View Full Version : A few maps...

03-30-2005, 02:33 PM
I'm looking for a few maps, and was wandering if anyone could make some maps for me. I need two, and might need more in a future.

1: I need a big dessert waste land, just a large mass of rocks and desert, exept it should have a small base with a hanger, just a few rooms, and a roofed hanger. The hanger doesn't have to have any vehicles in it, just a hanger. I'd actually prefer empty, unless you can get three Z-95 head hunters in there. It has to be big enoug ht ohave three Z-95s, and it also has to be able to get em out.

2: I need the map in JO, the second time you go to the academy, with all the stormies and stuff. I need that map, but without enemies. And in the hanger, instead of X-wings, I need 3 Z-95 head hunters.

That's all I need for now. LukeKatarn, peace out.