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03-29-2005, 10:34 AM
I was wondering if there is a weapon replacement of a Katanasword similar to the one you see in The Specialists mod for Half-Life out there.

I'm working on a 2D-graphic based game where you play as this Samurai-dude but I need a sword into throw in his hands, and it's too painful to view the Katana model seperately in the HL modelviewer and try to cut&paste them two together. (It's difficult getting the sizes right)

So if you guys know any katana model out there, or if you can help me convert the .mdl model I have to weapon GLM format, please help me with this.

If you wish to discuss it privately, my msn is r_nails20@hotmail.com , and fritzon01 at AIM. (I hardly ever use AIM, so tell me here if you're going to add me there so I know if I should log on there or not)

Thanks a bunch, sirs. :)

Edit: I apologize for putting this in the wrong forum, should've created it in the request forum. :$

-Rusty Nails

09-10-2005, 06:28 PM
They already have a variety of Katanas out there. Just go to JKfiles.com or pcgamemods.