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This RP is based just after the end of Knights of the Old Republic if revan was a lightside male. The sith have been defeated but there is a new threat, after Revans interfereance the Rakata have found an ancient star fleet That is still thecnoloogically advanced by the republic standards. This fleet has begun to attack the republic in order to take back control over the galaxcy.

You can be anyone includeing a member of the siths remanant forces, the republic, jedi, rakata, neutral and freelance. The setting is the whole starwars galaxy as battle will be occuring everywhere. So you can have your oun ship.

No god modding
No char controling
no killing other players without their per mission
You can have up to 3 PCs
Try to limit 1 line posts.

(I'll be using a character from another RP)
Character 1
Name- Jon Freeman
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 31
Height- 5"7'
Side- Republic
Allegiance: Lightside
Occupation/rank: Mercenary, Ex-Jedi
Type: Jedi Watchman
Weapons: Lightsaber, Blaster Rifle
Equipment: Medium Fiber armour (specially made not to restrict force useage).
Apperance: Black Hair, Acrobatic body build, White Skin, Brown eyes
Ship: The "Orical" a Modified corillian Medium freighter : 3 quad laser Turrets ( 2 ventral 1 dorsal, 2 Concussion missile launcher (1 forward one rear), 2 Forward ion cannons, Large cargo bay (with installed holding cell), two two-man quarters.
Bio: An ex jedi who left the order for reasons unknown. He became a mercenary and does missions for the republic.

Character 2
Name- Tia Nasai
Species- Human (corillian)
Sex- female
Age- 20
Height- 5"3'
Side- republic
Allegiance: Neutral
Occupation/rank: Mercenary.
Type: Scoundral
Weapons: Wrist mounted repeater blaster, vibro blade,
Equipment: Stealth Armour, 'Hacking' Visor (for breaking into computers, doors, etc.
Apperance: Blonde Hair, Acrobatic body build, tanned Skin, green eyes
Ship: See Jon Freeman
Bio: A orphin on corillia took to a life of crime at an early age. At the age of 17 she was trying to steal from Jon Freeman. He caught her and "rescued" her from her criminal activity. She now works as the co-pilot on the phoenix and is the main enginneer. she has worked on many jobs and thinks of Jon as an older brother.

Character 3
Name- A12- 9
Species- Droid
Sex- N/a
Age- 3
Height- 6"2'
Side- Republic
Allegiance: Jon
Occupation/rank: Body guard Droid
Type: Combat Droid
Weapons: Blaster rifle with granade launcher, Flame thrower, cutting laser
Equipment: Personal droid shield
Apperance: A human skeliton
Ship: The "Orical"
Bio: Droid made by Jon and Tia.

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((nice concept. i think i'll do another antagonist character to make things interesting. also, what about controlling fleets or troops? is that in the open, or do you have limits???))
Name: Darth Iallia
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Age: 38
Class: Sith Lord/Consular
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 169 lb
Appearance: Very pale, and has many scars across his body. His eyes have a red and yellow glow to them.

Equipment: Red single-blade lightsaber; Personal robes worn with hood up, robes have a dark red and black pattern on the bottom edge; Mental Power Implant; Dominator Gauntlets; Adrenaline Stimulator Belt

Iallia was taken as a child from his parents whenever he was recognized to be a Force Adept. He was trained in the ways of the Jedi, but he always felt that the Jedi Code was too restrictive. However, he served the Jedi obidiantly and was knighted after several years. He was soon given an apprentice after being instrumental in keeping the political situation under control in a dispute between the two giant corporations Czerka and Aratech over mining rights on Tatooine. For his efforts, Iallia was given permission to take on a padawan by the council. He then had a chance to briefly train a promising pupil by the name of Malak. Through this relationship, Iallia came into close contact with Revan and became good friends as he helped Malak prepare for the trials. After Malak passed the trials and was knighted, Iallia still maintained communications with both Revan and Malak.

Whenever the Mandalorians invaded the Republic, Iallia was initially opposed to entering the war, despite urgings from Malak and Revan. However, he was not without his doubts over the situation and came into question by the council. Somewhat upset over the council questioning him and his ethics, Iallia left the order and joined Revan and Malak. He was a brilliant ground commander and a capable space strategist. He helped lead several key victories for the Republic. However, he was assigned to lead a strike force against Mandalorians at Malachor V. Whenever the countless Jedi, Mandalorians, and Republic troops died in a single moment, Iallia was forever scarred. In that moment, he realized how incredibly wrong the Jedi were in their teachings and began to hate them. With Revan's prodding, Iallia finally surrendered to the darkside.

Revan knew that Iallia would be a capable teacher during a brief period of peace and assigned him to train new jedi converts in the ways of the Darkside. He did quite well, and discovered a new aspect that was supressed by the Jedi: his cruelty. Mistakes were often punished with cruel tortures in order to teach lessons. This also helped to finish converting Jedi that weren't quite yet completely turned to the darkside.

During the Jedi Civil War, Iallia continued to train Jedi in a remote location of Korriban. Whenever Malak turned on Revan, Iallia was actually quite surprised. Although he trained the Jedi in the ways of the Darkside, Iallia did not believe in the Sith teachings of the strongest would rule. Instead, he believed that everything and everyone had a place and a purpose. Mistakes deserved punishment but not death. Whenever this came into question by Malak, Iallia took what remained of his students, troops, and fleet and left for Yavin IV where he continued his training of the Jedi.

Iallia was very popular among his men and was easily able to recruit Sith soldiers and Dark Jedi that weren't deamed 'strong enough' by the Sith. Whenever Malak was defeated, Iallia took over the remnants of the Sith Fleet and once again began to modify their views on power. Using captured shipyards and fortified systems, Iallia began rebuilding what he could in preparations. He is currently residing over operations in a remote shipyard several parsecs from Telos.

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(OOC:No limit go nuts)

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((sweetness. me gonna have some fun.:dev7: ))

Current Fleet:
6 Sith Interdictors
8 Republic Flagships (still left from Revan's command)
10 Sith Battleships (Star Destroyer equivalent)
25 Rebuilt Mandalorian Cruisers (captured ships from the Mandalorian War)
30 Sith Frigates
250 Sith Fighter Squadrons
100 Sith Fighter/Bomber Squadrons
50 Sith Dropship Groups (3 ships each w/ 12 escort fighters)
1 Sith Battleship/Carrier (Larger than the SD's, but smaller than the SSD's)

Personal Ship:
Class: Battleship/Cruiser
Engines: 2 Large Engines & 4 Smaller Engines
35x2 Lateral Turbolaser turret batteries (210 GW output)
10 Forward-mounted Turbolasers (5 TW output)
Proton Missiles
25 AD Turrets
Defensive: 4 Shield Generators and 5 Layer armor (over 5m thick in some areas)

Holds up to 150 Fighters, 45 Fighter/Bombers, and 2 Dropship Groups

Starting RP:
Iallia looked out the window of the shuttle. Just ahead was the Exar, the absolute latest in a series of massive warships. It was going to be the flagship of his somewhat ragtag fleet. The loss of the Rakatan factory was a blow, but Revan had stated several times before that it would not last forever. The loss of both Malak and Revan had sent the Sith Fleet into chaos, but now Iallia had gained firm control over most of the remnants. It would not be long before they were a feared presence in the Galaxy once more.

Iallia looked around. The shipyard was in full motion rebuilding, building, and repairing ships for his fleet. The Sith had the personell from the conquered planets that were still in his control, but they still needed the ships. For now, there was some fear that people would rebel against their invaders, but Iallia's teachings had changed much of the viewpoints of the Sith. These new teachings had a tendancy to appease the masses much more easily than the 'survival of the fittest' teachings that Revan had used to gain the best leaders as quickly as possible.

The shuttle finished docking with Exar, and Iallia went on board. As he stepped outside of the shuttle, and entire battallion of troops, all of the Sith crew members, all of the dark jedi, and all of his commanding admirals were at attention at both his right and left of the hangar. He was greeted by his most promising Jedi student: Diraa Leet.

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(hey starmark, can i be the aliens from avp?)

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Hey can I still join? Sounds interesting.

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Name- Ana Kael
Species- Human
Sex- Female
Age- 17
Height- 5 3'
Side- None
Allegiance: Lightside
Occupation/rank : Jedi Knight
Type: Consular
Weapons: Purple lightsaber
Equipment: Blue Jedi Knight robes
Appearance: Long raven hair, toned, fair skinned, and emerald green eyes.
Personality: Quiet, soft spoken, since she was tiny she’s always been secluded or felt so, this has made her a bit behavior blind.
Bio: Ana was taken from her home world of tattooine when she was four years, when a jedi by the name of Fen Dunai found her and brought her to the jedi council for training. There she began to learn of the force and how it was connected to everything. She began to have prophetic dreams and would see the death of a jedi or the events that would take place the next day. When Fen took her as his padawan she told him of the strange dreams and he took her aside told her to lie about such dreams. He felt that if the jedi council knew of her power then somehow the darkside would learn of it too and people would try to use that power for their will, like Ana’s fellow padawan Bastila’s battle mediation. So they kept it hidden from the council.

Then one night she was having another dream. She saw fellow padawans of her’s Revan and Malak falling to the darkside. The dream was so intense that she began to sleep walk around the temple. Another Jedi, one on the council found her and placed his hand on the girl to see what she was doing and suddenly feeling the force so strong within her that he too fell into her dream and saw Revan and Malak falling. When the jedi awoke he was there alone and the girl had disappeared and was know where to be found and Dunai along with her.

Ana had awoken and ran to her master and told him of the events that night. Then and there he decided it was time to leave and take her away from the temple. He wasn’t going to allow her to be used at any cost. So Ana left with her Master and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Name- Fen Dunai
Species- Zabrak
Sex- Male
Age- 42
Height- 5 3'
Side- None
Allegiance: Neutral (falling to darkside)
Occupation/rank : Jedi Knight
Type: Guardian
Weapons: Blue Lightsaber
Equipment: Brown Jedi Knight robes
Appearance: Pale blue skin with red tattoos all over his body, muscular, yellow eyes.
Bio: After he took Ana from the jedi temple he brought her to tattooine, they settled in a small enclave on the outskirts and he forbid Ana to leave. And she wouldn’t leave, she was too loyal to her master. He began to grow obsessive over her power and soon the darkside w as tainting and twisting him into a power hungry mongrel, fighting to keep his passion at bay. Now with the events happening in the universe he feels that he needs help in protecting Ana.

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(OOC- I thought this RP was dead in the pan,m but soom people still show an interest so i'll attempt a revival.)

The orical sped through hyperspace towards the planet of kashyyykk. the crew were smuggeling weapons to the wookie who were still fighting the czerka corp for control of their homeworld. The ship also had another problem, they were being chased by the rakata fleet.

Blessèd Sith
04-25-2005, 01:28 AM
(((Oh, oh! I wanna play too! ^_^ I'll actually post when my brain is working and it isn't 1:30am . . .)))

Name: Nalaen Yalos
Age: 19
Appearance: 5' 10", long light brown hair, ritual tattoos (face and body), muscular but lithe from training, green eyes.
Alliegence: Sith -> student and "apprenticing" assassin
Bio: Not much is known about Nalaen but it's rumoured that she's from a little-known Sith planet made up of a warrior-priest race. This much is for sure: she's a fierce Sith without qualms, and she desires to eventually be the personal assassin of The Sith Lord, whoever he (or she?) may be. (Because hey, we always revive ourselves). Started using the bo at a young age, and was educated somewhat in politics and war on top of her Sith/religious theology and philosophy.
Sabre: Weilds a double-bladed sabre, red in keeping with tradition.
Other weapons: (Ceremonial) Sacrificial dagger and bo.
Force Powers: Generic force powers. As well as rage, lightening and grip, which are still being developed. Also building on her repertoire of dark powers.

04-25-2005, 03:03 AM
((Where Nalaen goes, there also goes Kira:D ))

Name- Kira
Species- Human
Sex- female
Age- 18
Height- 5"5'
Side- Sith
Allegiance: Dark Side
Occupation/rank: Sith student
Weapons: twin red lightsabers, Blaster Rifle
Equipment: form-fitting black clothing and a black cloack draped around her shoulders and head.
Apperance: shoulder-length black hair, pale blue-gray eyes, light skin
Bio: Next to nothing is known about Kira. She is a friend to Nalaen and though Nalaen knows bits and pieces of her past, (I hope) she says nothing of it.

((I'm in the same boat as Blessed Sith here... my brain is fried... need sleep... will post tomorrow.:) ))

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The orical exited hyperspace a few click ouside kashyyykks gravity well. Seven long range rakatan fighter were in quick persuit. The three Turrets swung round to the rear and began fireing at the incoming fighters. The turrets were being controled by Tia and A12-9 while Jon flew the ship towards the planet as he also dodged the enemy fighters blasters. The Enemy fighters were gaining ground on the small freighter as one of the turret got a few good hits on the lead fighter causing the rest to break formation to avoid the explosion and shrapnal. As the fighters attempted to regain formation two more fighters were taken out by a rear fired missile which hit one and caused another to crash in to the explosion. The four remain ing fighter had gotten really close to the freighters rear allowing the turrets to shoot down two more. These final kills made the surviving two fighter turn tail and re-enter hyperspace back to their fleet.

The Orical had survived the battle with minimal damage, It headed into the atmosphere and set cource for the landing pad.

04-25-2005, 01:19 PM
Diraa- "Master Iallia, welcome aboard. Construction is nearly complete, and the Exar will be ready for departure within 3 hours."

Iallia- "Excellent. I'm looking forward to testing out the abilities of this ship. The architects informed me that it would prove itself very capably. How are your studies going?"

Diraa- "Fine. I'm confident that I'll be ready for the tests whenever they're administered."

Iallia- "Good. Now, lets head for the bridge. I'm interested in seeing how things fuction up there."

Diraa- "As you wish. Lead on, my master."

04-25-2005, 03:14 PM
The Orical rested on a Landing Pad near one of the Wookie villages where a freedom fighter cell was located. The ships crew was in the villages town hall, The Ex-jedi captain was sitting on a table opposite the head of the tribe (who Was also the head of the freedon cell). The co-pilot and the ships droid were standing over a hover-trolly filled with weapons and explosives.

Jon- "Look I understand, But we need to be compensated for what we paid to get them here."

Cheif "(My friend, we are low on credits, but we can offer trade goods, from our raids on the czerka bace.)"

Jon- "What kind of things?"

Cheif- "(Things we don't need, armour, stealth equipment and other things.)"

Jon- "O.K, That sounds good."

Blessèd Sith
04-25-2005, 11:51 PM
(((Woot! I have mah Kira n_n I just had an idea as to what to post, and I'm gonna include you, m'kay wildjedi? If you don't like it, you can just like, grab a ship or a pod or something and bugger off :p Who knows, I may join you ;) Okay, here's my attempt to jump us in . . . I hope it works ^_^)))

Nalaen gazed out at the infinite expanse of space before her. The stars twinkled and winked outside the ship, her eyes blank as she informally meditated on them. Her hands were clamped behind her back, feet slightly apart. Subconsciously she had assumed an unwavering pose of a commander, probably from her training as a child. Those who thought the big hunt were the big hunt. The Force shifted and brushed up past her; Kira had arrived.

"Any news?" she asked without turning around, still focused quasi-mindlessly on the stars. She was wondering what was going on in this battle and where they were supposed to go, what they were supposed to do. For herself, she was still reeling from Revan's betrayal. He had stayed with the Jedi even after learning the truth, the weakling. Ironically, he had been a wonderous Sith Lord, a glorious conqueror. And he had defeated Malak. Though that Lord hadn't truly been worthy of his title, at least he had been efficiently brutal . . . for the most part. And still, it was a figurehead for the Sith to gather at, which was what most needed.

As of now, they had no real set leader. The closest thing was Darth Iallia, but he wasn't totally official, she didn't think. Though, she figured he may as well be. He was good, and smart. Intelligent and she hoped brutal.

04-26-2005, 12:57 AM
"Nothing," Kira answered quietly. Though her voice was quiet, it was filled with irritation. Her irritation had its roots in many things, not the least of which was her split personality.

"I can make nothing of the current events," she went on. "Neither can my acquaintences."

She shook her head and, for a second, allowed her other personality to slip forward. Black hair faded to blonde and her eyes deepened into true blue. Then, she returned to normal and stared out at the stars with Nalaen.

"How interesting," she muttered. "Things that look so small and yet are so big." She shook her head. "And carry far greater things, feelings, conflict on their surfaces."

Blessèd Sith
04-26-2005, 02:25 AM
"Hmm," was all she murmured, though thoughtfully. After a moment repose, she added, "Yes, but it's merely an illusion . . . and a good allusion." She gestured towards them, "Underestimating them, we think them insubstantial, subpar, underneath our gaze. But in truth, they could be worlds with millions of inhabitants, each more powerful than the last. As is with our enemies: if we think them paltry and small, they could surprise us with numbers and strength unimaginable." Smiling then, she glanced at her friend. "But I'm becoming philosophical."

Clearing her throat she shifted back to serious matters. "So no news? I'd like to know what we're doing. I mean, knowing that we're going to be slaughtering people is vastly different than actually tasting their blood." She scowled, just wanting to get to the killing. Sure, the planning would be fun, all the strategy and politics . . . she was making herself flighty just thinking about it, but they hadn't been involved in that yet. So her next stop was the killing, but even that hadn't taken hold for her! Gods, when would someone in charge get to them and do something?!

04-26-2005, 04:31 AM
The Orical had flown out of the atmosphere of the wookie homeworld and began to head out of the planets gravity well. Jon, The ships captain was sitting in the cockpit looking out of the forward screen, deep in thought. Jon was feeling odd things through the force, Somthing was coming, but What? His concentration was broken by the entrance of Tia into the cockpit. She sat down in the co-pilots chair and looked at the navigation charts.

Tia- "You haven't plotted a cource, Where are we going?"

Jon- "I don' know, my minds been on other things... Well we need to go to place to sell all this czerka equipment."

Tia- " Where Nar Shaddar, Corillia, Coruscant, Tatooine, d
Dantooine... Korriban?

Jon- "Ha, We'll go to Coruscant, it a long way so keep an eye open for Sith and Rakata. I'll be in my Quarters."

Jon walked out of the cockpit and Was confused by the feelings he's been feeling since the star forge was destroyed. He was frustrated, Somthing was coming, but he did not know what. It was like someone was dangleing it in front of him but he could not reach it. As he walked pass the armoury he saw his droid in there (as usual), Him and tia had used the programming from a sith war droid as a template and was obsesed with war and weaponary. He just passed him as the droid got agitated when disturbed for anything other than 'Engage battle protocles!'. He entered His room and began to meditate as the ship entered hyperspace.

04-26-2005, 03:20 PM
Iallia looked outside to the nearby space dock. The Exar had just completed final construction and was on its way to join with the rest of the fleet. Already, the same space dock was now prepping to start work on another ship, and Iallia could feel the workers moving about as quickly as possible.

Technician- "Sir, we've just picked up an inbound shuttle. It claims to be an ambassador shuttle carrying a diplomat."

Iallia- "Did this ambassador shuttle mention who they were representing?"

Technician- "Sir, they're calling themselves representatives of the True Sith."

Iallia- "Have them dock here on the Exar and have this ambassador meet me in my quarters."

Technician- "Aye sir."

The door opened to Iallia's quarters. A cloaked man entered, and Iallia could feel the darkside within him. The man pulled the hood off of his head and let it drape over his back. Iallia recognized him instantly: Darth Ryanus.

Ryanus- "Hmmph, I figured that the weaker of the two Sith factions would be led by the weaker of the two remaining masters. Tell me, Master Iallia, exactly how high do you actually reguard the Jedi?"

Iallia- "I reguard them as I do anyone that opposes me: an adversary. Now tell me, Ryanus, do you oppose me?"

Ryanus- "I did not come here to be interrigated by a weaker man. You're not fit to lead. That is why Master Hatre has sent me here: to unite the Sith once more."

Iallia- "And to doom us all to a cycle of death and betrayal? You must be more of a fool than I first percieved you to be."

Ryanus- "Spare me the insults. If you will not willingly join us, then you will die by my hand. (activates a lightsaber)Now choose."

Iallia- "Hmm, I guess even now I'll be forced to return to the survival of the fittest. So be it, fool."

Iallia didn't activate his lightsaber. Instead, he picked up Ryanus in the air and crushed his body with the Force. His ribcage collapsed and the sound of bones snapping filled the room. Ryanus dropped his lightsaber and fell to his knees, gasping for air. Iallia picked him up again with the Force and flung him across the room. As Ryanus struggled through his pain, Iallia calmly walked towards him and picked him up in a tight grip around his neck.

Iallia- "You fool. There is no weakness to my technique. Your eyes are blind to the truth, and now, you will pay for it."

With that, Iallia slowly began to crush the neck vertebrae in Ryanus' neck. Iallia then released him, and Ryanus died before he hit the ground.

04-26-2005, 03:59 PM
As the Orical Shot through the streaking stars of hyperspace the Human crew slept in their quarters. The Ships droid was plugged into the ship regenerating and also connected directly to the sensors. A12-9 was the early warning system incase of an attack from any one who wished to do them wrong.

Jon Was thrashing about and mirmering while lying asleep on his bed. He was having visions of the past and present, They were of him standing in the dantooine council chamber infront of the council. He stood there trying to explain his case for going to stop the mandalorians before they became more than the republic could handle. He tried to explain the visions he had seen of the jedi who would go, would fall unless they were supported by the council. As the council refused he turned and left the chamber and took the first ship out of the enclave. His mind then jumped to another scene one of which seemed unfamiliar. He saw himself in a saber fight with a dark jedi, but he could not make out the jedis face, the fight led to Jon being knocked to the floor and then darkness.

The Ship vigourously shook as it was forced out of hyperspace. Jon and Tia both awoke and ran in to the cockpit wearing the cloths they were slept in. Tia Sat in the co-pilots chair as jon sat in the pilots to take control os the ship.

Jon- "What happened?"

A12-9- "A Gravity well had suddenly blocked our path."

Tia- "It's an intradictor ship... It's the Sith."

Jon- "I can't gain control of the ship... It's a tractor beam."

A12-9- "Shall i begin preperations for close combat defence."

Jon- "No we need somthing more subtle... Tia get that stealth belt of yours, A Twelve remove weapons from your self and initiate pilot droid protocles."

As the ship was brought in Tia and Jon Used their stealth skills while the droid sat on the pilots seat. This plan was made to make the sith think that the ship was automated and of no real importance other than to transport cargo from A to B.

04-27-2005, 01:53 AM
"Philosophy can be interesting," Kira remarked with a smile. Then, she shook her head. "Wouldn't you think there would be some kind of... 'something' for us to do by now?"

She paused for a moment. "I'm tempted to reveal the side of me that is Teri and go to the Jedi. At least that way we could find out a little more of what's going on than we could standing here staring at stars."

04-27-2005, 09:43 PM
((@wildjedi & Blessed Sith: i have no idea where you guys are. so far, i've gathered that you're on one of my ships, but you haven't stated anything specific. ;) ))

Iallia returned to the bridge. He had just finished consulting with several Admirals and Generals. Planning was over: it was time to attack. The official orders had been transmitted to most of the fleet captains, and they would be attacking as a fleet.

Iallia stood near the command module to monitor the fleet. The Admiral gave the order, and the fleet entered hyperspace en masse. The target was Manaan.

Blessèd Sith
04-27-2005, 10:43 PM
(((Yeah, I figured that too, but I didn't want to state anything specific until we were all on the same page n_n . . . so . . . we're attacking Manaan then?)))

The comment waiting to be freed from the tip of Nalaen's tongue was quickly forgotten as the ship's Admiral came striding up to the two Sith. She couldn't see him, but could well sense him in the Force. Besides, no one else had the right to walk with such sure step on the ship other than the Sith. Well, one-and-a-half-Sith, half Jedi, but Nalaen had been through enough with Kira to forgive her that fault. Plus, it could get them into places usually forbidden to the Sith, especially since they were supposed to be destroyed (the fools!) . . . Enough with reverie though; her eyes settled on the stiff military man as she turned to examine him.

"News, Admiral?" she purred, surrounding him in the Force, more to unnerve him than to really gain anything by it. She sensed a slight jolt and shiver from him, though he gave nothing away outwardly. Remarkable. Her respect for him rose.

He nodded, giving a little bow. Though she and Kira had no real official stance in the military, they were Sith, and obviously skilled, what with all they had been through. Their place was as leaders, warriors, killers. They were to help plan, slaughter and extract information. All of Nalaen's favourite things. Though truth be told, they were rather low on the ladder -- just one ship of many, led by two warriors of many.

"Yes, my Lord," he said, his voice clear, the only hesitance and fear showing in the Force, and barely at that. His gaze flickered to Kira. Nalaen figured it was because he seemed to be favouring herself, and not treating the other Sith with due respect. He nearly licked his lips in his nervous state, though kept himself completely under control. One Sith at the helm was bad enough, but two?

"Pray tell?" she said after his hesitance, her voice losing some of its purr for a sharper edge of annoyance and impatience.

"The target is Manaan, my Lord," he said quickly, seeming to compose himself. She examined him with a slightly arched brow, then turned back around to gaze at the stars once more. If Kira had anything to say or add, she could do it. Nalaen had her own thoughts to worry about.

Manaan. What was there to gain by attacking it? It was the only resource of kolto in the galaxy, was it not? And even if that wasn't exactly true, it was the easiest source of kolto. Why would they go after a planet and potentially destroy it, when it had a resource of such precious value? Did their leader have no forethought? Or was there something else going on here? Perhaps such a grandeous show was to force their hand and make them surrender. For this many ships could easily blow them into dust and they had to understand the resolve of the Sith. They were not so easily forgotten. Still, it could be dangerous and they could try to call their bluff, even if there was no bluff to be called. Though she had her reservations about attacking a place that they could use, she cared more about orders. No matter how she felt, she would do as commanded. Especially since she didn't know the driving force behind this attack: the why.

04-28-2005, 12:04 AM
Iallia waited for their arrival at Manaan from the Bridge. Although he was leaving most of the real-time tactical commands to the Admirals, Iallia was still quite insistant on having some say in the matter. Iallia could feel someone walking up behind him, so he turned to meet him. It was Diraa.

Diraa- "Master, I've heard that we're going to be attacking Manaan. But I have to wonder why since the current neutrality deal we have with the Selkath provides us with all the kolto we need."

Iallia- "Ah, but it is not us who needs the kolto. The Republic on the other hand desperately needs the kolto. According to intelligence estimates, well over 95% of the Republic's kolto comes from Manaan."

Diraa- "Now I see: if we manage to wipe out the Republic's source of kolto, we can bring them to their knees. But what of the Selkath, they will object to us forcing the Republic off-world."

Iallia- "I realize that, and I've prepared for it. You see, the invasion will not be a direct attack on Ahto City: that would be the end of the kolto supply until the Selkath would decide to re-emerge from the depths. The key is to trap the Selkath inside the city first. Our operatives have already made the preparations."

Diraa- "Preperations for what?"

Iallia- "Lets just say that I'll be using Manaan's resources against the Selkath and leave it that. Understood?"

Diraa- "Yes my master."

04-28-2005, 04:54 AM
The orical had been tractord into one of the ships hangers. As the sith troops assembled outside the ships to open the hatchway and board it, The two humans were currently stealthed. Tia was useing her specially modified armour to generate the field while jon had trained in a rare form of force camoflarge. The hatchway had slowly opened and the sith troops had rushed and began looking around the orical for any sign of life. Luckily the two humans had slipped out of the ship and headded out of the hanger and found an abandoned room. The stealth fields were deactivated.

Tia- "Now what?"

Jon- "We need to deactivate the tractor beam and find A12. They proberly have taken him to the droid storage on the prison deck."

A smalll tremor had shook the ship and then became calm again. Jon and Tia knew what had happened, they had experianced it many times before, The ship had entered hyperspace. Tia noticed a console in the room they were in and began to use her advanced skills to hack the computer. It didn't take her long to get a map of the ship so they could find the prison level and the location of the tracktor beam generaton. on a further search through the system she found the ships destination... Manaan.
She felt it was important to find out why but Her skills were not good enougth all she could find out that every ship in this sith faction was headding there. Somthing big was happening but what?

Tia- "We cant escape untill we've left hyperspace."

Jon- "we still need to get A12 and deactivate the generator. We need to split up. You take the tractor beam i'll get a12.

04-28-2005, 06:58 AM
Name- Jaelek Kland
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 17
Height- 5"6'
Side- None
Allegiance: Neutral leaning towards sith
Occupation: Force Adept
Type: Adept
Weapons:1 crimson Lightsaber, Blaster
Equipment: Force adept robe
Apperance: Blackish blonde hair Slim body tan skin Brown eyes
Bio: One of the force users to leave his planet. Jaelek was taken in by the Jedi order when he was 6 then a couple years later he was taken in by the sith spared the boy when his academy was attacked. and the sith decided to train him in their ways Jaelek escaped the sith academy when he was 12.

OOC:Hi everyone 1st post :] i assume you guys are going to attack Mannan? if so i will start their. my brain hurts from doing an exam a couple minutes ago. i gotta get some sleep and is my character alright? first time doing this sorta stuff :]

04-28-2005, 02:23 PM
(OOC- Mlyke Your character is fine and you can jump in at any time. Just to clarify the situation: The republic is in ruin due to a war with the Rakata Fleet and sith. The Sith are split into 2 factions one controled by stringerhs character Drth Iallia, The other controled by a Master Hatre (who i presume is a Darth) and Blessèd Sith and Wildjedi are in stringerhs faction. These two factions seem to be at war with each other as well as the republic and rakata. My chars are in one of the ships that belong to stringerhs fleet and are attempting to escape. currently every active character is on the way to manaan. If i got somthing wrong please correct me.)

04-28-2005, 05:27 PM
OOC:Thanks for the heads up. guess i belong to neither faction sense im neutral :]

04-28-2005, 07:48 PM
Kira had her doubts about this attack on Manaan, but she kept her concerns to herself. One ship with two Sith warriors could not challenge the orders of a man who had the rest of the fleet at his back. Aside from this, her Jedi half had a soft spot for any living thing that she could not quench entirely. It was not appealing to kill innocent people.

"We have our orders," she said quietly. "We will carry them out."

She turned back to the window, allowing Nalaen to give the order to jump to hyperspace. The admiral nodded stiffly and moved to carry out the order, thinking of how obvious it was which of these two Sith was actually leading them. Kira let Nalaen take command of everything.

04-28-2005, 09:12 PM
Jaelek sat ontop of the Mannan cantina roof looking out into the sky.

''It might just be me..but i feel somethings going to go down. ugh its just probably me''

Jaelek sighed and fiddled around with his lightsaber and countinued to look at the sky ''Its just me i hope..''

Jaelek then stood up and walked into the cantina. and countinued walking and sat down on a chair near a fountain

''I should get some rest'' Jaelek then looked at how much credits he had and sighed then he just slept on the chair

04-28-2005, 09:26 PM
The idea was so incredibly simple, but yet it worked in almost every way. Hours before Iallia's fleet even entered hyperspace, several operatives on Manaan recieved commands to begin the operation.

Specialized noise makers had been designed that would agitate the Firaxa sharks, and more particularly the fabled Progenitor, the rumored source of the kolto. The operatives moved around in their submarines and dropped them in a circumference around Ahto City.

As expected, the Firaxa in the immidiate vicinity became very agitated and began to attack anyone that wasn't in a submarine. Unaware of what was happening, the Selkath retreated to Ahto City, as planned by Iallia himself. But the real threat to the Selkath would eventually manifest itself in the form of the Progenitor. Using stolen records from the Republic, the Sith had designed the noisemakers to produce a noise that would theoretically overly agitate the Progenitor in order to drive the Selkath that went out in subs to go mad.

Confused and unaware of what was happening, the Selkath soon abandoned their attempts at reaching their kolto harvesters, much less any hidden city that was underwater. However, they did suspect foul play and immidiately stopped kolto shipments to both the Republic and the Sith. But, it was already too late to do anything: the Iallia's fleet would soon arrive.

Technician- "My Lord, we are preparing to exit hyperspace."

Iallia- "Very well. May the Force be used by us."

Iallia's fleet exited hyperspace in a standard defensive formation in order to keep the Republic guessing that they were arriving for kolto shipments. As they neared the Sith orbital zones, several groups broke off in an attack pattern for the Republic Fleet. In the meantime, several ships designed for atmosphere conditions escorted invasion craft towards Ahto City.

The Exar battle group remained in the Sith Orbital Zone to monitor progress. The first of the Sith Attack groups reached the scrambling Republic fleet. Although the Republic kept a number of warships in their orbital zone in case of a situation like this, they were outnumbered by almost 4 to 1. The large majority of the Republic fleet was composed of transport ships, and most of them were tractored in the other Sith Battle Group.

As word came in that the space battle against the Republic was going extremely well, Iallia moved the Exar Battlegroup behind the struggling Republic Fleet. Soon, the Republic Admirals recognized that they couldn't possibly repel the Sith attack and turned to retreat. As they tried to leave, the Exar Battlegroup moved to cut them off.

Then the Exar turned and began firing full broadsides on the Republic ships. With so much firepower, the Republic ships couldn't survive. As several capitol ships were destroyed, the Republic Admiral decided to give up: they transmitted on offer to surrender.

Technician- "My Lord, the Republic Admiral has offered his surrender."

Iallia- (pauses for a second)"Very well. Prepare boarding parties. I want this Admiral kneeling before me on the bridge."

Technician- "Aye sir."

Blessèd Sith
04-29-2005, 12:19 AM
Nalaen sat down in her comfortable black throne-looking chair. She tapped her fingers against the armrest rhythmicly, feeling the stirrings on Manaan through the Force. They were in disarray and it felt good. What was even better was they were trying to keep it secret, keep anyone from knowing what was happening, which added to the stress, added to the eating of their souls. Watching Kira, she studied her for a moment before speaking. Something was bothering her, and she had a sense as to what.

"You should really purge that Jedi from you," she said conversationally, picking at her robe cuffs for a moment, completely indifferent to the slaughter being wrought. "She makes you weak. You do realise this." Studying the other, she was glad they at least both knew their places. Worst thing for the solidarity of an attack was for two Sith to be having a power struggle.

"Though," she continued after a slight pause, resting her arms once more, looking completely at ease, "I do admire the fact that you know what is right, even when you feel ill-at-ease with it. You really would slaughter, en masse, whomever we were commanded to, wouldn't you?" Her tone became scathing, biting, "Even with that blasted Jedi half."

04-29-2005, 01:27 AM
"You are forgetting something," Kira said after a short silence. "She is what keeps me alive. Were it not for her, I would be dead also. She is my past and therefore my present and future." She shook her head. "No, purging her from me entirely is not an option."

"Would I follow orders to slaughter?" she asked rhetorically. "Yes. Yes, I would. She can scold me as much as she wants, but my views on that subject will not change."

04-29-2005, 03:09 AM
Micel had successfully made it to the prison deck unnoticed largly thanks to his use of the force. In the elevator to the deck he felt forward and sensed a large number of troops inbetween him ans A12. He was not sure how to go about getting pass them even with his skills someone will notice him if he tries to pass. as the Doors slid open he exited the elevator to see 12 men blocking the corridore as if they were expecting an attack. but why? The only way pass to fight, and he had the greatest advantages they couldnt see him and didn't know he was there, not yet anyway.

He slowly krept forward until he was inches from one of the guard, in then held his saber forward igniting it. The blade shot through the siths torsoe killing him intantly. Remaining cloaked he quickly swung the blade (The only visible object) at another troop to the right klling him. now the sith knew they were under attack causing the sith troops to react and begig shooting, Jon Deacivated his saber causing the sith to fire in random location, where jon used the mind trick to make them think noise where coming from these locations. Tis took out 7 more troops from friendly fire, the other four were quickly cut open by his saber and where dead before they hit the ground.

Jon stoped useing his stealth technigue and opened the droid storage room, A12 was in there surrounded by dead bodies eithur cut by his laser or burnt by the flamethrower.

Jon- "we have to go before a patrol."

Voice- "arrive!"

Jon swung round to see a dark jedi with an ignited saber, Jon activated his knowing the impemding battle would be difficult. The Jedi attacked, him as jon defended the fight seemed familiar to him, it was the one he resently invisioned and it was coming true. Jon was losing the battle and quickly had his saber knocked out of his hand and was on the floor with the jedi standing over him.

D J- "Now you die!"

The dark jedi raised his saber when his eyes opened wider and he took a deep breath, seconds later he fell to the side with a vibroblade in the back of his head and tia now filling the void where the Dark jedi stood.

Tia- "Are you o.k?"

Jon- "Yes thanks to you, Did you deactivate the tractor beam?"

Tia- " Kind of it willl be offline when we exit hyperspace."

The three crew left the prison deck and headed back to the hanger on there way the ship exited hyperspace and tia shouted for them to hurry. they quickly got in the ship and shot out of the hanger only for the tractor beam to catch them on their way out.

Jon- "i thought you deactivated it."

Tia- "no i said i kinda deactivated it, I set it to overload."

Jon- "But its next to the main power generator."

Tia "Yeah, Its going to be a big explosion."

Seconds later the ship rumbled and the tractor beam was no more allowing the ship to shoot down to the planet. The ship began exploding in small pieses until the whole thing went up in a ball of fire.

04-29-2005, 06:52 AM
Technician- "Sir, one of our Interdictors was just destroyed."

Iallia-"Hmm, how on earth did that happen?"

Technician- "I'm not quite sure. According to sensor logs, it blew up from the inside. Wait, there's a small frieghter heading for Ahto City. Their ion trails indicate that they flew outwards from the Interdictor just before the explosion."

Iallia- "Hmm, interesting. It seems that not everything can go according to plans. Very well. I want Gold Battlegroup to intercept it and capture it. I have a feeling it contains something of value."

With the invasion craft already landed on Ahto City, the escorting Gold group, which was composed of several cruisers and a Battleship moved to intercept the Oricle. The Battleship quickly activated the tractor beam and caught the Oricle.

04-29-2005, 07:06 AM
Jon- "Twice in the as many hours."

Tia- "Someone really dosen't like us."

The oricle was slowly dragged in This time the ship was scanned for life before it had been draged in to the hanger so the crew could not use the same ploy as before.

A12-9- "Shall i prepare for close quarters combat."

Jon- "No, They must know we're responsible for the destruction of that ship, They'll have every troop and dark jedi in the hanger by now."

Tia- "So what do we do?"

Jon- "We bide our time, we will need to rely on the skills you learnt as a child and a12-9 shut down until i reactivate you."

As the ship landed in the siths hanger several troops boarded led by some dark jedi, The three were instantly taken to the prison deck and placed in force cage cells.

04-29-2005, 10:09 AM
((sorry for the long post guys, but there's a lot of stuff i have to address in this one post. ;) ))

Technician- "Sir, Gold Group confirms that they have the frieghter. We've also recieved a personal message from several of your Sith Warriors concerning one of the captured crew members."

Iallia- "Transfer it to the comm terminal."

Technician- "Aye Sir."

Iallia walked over to the comm terminal and waited. An image of his leading Dark Jedi appeared on the screen.

Dark Jedi- "My Lord, I felt something odd about that vessel when we first captured it. Whenever we brought it onboard and discovered its occupants, I found out why. One of them is a Jedi, or at least a former Jedi."

Iallia- "Very well, take all the necessary precautions. I'll join you as soon as we finish up with the ground assault."

Dark Jedi- "As you wish my Lord."

Iallia then cut the transmission and returned to the tactical station to monitor the invasion of Ahto City.

The invasion craft didn't bother to land in the hangars: instead they landed in the open areas around Ahto. Thousands of Sith troops led by Dark Jedi landed on Ahto. Instead of attacking the Selkath, the Sith concentrated their firepower on the Republic, particularly the Republic Embassy. Within minutes, the Republic base was theirs, and several Republic Ammbassadors surrendered to the Sith.

The rest of the Sith swept through Ahto in order to gain complete control over it. Within hours, all of Ahto was under Sith control. The process of gathering the Selkath leaders was then underway. They were taken to several shuttles to be brought before Iallia himself.

Iallia was in a conference room on the Exar with the Selkath leaders.

Iallia- "Welcome aboard the Exar, the flagship of my fleet. What can I do for you gentlemen?"

Selkath- "For one, you can start explaining why you violated our neutrality as well as our sovereignity."

Iallia- "Hmmph, why do you even bother asking questions to which you already know the answer? We're here in order to control the kolto, which is now ours. And your sovereignity is not under question: you belong to the Sith now. And I think you will understand the benefits of your current situation once things settle down a bit."

Selkath- "Benefits?!? You invade us and expect us to benefit from it?!? We will not cooperate with uncivilized barbarians who attack on a mere whim."

Iallia- "Oh, I assure you, attacking you was not on a 'mere whim' as you propose. Planning for this attack has been underway for quite some time. And do you really think that the arrousal of the Firaxa was just a coincidence just before the invasion? Trust me, this attack was not on a 'mere whim'. As for us being uncivilized barbarians, how does this sound: we are quite concerned with the well-being of your planet and its resources as well as its native inhabitants. We are conquerers, yes, but I think that you'll find you situation much more agreeable than it would if you were under Republic control."

Selkath- "Really, and how do you come to that conclusion?"

Iallia- "Its quite simple, really. The Republic would demand that the kolto supply would become a product that should be freely available throughout the galaxy. Us Sith, on the other hand, are prepared to continue allowing full control over the kolto distibution to be in your hands. Your economy will not suffer, as you seem to think. Instead, we only propose that we have a say in the prices to certain competitors."

Selkath- "You mean the Republic."

Iallia- "You said it, not me. Of course, we would allow you to do this under the agreement that you offer us the same price that you have been offering the kolto to us. In return, you also recieve protection from our fleet from the marauding Rakata. Now, does that really sound like such a harsh deal for you?"

Selkath- "It will require certain discussions on our part, but it does sound reasonable."

Another Selkath- "Reasonable?!? How is that reasonable for everybody?"

Iallia- "Its reasonable for you, is it not? You would be taking in massive profits from the Republic as well as taking in profits from us. Considering that your people were supposed to be neutral during the conflict, I find it hard to believe that you can't agree to my offer. Now, discuss it among yourselves if you must. I'll be expecting an official response from you within 24 hours. Thank you for joining me today, gentlemen. Now if you'll excuse me, I have other matters to attend to."

Iallia boarded the Battleship that was holding Jon, Tia, and A12-9. He went towards the brig and felt outwards for this Jedi. As he entered the brig, he came face to face with the Jedi.

Iallia- "Interesting, a Jedi. Hmm, I wonder if you even remember me, Master Freeman. If I remember correctly, you were one of the ones that highly disapproved of my 'questionable' loyalty to the Jedi. (disgusted)I seem to remember you specifically pointing out my lack of loyalty to the council. And it was you who started me on this path. You know, I've never really had much of a desire for revenge, but now that you are here before me, perhaps I can make that small part of me that much more stable."

Iallia then used Force Grip on Jon, slowly and methodically crushing Jon's lungs.

Blessèd Sith
04-29-2005, 01:27 PM
(((This stuff is moving really fast . . . um, I'm totally lost now. I mean, one second I'm preparing for attack, then attacks happening, now it's over. What am I supposed to be doing? I don't even know where I am. Kira and I seem to be peripheral subjects in the armada . . . heh, time to change that . . .)))

Already. The planet had already fallen. Nalaen stared at the viewscreen, her jaw slightly dropped. She wasn't even blinking yet, so stunned with the immediate results. Well, at least the planet hadn't been destroyed and negotiations for kolto and alliance could happen. With preferable results, no less. Her mind settling, she settled as well, leaning back in the chair, a smug look of grim satisfaction spreading across her tattooed face. Well . . . no time like the present.

Standing, she took her sabre from her hip and lit up both ends as she turned to Kira. Grinning vicerally, she asked, "Up for sashimi?" With a short laugh and a twirl of her twin blades, she strode away, demanding a shuttle for both Sith. They were going planet-side to shake things up and have some fun. Mayhem for all.

Once in the shuttle, she was free to speak once more.

"This hold the Jedi holds over you," she said, scraping some crusted goo, she wasn't quite sure what kind of goo, off her sabre hilt, "isn't right. She's using you." Frowning, she took a tentative taste of the goo that was flaking on her finger. Syrup. Huh, that was . . . weird. But anyway. "I'm glad you can ignore her, but eventually, she could break you." Pausing again, she continued to examine the hilt. When it was clean, she started buffing it. She wanted her first impression on the captured people to be one of someone efficient, brutal and lethal, usually all at the same time. "Be warned, there are Jedi about and something afoot. I don't know where they are or what's happening. Maybe I'm being paranoid. But that Jedi-half is a risk." Smiling, satisfied with the work on her sabre, she put it back on her hip as they came in for the landing. "Let us forget this for now, though. Let's . . . have some fun with the population."

04-29-2005, 01:43 PM
"An unavoidable risk," Kira said patiently. "Without her, I die."

Then, she grinned. "This 'fun' you speak of... I think I'll enjoy it."

04-29-2005, 02:04 PM
Jon looked up at the man he was familiar but his face was distorted by the darkside of the force. As the Man used the force to grip him he mearly used his power to Extinguish the grip.

Jon- "I remember, I remember. I remember warning every jedi master and knight in the council chamber of the darkside threat. I saw all this coming and no one listened. I remember you telling me I was insane to think that Trained jedi would fall in great number and so easily... again. I didn't even think you would fall so easily, but now you are living proof of my warnings, The master who took the place of his padawan as the sith lord. Yes i remember you Iallia."

Jon activated his force camoflarge technique and moved accross the room invisible to all those who wer looking at him.

Jon- "And as for the path, Only you can choose that."

04-29-2005, 02:24 PM
((starmark2k: i have to wonder, how does Jon manage to get out of his Force Cage without it being deactivated??? :confused:

Blessed Sith: i do remember asking you where your character was. all i knew was what you stated when you said that you were on board a Sith ship of some sort. if i had known more, i could have easily gotten you involved much more. now that i know more, feel free to do some more interaction with my character. ;) ))

04-29-2005, 02:41 PM
(ooc: Ihave not left the force cage i Just moved from one side of the cell to another, as a show of power)

04-29-2005, 02:43 PM
((well, you did say "move across the room", not "move across the cell". oh well, thanx for clarifying. :) ))

Iallia- "Fallen? I did not fall: I had my eyes opened. Everything the Jedi taught was nothing more than a vain hope that peace and justice may be achieved. Just look at what has happened through them and their teachings: countless deaths and war after war after war. they claim the true path to peace is through their code, but what does it matter? peace can never be achieved through such under-reaching and uninspiring goals.

Perhaps even you have felt the truth. I've sensed that you are no longer the Jedi you once were. So, you tell me: what happened that made you turn your back on the Jedi? Did they suspect you as they did me? Or have even you suspected the real truth about the lie that is the Jedi Code?"

04-29-2005, 03:12 PM
Jon-" You were still a jedi when i left, You know i beleive the code is just and should be followed. But the masters could not see past their own wisdom. I left as it was my choise to follow the teaching without the Jedis aid."

Jon moved to the back of the cell and sat on the metalic bed there.

Jon- "The wars are caused by those who are blinded by their own ambition, anger and hate... Truth and justice all ways prevail over anger and hate. Revan saw the truth and turned away from the dark, Malak did not and he fell. Which fate do you want... Sith."

04-29-2005, 05:49 PM
OOC: whoa this is going fast. i guess my character slept through the hole attack :p

Jaelek walked in manann seeing that it was nothing but a mere ghost town now.
Jaelek sighed ''Looks like this place was taken fast and hard.'' Jaelek saw the republics dead troops on the ground ''Pitful scum''

Jaelek then proceeded to walk about if their were any surviors that could tell him what happend

04-29-2005, 11:53 PM
Iallia- "Heh, you seem to overestimate me by a large margin, even for a Jedi. Malak fell because he was literally blinded by power and greed. All he ever lusted after was more power. Even I recognized that whenever he attacked Revan, and his blindness was his downfall. He couldn't recognize that Revan always was the superior and that he was the lesser.

Lust for power is often a side effect of the Darkside, but even then, that is when the Darkside is controlling you. The true Sith always seek to control the Force, including the Darkside. Malak and many Sith before him failed in this, and they fell. As for myself and my followers, we are the true Sith. We seek to control the Darkside as the ultimate form of mastery. It is only in this can a true measure of peace be achieved.

The Jedi Code is far too restrictive, and the very restrictions are the real cause of the lack of peace. You look at me as being inferior, but I look at you and see a man that has been lied and twisted into believing that all life exists to serve the Force.

Of course, the real testament to who really follows the true path lies within which one of us is in a cell and which one of us is doing the interrigating. You have no measure of control here, Jedi.

On the other hand, I do wonder, what would happen if I decided to prove my measure of control and begin doing as I will with the woman that you brought with you..."

04-30-2005, 04:21 AM
Jon jumped off the bed and ran to the wall of energy that seperated him from Iallia. As he moved he felt the anger rise within him, and began to feel hate towards Iallia.

Jon- "Leave her alone!!!"

Jon managed to calm him himself and moved back two paces.

Jon- " Your quarrel is with me, not her. Or are you so weak you attack the those who will be less able to defend themselves?.. What am i saying of cource you do thats why you attacked Mannan. Your not strong, your control over the darkside is an illusion created by the darkside... try looking in the mirror you'll see which has control."

04-30-2005, 07:04 AM
Name]: Darth Anor Kon
Alignment]: Dark
Occupation]:Sith Lord
Class]:Jedi Guardian
Appearance]:White hair, eyes of a true sith, oddly tanned skin with tribal tatoos scattered everywhere on his body [except his face], and has an built body.
Weapons]:Sith Lightsaber [Red Crystal]-[Etched on the hilt are sith heiroglyphics]
Equipment]:Sith Master Robes, Eriadu Stealth Unit, Sith Power Gauntlets, Enhancement D-Package, and a sash that hangs all the way down to his knees which has Sith heiroglyphics marked on it.

Info]:Anor Kon past has been known from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. He was once the padawan under Master Zez-Kai Ell. People amongst the order thought Anor Kon was one of the finest with the lightsaber his skills matching most Jedi Masters of the Order, although he can hold his own with force powers. Anor Kon's most historic moments were in the Mandalorian War, as he followed Revan he became stronger and stronger. On the brink of the Jedi Civil War Anor Kon cut down another padawan and he was no longer seen during the war, until the battle at the Star Forge...Anor Kon and Revan finally fought for the first time and Revan had Anor Kon on his knees, but Revan had decided to let him go, because he thought there was still a chance to turn Anor away from the darkside, but he was wrong..very wrong..Anor Kon has now revealed himself and seeks to bring punishment to anyone who stands in his way...

Engines]:6 ultra engines

Defense]: 20 Orbital Sheilds

¬XM47 "Tristan" dual beam cannon x 2
¬M10 "Isolde" 42cm triple cannon x 1
¬QZX-1 "Tannhäuser" positron cannon x 1
¬40mm CIWS x 12
¬Neidhardt space missiles x many
¬Parsifal ground missiles x many
¬Dispar interceptor missiles x many
¬Wolfram M25 torpedoes x 4
¬anti-beam depth charge launchers x many
¬Hartram Ultra Beam Cannon x 1 [located on the head of the ship]

UAR(Units Aboard Ragnarok)]:
¬30 Mandalorian Basilisk War Droids [stole during the war]
¬70 Sith Dropship Units [escorted by Basilisks]
¬200 Sith Fighters
¬20 Platoons of Elite Ground Troops
¬5 Sith Escorts

04-30-2005, 10:04 AM
Iallia- "Ahh, you see? Even you wish to have some form of control. But I have to wonder where that stems from. Is it a desire to protect someone's life, or is it something far more complicated, like love?

Its truely amazing how complicated love can be since so much emotion can well up out of it in one form or another. Of course, thats why the Jedi abandoned the concept of love so long ago, is it not? So, if you do love, that would mean that you do surrender to your emotions and passions from time to time. In that way, you are no different from myself.

Now don't just tell me, but also show me how complicated your love is for the woman. Technician, gas the woman's cell."

Technician- "As you wish, my Lord."

04-30-2005, 10:47 AM
Jon Steped forward he could not let this happen but what could he do to stop it. He began to think of many things that may work but They would just perspone it. he needed sommthing else. somthing more inventive. He then thought back to the jedi Iallia at dantooine, The dark sid e way twist have twisted him but there would be somthing left inside him.

Jon- "Stop! What do you want Iallia, Your not like Malak, you would not kill on a whim just to intice an Emotion, You want somthing. What?"

In a cell in a lower security block from Jon stood Tia. She was standing watching the guard walk pass, She worked out that her cell was out of sight from this guard for 15 seconds, just enougth time to begin the escape plans. as the guard moved away she kneeled down and placed her hand on the shoes heel opening a flap that held a small concealed device. It looked a bit like a comlink with an antennor but only a small mike and a single button. She quickly removed the device from her shoe and held it up to a mouth and pressed the button.

Tia- "(whispur) Initiate search and rescue"

She then coseled the device back in her shoe and stood up just in time for the guard not to suspect a thing.

In the Droid storage bay A12-9 laid dorment, the enginneers had tried their best but they could not find a way to reactivate the droid or retreive any information. Due to this fact the enginneering staff had left one man in the room to prepare the droid for disintegration. The enginneer was looking at the droids weapon on his desk it was obviously made to work only for the droid. and he tried to discover why.

A12-9 was completely inanimate then suddenly the whirling of motors and lights in the eyes activated the guard spun round to see the droid begin to sit up and raise its right arm. A small hole in the hand also began to glow and then a burst of flame shot out of the arm and burnt the enginneer. As the enginneer fell dead. the droid went and took back its weapons.

04-30-2005, 11:04 PM
((you know, i just realized that I never did give Diraa his stats. he is one of my pc's, although i don't use him as heavily as i do Iallia.))

Name: Diraa Leet
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Sith (Iallia's sect)
Alignment: Dark
Class: Sentinal
Appearance: Muscular build; No hair; clean shaven; Moderate complexion; currently no visible sign of darkside corruption
Equipment: Black Jedi Robes; Staff-saber (viridian color)

Technician- "Lord Diraa, sensors are reporting a fire in Droid Maintenance."

Diraa- "Do we have visuals?"

Technician- "Just a second, there you go."

The monitor shows the burning corpse of the Engineer and A12-9 retreiving its weapons from the nearby locker.

Diraa- "I'll handle this myself."

Diraa then heads for Droid Maintenance.

Iallia- "Ahh, so you can indeed deduce the truth. Interesting, and here I thought that you would continue berating me as some evil Sith. How amusing.

I guess this means I'm obligated to reveal to you what I want to do with you. In that case, what I want to do with you is quite simple: join me or die. And indecision on your part will result in the death of the woman since I have not given the order to halt the gassing of the woman's cell.

Now, make your choice."

05-01-2005, 05:05 AM
The Door to droid storage was cut open with A12-9s installed cutting laser, the droid walked through the door seeing two enginneers. He Quickly shot both of them with his blaster rifle, The noise alerted nearby guards who began to fire on the droid. A12-9 had activated its shield to reduce any incoming damage and shot all the guards. He then continued down the corridore to the medium security wing of the prision deck, as he walked an automated security turret droped down from the ceiling and also fired on the droid. A12-9 retailiated with his rifle getting 3 good shots and burning the turret out.

On arrival at the Medium security section, 5 guards were currently on duty. one of them did not hesitate to it the emergancy alarm

Jon was given an automatum The darkside or death. The sith claim he would only kill Tia if he was indesisive for two long, but if he turned to the darkside or killed Tia would proberly suffer the same fate. This was no longer just about him but also her. as he tried to think quickly the emergancy alarm sounded Through out the prison deck.

Jon- "You don't seem to be in that much control of your ship."

05-01-2005, 12:29 PM
Iallia- "Suit yourself, Jedi. Technician, flood the woman's cell with gas, now."

Technician- "Aye sir. Flooding the cell now."

The gas was an advanced neurotoxin designed to be absorbed not only through the lungs, but also through the skin. The vents began to feed the gas into Tia's cell, and within seconds, the cell was completely filled with the gas.

Diraa was walking down the hallway when he heard blasters going off near the Medium Security Station. He immidiately headed over. As he entered the corridor, he spotted A12-9 and activated his lightsaber. He gathered Force energy in his limbs and lept towards the droid. As he landed directly in front of the droid, he brought this lightsaber down, slashing it across the droid.

05-01-2005, 02:48 PM
Jon- No! stop! Reverse It, You want me... you have me, but let her go.


A12-9-moved back narrowly avoiding the lightsabers blade. His Left arm raised and shot a continuous blast of flame at the attacking dark Jedi.

05-01-2005, 11:44 PM
Iallia- (yelling)"Then make your choice Jedi!! (raised voice)Your complacency is killing her, not me. This is where you have to understand that you have the power to stop this from happening. All you have to do is make a simple choice."

Diraa almost instinctively dove to the left just before the Flamethrower was activated. Diraa had been concentrating on precognition using the Force, and the technique was definately working. As he dodged, Diraa lashed out at the droid with a Force Wave.

05-02-2005, 11:56 AM
Kira stopped for a second and glanced around. To Nalaen, she said, "Do you feel that?" After another short pause, she went on. "I sense a struggle of light and dark."

"A Jedi has been captured," she said. "And is being mentally tortured as one he loves is being killed slowly."

"You mentioned fun, Nalaen," Kira said, suddenly switching topics. "Let us go. Now!"

05-02-2005, 01:10 PM
There was only one option he could take to ensure his companions safety.

Jon- Let Tia and my droid go and i'll join you. I'll be a servant of the sith.


The wave knocked A12-9 against the wall and caused it to shut down.

05-02-2005, 03:58 PM
OOC: Is there a jedi temple on coruscant? If so, I would plan to attack it or would there be too much of a quick ending to then rp?

05-02-2005, 04:07 PM
OOC- You can attack coruscant if you really want unless anyone else has an objestion to it.

05-02-2005, 04:15 PM
OOC: Is there an Jedi Temple on it, just like in the movies?

05-02-2005, 06:02 PM
((well, attacking the Jedi would make sense since the Sith are indeed hunting down the last of the Jedi. but you also have to keep in mind that you would be facing overwhelming odds considering that Coruscant is the center of the Republic and would theoretically be very heavily guarded by a massive Republic Fleet.))

Iallia- "Very interesting choice, Jedi. Interesting how fear manages to manifest itself to such a degree that you would attempt to save all lives at stake, including your own. I expected as much from you. Of course, your words are not without hidden meaning: you are not truely broken. You would still seek to follow the Jedi Code, even if it meant betraying me.

Technician, vacuum out the gas from the woman's cell and have a medical team administer an antidote.

As for you, Master Freeman, you are free to go. Your ship, the woman, and the droid will all be returned to you. And I will personally escort you to your ship."

The nearby technician then deactivated the Force Field on Jon's cell.

Diraa was about to attack the droid again, but he noticed that the droid had been disabled. Interesting, for such a combat oriented droid to not be able to take much damage.

Soldier- "My Lord, we've just recieved word from Master Iallia: he's just issued an order to have the droid repaired, if neccessary, and returned to the freighter we just captured."

Diraa- "Very well. I'll get it down to maintenance myself."

With that, Diraa picked up the droid with the Force and brought it to Maintenance.

05-02-2005, 06:10 PM
OOC: If you aren't so tied up maybe you'd assist me? :D ooh and i got something up my sleeve and with Revan still being alive would he be in hiding like TSL roles him out or will he be at the temple?

05-02-2005, 08:01 PM
[Coruscant's Orbit]

Coruscant's orbit was always occupied, by the Republic and their blockades, but the Republic weren't the only ones in Coruscant's Orbit. The Ragnarok whom just jumped out of hyperspace, begun deploying it's Sith Fighters to bombarde the Republic's Flagships that protected Corsucant's Orbit.

The two armies collided into eachother with sheer force. Explosions erupted throughout the battle, Anor Kon watched as he stood on the bridge of The Ragnarok.
"Execute Plan W-02, and get some firepower on those Flagships! This is a battle we can't afford to lose!"

Dozens of dropships accompanied, by Basilisk War Droids bursted out of the hangar and shot directly to Coruscant, risking a few losses they made it to the surface..

Anor Kon turned his back to the battle as a Republic flagship crumbled under the mighty fire power of the Sith. He paused for a second his eyes straight ahead to what was standing there...dozens of Dark Acolytes stood waiting for their orders, each were identified, by the cloth they wore over their nose and mouth.
"You all sweared an oath to fighting for what we beleive in, and now it is time for you to live up to it..[Anor Kon looked at each face that was filled with determination and revenge] report to your dropships immediately. I will be joining you after, you all breach the designated sectors."

Anor Kon soon turned back around to observe the massive space battle..


The Sith soldiers cut into Coruscant's city sectors as if they were butter. The Sith repeatedly had to fall back, because of the heavy fire power that popped up once in a while, but they begun pushing into the city from all directions, and they were heading right to the Jedi Temple. They were slowly losing man by man..

[Ragnarok Bridge]

"Status report Commander."

The Sith Commander whom controlled the bridge in Anor Kon's absence, slowly walked forward reading a holo list from his hand.

"We are advancing further into the city, more and more Republic resistance as we go, but we won't stop until the last of us are dead!"

Anor Kon turned to face the Republic's crumbling space defenses, he was in deep thought thinking he should already of dismissed his apprentince to battle. The Bridge Commander interrupted his thinking,

"This battle is something we cannot win pull the men back as fast as you can!"

Anor Kon whirled around with speed his eyes glaring on the Commander

"I'm sor.."

Anor Kon interrupted him with a powerful force, Anor Kon's hand was rose and was coming up higher above his head, the commander was making gurgling sounds grasping his throat, suddenly the noise stopped as soon as Anor Kon clenched his hand into a tight fist. Standing over the commander's body he said..

"The Sith will rise to it's glory, too bad you won't be around long enough to see it.."

Blessèd Sith
05-03-2005, 02:19 AM
(((Geez . . . so much posting and I thought I didn't miss that much. The reason why I wasn't more specific about where wildjedi and I were was because I had no idea where we COULD be, and what was really going on. So I made general statements from the information I could gather, in hopes of being included, instead of doing something totally out of whack with the story.)))

She stared at Kira, the feelings translated through the Force running up and down her spine.

"Wait, what do you mean? I was gonna scare Selkath and troops and stuff on the planet. Maybe hack a few people apart . . ." Continuing to stare at her companion, she added: "So, what are we doing?"

05-03-2005, 03:01 AM
((And here I've been thinking you had something planned, Blessed Sith! :) ))

Kira almost seemed not to hear her. "Did you feel the struggle between light and dark? The darkness has won now. Iallia is not quite as weak as I had originally thought."

She shook her head, as if hearing Nalaen for the first time. "Eh? What are we doing? I thought we were going down to see what has been done on the planet, mabe frighten a few locals, if any still remain. And of course, there is always the chance of somebody meeting an... unsavory end." She laughed, but it was not the harsh, grating sound a Sith laugh is commonly assumed to be. It was rather musical, deadly to those who were weak minded. Kira could get her way with any weak minded fool. And thanks to Teri, she could get her way with the Jedi.

With a sigh of satisfaction, she turned to Nalaen. "I follow you," she said, indicating that she viewed Nalaen as her leader. Given time, she could learn to trust Iallia, but Nalaen would have to do so first.

05-03-2005, 04:35 AM
Jon stepped out of the cell and closer to Iallia.

Jon- "Whats the catch, why are you just letting me leave. I may not follow your path if you just let me leave."

05-03-2005, 05:17 AM
Jaelek walked down in the blaster and frag grenade marked walls. Jaelek gasped and looked at a dark jedi who had just ignited his lightsaber. Jaelek had never fought any jedi or darkjedi for that matter. the closet thing he had fought that was close to a dark jedi was a Sith adept at the sith at his old jedi academy where he was trained for a few years. Jaelek then ignited his lightsaber. and charged at the dark jedi. They clashed Jaelek had a hard time blocking his hits. ''Surrender now and i might spare your life!''

The Dark jedi laughed. and said
''You are in no position to talk down to me'' The dark jedi force pushed Jaelek to the Manann walls. Jaelek gasped at the power this Darkjedi had. then Jaelek stood up as he stood up he had just noiced blood dripping from his shoulder. he looked and it had been a lightsaber cut from the dark jedi's lightsaber. The dark jedi laughed again. Jaelek felt hatred burning in his body all ofassuden. he bit his lip and charged

visciously at the dark jedi. Jaelek Clashed with the darkjedi again each time he would almost hit the Darkjedi. then. Jaelek then kicked the DarkJedi
down and had his lightsaber near his throat. ''Who orderd you to attack this place?'' The dark jedi said ''You patheic fool. i would rather die then tell you scum.'' Jaelek grined at that responce then he stabbed the dark jedi. then he deactivated his lightsaber and fell to his knees.. ''I...took down a fully trained Dark jedi..i cant believe it..''Jaelek looked at his shoulder and saw that it had been bleeding alot more. ''My shoulder is a mess..i should find a couple of medpacs..'' Jaelek then stood up ripping a piece off of the Darkjedi's clothing to wrap his wound up he tied it tightly so he would't lose alot of blood. as his wound had been bleeding badly. Jaelek then countinued to walk to find a hospital or medbay or something he could find to heal himself. then he tryed to be sneaky so he would't have anymore confrontations like that anymore he did't know if he could stand against another darkjedi

05-03-2005, 11:30 AM
Iallia- "It is quite simple: you did not supply me with the answer a Jedi would have given. A Jedi would have sacrificed themselves at the mere hope that others would be saved. A Sith would would beg for their life, but one that simply follows their own path has many influences, some natural and some through the Force.

Truth be told, I was testing you to see where you truely stood. Your path does not lie with me, but the path you walk also does not lie with the Jedi. However, I have also felt that you have a larger part to play yet in this conflict, whether it be for either the Light or Dark sides of the Force. But, since you walk your own path, the decision is yours to make. Not mine through subversion; that is why I'm letting you go."

05-03-2005, 11:39 AM
Jon began to head out of the prison block but stop a few steps away from Iallia. He did not turn around to face him when he spoke.

Jon- "I may not know my path, but I do know the next time we meet i may have to kill you... Good bye Darth."

He then continued towards his ship hoping that Tia and A12 had allready been moved to the hanger so he could leave as soon as possible.

05-03-2005, 08:16 PM
Iallia headed for the shuttle. Tia and A12 had both been restored to full health and had been transferred to their ship.

Iallia wondered about the previous encounter he had just had. He wondered if perhaps he should have kept the former Jedi and exposed him to Malachor as Revan had done to convert the Jedi. He could use allies, but sometimes patience and tactical thinking was far more important.

As far as Manaan was concerned, it was captured. His conquest was finished there, and now the Republic would soon be on its knees as the war progressed from a lack of kolto. An enforcement detachment would be arriving at Manaan shortly in order to help make sure it stayed within his control.

Iallia sat and thought, as he always had done about where he would go next. Rumor had it that Coruscant was being attacked by another Sith Remnant Force that wasn't under his command. But where would the point be in that? The Republic would soon send in countless re-inforcements and those Sith would be wiped out. But what of the Rakata? They had already attacked and enslaved several planets.

The Rakata were indeed a threat, and it wasn't likely that they would be willing to barter a peace proposal: they had already taken several of his envoys hostage with several men executed. Unfortunately, he had no idea exactly where there base was located. Some had theorized the Star Forge Planet, but they had already been there, and it was as desolate as Iallia thought it would have been.

Perhaps now was the time to focus on the Rakata threat instead of the Republic. Several plans had already been drawn up to "assist" the Republic in retaking several of the enslaved worlds.

Iallia's shuttle arrived at the Exar, and Iallia informed his Admirals and Generals to meet him in the Planning Room. It was time to meet the Rakata head on and to definatively annihilate them once and for all.

05-03-2005, 08:40 PM
[Ragnarok Bridge]

Anor Kon still observed the space battle, obviously the Sith were going to win, from outnumbering the Republic's fighters. He smirked grimly as another flagship was torn into two, before letting out an colossal explosion. Suddenly, a holorecording flickered on infront of him, it was the ground commander.

"Sir, we've breached the sector we wish for your assistance as soon as possible"

Anor Kon could barely hear the message from all of the terrible reception, but he figured out what he was saying.

"I'll make haste to your current position, hold off the republic scum until then!"

Anor Kon turned his back to the holorecording, but he soon stopped in his tracks when he heard..

"The Jedi are assisting the Republc, sir"


Anor Kon moved quickly out of the Bridge and down his way to the hangar...


As soon as he stepped out of his dropship that was filled with Dark Jedi apprentices the smell of rot and decay hit him, it was sick, but he's smelt sicker. Every Dark Jedi filed out of the dropship following Anor Kon.

"Look alive!"

Anor Kon shouted as a rocket came hurtling down to them fired from a veranda above them, the rocket only destroyed their dropship and the pilot inside of it, each Dark Jedi was quick enough to repel the attack, dozens of Republic ground tropps came sprinting down the street shooting their blasters wildly. Anor Kon saw through their attack and ordered the Dark Jedi to confront them head on, Anor Kon flung his lightsaber torward the veranda the rocket came from as he was running torwards the enemy. He took a humongous leap torwards the Republic ground troops as he heard the veranda came crashing down to the crowded street, catching the lightsaber as it came back he hammered downward on the closest ground troop, he then landed on the corpse of the ground troop and he begun to cut through the rest of the unit that attacked him, he was in a hurry to see, if Darth Revan was around..

05-04-2005, 06:29 AM
The oricle was flying through hyperspace on cource for tatooine after they were free from the sith ship. Jon was In the cockpit thinking of the resently transpired events, He did not know his destiny he only knew that now it involved Darth Iallia. he had to find out more that means he had to find a master who knew of destiny, a master of the force. That's why his ship was heading for tatooine. He only knew of one master that would help him, one who had left the order after the destruction of the star forge.

Tia had entered the cockpiyt and took her seat.

Tia- "So what happened in your brig?"

Jon- "i was forced to chose between you and me."

Tia- "so why are we both here?"

Jon- "he was testing me."

Tia- "Look i have to ask, Why aren't we helpng the selkath?"

Jon- "Because we don't need to... Darth Iallia has made a mistake of taking over a former terrortory of the rakata. They're taking back all there former planets first. they have already taken control of dantooine and tatooine."

Tia- "Wait we are going to tatooine."

Jon- "Yes but we have to."

05-04-2005, 01:27 PM
Iallia looked out from the bridge of the Exar. The Sith needed time to prepare for the assault on the Rakata, that much was certain. Although they had achieved a quick victory over the Republic, several ships had been very heavily damaged from the Republic flagships. Of course, several of those flagships were now in the possession of the Sith due to their captains surrendering them over.

Already, a space station was being built near Manaan to increase the amount of Sith Military Forces around Manaan. Also, more ships were beginning to arrive from other Sith controlled sectors. His fleet was increasing in overall size, but that was only for now. They were mostly arriving to guarentee that the Sith remained in control of Manaan.

Technician- "My Lord, we are recieving a transmission from the Selkath."

Iallia- "Very well, transfer it to the comm terminal."

Technician- "Aye sir."

Iallia walked over to the comm terminal, and an image of the Selkath leaders came up on the viewscreen.

Iallia- "Good Morning, Gentlemen. How is everything proceeding?

Selkath- "Quite well actually. We have already drafted a measure that would ensure our peace with the Sith. We sincerely hope that they will be enough for the Sith."

Iallia- "Very well. I'll review your proposal within a couple of hours with several advisors. Thank for your cooperation in this matter. I'll contact you shortly."

Iallia was starting to head back towards the front of the bridge once again.

Sensor Technician- "My Lord! Sensors are picking up a large fleet dropping out of hyperspace."

Iallia- "Can you identify?"

Technician- "Markings suggest a Rakatan orgin. Their shields and weapons arrays are going active. And they're launching fighters. We're under attack."

Iallia- "Very well. Anounce general quarters to the fleet. And start moving us into a defensive formation. (over a comm)Admiral, get those fighters launched, now!"

Iallia studied the tactical screen. His forces were largely outnumbered, and not all of his ships had been repaired as of yet. Still, that didn't mean that the battle was lost. The Rakatan didn't have any Force Sensitive leadership, Iallia could sense it. Iallia left the bridge, allowing his Admirals to lead the battle. He entered his meditation chamber located near his quarters and began to concentrate on the enemy forces.

05-04-2005, 01:56 PM
The oricle rested on the surface of tatooine outside a cave, It had managed to sneak past the two orbiting rakata ships that were assigned to protect the planet. Jon had left the ship leaving Tia and his droid in the ship to check on the sensors and make sure the Rakata would not send troops on their location. He had entered the cave and walked half a klic into it until he came across alarge cavern that had been made into a small home. The large 'room' had a light in the middle with a bed and kitchen, to one edge sat a twi'lek in jedi robes meditating.

Twi'lek- "I never thought i would see you again."

Jon- "I thought you were suppose to see the paths of all master zenso."

Zenso- "I do but these are times that cloud our sights."

Jon- "I need to my destiny."

Zenso- "You did not the last time we met."

Jon- "I was not ready."

Zenso- "And are you now?"

Jon- "Perhaps not, But i must know."

Zenso- "Your destiny is uncertain, it is split into three paths. The first two similar, You Will create an army of the light, you will find convert or kill force adept to your side and fight the armies of darkness. They split as in one you will fall by the masters hand and the other you will be the one who kills the master."

Jon- "And the third?"

Zenso- "You will fall to the darkside and help lead the sith for a millenia of fear, anger, hate and pain."

Jon- "How do i stop that from happening."

Zenso- "I don't know for certain, the dark side is clouded, but i know that the girl Tia is the key."

Jon- "How?"

Zenso- "That is also clouded. You must find your army then attack the Sith and Rakata, To start your Journey you must travel to places strong in the force.

05-04-2005, 04:56 PM
Anor Kon looked upon the battle as he stood atop of a random veranda two Sith Acolytes at his side each with bodies laying at their feet. Anor Kon smiled as he saw the Sith push the Republic further back, but suddenly the sound of an roaring engine could be heard in the skies above, they were Basilisk War Droids he ordered to start making a path for the Sith ground troops and Jedi. Anor Kon was smirking as he watched the Basilisk War Droids fire their massive guns at the numerous groups of Republic soldiers. Anor Kon's smirk vanished, only to be overlapped, by a face full of anger..Jedis of the Republic were making their way down the wartorn street..

Anor Kon took his signature battle dance as the Jedi came closer although dozens of men and debris seperated them from eachother, he still figured all of them would be brave enough to hastily attack him first. He was right each Jedi leaped torwards the veranda, waiting for them were lightsabers pointed directly into the air, possibly where each of the Jedi were to land. Kul Nora whom spearheaded the Jedi unit that was sent in first to attack noticed the move and sent a thunderous force push torwards the Dark Jedi each were flung back into the opposing walls, but Anor Kon stood his ground and hacked the Jedi that was to land closest to him into several peices. One by one each Jedi landed and engaged the powerful Sith Lord in battle, Anor Kon deflected slashes left and right, and returned with his own attack. Each Jedi crumbled under the colossal power of the Sith, Kul Nora was the last who stood in battle...

"Anor Kon, you may kill me, but you may not kill the rest of us!"

Anor Kon laughed as he blocked yet another blow , suddenly he kicked outward knocking Nora to the ledge of the veranda, whom was losing his balance, and was about to regain it until Anor Kon stuck out his hand sending thousands of bolts into Nora's body, Nora soon fell off the veranda only to be shot dozens of times, by the Sith below.

Anor Kon proudly stepforward and shouted..

"This is just a taste of the Darkside! All units advance torwards the Jedi Temple, leave no survivors!"

05-04-2005, 10:45 PM
The Sith Vessels opened fire first. They had much better accurate range than the Rakata ships did. Meanwhile, Sith Fighters were quickly scrambling to meet the incoming Rakatan Fighters. Admiral Ruzar, the Sith Commander, ordered several groups to remain in the shadow of Manaan while the majority of the Sith were engaged in the Battle.

Ruzar was a competant commander and had earned his reputation as a hard-lined, on-the-fly stategist who could quickly take control of a battle through a lot of micromanagement. The same was now happening in this battle. By going over the view screen and monitoring both friendly and enemy positions, he was constantly giving out orders. At the same time, he was listening to the leaders of the groups in the battle and following up on their advise in one form or another.

Despite Ruzar's command of the battle, the Rakatan were starting to gain an upper hand. Several of their cruisers had moved in behind their fighters and were giving all kinds of fire support. It was a very good tactic, and hard to break through. Not only that, but it was frustrating Ruzar to no end. He was used to leading attacks, not defense, and the almost defensive standpoint of the cruisers was making it very difficult to advance.

Finally, Ruzar decided to move a couple of battleships forward and take on the cruisers directly. This time, they had some success, and the cruisers were forced to fall back to a position with the rest of the fleet. Instead of chasing down the cruisers, Ruzar moved in several smaller destroyers along the Battleships to contain the Rakatan Fighters. But the Rakatan weren't about to sit back and watch their fighters get ripped to shreds: they moved the large bulk of their main fleet ahead to take on the battleships and destroyers.

This was the move Ruzar had been waiting for and he ordered the battle groups that were behind Manaan to manuever behind the Rakatan. Although the Sith were outnumbered, the Rakatan were now being forced to defend themselves from all sides.

Iallia concentrated as much as he could on the Rakatan leaders themselves. He could feel them reacting to the Sith and attempting to have some measure of control. He concentrated further and could even start to make out individual concentrations within their minds. Focusing, Iallia disrupted them as much as possible. Very quickly, the Rakatan leadership was in disarray. Suddenly, they could no longer make very good, or even very quick, decisions. Iallia continued to concentrate and began to focus on other members of the Rakatan Fleet. Iallia's Battle Meditation techniques were indeed beginning to manifest as the Rakatan fleet began to fall into further and further disarray.

05-05-2005, 04:36 AM
(OOC- just so you know i'll be collecting an army of Jedi and force adepts. These will all be NPCs so if you meet them you won't need permission to kill them.)

The ship was flying out of the planets atmosphere at full speed. They were closely being followed by a squadron of rakatan fighters, the crew were already in battle position ready to begin defending the ship.

Jon- "They're closing fast, lock and load!"

Tia was checing her targeting scanners, the fighters were still not in range. Her finger began to twitch and brow began to sweat in anticiptation. The fighters were closing faster the oricle was still a distance away from the hyperspace point.

The Rakata were getting closer and closer until the lead fighter Came into range of the rear missile launcher. A concussion missile launched out from between the two engines and shot strait towards the front fighter. The fighter attempted to evade the missile but that just moved the impact on to the starboard engine causing it to instantly explode. The rest of the rakata continued forward towards the oricle, they had all just came into turret range so Tia and A12 began shooting rapid bursts at the fighters. As the oricle left the gravity well it was in position to jump. The stars streaked pass the ship as it disappered from the Rakata sights.

05-05-2005, 12:01 PM
The battle continued to rage. Ruzar was indeed taking control of situation, but the Sith were still heavily outnumbered. Ruzar had to pull back a couple of battleships from the fight due to extreme battle damage. They were off in a distance providing as much long-range fire support as they could. Meanwhile, Ruzar finally brough the Exar into the battle. The amount of fire power that it brought to bear quickly began to make an impact and began to force the Rakatan away from the main Sith Forces and towards the flanking Sith Battle Groups.

Iallia continued to concentrate on the Rakatan forces. Slowly but surely, he was decreasing their will to fight, and their morale was fading rapidly. Combined with Admrial Ruzar's tactician abilities, the Rakatan were quickly losing all control over the battle.

Finally, the Rakatan began to recall their fighters and attempted to punch through the Sith Battle Groups that were behind them so they could make a retreat. Iallia sensed this and began to attack the very will of the Commanders on the Rakatan vessels. Ruzar was also very quick to recognize that they were trying to retreat, or at least fall back and re-organize themselves.

Ruzar gave the order to pursue, and Ruzar specifically moved the Exar forward ahead of the Sith Forces to get directly behind the Rakatan Flagships. The Exar quicly moved into position, taking only light damage from the Rakatan guns, and opened fire with a full barage. Already damaged from the fight, and their morale quickly disintegrating, the Rakatan couldn't hardly bother with the damage control.

Several Rakatan flagships began to break apart, and their fleet was beginning to resemble pure chaos more than anything. Even a couple of collisions between Rakatan ships occured. Finally, a message came over the comm center.

Ruzar walked over to the comm center and answered the Rakatan leader who was offering his surrender.

Ruzar- (over a comm)"My Lord Iallia, the Rakatan are offering their surrender. Do I accept, or do we continue the battle?"

Iallia- "Accept their surrender immidiately. There is nothing to gain from annihilating them."

Ruzar- "As you wish my Lord."

Then, Ruzar gave to order to cease fire on the Rakatan ships. And the Rakatan followed suit.

05-05-2005, 08:50 PM
[Scratch the thought of me being a Dark Lord type guy, i'm just gonna be a Sith Guardian who hasn't actually assumed the rank of Lord]

Anor Kon walked through the street counting the bodies of Sith, not too bad, but he expected better for his soldiers and called for what was left of their men. He could still see the wreckage of the Basilisk War Droids in the neighboring sector. Anor Kon turned around to face dozens of Sith ground soldiers whom were either reloading their weapons or were mending their wounds. and a smile begun to curl on his lips...

"We must keep pace with the rest of the army, if we want to reach the Jedi Temple at the designated time, Sith Battali.."

A gigantic roar of weaponry was heard from behind, Anor Kon turned hiding a surprised look under the cold stare. A huge ball of plasma came hurtling torwards space...

[Ragnarok Bridge]

The newly assigned Bridge Commander looked upon what was the left of the space battle, suddenly alarms erupted throughout the ship. The ship rocked forward as it was hit with a gun turret from one of the Republic Flagships that was still operational. The Commander fell forward catching the controls as he fell, looking upward only to see a huge ball of plasma coming straight torwards them...

05-06-2005, 06:31 AM
((OCC- I would like to give stringerhs three cheers for becoming a moderator, It's about time we got one looking over us RPers and i can't think of any one who will do a better job.))

Jon was sat on his bed in the oricle, The ship was hedding to Nar Shaddar but Jon did not know why. He had plotted the cource and engaged it but it was like he was being drawn to the place. He sat and contemplated the reasons why, his only conclusion was that there must be jedi on the planet to join this 'Army of the Light' he must lead. As he sat he looked over to his desk and saw a mysterious datapad lying on his desk, it wasn't there when he entered the room so how did it get there. He used the force to raise it and bring it to his hand as he looked at it the words 'Message from Zenso' flashed on the screen. Jon pressed the accept button and saw the message from the old jedi master.

"Jon, I feel that you should have more information for this crusade you have embarked on. This path you walk has been prophersized for many generations and we should have seen it coming all those years ago when you stood before the counsil. The prophercy tells that a Jedi who would fall but not turn to the darkside will lead an army of twelve force adepts, Jedi and converted dark Jedi. This army of the light will either cause the destruction of all darkness in the galaxy for a millenia or allow it to take hold. The Key to this is a member of this army who will eithur betray or stand by their leader. Jon everything is riding on this, May the Force be with You."

Jon sat and thought as he placed the pad back on the desk ' how can twelve jedi make a differance against the Sith and Rakata?'

05-06-2005, 11:26 AM
((thanx starmark. :D ))

Iallia went to the bridge of the Exar. The Sith had the Rakatan surrounded from every direction, and now the Rakatan had surrendered.

Iallia studied the tactical layout of his fleet. Many ships had reported in that they had taken extremely heavy damage and were flashing red. Iallia also noted the list of lost ships. Dozens of fighters and gunships, several frigates, and even two battleships had been lost in the battle. There was hardly a single ship that wasn't at least reporting in moderate damage. The only ships that didn't take much damage was the Exar and a couple of battleships that Ruzar always like to keep in a fire support area where they wouldn't take much damage.

The battle was indeed a victoty, but it was a very costly victory. Hundreds of men were forever lost: valuable leaders, pilots, engineers, soldiers, and even force adepts. Iallia had to look away from the tactical screen in disgust. He had to wonder if it was even worth it anymore. This struggle to find a measure of control over the Force. Iallia could once again feel the pains and cries from Malachor V all over again as it continually haunted his memories in a measure of silence.

05-06-2005, 02:09 PM
The Oricle flew through the ship lanes around the buildings of Nar Shaddar. They had entered near the corillian sector of the planet as thats where Jon felt he was being drawn to. Tia had managed to persuade the male landing controler to let them land for a discounted price Which was well in there range. The ship soonn found its designated pad and quickly landed. After a minor debate Jon and Tia left the ship and A12 to search for the jedi they seek.

After a small amount of time the two desided to stop for a drink in a the nearest cantina they could find (which wasn't hard as there seemed to be more of them than the rest of the buildings in this sector. As they sat and drank their corillian ales, Jon began to feel strange as if he was near somthing powerful as he turned around he saw a young adult human male and young adult male sullustian. They were arguing with the a pair of Trandoshans. As he watched these events take place he saw another Three trandoshans slowly creep up behind them.

It was obvious that they were going to attack the Human and sullustian, Jon could not thet two people be attaced from behind and he ignited his saber and jumped at the creeping Trandoshans. The human and sullustian then swung round igniting Light sabers aswell. Jon was confused they did not look like jedi and their saber coulours were neithur red or purple and their skin was not distorted. All Five trandoshans then attacked the three force adepts allowing them to quickly dispose of 3 of them with their sabers the forth was shot by tia with her wrist gauntlet, The fifth then ran away.

Human- "Who are You?"

Jon- "I'm Jon freeman and this is Tia Nasai... Who are you two?"

Human- "Well I'm Jace and this is Nee..."

Jace was interupted by a blaster shot that just missed him, it was shot from The trandoshan they let escape.

Jace- " We better get out of here... Come on i have safe house."

05-07-2005, 12:06 AM
Iallia looked up from the console. Rage was quickly building inside of him like never before.

Iallia- "Admiral, prepare boarding parties. Give the men orders to bring me the Rakatan Leader. (slowly, with deturmination)Then, kill them; kill them all."

Ruzar- "As you wish my Lord."

Several invasion craft streaked towards the Rakatan ships. They moved in close and docked to their outer hatches. If the Rakatan wouldn't let them in, the Sith blew the hatches open. Inside the vessels, the Sith Soldiers were relentless, killing, and sometimes mutilating, any Rakatan they encountered.

Diraa was on one of the boarding parties as a detachment on the Rakatan Flagship. He personally was getting all kinds of enjoyment from wiping out the Rakatan. His own rage was all the more satisfied with every deadly stroke of his lightsaber. His group quickly worked their way towards the bridge. Diraa approached the door to the bridge, only to find it locked.

Diraa then stabbed the door with his lightsaber, and began to slice it open. Before long, the locking mechanism on the door was nothing more than molten metal, and Diraa simple used the Force to part the door open. Immidiately, the bridge members began to fire small pistols at him. Diraa quickly began to deflect the bolts, some of them directly back at the attackers.

With supporting fire from the Sith Soldiers, the defenders quickly fell. Diraa triumphantly entered the bridge, calmly walking over bodies. Diraa then closed his eyes and felt with the Force. He could feel one Rakatan hiding behind a console. Diraa could even feel the double-bladed vibrosword it was carrying. Then he noticed that a cloaking field was around him. Interesting.

Diraa calmly reached out with the Force and picked up the Rakata by the throat. The cloaking field deactivated as the Rakatan dropped the sword and grasped its throat. It was an intersting site to see a Rakatan gasping for air while being suspended in mid-air. Then, Diraa flung the Rakatan across the Bridge.

Diraa- (yelling)"Where is he?? Where is your leader hiding at??"

Diraa once again picked up the Rakatan, this time with his hands. Diraa held him at arms length and began to crush the Rakatan's neck with his bare hands.

Diraa- "Where did you place him??"

Rakatan- "I.....*gasp* won't give you.....*gasp* the satisfaction..*gasp*"

Diraa- (menacingly)"Then I will rip it from your screaming mind."

With that, Diraa threw the Rakatan down on the ground. Concentrating his malace and hatred, Diraa began to connect with the Rakatan's mind. Prodding and cutting into the Rakatan's mind, the Rakatan began to scream and writhe on the the ground while holding its head.

Diraa prodded further. All the while, focusing images of pain and extreme suffering into the Rakatan's mind. Finally, Diraa began to feel an image surfacing in the creature's mind. An image of another Rakatan. Going deeper, Diraa could feel that this Rakatan was very important, and finally, a single word surfaced in the Rakatan's mind: Master. He was in a ready room with a cloaking device on.

Diraa ceased the Mind Probe and looked down at the pitiful Rakatan who was still writhing in agony on the floor. Diraa looked over at the sword it dropped and picked it up with the Force. Putting his foot down on top of the Rakatan's head, Diraa carefully placed the tip of the sword on the top of the Rakatan. The tip was sharp and a small amount of blood began to seep through the small hole that was just made. Diraa then put all of his weight on the sword, suddenly pushing its way through the Rakatan's head, impaling it into the metal floor.

Diraa stepped back. The Rakatan ceased movement, and the sword remained standing. With an evil sneer, Diraa turned and headed towards the Ready Room that he saw in the Rakatan's mind.

05-07-2005, 05:34 AM
Jon and Tia had followed the two force user to a rundown apartment not to far away from the cantina. Jon had explained the story of him collecting this 'Army of the light' and how he felt that Jace and Nee were proberly suppose to follow him in this army.

Jon- "So how did you two end up on Nar Shaddar?"

Jace- "We both had just taken the trials on dantooine halfway through the war. We were put together due to our inexperiance in galactic didlomacy, This also led to us not being allowed to leave dantooine. When the sith came to bombard the planet we Were loaded on to a civilian ship to escape. anyway it brought us here and we thought lets lay low until this thing with the sith has blown over."

Jon- "Our meeting is more than a coininsciance, surely you must see that."

Nee- "Look we have seen alot of wierd things here on nar shaddar and this would not be the worse."

Jon- "So you will join me."

Jace- "as you said it's our destiny, What do you want us to do?"

Jon- "Stay here its safe the sith won't be able to detecte the gatherine of jedi on this planet. I'll send the other members here untill i've found them all And then i'll return."

Jon and Tia left towards their ship.

05-07-2005, 02:23 PM
The sound of crunching bones and gasping for breath briefly pierced the room. The Rakatan leader then collapsed on the floor, very close to death. Iallia stood over him and glared down with a menacing stare. Iallia then began his own mind probe on the leader, looking and searching for the Rakatan homeworld, all the while bombarding the Rakatan with images and feelings of utter horror and helplessness.

Images began to surface, images of a desert world, then images of a large grassland world. Iallia instanty recognized the grassland world: it was Dantooine. But Iallia was getting a feeling that those were simply worlds that had been conquered, not homeworlds.

Finally, images came that were of a massive rain forest. feeling and probing, Iallia detected faint hints of warmth and welcome. it was home for the Rakatan. Iallia concentrated further into that world and began getting into the technical data. locations, coordinates, defenses, they were all apart of the logistical side. then, he came to images and feelings of a group of Rakatan: his family.

Hatred instantly swelled into Iallia's mind, and Iallia began to place images of his family being tortured alive. The Rakatan began to squirm in both terror and anger, but Iallia then placed the Rakatan itself into a position of almost being there. suddenly, it was as if they were both there, watching as Sith Soldiers were torturing the Rakatan's family. The Rakatan screamed in helplessness and anguish as Iallia simply looked over at the Raktan with a cruel sneer.

Then, Iallia quickly stopped the mind probe. The Rakatan was shaking in fear, anguish, and pain all at once from Iallia's tortures as well as Iallia's mind probe.

Iallia- "Your world is about to become a desolate wasteland, and your people will cease to exist. I will wipe all of them from the face of the galaxy. And your pitiful fleet is nothing more than the first part of it that will fall. And you, my friend, will witness it all as you watch helplessly from my ship. Together, the both of us shall witness the complete demise of the Rakatan."

05-08-2005, 05:29 AM

Anor Kon looked upward to the sky as the Ragnarok exploded in the upper atmosphere and with massive speed what was left of the Ragnarok begun to drop out of the sky and collide into the surface of Coruscant. Many structures and much more were destroyed on impact...The only operational part that remained of the Ragnarok was the Bridge and the Hartram Ultra Beam Cannon.

Anor Kon gazed into the opening between the vast number of structers that were scarred of explosions and blood, seeing the Ultra Beam Cannon rise through the horizon..this gave him an idea..Anor Kon twirled around and had a word with Alpha Seargent [sp?].

"I have a mission for you, but I will not tolerate the failure of this mission..." Saying with a sick smile

[Jedi Temple Entrance Stairs]

The Sith numbers were thin, nearly half a million were called to the battle and now being so close, they only had twenty thousand remaining, and they're numbers were being cut short quickly. Anor Kon along with Jedi Invasion Parties stormed the historic staircase deflecting bolts back torwards their enemy and cutting down any who dared to stand in their way, Anor Kon felt the rush of life as he cut down servants of the Light, a very sick smile begun to curl on his lips.

Anor Kon severed a worthy Jedi from the waist down sending what's left of the Jedi tumbling down the steps. Anor Kon stood proudly ontop of a pile of Republic soldiers his free hand rose to the sky triumphantly, suddenly a firey ring erupted from the ground formed around the corpses scorching the closest limbs to the outter part of the pile. Anor Kon's voice was heard amongst the explosions erupting along the walls of the Jedi Temple.

"My minions of the Darkside storm the Temple leave none alive!... I want Revan for myself!"

The Sith Soldiers roared with determination and hatred as dozens by dozens of battalions begun to storm into the Temple..

05-08-2005, 01:13 PM
The oricle left the landing pad on nar shaddar and began to fly out of the planets atmosphere. The crew were in the cockpit

Tia- "So where to now?"

Jon- "We have to go to dantooine."

A12- "That would be unadvisable, The Rakata have gained control of that planet."

Jon- "Well that's where we are going, Put us on minimal power. We'll try and sneak past them."

The ship then shot out of the gravity well and entered hyperspace.

Blessèd Sith
05-09-2005, 02:04 AM
(((Sorry . . . I've been working a lot, so yeah, it looks like I've missed quite a bit. And that's not fair to wildjedi, so sorry O_O Could you guys catch me up on what's going on? Because that's a lot to read and I really don't wanna read it right now. I just wanna post, but I'm lazy and tired and dead -_-)))

05-09-2005, 04:29 AM
((OOC- Oh where to begin (perhaps from your last post) Jon, Tia and A12 were free to leave the sith Inprisonment by Darth Iallia and jon threatened him not to cross his path again or he may kill Iallia. So Jon and Tia went to tatooine to find a jedi master, who told him that he had to gather an 'army of the Light' to bring peace to the galaxy and vanquish the darkside. So i went to nar shaddar and got two members of this army of twelve (The army is going to be NPCs so they can be killed without permission).

Iallia let my PCs go as he beleives they are not a threat to him or his crusade. While still in orbit around manaan he was attacked by a Rakata fleet who he eventually defeated and captured the fleet commander and torchered him to find the location of his homeworld.

Darth Krow is still attacking coruscant he landed on the planet with his army and has began to attack the jedi temple hunting for revan. Most of his ship has been destroyed and he has lost the vast majority of troops. he still has a weapon in orbit that is strong.

These are Xstreme simplifications and stringerhs and Darth_krow may want to go into more detail. I hope it's clear and i havan't confused you.))

05-09-2005, 10:11 AM
((i think starmark just about covered the basics. ;)

the one exception is that Iallia let Jon and his companions go because he sensed they had yet to play some part in future events. and Iallia didn't want Jon starting some sort of coup d'etat that he felt would be inevitable if Jon joined with him. sorry if that wasn't outright said previously guys.))

05-09-2005, 03:35 PM
On a field of dantooine several rakata troops stood shooting their blaster rifle at a building. The weapons weren't only doing superficial damage to the building. Suddenly a Female Zabrak dived out of a window facing towards the troops. The zabrac pulled out a double bladed lightsaber and ignited its yellow blade as she landed infront of the Rakata. She began to attack the troops and before long they were all dead.

Suddenly a Rakata gunship flew infront of the zabrak and aimed all its weapons at her. Moments later a Rakata troop lander set down near the building and 60 troops exited. The rakata begun to surround her and aim their weapons. The zabrak knew she was greatly outnumbered and outgunned, she knew that if she fought she would not survive.

As she was abut to surrender a missile shot through the sky and hit the gunships port engines causing it to spin out of control and crash in the middle of a group of troops. The troops began to disperce and fire wildly in all directions out of confusion. The zabrak stood still almost confused as the Rakata looking around as the rakata scattered. The oricle flew in from the direction the missile came from and used The turret on its belly to begin shooting at the scattering troops.

When there were no troops left alive in the area the ship landed with its loading ramp facing the zabrak. As the hatch opened Jon began to walk down it and approached her.

Zabrak- "Now should i thank you or fight you?"

Jon- "Well i just saved your life so a thank you will be fine."

Zabrak- "Thank you, but why would you help me."

Jon- "I need you too help me."

Zabrak- "I don't even know who you are why should i help you."

Jon- "I'm Jon freeman, we should talk."

Zabrak- " I'm Saia Noa, Come in."

Jon and Saia walked into her house where Jon explained the prophercy and How he felt drawn to her as she was proberly a member of the army. After a few drink he persuaded her to go to Nar Shaddar and await instructions.

05-09-2005, 05:18 PM
[Jedi Temple]

Out through the dust and debris came the Sith Shock Troops equiped with massive smartguns they took position on either side of the door and begun to blow away the opposition into oblivion. Dozens of more Sith Ground Troops, while the rest of the Army waited outside for further orders. The Jedis gave plenty resistance, causing many Sith to retreat, the Brave stayed and fight.

Anor Kon had the look of confusion as many Sith left the Temple in a rush. Shouting at the top of his lungs...


Every soldier whom left the Temple reentered only to be cut down by the Jedi and with Republic support. Only a few Sith Ground Troops were left along with the Sith Shock Troops. The Shock Troops were forced to use the Mandalorian Assault Rifles that littered the ground from former Sith Soldiers. Noone was firing as Jedi accompanied by Republic Soldiers surrounded the remaining Sith at the door. The Jedi who spearheaded the first Defense wave stepped forward wearing a white robe with a blue lightsaber ignited in his hand.

"May you put down your weapons and come peacefully or die along with the rest of your soldiers.."

The Shock Troop leader didn't move, but gestured torwards the Jedi with hate.

"We will never give up! Even, if you destroy us all Anor Kon will live on to bring the fall of the Republic and Jedi!"

Whispers filled the room, the Republic and Jedi must of never got the news of Anor Kon's arrival.

"Anor Kon...here?"

Suddenly the marlble tiles many Republic soldiers stood on ripped from the floor bringing the Soldiers with them causing them to either get crushed by rocks or survive the blast, but receive some punishing consequences. Anor Kon suddenly swooped down from the rafters and begun to destroy everyone who stood in his way...

05-10-2005, 12:28 AM
Iallia looked over the datapad. It was the final version of the treaty that was about to be adopted with the Selkath. Finally, Iallia set the datapad down in front of him and signed it.

Iallia- "Very well. We will restore full function of the kolto distribution to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your cooperation, gentlemen. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more urgent matters to attend to."

All of the Selkath deligates stood up and bowed to Iallia. Iallia returned the bow and left the room. He headed for his meditation chamber and began to concentrate on his next move.

There was a Republic Military Outpost about 20 parsecs away from Taris in a very isolated system. But it was more than just a random military base: it was also a very large ore mine and refining station. That military outpost was responsible for almost 14% of the entire Republic Fleet's numbers.

Iallia remembered Revan telling him about the station several years ago at the start of the Mandalorian War, before Iallia left the Jedi. At the time, Iallia didn't believe that such a place would be much value, but after Revan explained how much ore was estimated to be in that system, Iallia understood why it must never fall to the Mandalorians.

Now, the outpost must fall to a different invader: the Sith. Iallia broke his meditation and went into his quarters to notify his Chiefs of Staff.

05-10-2005, 04:38 AM
The oricle began to fly out of Dantooine followed closely by a fighter piloted by Saia. As the two craft left the atmosphere they split up.

Jon(com)- "Just head to the corillian sector, Jace and Nee will meet you at the landing pad they reserved."

Saia(com)- "Thanks Jon, Don't be too long."

The fighter then shot into hyperspace heading for Nar Shaddar. the oricle quickly followed suit and Entered hyperspace.

Tia- "Jon are you sure about this?"

Jon- "We have to go there i'm being drawn there."

Tia- "But rumours are the sith are attacking it."

Jon- "A risk we need to take."

Tia- "Coruscant it is then."

05-10-2005, 05:53 PM
The small fighter left hyperspace. It quickly detached itself from the hyperdriver and cloaked itself. It headed into the system. Passive scanners lit up like crazy from the large numbers of Republic vessels. Well over 50 space docks were scattered throughout the system, each one accompanied by another 10-20 Republic starships of varying classes.

Diraa continued to pilot the Sith Fighter, making sure that he didn't get the fighter too close to several Repbulic Warships. His equipment easily able to pick specific locations of enemy emplacements, and marked several others by feeling outwards with the Force.

Here, the Republic was careless and, aside from the shipyards, most seemed to be more or less in lazily designed formations. A sudden attack would quickly cripple a fleet in this condition. Diraa guessed that the Republic likely didn't know that the Sith knew of its existance, which was why it was so lazily defended.

Diraa continued to pilot the fighter in towards the mining colony. The mining operation itself was quite large, and its size was even larger when you factored in the refinery, the processing plants, and the manufacturing plants. It was a massive scale operation, and the Republic had been using it for years on end. Of course, Diraa often wondered how the ore was discovered here in the first place. The planet itself was quite barren, and it could hardly sustain life of any kind. Most of the plants relied on special atmospheric converters that made conditions suitable for the numerous workers.

And that is where Diraa was heading. He landed the fighter fairly close to the converters. Attaching specialized breathing equipment, Diraa exited the fighter. Looking around, Diraa quickly headed into the service shafts for the converters.

05-11-2005, 12:14 PM
The oricle droped out of hyperspace a few klics from coruscant they saw what seemed to remain of a battle in high orbit. The battle seemed to consist of most of the coruscants stationary defence forces and a single ship. Jon thought that must have been one hell of a ship and Judgeing from what remained of it. It was a completly individual ship and was well armed. For a moment he thought it was Darth iallias flagship but the structure didn't match. It was still obviously sith as only them on the rakata would attack and the rakata had an entirely differant technology. Tia was listerning to The com channels and turned to jon with alook of shook.

Tia- "The temple is under attack."

Jon- "What?"

Tia- "The Sith are attacking the temple."

Jon- "Thats not good, Thats where we are going."

The oricle flew towards the temple but moved to a high building near it and landed.

05-11-2005, 05:59 PM
The Temple was nearly destroyed from the inside, many parts have already caved in due to the fierce battle. Many great Jedi have died as they attempted to restore peace, while many more Sith died for trying to destroy the Jedi Temple. There was no such thing as the Sith army..there were only Acolytes and the Sith Shock Troops remaining. Obviously outnumbered Anor Kon had to think, with the very little time he had to think. Turning to face the remaining Sith he said,

"We have lost many in this battle, but we must remain strong, I will not want to pull back even if I die, we've came too far to die!"

Anor Kon turned his back to the remaining Sith under his command and begun to walk forward as a dozen Jedi Knights came around the corner of the hallway and ignited their weapons.
Anor Kon turned his body sideways and said something torwards his men..

"For the Sith!"

With that he ignited his Sith Lightsaber and charged torwards the Jedi awaiting him, hearing his men roar with pride as they followed their leader into battle...

Anor Kon lashed out torwards the Jedi, cutting one down instantly while the rest took defensive fighting forms. The defensive fighting forms still didn't provide enough support for each Jedi, because they couldn't deflect a blaster bolt and a Lightsaber at the same time. Anor Kon's new combatant had a hard time catching up to his lethal blows, but he still parried another strike by Anor Kon, but he left himself wide open in the midsection to be kicked and then cut into peices, while he was bent downward from the kick. Anor Kon looked around at his surroundings seeing this was much different then the rest of the Temple.

"Where are we sir?"

asked one of the Shock Troops, Anor Kon didn't bother to turn around and explain to him as he was looking at his surroundings much more closely, an Acolyte answered him instead of Anor

"Possibly the core of the Temple, well this is the only place Revan could hide in I mean, look at the rest of the Temple we either destroyed it or it wasn't of any val...Anor Kon we must spread out and look for Revan inside the core!"

Anor Kon didn't bother to say anything as he walked past the Acolyte. His mind was on greater things as he was looking around, suddenly Revan dropped from the dark ceiling and easily cut down an unexpecting Acolyte.

Anor Kon turned around to see Revan...

05-12-2005, 12:00 AM
Although Diraa didn't have a cloaking generator, he could still use a Force technique that allowed him to be perfectly invisible. Moving softly, Diraa headed through the facility. Diraa finally found the decompression chamber that was required for entrance since the outside atmosphere wasn't breathable. Studying it, Diraa cursed to himself: the decompression chamber also had a scanner on it that would check for something, probably an ID tag of some kind. Diraa figured that otherwise, there would be no other way to enter the facility.

Cursing to himself, Diraa headed for a more popular decompression chamber so that he could 'obtain' whatever it was that he needed to get what he needed.

Diraa studied the workers that were going in and out of the facility. There was some security around, but it wasn't even composed of Republic Troops. Instead, as Diraa observed, they seemed to be quite corrupt little 'enforcers'. They often demanded certain oddities from the workers as they passed through the checkpoints, most of it was chunks of ore.

This surprised Diraa a bit. Perhaps this meant that more than the Republic had an interest in this place. His first thought was the Exchange. It was a viable theory since the Exchange often had access to confidential Republic Databanks and would thus know of this base's existence. Moving in closer, Diraa also noiticed that the demands made for the ore were non-verbal, and every exchange was done with simple hand-gestures that he couldn't make out from a distance.

Diraa also noticed that the workers were ungloving there hands and having them placed on some sort of scanner. That meant that security was controlled by handprint identification. It was new, very expensive, and it only worked for humans or humanoids with similar styles of hands. It was then that Diraa noticed that well over 90% of the workers were human, and all of them were male. Watching were they were heading, Diraa noticed that they were heading to another part of the facility, the part that resembled a living facility from outside.

Watching them head inside through more security checkpoints, he realized that they were prisoners, and this was nothing more than a massive scale prison camp for the Republic. It was very likely that former Sith Soldiers that had been captured during the war were stationed here. Perhaps some even had abilities with the Force.

Heading towards the prison barracks, Diraa noticed that the security checkpoints consisted of a brief scan through a scanner, probably for ore and makeshift weapons, and nothing else. Apparently, the Republic didn't monitor the prisoners much within the barracks. This would make things much simpler for Diraa. Remaining cloaked, Diraa hid his lightsaber in a remote spot and waited for the next prisoner to go through the scanner.

As he entered, a force field surrounded the prisoner while a scanner ran down it. Diraa noticed that often times two or more prisoners went into the scanner area and were then allowed entrance. Diraa quickly took his chance and carefully squeezed himself into the scanner area. Diraa quietly hoped that the scanner wouldn't detect him.

It didn't detect him, and the force field into the barracks was opened. Diraa quietly stepped inside and out of the way.

05-12-2005, 09:46 AM
Kon and tia had managed to get into the Ruined temple the doors had been blasted open. Bodies of sith and republic troops scattered the floor along with dark and light Jedi. Jon Moved forward ever ready for an attack from some sith that may have remained in the temple. The two moved along the path of destruction in a hope to find any survivors or at least the person he was being drawn to.

The two carried on moving forward Then Jon felt somthing from a fallen jedi. The Kel dor jedi seemed dead but he still felt drawn to him as if he was amember of the army he had to collect. Jon reached down and felt the body it was physically dead but the force still resided in it. Jon concentrated on the body and tried to heal it. Much of his strength was used but the force still in the kel'dor was helping him heal until the jedis eyes opened.

Kel'dor- "How, what happened?"

Jon- "I was about to ask the same thing."

Kel'dor- "The temple was attacked, by a sith hunting revan. Who are you? what are you doing here?"

Jon- "This may seem strange but i was looking for you."

Kel'dor- "For the army of the light!"

Jon- "Yes, but how did you..."

Kel'dor- "I was told by a master it was my destiny to follow the ex-jedi saviour."

Jon- "We better head back to my ship."

Kel'dor- "No we must stop that sith before he does more damage."

Jon- "No I'll go alone, you and tia get out of here."

05-12-2005, 10:52 AM
Diraa knew that he needed to get to some kind of warden's office to find out how to enter his handprint into the identification system. Studying his surroundings, Diraa sense that would be a difficult task give that the guard areas were protected by force fields. He was going to have to find some way to open the force fields before he could get to the scanner. Diraa decided the best way to do things would be to figure out a way to disguise himself.

That seemed to be the easy part. Moving around in the prison wasn't very difficult since most prisoners were currently being confined to their cells at the moment. Heavily armed guards were coming through the commons area and making sure the prisoners didn't give them any trouble. In the meantime, Diraa quietly headed for a map posted on the wall. Labeled were areas the prisoners were allowed to go. Finally, he found the label he was looking for: Laundry. Memorizing the directions, Diraa headed in that direction.

05-15-2005, 02:38 PM
Jon walked down the corridore following the path of destruction. He moved slowly and with his force camoflarge active. He could sence many dark feeling further along the path and knew he was approaching the attackers.

05-15-2005, 02:42 PM
Jon walked down the corridore following the path of destruction. He moved slowly and with his force camoflarge active. He could sence many dark feeling further along the path and knew he was approaching the attackers.

Darth Wiggles
09-02-2005, 09:22 AM
Name- Jason Qel-Droma
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 25
Homeworld:Nar Shaddaa
Height- 1.70
Side- Jedi Order
Allegiance: Light Side
Occupation/rank: Jedi,Gambler.
Type: Jedi Sentinel
Weapons: Silver Double-Bladed Lightsaber
Equipment:Red Jedi Knight Robe,Regeneration Implant,Karakan Gauntlets,2 Mandalorian Melee Shield,Interface Band,Eriadu Stealth Field Generator.
Apperance: Black spiky hair,brown eyes.
Ship: The Soaring Hawk
Bio:Jason,as almost every Jedi was trained in the Force at young age,and he was a promising one,as he descended of the Qel-Droma family.Now,Jason travels with his droids,T3-7G and HK-55,and his friend Kate Sunrider to defeat the Sith.

Name-Kate Sunrider
Species- Human
Sex- Female
Age- 24
Homeworld: Dantooine (born on Telos).
Height- 1.67
Side- Republic,Jedi
Allegiance: Light Side
Occupation/rank: Jedi.
Type: Jedi Consular
Weapons: Green Short Lightsaber,Cyan Lightsaber.
Equipment: Blue Jedi Knight Robe,Verpine Headband,Strenght Implant,Karakan Gauntlets,2 Echani Shields,Calrissian's Utility Belt.
Apperance: Blackish Blue Hair with ponytail,sapphire eyes.
Ship:Travels with Jason on the Soaring Hawk.
Bio:After going to Dantooine,Kate's parents,which were Jedi,left her on Dantooine,and they went to the Unknown Regions,and where never seen again,even though Kate knows they're alive as she never felt the disturbance in the Force.

Name- HK-55
Species- Droid
Sex- N/A
Age- 5
Height- 1.60
Side- Republic,Jedi.
Allegiance: Jason
Occupation/rank: Bodyguard Droid
Type: Assassin Droid.
Weapons: Upgraded Blaster Rifle,Shield Disruptor,Stun Ray.
Equipment: Upgraded Droid Shield.
Apperance:Like HK-47,but crimson red.
Ship:Soaring Hawk.
Bio:A droid of HK series customized by the Republic.Jason later won him on a Pazaak contest at Nar Shaddaa.
__________________________________________________ _______________

A ship was landing on a space-station on the orbit of the gas planet,Yavin.Two young jedi got out of the ship acompanied by a crimson assassin droid and a tan utility droid.The Jedi's hoods were hiding their faces,and their robes their body.They walked until they reached the shop of Suvam Tan.The jedi's took their hoods off,revealing a beatiful young woman and a brave young man.The male Jedi walked to Suvam,and talked to him.

"Hi SUV.How are you doing?We need some parts to repair the Hawk and HK-55 needs a new gun."said the Jedi.

"Hi Jason,Kate,HK and T3.Take this Upgraded Assault Gun.5000 credits.And It's like the fifth time this happens!How come?"asked Suvam.Jason handed the money and told him.

"Well,first the Nar Shaddaa Republic soldiers chased me after thinking i cheated in Pazaak,the second,third and fourth time,some Sith Fighters shot the Hawk on the engine,and this time i "accidentally" shot the Hawk when i was targetting a Sith Fighter."replied Jason."Well thanks,goodbye!"They went to repair the Hawk,and targetted a course for Telos as the Soaring Hawk jumped into hyperspace.

-Darth Wiggles.

09-04-2005, 02:53 AM
For darth krows RP...
O.K i'll give it a go but it has been a while sinse i played it. I'll concentrate on yours, mine and Stringerhs characters.

Firstly the title was mistyped insted of forces of ancients it was suppose to be forces of [u]the[/] ancients.

While the Republic Celebrates its victory against Darth Malak and the destruction of the star forge an ancient automated emergancy protocol became active on the rakata home world. The protocol was created by the ancient Rakata in case the Star Forge was ever destroyed. The protocol activated giant Armada of Rakatan ships and brought billions of Rakata out of a criogenic sleep. The Rakata Force has only on Goal to take back control of their Empire and the rest of the Galaxy. Meanwhile the Sith have split into faction which have fell into a civil war. The two Leader Darth Iallia and Darth Hatre both make a claim to the Title of "Dark lord of the sith" and beleive they are the rightful rulers of the sith Fleets.

The RP was based about a month after the initial rakata attacks. So Darth iallia has attacked manann in order to help his war effort against the opposing forces.

My character was just heading for manann when i was captured and eventually taken to iallia. Our characters used to be friends on dantooine when we were both jedi but after i left the order i lost contact with him. he then followew malak into war which corrupted him. Anyway he lets me go as he feels it would be more of a punishment as i havn't the ability to stop him. So i go and see an old master who tells me of a prothercy about an army that will help destroy all the enemies of the republic 'the army of light' and i go around collecting them until the RP ended.

And only you know what your characters motivations were.

Obviously the best way to work it out would be to read the relivent posts in the rp

i feel i must warn you that i have been writing a FAN-FIC (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=1862021#post1862021)which also has the characters of jon and tia. but if you want to use them still you can