View Full Version : Correct warp code?

04-01-2005, 02:56 AM
I'm at peragus, at the part where you slaughter sith troopers with the blaster turret, after that part, when you get inside the hawk, nothing happens.
I'm just standing there with Atton and T3.
If i speak to Atton, he:
If they hit us, we're dead.
If they keep missing us, we're dead.
Then when Kreia is supposed to speak, the dialog quits, because Kreia isn't present.
So i can't get off Peragus.
I tried reloading a save game 1 hour earlier, and replayed all of that, just to discover that the same thing happened.

Can anyone give me a warp code for when you are in going to Telos?

Edit: Nvm, i made it work.