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((This really is a from scratch story, mostly based on a story I wrote when I was 15. The History of the Mandalorians I have compiled from various sources on the web into what I think is as accurate as it gets with science fiction. I have not plagerised, it's all in my own wording but I will give credit to the sites which I used as resources for information.))

Resources for the History of the Mandalorians:
Mandalore History
Mandalore System Biography

Jaster's Legacy

History of the Mandalorians

The Mandalorians are a race almost forgotten, but their legacy has survived thus far and refuses to be lost in the overwhelming pages of the Galaxy's history books.

They are older than the Jedi, and they have survived struggles like no other race. They have endured the hardest hardships and fought through the longest wars. They have suffered the most painful losses and strived like no other to endure.

It all began when a settler ship's hyperdrive malfunctioned and sent thousands of regular people to an unfriendly environment where starvation and wild animals threatened to wipe them out. They survived and grew stronger; they became the Mandalorians.

For thousands of years the Mandalorians remained isolated from the rest of the galaxy and enjoyed peace and prosperity. That peace was stolen from them by a warlike alien race known as the Vuanna who attacked and killed without reason. War it seemed was the destiny of the Mandalorians from nearly the begining of their long history, war that lasted so long they forgot a time without it. War grew the Mandalorians into a strong race and they advanced in tecknology and defeated the Vuanna bringing an end to that war, but war would not leave the Mandalorians alone.

The Mandalorians began expanding past their system and found the Sith. War with the sith began and lasted until Mandalore, the leader of the Mandalorians was defeated by Ulic Qel-Droma. The Mandalorians swore allegience to Qel-Droma and the Sith, they won many victories in the Sith war, but the Sith were defeated and the Mandalorians returned home.

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It is said that Mandalorians are the most skilled warriors in the Galaxy. Thousands of years of constant war bread them into the ultimate warrior race. Their armor repels a light saber, their arsonal of weapons is lethal, and no one can compare in hand to hand combat.

Just before the Sith War the Mandalorians conquered a Sith controlled system and attacked a neighbouring system, but their leader Mandalore was defeated by Ulic Qel-Droma and the Mandalorians pleged allegience to the Sith and fought along side them against the Republic throughout the Sith War.

The Mandalorian War began thirteen years later when the Mandalorians invaded Republic space. The Mandalorians defeated the Republic forces time after time. The tides of the war turned when a Jedi named Revan began leading Republic forces to victory. After the Mandalorians were defeated what was left of them retreated back to their homeworld and remained isolated from the rest of the galaxy.

During that time their clan-based warrior culture went into steady decline and varios Mandalorians made the odd appearence here and there in various Galactic affairs. Over the corse of aproximately 3,000 years the Mandalorians culture disolves and they become a mercinary army that was almost completely destroyed when they splintered into two seperate factions warring against each other.

Jaster Mareel lead the true Mandalorian Loyalists against Vizsla and his Death Watch. Jaster found Jango Fett and rose him like a son until Jaster's Death. Jango assumed command of the Mandalorians until they were wiped out by the Jedi, Jango was the only survivor. Jango later killed Vizsla and his remaining Death Watch.

Jango carried on Jaster's legacy as a bounty hunter and passes it on to his clone son Boba.

But Boba died bearing no offspring and training no replacement, some say the legacy died there.

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Hmm... I like this one. Professional and interesting...

Keep it up!

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Part 1: Unusual Events

Corosant - The center of the galaxy, a planet completely covered in high teck city. It's atmosphere is constantly traveld through by star ships coming and going from the buisy planet. They sky is not visible from anywhere on the surface, so crowded by towering structures of steel. Hordes of speeders and various vehicles hover through the sky in the most intricate and complicated traffic system in the galaxy.

An infinite amount of walkways surround buildings and streatch across gaps thousands of feet in the air. On one of these, two giddy Jedi padwans chatter and laph as they walk. Christi and her friend Cara make their way through the busy pedestrian traffic until they arrive at their destination, a small Jedi academy.

"Christi!" Shouts a young lad as he sees the girl he admires walking through the academy's main entrance and into the large waiting room.

"Hey, Rue," Cara calls back, Christi only waves.

"Dexter has been looking for you," Rue says as he aproaches and stops in front of Christi. "Some missions have been handed out."

"Oh great," moans Cara reluctantly, "I just hope it's not as boring as the last mission."

Christi laphs and says farewell to her friends before leaving them to find her master. Rue watches admirably as she departs, his feelings for her arn't well hidden though from any of the force sensative members of the Academy, including Christi and a glaring Cara standing beside him.

Noticing this, Rue turns shyly to Cara, his cheeks slightly flushed, "What?"

Cara only laugrhs and walks away leaving the embarrassed Rue alone in the middle of a large open room feeling emotionally naked.

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My only problem with this is that you swich between past and present tense... it would be easier and more enjoyable to read if you stayed in one, preferrably past. I've only read one present tense story that I actually liked.

I also hate my knowledge of the English language as it causes me to be annoyed at things that wouldn't ordinarily annoy... the sound you make when you are greatly amused is a 'laugh', not a laph... sorry, my writing backround refused to let me ignore that.

Other than these things, I like the story and will look forward to more. You are a great RPer and (apparently) a pretty good storyteller as well.

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Thanks, I didn't realise how messed up it sounded in the second half of my second post. I fixed the grammer though, any more past/present switches are diliberate and are not grammatical errors.

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Christi moves swiftly down the corridor of the Jedi Academy. Her hands brush through her long curly blond hair. Looking to her side the young woman sees her own slender reflection in the sparcling clean metalic wall. She knows she's not bad looking but wonders if guy's think she's cute. Maybe it's not something a Jedi should care about, and that helps her to worry less.

In the daze of her thoughts Christi passes by her room and only realises it a moment to late. After back tracking a couple doors she finds her own and it slides open with the gentle press of a button.

Christi hangs up her tunic on a hook and makes her way through the tidy apartment to her personal comm link. She turns it on and scans briefly over her listed contacts, she finds Master Jaxter in only a brief second. The comm link transmits to Jaxter's personal comm and the screen comes to life as he answers.

"Hi, Jaxter," Christi says smiling happily, Jaxter's pleasant personality always makes her glad to see him.

"Christi, glad your back," He smiled back at her fondly and brushed an itch through his short brown hair. "The council has given us our next assingment. Can you meet me at my ship in an hour?"

"Sure, that gives me time to shower and get my robes. Are we leaving right away?"

"Yes, and I'll explain the mission on the way."

"Alright," Christi was a little reluctant, but at least she'd still have time to say good by to Cara.

"Alright, I'll see you in an hour."

"Bye, Jaxter."

"Bye, Christi."

The comm turns black in a flash and Christi spins around in the rotating chair. This sounds like it might be big... She thinks, hoping that something interesting might happen. She iss a pretty good fighter with her lightsaber and would love a chance to do something exciting for the order. It's not like she wants to go to war or anything, just a little aggressive negotiations maybe.

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I know I didn't get very far in the story but I'm dropping it and working on something else.

I may get back to this story some day, maybe not, I think I might even just write about Mandalorian History.

Anyway, good bye to this story for now.