the Faith's right beam saber to parry a second scythe slash, and the two Gundams locked. But it was Forbidden that broke the lock by fiercely kicking the Faith away, blowing it back serveral meters.
"Grr!" Canaan grunted, desperation and frustration in his voice. The druggie trio had effectively cut him and the Faith off from the nuclear missiles.

05-14-2005, 02:40 PM
"NO! It can't end now!" The Peace started rushing towards the nukes. "RRRRRRRARGH!" He screamed blowing the head off a Strike Dagger on his way to the Nukes, he was almost in fireing range, untill he was surrounded by Strike Daggers. "You're not getting in my way!" Heero's eyes transformed, the Peace as well. His beam saber swung around, chopping off the closest group of Strike Daggers around him, but another group came in surrounding him. The Peace's beam cannon fired a continous powerufull laser blast, that destroyed each Strike Dagger around him, he was out of tricks now, as another group swarmed in. So instead of figthing, he used a different Caliber of tricks, the now activated wings of the Peace wrapped around the main body,and it fired off towards the nukes, a few Strike Daggers blew up as the Peace rammed them to get to the nukes. The Peace's wings flew into a glide position as he incresed speed in the dash towards the nukes.

05-14-2005, 09:28 PM
Is this the end? Canaan thought to himself. He grimaced as his saw the three EA mobile suits cut down the ZAFT forces. Behind them, the stream of nukes continued their slow descend towards the PLANTS. He was helpless to stop them.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a lone, familiar Gundam blasting its way towards the nukes.

"Heero?" Canaan said. Just then, a series of intense lights engulfed the battlefield. In an instant, the nukes exploded in a blaze of glory. But they were nowhere nears the PLANTS when they exploded. "What happened?" He said in awe.

05-15-2005, 10:58 AM
Heero was stunned, then he noticed the Freedom and the Justice with their METEORs ((sp?)) blasting away the nukes. "If you want me to fight them, I won't."

05-16-2005, 11:44 PM
As the explosions settled, Canaan, still in momentary shock, saw the two Gundams responsible.
"Justice! ... and Freedom!" he said out loud. It was likely that many other ZAFT soldiers echoed those same words. Just then, he heard a transmission directed to all on the battlefield. A voice Canaan knew all too well.

"Soldiers of the Earth Forces, please cease your attack at once!"

...That voice... Canaan couldn't believe it. ...Lacus Clyne! But all along, he always knew that she would eventually show up. Especially for this battle. The voice continued.

"Are you truly aware of the consequences of what you're about to do? I repeat, soldiers of the Earth Forces, please cease your attack at once!"

05-18-2005, 03:39 PM
He heard the voice like anyone else, Lacus was doing what she always did interrupting the battle "Kira, AThrun, get out of here! Both sides want you dead!"

05-18-2005, 09:22 PM
Canaan looked over to where the transmission was coming from. It was just as he expected; the Eternal, followed by the Archangel and Kusanagi. But he directed his attention to the Freedom and Justice Gundams. They were zipping around, firing away with their METEOR packs. He zoomed his monitor on the Justice. "Athrun..." Then he zoomed in on the Freedom. "And that must be..." He flashed back to the conversation he had with Heero. ...Kira..? He grimaced at the Freedom's sight. Ironically, he was one of the candidates to be chosen as its pilot, to fight alongside Athrun Zala, the pilot of the Justice Gundam. But before he could respond to them, he received an emergency message on his monitor.

//// PRIORITY 1 ////
/// CAUTION ///

"No..." he hoped this day would never come. But it did. He looked over to Jachin Due, and a large object emerged from behind.

05-19-2005, 10:27 AM
"Kira, AThrun, listen to me, you have to get out of here!" Yzak was also saying something simaler (sp?) to that. Heero put the Peace's jets at full speed and flew away from what it's target would be. "Why... Now you'll see why I regreted joining ZAFT again, you know I saw the blue prints, and I had hoped when I re-joined this day would never come." As GENESIS fired a beam, and was greatly magnafied by the reflector mirror. The beam kept on going after it was magnified, the blue and red laser destroying Earth War SHips....

05-19-2005, 09:04 PM
Canaan watched in horror as the GENESIS's gamma ray laser ripped through Earth Alliance warships and mobile suits. Anything and everything in its path were engulfed by its intense radiation.

As it dispersed, its path of destruction revealed... nothing. Legions of ships, gone. All Canaan could do was tremble in fear. When he regained his composure, he could only feel a mix of sadness and anger. Then, he heard another tranmission. Like Lacus's, it was directed to all on the battlefield. But this time, it was not the voice of peace. It was the voice of hate. It was none other than the voice of Patrick Zala, the newly elected Chairman of the High Council.

"Couragous soldiers of the ZAFT forces, we can no longer tolerate the aggression of the arrogant Naturals. Once more the PLANTS have come under nuclear attack. This is no longer war, it is a campaign of extermination! We can no longer forgive the Naturals who commit these terrible acts without remorse!"

Canaan listened carefully, as he saw the surviving Earth Alliance forces making their retreat. ZAFT forces were on pursuit.

05-20-2005, 11:31 AM
Heero couldn't stand it, he would have to attack, but it meant giveing up all they've been fighting for. "I can't do this... No... I won't do this!" He said out loud not realizeing. It could be heard on the public channel, so pretty much anyone could hear him. "Oops..." He launched into the battlefield, but he would only blow up warships and STrike Daggers, and before he blew up a war-ship, they could see that they had time to escape.

05-20-2005, 08:31 PM
Canaan didn't hear Heero words. He was too busy listening to Patrick Zala's words or watching angry ZAFT soldiers chasing after the Earth Forces. What he didn't notice was Freedom and Justice intervening to stop the pursuit. Intead of pursuing the EA he opted to return to the Harbinger, the Nazca-class ship he was stationed on. He saw no point in chasing enemies who've lost their will to fight. On his way back, Patrick Zala's speech continued.

"A new future, for the light of creation... is with us! This is a day of history! Marking the advent of a bright new world of Coordinators, the new mankind!" The words sent chills down his spine. After that Canaan heard a chant that echoed over the intercom:

"For ZAFT! For ZAFT! For ZAFT! For ZAFT! For ZAFT! For ZAFT! For ZAFT! ..."

He gave a heavy sigh and said quietly, "For ZAFT..."

05-21-2005, 09:11 AM
Heero let out a mumble as the Peace's booster pack took the Peace right under a war-ship which had a full dock of Strike Daggers. He let a few shots fly out of his cannon, which destroyed the dock. "We don't need to destroy them, all we really need to do is stop them from deploying!"

05-22-2005, 10:06 PM
Canaan docked in the hanger bay and lowered himself out of the Faith, and he was approached by a mechanic.
"Sir, why have you returned so soon? Anything wrong?" the technician asked. Canaan pondered for a moment before answering.
"Nothing's wrong." He looked up at the mildly-damaged Faith. "But be sure to re-arm her."
"Yessir!" The mechanic gave a bow before speeding away to his duties. As he left the hanger, a few more mobile suits docked. He went to his quarters to rest. As he suited back up into his red elite ZAFT uniform, he received a call from Captain Ray Yuki.