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12-16-2004, 09:04 AM
Visitors here should realize that Republic Commando, officially, is a game set after Attack of the Clones and before Revenge of the Sith.

The release date is set for March 1, 2005. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith will be released in theaters on May 19, 2005.

*It was been confirmed that Republic Commando WILL contain some spoilers for Episode III.*

With this in mind, we ask that all posters PLEASE be considerate of those who are trying to remain "spoiler free" for the new Star Wars film.

Certain characters, events, ships, whatever appear in the game that will appear in the new movie. We ask that anything that appears in the movie and the game, beyond that which is featured in OFFICIAL Trailers (ie: freely available to the public, not just hyperspace or other exclusive content) on the Official Site(s) (LucasArts.com and StarWars.com) be given a SPOILER warning in the thread title and use of the SPOILER tag [ spoiler ] and [ /spoiler ] without the spaces, where appropriate.

Example (highlight with mouse to read):

Place spoiler text here.

Like all other games, obviously it's rude to spoil the end of the game or plot developments later in the game without proper Spoiler warnings. After the game has been out for awhile (months) we will ease up on this.

However the Episode III based spoiler warnings will have to remain for awhile. Remember that the game will be out nearly 2 months before the movie. So you'll have to hold on.

Here is the standard procedure, which is similar to the "Episode III Spoiler Policy" posted on other of our boards (see http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=141134):

1) Episode III Spoilers in General. If it's some "new" information about the movie, not featured in the Officially released trailers on LucasArts.com or StarWars.com, use the SPOILER tag and label it as a spoiler in the thread title. Give proper warnings first. Err on the side of caution.

This includes info from so-called "spy reports" and "walkthrough videos" posted on fan sites, review sites or even on LucasArts.com or in the StarWars.com hyperspace exclusive content section. If it's not in the trailers, consider it a spoiler.

The bottom line here: If you wish to discuss Episode III spoilers, do it in the "Episode III Spoilers Allowed" forum.

2) RC Spoilers. Story spoilers from the GAME Republic Commando will have a shorter span in which we are hypersensitive about them, but treat this like any other game. Give warnings where appropriate.

Screenshots from the Official Site are okay, as are screenshots from other sites. However, USE DISCRETION. If the screenshot reveals something about Episode III or contains some game ending spoilers or plot spoilers, please make it a link and give a warning first. Videos, unless they are official trailers should always be considered spoilers. The video thing will become a little more lenient when the game has been out awhile.

3) Avatars & Sig Spoilers. Spoiler images or text used in Avatars and Signatures is strictly forbidden (until the movie has been out a reasonable amount of time, we're talking months here). Images from the officially released trailers are an exception to this rule.

4) Properly Dress your Spoiler links and images!
This means you CAN post spoilers in your signature or thread, HOWEVER, you should post images as LINKS (url's) not as pictures. And you should give a warning in the post BEFORE the link. Thus only those who wish to view the spoiler will click on the link. Text should be blotted out with the SPOILER tag.

5) "Warez" or "Leaked Alpha/Beta/Test" versions.

This is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and could result in an instant ban. In the past some games have had illegal versions "leaked early" (before the game comes to store shelves) and people have gone out of their way to post screenshots, videos, and even download links or links to sites that give away the game. We also do not allow the posting of "Cd cracks" or "hacked" versions of the game that bypass copy protection or give out "cd keys."

Requesting these is also forbidden. Even after everyone knows about the game, these rules will remain in effect. #5 should just be common sense, but I realize that for a new game, this is a huge temptation for some people and I want to make sure folks realize our policy in advance!

Addendum: Demo Versions Officially released demo versions are a different story. You may post information from the OFFICIAL demos (cite them as such to avoid confusion) that are released to the public. However, if they contain any Episode III information, again, the usual rules outlined here apply. We realize there may be differences between the console and PC versions of the game.

If you "get the game early" for some reason, and wish to talk about it, and you're not part of the Press or LucasArts, we'll be asking for "proof" to be shared in private with our Admins/Staff. This includes scans of your game reciept, game box, a photo or cam snap or video of you with the game/buying the game, etc. This is to prevent people from claiming to have the game early when in fact they have a pirated version of the game or just wish to make others jealous through empty bragging. We realize that sometimes for games, certain countries or shops get the game a few days early, and so this will allow those "innocent" people to have their fun without being ruined by a few trolls.

6) Other Spoiler Issues: The same rules apply for the rest of the Episode III Spoilers. See the official Episode III Spoiler Policy here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=141134

Consequences of Infractions of these rules:

1) Posts/threads may be edited, closed or deleted without warning and posters warned or reprimanded.

2) Repeated or flagrant violations may result in a temp ban (length to be determined by the Admins).

3) Avatars & Sigs that violate rules will be investigated (if there is some question) and the user will be asked to change his or her avatar/sig. If not done so in a reasonable time frame or if no answer is recieved, they may be edited by an admin.

Remember, we wish to allow both sides of the "Episode III Spoiler" issue to enjoy the use of these forums. But the "Spoiler Folks" are the ones who must use discretion by putting their spoiler posts in the appropriate forum(s) and/or using the proper tags and procedures. Remember that if you wish to discuss spoilers without such rules there are other forums out there you can use.

If you witness someone violating these rules, please inform a Mod, SuperMod or Admin immediately, and provide the link(s) to the thread/post in question. We will see to it that something is done.

That said, use common sense and enjoy your stay!

08-17-2005, 07:58 PM
Now that we're done with Spoilers, I think we can safely unsticky this... ;)