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04-09-2005, 12:29 PM
This is set 230 years before Star Wars Episodes 1. It begins in coruscant when a massive sith fleet attacks Coruscant. The attack was began by sirprise so when whole of the republic fleet came many sith troopers had landed and was invading the upper streets of coruscant all making there way to the jedi temple and where the republic senate is.

Many of powerfull jedi have entered the battle including the stronghest of the Jedi Councils. There isn't much hope the republic because most of the strongest troopers are still heading this way

No god modding
No killing others characters without there permisson
3 Character limit
No none-force user with a lightsaber

Character sheet:
Species and apperance:
Weapons and equipment:
Hero or Villain:

Name:steven Solidus
Species and apperance:Human.
Weapons and equipment:Republic Blaster Riffile, republic hvy armour
Hero or Villain:Hero
Ship:Falcons Child (similar to ebon hawk


Steven exitted the republic dropship and headed to where the battle was. He began shotting the enemy. He looked to the side only to see his men were getting killed but he stayyed waiting for the commander to give the order to fall back

04-10-2005, 04:13 PM
Name: Woorwooko
Gender: Male
Species and apperance: Wookie
Weapons and equipment: Bowcaster
Hero or Villain: Hero
Side: Neutral
Rank: Co-pilot of Century Force with Gandon Starkiller
Ship: Century Force
Short Background: Fled the slavers on Kashyyyk with Gandon Starkiller. Decided to follow him because a life away from home is better than a life as a slave.

Gandon and Woorwooko were just returning from a routine cargo check when they encountered the battle above Courascant. They were fired upon, but Woorwooko made sure their attackers were not alive long enough to find out if they were republic or sith.

Master Jaxu
04-17-2005, 05:17 PM
Name:Josuna Exillian
Species and Apperance:Jedi,blue tunic,black boots,long brown hair in pony-tail.
Weapons and Equipment:Lightsaber(viridian),Jedi utility belt
Hero or Villan:Hero
Rank:Jedi Master
Ship:Modified Jedi Star Cruiser
Background:Trained in the ways of the jedi,Josun is a master lightsaber user and force adept.

*Josun walked thought the auto open doors of the council onto the ship docks.He walked into his ship and prepared for take-off.*"R4,are we ready"?"beep-boop-bee""OK,lets go then"*the ship then takes off into space*

04-17-2005, 05:47 PM
The Century Force fled the battle after shooting down what was later identifed as a republic cruiser. They didn't want to have any trouble with the Republic or the Sith...

Master Jaxu
04-17-2005, 08:01 PM
*Josuna watched as The Century Force shot down a republic ship and as they sped away.He threw the thrusters in gear and tore after the escaping ship*

04-18-2005, 11:09 AM
Location:Battle on walkway towards the senate chambers

More soliders joined steven but they were only getting shot down
"commander! we need air support!" Steven suggested
"the republic can spare any"commander

A sith lord entered the battle. He used force push on the soliders sendding them off the end but steven was able catch the dge and was able to hold on untill the siths had left and headed for the senator chambers.

Steven(com-link)-Senators. Sith are headed your way.Please come in.

No luck

04-22-2005, 08:59 PM
"Well, that was a close one, Woorwooko." said Gandon.


"Set the hyperspace coordinates to Tatooine, we need to drop off this spice."

05-02-2005, 11:26 PM
Name]: Darth Anor Kon
Alignment]: Dark
Occupation]:Sith Lord
Class]:Jedi Guardian
Appearance]:White hair, eyes of a true sith, oddly tanned skin with tribal tatoos scattered everywhere on his body [except his face], and has an built body.
Weapons]:Sith Lightsaber [Red Crystal]-[Etched on the hilt are sith heiroglyphics]
Equipment]:Sith Master Robes, Eriadu Stealth Unit, Sith Power Gauntlets, Enhancement D-Package, and a sash that hangs all the way down to his knees which has Sith heiroglyphics marked on it.

Info]:Anor Kon past has been known from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. He was once the padawan under Master Zez-Kai Ell. People amongst the order thought Anor Kon was one of the finest with the lightsaber his skills matching most Jedi Masters of the Order, although he can hold his own with force powers. Anor Kon's most historic moments were in the Mandalorian War, as he followed Revan he became stronger and stronger. On the brink of the Jedi Civil War Anor Kon cut down another padawan and he was no longer seen during the war, until the battle at the Star Forge...Anor Kon and Revan finally fought for the first time and Revan had Anor Kon on his knees, but Revan had decided to let him go, because he thought there was still a chance to turn Anor away from the darkside, but he was wrong..very wrong..Anor Kon has now revealed himself and seeks to bring punishment to anyone who stands in his way...

Engines]:6 ultra engines

Defense]: 20 Orbital Sheilds

¬XM47 "Tristan" dual beam cannon x 2
¬M10 "Isolde" 42cm triple cannon x 1
¬QZX-1 "Tannhäuser" positron cannon x 1
¬40mm CIWS x 12
¬Neidhardt space missiles x many
¬Parsifal ground missiles x many
¬Dispar interceptor missiles x many
¬Wolfram M25 torpedoes x 4
¬anti-beam depth charge launchers x many
¬Hartram Ultra Beam Cannon x 1 [located on the head of the ship]

UAR(Units Aboard Ragnarok)]:
¬30 Mandalorian Basilisk War Droids [stole during the war]
¬70 Sith Dropship Units [escorted by Basilisks]
¬200 Sith Fighters
¬20 Platoons of Elite Ground Troops
¬5 Sith Escorts

Seth Talen
05-03-2005, 10:38 AM
Character sheet:
Name:Hex Talen
Species and apperance:Human - Pitch black cloths not showing any skin and a white cloak along with a faceless black mask covering his face.
Weapons and equipment: Heavens Blade - Lightsaber with white blade,Energy shield,frag granades and a small blaster pistal.
Hero or Villain: Nuetral
Rank: Unknown
Ship: Shadow Manser - a ship capable of holding 10 people holds a powerfull deflecter shield and two pulse laser cannons along with a vary fast hyperdrive.


As the battle waged on battles continued to increase all trew out the city land station cannons were fireing at the sith fleet while the sith fired on any ship that was not there asending from the clouds was a black ship that had just made its way to the planet and right as it exited the clouds a sith war ship opened fired on it. The beams bounched off dew to the deflector shield but it could not take to many the ships side door opened and a figure jumpped from it falling to the city below landing on the main walkway leading towards the main council chambers he saw the remains of solders and new a Sith Lord was the case.


He saw the soilder climbing up from the edge after almost falling off and notice he was trying to contact someone he pulled out his lightsaber the white blade could be seen for miles.

Hex - Solder!...the Sith..where did the Sith Lord go?!

He wanted to know he was more then ready for a fight...the battle was calling to him.

05-03-2005, 04:58 PM
Name: Nida Rocheron
Gender: Female
Species and apperance: Human female, blonde jaw length hair, green eyes, somewhat short, skin tone of a South Pacific islander, about 18 yrs. old
Weapons and equipment: Personal lightsaber <violet>, training lightsaber<green>, simple robe
Hero or Villain: Such distinctions are illusion. There is only the Force.
Side: Light, if sides must be drawn
Rank: Padawan
Class: Jedi Sentinel
Ship: None

Background: While certainly not the most Force sensitive individual Coruscant has ever produced, Nida was nonetheless capable enough to be taken in for Jedi training at the typical young age. She generally tested at the bottom of the "average" bracket of her company, ensuring her advancement in the Order would be unmarked by fantastic failure or success. She would be nothing more than scenery if it weren't for her muttered philosophies regarding the Force and the precepts of the Order: one might even posit that she's been reading a little too much of Jolee Bindo's memoirs...


"No emotion only peace no emotion only peace! Can I get some HELP over here?!"

Nida's mantra could hardly be called a chant; it was more a battle scream, or perhaps a frightened shriek. Yes, more the latter. Something to cling to as she desperately sought to deflect the barrage of bolts flying her way. Her lightsaber left brilliant afterimages on her field of vision, which right now displayed only the inner surfaces of her eyelids. She'd always fallen back on closing her eyes to "feel" her way through the force, shutting out all external stimuli; her teachers had warned her that this was a bad habit, and she was beginning to see their wisdom. Or not see it, considering as her eyes were screwed shut. Perhaps it was a blessing that she was also not seeing the many near-misses flying past her head.

Ozone stung her sinuses as the blasters ionized the air. Video displays to one side exploded in a shower of sparks. Now she had an excuse to keep her eyes closed: smoke poured out of the ruined terminals, obscuring her upper body. Heh. Maybe bad habits weren't so bad after all.

One of the four Sith foot soldiers firing on the hapless Padawan had the brilliant idea of hurling a grenade into the haze. Half a second after the projectile disappeared, the smoke cloud billowed out in a sudden rush - and the grenade shot back toward its original owner. It wasn't quite as awesome as it could have been; the grenade overshot the clutch of Sith by several yards before exploding. But it was enough to knock the soldiers down, and that was all it took. In mere instants of blurred leaps and slashes, the interlopers were carved into inert masses of gore.

Coughing, Nida waved her arm in front of her face as she stepped out of the dissipating cloud. She looked up at her master's face, just now recognizing that her call for help had been answered.

"You're still alive; that's good," Fetta Chize noted wryly. "How delighted I am that you recall the Code even in the midst of conflict. Continue to hold this position, Nida; once the archives wing has been secured, we'll be able to spare you some backup."

Nida nodded, breathing heavily.

Fetta turned to continue down the hall, hesitating only a moment. "Oh, and do keep your eyes open for any further intrusions, hm?"

Star Ghost
05-06-2005, 02:10 AM
Character sheet:
Name: John
Species and apperance:Human, blue eyes, black hair like obi wan's in epi. 1
Weapons and equipment: Purple double bladed lightsaber, Assault rifle
Hero or Villain: Heroish
Side: Light
Rank: Jedi Elite
Ship:The Star Ghost A heavy battle cruiser like the leviathan.
Background: Finished training at top of his class in lightsaber and force useage, though was not very good at mastering his emotions. He would never turn to the darkside though because he knows of the evil.


"Come on troops make your way to the galactic senate chambers building it's under attack!" i shout as kill a dark jedi.

I run over to the building and see a soldier and a Jedi with a white saber.

"Who are you two?" I ask.

Seth Talen
05-06-2005, 11:19 AM
Seth Turned to see John and his troops John with the question of who he was Seth turned since he could get no information from the soldier he began to walk towards the cenate chambers meanwhile screaming something out.

Seth : I dont give me name to anyone im not an enemy if thats what your saying..unless you choose to fight me......i fight for nether good or evil i fight to fight and only that.

Seth stopped talking after hearing the sound of doors opening up a platoon of sith soldiers made there way infront of the door lead by a Dark Jedi.

Dark Jedi : You will progress no furthur!

Seth smiled and held up his Lightsaber.

Seth: Is your master afraid...he must be sending weaklings like you out here.

Dark Jedi : Men open fire!

The Sith soldiers began to fire shot after shot Seth deflected each one while walking closer two shots were deflected of and hit two of the enemy soldiers.

Seth : Enough!

Seth used force push and threw the remaining men off the walk way watching as the plunge from great hights....Seth turned to the dark Jedi and had his lightsaber drawn.

Dark Jedi :Die

The Dark Jedi used force lightning and blast Seth back...Seth got back to his feat and laugh...he charged towards the dark jedi and there lightsabers crossed the battle raged on for a few moments sending sparks flying everywhere.

Seth : I dont have time for this!!

Seth swung his lightsaber down cutting off the dark jedis lightsaber hand and watched as the light saber fell to the side and off the walk way...the Sith fell to his knees.

Dark Jedi : You will never beat my master!

Seth : ..........your voice has annoed me long enough...ou will now join your lightsaber!

Seth ran his lightaber threw the Siths chest and used force push to send him off the edge..his scream faded away as he got closer and closer to the planets surface. Seth turned to John and then to the door which opened as he got close to it and then closed behind him.

Seth : Now then that Sith Lord should be in the central chambers.

He began to make his way there.

05-07-2005, 05:09 PM
"'Keep your eyes open,'" Nida muttered to herself snidely, mocking her master's parting words. "Jerk." But she did make a vow to herself to do as he requested, at least to the best of her ability. She was no slow hand at blaster deflection, but that grenade hadn't even registered on her radar due to its slow arc.

Suddenly, her entire body tingled. She didn't know what that meant, but she knew she didn't like it. Nida leapt back several yards, Force-pushing herself farther than she could normally jump.

An instant later, half the hall caved in before her, burying the remains of the Sith soldiers. She was almost immediately deafened - not by the roar of the cave-in, but rather by the intense crack of ionized air. Nida realized that she'd sensed the impending impact of a stray bolt from a capital-grade laser just in time to get to safety. Obviously, the laser's actual impact site was probably at least a hundred yards away, but the effect was much wider. Nida must have been standing right at its border.

She surveyed the damage. No hope of Sith advancement here - unless they brought mountaineering gear to crest the rubble wall. She made a command decision: this position could hold itself. She turned and ran down the hall toward the archival wing.

05-08-2005, 06:07 AM
Character sheet:
Name:Darth Zarlak
Species and apperance:Zabrak, looks like darth maul
Weapons and equipment:Light saber X2 and a sith master robe
Hero or Villain:Villain
Rank:Sith lord/leader
Ship:The Darksider( Similar to the revenger in kotor2 but with no damage)

Darth Zarlak overlooked the space battle on his ship the Darksider. "fire all weapons on the lead republic flagships." he ordered. The darkside unleashed tons of missiles, fired all of the guns turret at the republic cruisers. AT the moment there were only 3 and the darksider destroyed all of them.

But others were on there way."Good. Now to stage 2. Firing apon coruscant itself. Lets remake what happened to Taris 230 years ago."The crew did what Zarlak ordered and fired at coruscant. Other sith flagships did the same. The fighters took care of that was left of republic fleet.

Star Ghost
05-08-2005, 08:50 AM
*the laser shot [previous post] from the capital ship threw everyone on the ground. The gigantic building must have been hit near the base, because the whole thing began to colapse. It was shaking very voilently. John could not see seth, and most of his troops were killed by a huge segment of the roof that fell in. The floor John was on colapsed and began falling through different levels. By the will of the Force John was on a durasteel suport beam. He kept falling, and knew he was going to be falling for a good 45 minutes, judging by the height of the building. He would probably die when he hit the bottom. Then he had it! He used the force to slow the fall of the hunk of durasteel he was on, rubble rushed by, barely missing him, until finnaly all the rubble was below him. He tried to maneover the piece of metal towards another building, then made a desperate jump, crashing right through an abandoned appartment window.*

*Swears very loudly*:eek:

05-08-2005, 11:49 PM
Nida had been lucky to escape the initial impact of the naval laser. Of course, luck only holds out for so long... and in the end, luck is revealed as an illusion. And if Nida had any illusions that she was going to make it out of this conflict alive, they were rapidly disintegrating.

She had thought her luck was sustaining her when she'd ducked beneath a central arch in the main building. The hall promptly collapsed about her on both sides. She'd barely had time to thank the Light that the arch was holding before the first crack in the stone surface loudly announced itself. In the minute and a half since then, a network of cracks had formed, and fist-sized chunks of arch had clattered down into her little hole. One of these had even managed to smack her a good one on the noggin.

So now she sat morosely, rubbing the knot on her head and staring up at her rapidly eroding protection.

Perhaps there was just a shred of illusory luck left for her... or perhaps the Force works through such coincidences. Either way, the arch's integrity maintained itself long enough for the floor to give way beneath her. Before she could properly register her shock and indignation, she slammed into a crenellated series of terraced shelves. Which wouldn't have been so bad, except that most of the niches contained bulky, pointy-cornered objects. Nida had the good sense to Force-shove herself aside upon impact with the ground; the ceiling came to rest noisily in her original landing spot.

Standing, she took in the room around her. It was relatively close, dimly lit by the fading ambient light from above (she fancied she would see the naked encroaching dusk if she looked up through her point of entry)... and by an ethereal faint crimson hue around her.

"No bleepin' way," she breathed. "No mother-bleepin' way they'd store this many Sith holocrons in one place."

No wonder the archival wing had been such a hot spot. Did any Jedi not privy to Council matters even know of the existence of this sublevel? Did the Sith know? Was that why they had sent ground troops instead of merely pummeling the planet's surface into submission?

Nida began searching for a way out... but as she looked, a sibilant, soothing voice spoke from behind her, ahead of her, all around her.

Curious, she stopped to listen.

Star Ghost
05-09-2005, 04:29 AM
Before John even figured out where he was, the floor gave away yet again, sending him down through another two levels, where John waited until the dust settled. He carefully made his way around the rubble to the door.

Out the door, down the hall, never use the turbolift during an accident, and up the stairs. He figured that if he could get to the 200th story he could use the catwalks, if not, he waould have to go to the top of the building.

It took forever to get up there, but lukily the catwalks were solidly in place still. John knew he was somewhere near the Jedi academy so he used the force to sense the presence of jedi there. Hardly anything. They were probably fighting somewhere. He sensed one source from which the force was resonating, so he went to find the academy and the person or thing causing the force power.

Master Jaxu
05-09-2005, 12:36 PM
Originally posted by DarthMoeller
"Well, that was a close one, Woorwooko." said Gandon.


"Set the hyperspace coordinates to Tatooine, we need to drop off this spice."

"R4 set a course for tatooine thats where they are headed"

05-09-2005, 03:39 PM
"May lord. We have smugglers escaping the battle. would u like me to bring tractor beem them here?"Asked a sith officer
"Yes, but bring them to me. I could use there help"

The darksider used the tractor to bring Gandon's ship into the Darksiders hangar.
Officer"Smugglers. Darth Zarlak wants you to report to the bridge. If you refuse... well then you die"

05-09-2005, 09:07 PM
"Well we refuse!"

A big blaster fight breaks out between the sith soldiers and Gandon and Woorwooko. The smugglers find an empty room, and lock themselves in. It is only a matter of time before the sith break in...

05-09-2005, 10:20 PM
It was only a moment for her. An interregnum in her search for an escape. Had any outside observer searched for an appropriate metaphor, the image of a child playing hologames and calling out, "Just a minute!" in response to repeated requests to mow the lawn would have immediately sprung to mind. As far as Nida knew, she was just staying a moment longer... just a second more... lulled by the intrigue of the holocrons.

The more she thought about it, the more she was convinced that these were a deep secret held by those of the highest standing within the Order. What purpose could they possibly have for such things? They could only bring evil ends. The Jedi already knew everything about the Sith they needed to know: the Sith were the enemy, and driving the enemy back was paramount. Why keep such dangerous lore so close to the heart of the Order?

After a few more "just a moment"s of thought, it came to her. The Jedi didn't need to learn about the Sith. They needed to learn from the Sith. Evil as they were, the enemy were nothing if not ruthlessly effective in conquest. It was no wonder that the Jedi had lost so much ground, and that their greatest victories were merely stalemates against the Sith onslaught. If the Jedi were to truly remove the threat from the galaxy, an offensive campaign would have to be staged... and who better to teach about such campaigns than the masters of that very form?

The highest-ranked Jedi, the Council, would certainly be able to resist the temptations of the forbidden knowledge contained within these devices. They would have the wisdom to winnow the chaff and keep the content. They could lead the Order while keeping the more vulnerable Jedi protected from the darkness lying just beyond their perilously balanced plan.

Nida grabbed two holocrons and tucked them within her robes. If Coruscant fell, at least she could smuggle these out and deliver them to the Council. The war library (for she was already convinced that this was the nature of the chamber) would be lost, but at least some measure of the knowledge would survive. It would have to be enough.

Humans can become accustomed to almost anything. Even now the buzz of the holocrons was fading into the background of her head. She barely even noticed its presence as she crept into the darkness.

05-09-2005, 11:08 PM
Name]: Anor Kon
Allegiance]:Republic [Secretly Sith]
Alignment]:Light [Secretly Sith]
Class]:Jedi Guardian [Secretly]
Appearance]:White hair, Blue contacts [Eyes of a true sith underneath] , oddly tanned skin with tribal tatoos scattered everywhere on his body [except his face], and has an built body.
Weapons]:Sith Lightsaber [Red Crystal]-[Etched on the hilt are sith heiroglyphics] (Secretly has this)
Equipment]: Master Robes, Eriadu Stealth Unit, Sith Power Gauntlets, Enhancement D-Package, and a sash that hangs all the way down to his Ankles which has unknown Sith heiroglyphics marked on it.


Engines]:6 ultra engines

Defense]: 20 Orbital Sheilds

¬XM47 "Tristan" dual beam cannon x 2
¬M10 "Isolde" 42cm triple cannon x 1
¬QZX-1 "Tannhäuser" positron cannon x 1
¬40mm CIWS x 12
¬Neidhardt space missiles x many
¬Parsifal ground missiles x many
¬Dispar interceptor missiles x many
¬Wolfram M25 torpedoes x 4
¬anti-beam depth charge launchers x many
¬Hartram Ultra Beam Cannon x 1 [located on the head of the ship]

Senator Anor Kon sat still in his chambers observing Coruscant's charred surface, from the massive window that was before him. He could hear gunfire from outside his door and he could hear it everywhere else, he shrugged to himself and rose to his feet and begun to reach out in his mind for someone he could summon to his defense...Nida...

Star Ghost
05-10-2005, 04:41 AM
John walked into the Achival wing to find a huge hole right in the middle of the floor. He clould still sense the jedi but could not see him/her. He called out to see if anyone was there.

"Hello, I know someone's in here. I can sense you. I am a Jedi i can sense that you are to, come out."

He thought he heard something from down in the hole so he went to look. He senses blared but it was to late. The floor gave in and he fell down into the hole. He could sense the power of the dark side creeping up on him. He looked around.

"Holy gods! Sith holocrons, thousands of them!!!"

All around him, various holocrons were buzzing and making other strange noises. He had no idea why they were down there and how he had not sensed them every time he came here. He tried to resist temptation, but had to activate one just to see what it was. He chose the one highest in dark power, but he didn't know this.

He activated it, and then realized his mistake. He was ripped out of his body by a strange force, and thrown out onto a plain of darkness, where suddenly a jedi that he knew and highly disliked(hatred is the path to the darkside)suddenly appeared. The reason he was short on temper with this particular jedi, called Jason, was because he thought he was better than everyone else, including John.

"John, do you really think you are better than me," Jason said."If you do why don't you come and fight me and see. Everyone is better than you. The masters always talk about how weak and helpless you are behind your back."

John was filled with anger and rage, now he did hate Jason. Then he heard a strange, hoase voice in his heard telling him to kill Jason, and submit to your anger. The dark side welled up inside him, he couldn't resist it, it was to strong. He drew his lightsaber and killed Jason. Then two more of him came, John became more angry and killed them. He saw a mountain in the distance and ran to it. When he got there he saw a sith lord. The sith lord told him he did well, and should train in the ways of the sith.

The Jedi are wrong, they hide from the true power of the force and treat the force as a burden, not a gift.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion
Through passion I gain strength
Through strength I gain power
Through power I gain victory
Through victory my chains are broken
The Force shall set me free

05-10-2005, 10:50 AM
Character sheet:
Name: H.S. Duke
Gender: Male mid 30's
Species and apperance:Human. Bald Jedi Master robe
Weapons and equipment: Light Sabre
Hero or Villain:Neutral
RankJedi Master
Ship: Fire Apple Red Chevy Space Cruiser (convertable)
Having served in the republic fleet, and his high profile court marshel for force tapping the mind of a ships doctor to give him narcotics. H.S. found himself with an oppurtunity to train under the tutorage of Master Jedi Gonzo. Having trained the young Padewan for almost 15 years, he gave H.S. some light sabre crystals and 80 republic gredits and told him to "take a hike."
H.S. has recentlly returned from a book signing on the outer rim.

H.S. is sitting at a bar on anear by republic cruiser, drinking heavily. He suddenly feels the dieing cry of jason....
"bar tender, fill me up its gonna be a long night...and more goddman loud music, what are we old ladies?"

Star Ghost
05-10-2005, 12:49 PM
John exited the world of the holocron, jumped out of the hole-ignoring the presense of nida-and ran towards the lightsaber construction area. He constructed a new lightsaber, and filled it with the power of the darkside. He broke into the crystal racks and took a red crystal, and a two power crystals from the rack. He filled them with the power of the darkside to, and when he placed them in his new saber it produced a blade with a black core and a blood red outer glow.

He destroyed the rest of the crystals and left the academy.

05-10-2005, 02:05 PM
Originally posted by DarthMoeller
"Well we refuse!"

A big blaster fight breaks out between the sith soldiers and Gandon and Woorwooko. The smugglers find an empty room, and lock themselves in. It is only a matter of time before the sith break in...

They heard of the sound of the door locking and Darth Zarlaks voice sound be heard in their heads "Dont be stupid. If you do a simple job, you can keep your spice and your life. I could go deep into your mind and destroy it. So you can come out with getting hurt or you shall be an empty minded slave, Your choice"

05-10-2005, 06:55 PM
"We don't serve any Sith scum like you!"


Gandon and Woorwooko had to think fast. They found a locked vent in the room.
"Damn! Too small! Ok, here's what we're going to do ::unhearable whisper to Woorwooko::. Just play it cool."

The Sith soldiers finally get the door opened, to find Gandon and Woorwooko willing to come with them.

"Take them to Lord Zarlak," said a Sith official.

Star Ghost
05-11-2005, 10:50 AM
John decided to go to his ship, take off, and join the sith. He realized that he would be a powerful asset to them.

*after getting into space he desroyes several republic cruisers and then uses his mind to communicate with dath Zarlak*

'I have been shown the true power of the force and wish to join the sith, I have valuable information about a secret in the academy. Under the achival wing there is a huge store of ancient sith holocrons...'

Seth Talen
05-11-2005, 11:36 AM
Seth felt a shift in the force and ran towards a balcony outside a window he saw the republic was lossing......

Seth - Weak fools!

Seth relized the Sith Lord was not on the planet but above in his ship among the Sith fleet he relized the republic would have a hard time winning this battle unless something was done.

Seth - I have stayed here to long im sure the Jedi will handle this ether that or be destroyed.

Seth jumpped from the window and onto the catwalk below.

Seth - I felt the sift in the force light to darkness how vary interesting.

Seth pulled out a remote from his pocket and pressed a small red botton and in doing so his ship appeared out of no wear and hovered beside the catwalk Seth approached it as the cockpit opened.

Seth - I think ill go pay the sith a visit.

As Seth made his way over.

Jedi - Halt!!

A Jedi knight was standing a few feet away from Seth he had his lightsaber drawn...Seth turned to the Jedi and chuckled.

Seth - Look Jedi i have no hatred towards you but if you start something with me i will strike you down.

The Jedi did not respond instead he charged towards Seth holding his lightsaber high in hopes of Strikeing Seth down.

Seth - Jedi fool!

Seth drew his lightsaber and charged towards the Jedi once they were close enough the Jedi swung first Seth ducked and with one clean swipe cut threw the Jedi as if he were nothing leaveing a burning gash in the Jedis chest he fell to the ground and Seth put his lightsaber away.

Seth - More time has been spent on pointless things.

He turned and jumpped into his ship as the cock pit closed more Jedi leading a few republic soldiers made there way to the fallen Jedi by then Seths ship had already taken off. It didnt take long for Seth to reach the area where the Sith were and on his way he felt it again the feeling of one who has turned he looked over and saw a ship.

Seth - Ah so it was the soldier that turned.

Seth Began to fallow Johns ship knowing it would lead to the Sith Lords ship.

05-11-2005, 11:37 AM
"Let him dock"ordered Zarlak "it will be interesting to see what infomation of this academy."

A message came through the com-link to the bridge"Sir, the smugglers have surrended"
"let them go. I have no use for them but tell them to tell the hutts of a small republic supply storage on Vjun."
The officer let them go and told Gandon and his wookie friend to tell the hutts about the supply storage on Vjun.

05-11-2005, 08:15 PM
<<Due to outside circumstances, Nida will no longer be able to commit time to this RP. Please consider her an NPC which anyone may control: first come, first served.>>

Seth Talen
05-12-2005, 11:23 AM
and Inside Darth Zarlaks ship.....

John was aloud to enter as the docking bay doors opened to prepair for his entry Seths ship was not far behind.

Seth - So thats it....computer engage stealth mode.

Computer - Roger!...

Seths ship was covered by a blue light then the ship itself vanished from site.

Seth - Now then lets see how this will turn out.

Seth hit full speed and flew ahead of Johns ship and docked Seth used his stealth generator and made himself vanish he jumpped from his ship.

Seth - ........

He pulled his remote out and pressed the same red button he had pressed before his ship shut down and Seth made his way to a corner.

Seth - I had best wait for the soldier to be taken to the Sith Lord going around the entire ship looking for him wil ltake to long.

He waited for Johns ship to dock.

05-12-2005, 12:27 PM
H.S. has turned back to his drink, ignoring the constant twittering of his fellow drinkers till he felt something slap him in the back.
he turned quickly and with the fluid movement witch betrayed his training..."what the Hell...?"

looking down he see's his droid FU-2K and a droid extension arm with a plastic human hand on the end of it...presumablly the offending item that had just hit H.S. in the back.
"You little tin of junk, god dammit. You know they dont serve droids in here what do you think this is gonna do for my rep if your seen in here with me....?"

The droid seemed agitated and was whisteling quickly....

H.S. tounged his teeth....
"You saying that a sith lord has enterd republic a space??? God damn blows my weekend. I had felt a disturbance in the force but I thought it may have just been too many White Rodians...or too few. Is the ship prepped for launch we dont have a second to loose?"

FU. whistled in the affermative.

" Good, go get some driving music, and beers and some mescaline... We'll get messed up and beat the sith out of this so called darth....er what did you say his name was?"


05-14-2005, 12:10 PM
Originally posted by steven
A message came through the com-link to the bridge"Sir, the smugglers have surrended"
"let them go. I have no use for them but tell them to tell the hutts of a small republic supply storage on Vjun."
The officer let them go and told Gandon and his wookie friend to tell the hutts about the supply storage on Vjun.
Gandon and Woorwooko were well on their way out of there. "Well, we got lucky there buddy. Set the hyperspace coordinates back on track. We gotta get out of this mess..."

05-26-2005, 05:20 PM
Originally posted by Master Jaxu
"R4 set a course for tatooine thats where they are headed"
When Woorwooko and Gandon arrived on Tatooine, they had company awaiting them...

05-27-2005, 04:39 AM
Name: Nymf
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
species: Kel Dor
Apperance: a Darkblue robe, with orange and black tunic under it
Weapon: an Orange Lightsaber.
Hero or Villian: Hero
Side: Republic
Rank: No rank
Ship: No ship
Bio: Nymf is an ex-Jedi since he left the Jedi Order. He saw as if the light side and the dark side weren't so diffrent. His thoughts of it were that the light side and the dark side is like politc, both want their way and not the other ones. they wants that its supposed to be as if they have controll. Nymf's feelings of the Jedi and the Sith made him leave the Jedi Order. But also since he had lost his greatest friend, the human called Vai-Krawn Edstar.

05-27-2005, 06:35 PM
sitting in the cantina in Mos Eisley ,drinking Corrilean Ale in his grief, at Tatooine.
exept what he has felt thought the force he doesn't know much of the battle with the sith fleet.

Suddenly Nymf feels he had enough and start walking out from the canting.

"Jedi! Stop, there is a great price on people like you", a bounty hunter shouted. It apperade as if he wasn't alone, four other bounty hunters were closing into Nymf.

"I'm no Jedi" Nymf reply and walk out through the door.
the bounty hunter gets mad and start getting after him.

"Sure you are a Jedi, and you wont be the first we kill" the Bounty hunter said. " You got the outfit of a Jedi and you are carrying a lightsaber, thats enough proof for me."

" I told you, I am no jedi. I left the jedi order so leave me be. And besides you aren't the most clever Bounty hunting scum I've met. So do yourself and me a favor and just walk away."

"No!" the bounty hunter says, and he gives a signal to his men and they pick up their guns. "Either we do this easy and you come with us, or we'll take your cold dead body with us."

"Easy now" Nymf says " I'm not looking for a fight."

"To bad for you, but it looks like if you founded one... Men, FIRE!!"

in the same second as the bounty hunter shouts out Nymf push them all away and then he just keep on walking.
The Bounty hunter gets up on his feet.
"Come on guys, blast him!"

the hunters starts to shoot and Nymf uses his lightsaber and defending himself with it from all the shots, in hope of that the hunters soon would give up, at least before himself had to give up....

07-12-2005, 07:57 AM
RACE: Human
AGE: 21
HOME WORLD: Unknown (For all except him ;) )
CLASS: Jedi but not con. sen. or gua. He is Praetor
RANK: Guardian Of The Force (Lol, nobody said i cant be this)
EQUIPMENT: 2 x Lighsaber (Guardian Of The Force),
Black-Red Robes (Traditional for Praetors), CSN Belt,
Karakan Gauntlets.

SHIP: Galleon (Modified)
SHIP EQUIPMENT: 2 x Gun Turrets, 6 x Laser Blasters, Hyper Drive

DROIDS: 2x HK-50
DROID EQUIPMENT: Assault Riffles (2 for each droid),
Baragwin Droid Armor

BIO: Jedi who was taken for training by Jedi Masters. He was secretly accepted in the Jedi Order, cause of the Sith. One day he was granted 2 assasion droids and ship. He traveled all over unknow reigns and other world. He never realy choosen if he will be with Republic or Ship. He was strong in Force and very skilled in persuade (:D ).

GeX standed on his ship and watched the battle under him. He realyzed what the Sith are doing. He was trully suprised when he learned the Sith Lord Himself Was part of the Invasion. But this was not the real purpose why he was suprised. He sensed some disturbance in the Force on the planet. He wondered if it would be wise to land there......................................



HK-50 comes on the Beidge of Galleon.

HK-50: Master, there is a battle going on on the planet below us.
Whe have to go to somewhere safe! I am responsible for your safety! U know what Kyle said. Please im not programmed for arguing with my master but u have to listen to me... I was...
GeX: HK-50! Prepare for landing! You are dismissed.
KH-50: Master, as u wish but dont say i didnt warned you.
(HK-50 leaved the place.)

The ship engine started and it slow to the planet. The docking place was pretty damaged so GeX decided to land somewhere lse but he was unlucky, He landed in middle of battlefield. The republic shooted him, the sith shooted him, at last. He fall on ground. The Droids were destroyed and the Sith took Gex and putted him in kolto tank on one of their ship.


BTW: Hope this is good. Im sorry for my bad english. Now i hopped somebody would notice my ship and start investigation...... I dont want to be a prisoner forewer. :( :( :(

07-12-2005, 10:30 PM
name: raythe' tyael
race: unknown minority
age: 247
appearance: serpentine, can change color approx 7 meters long ave 2 while standing
homeworld:outer rim world
class: Hunter killer marauder with excelent stealth abilities
rank: grandseer on forest ship chro'tak (captain)
equipment: 2 wrist mounted lightsabers. and jedi type armor made from flexible spiderwebbing
alignment: neutral with use of both sides powers moderatly well spacifical energy manipution.

story:raythe stood on the bridge of his ship approxamately 70k away from the battle in space. the ship wasn't a war ship so he had no intention of doing battle he was on a mission from his paople to bring recognisation of his people to the republic and add them to the republic...

... it hadn't gone so well the space battle had stopped all entry to the planet and prevented them from contact as all the channels were jammed with emerncy transmitions preventing direct contact.

THe ships heart throbed and pulsed he knew somehing was wrong. a few minutes later he was comuning with the ship
"what troubles you?" he asked
Pain Suffering
"of course to great armies are engaged in combat and many are dieing they are of no concern"
NO. there is one who suffers and he must not die
you are to safe guard him until he can complete his destiny
yes as uyou wish"
I will bring us to the prison were he lies ou will free him.
"yes my master"

he had never been one to question the overlord so he did as instructed and prepared to free this "geX"he had been assigned to protect he would follow his masters will to the lettre even if it was his death

07-13-2005, 05:51 AM

HK-50: Cordinates ready, Master.
HK-50: Master?
HK-50: Scann system.... Scanning....... Power 23%.
HK-50: QUESTION: Master, are you here?
HK-50: Search for Master..... Cordinates 23' 7'x 44' 12'y.
HK-50: Enganging combat mode. Rifle loaded, shields activated.
HK-50: Kill anyone standing on your way.

(HK-50 walked down back to the Spaceport....)

HK-50: Ship damaged, Damage: 97%, unable to fly or battle.
HK-50: Call repair droids. Calling.....
Repair Droids: beeeep, bezz-beep.
HK-50: Repair the dock of the ship. This ship must go in air.

(5 Republic Soldiers walk to the spaceport and see the droids.)

REPUBLIC SOLDIER 1: You see that droid Jack?
REPUBLIC SOLDIER 2: Yes. Team Alfa, go see if there is anyone alive, make sure u use those stealt field generators.
TEAM ALFA COMMANDER: Yes sir. Lets move guys.

HK-50: Whats that noise (he look around). Indetified: Footsteps.
HK-50: (AWARENESS): Scann with Infrared.....
HK-50: Sooo. Some soldiers try to steal the ship. Engage combat.

(HK-50 Fires at the Republic soldiers. He kills them all.)

(Republic soldier 1 trows granade at HK-50.)

HK-50: Move out. (He avoids the granade.) Trow granade. (He trows granade to the place from where the last one commed.

REPUBLIC SOLDIER 1: Heads down!!!!!!!!!!!!

HK-50: They are nice cooked. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


BTW: Good start of your story pal. Just I give u a hint. You better avoid my droid. Hes in combat mode.

:laughing: :snip2:

07-13-2005, 05:59 AM
((A short note: This topic is, well a lil bit old. And many posts are missing, somehow this thread went back after its disapearing a time ago, but as said many things that happend is lost, now I don'
t mind you continueing but maybe every one before you wont, or perhaps they willl, now I wont go on since I'm going away on friday and wont be near a comp in 4-5 weeks so I can't continue but at any rate, hopefully you will draw more people here.))

07-13-2005, 11:32 AM
MAN, whatever u say, i changed my mind cause of what u say. maybe whe could make a new story... a more interesting one. i will make one. just look at the thread pages here on

danttoine theatre company

just look which thread is from me, i would be happy if people would join

07-13-2005, 01:56 PM
I'm sorry, I had no intention of makeing you angry :(

07-14-2005, 01:38 PM
lol, you dont understand, you didnt made me angry, you gave me a perfect idea. nothing wrong with that, i should even say thank you to you! ;)

Darth Wiggles
09-02-2005, 03:42 AM
Name:Jason Qel-Droma.
Homeworld:Nar Shaddaa.
Species and apperance:Human,haves the long-haired KOTOR I head.
Weapons and equipment:Tan Jedi Knight Robe(the one from Nemo),Orange Lightsaber
Hero or Villain:Hero
Side:The Jedi Order.
Rank:Jedi Sentinel.
Ships:Soaring Hawk.
Background:Trained in the ways of the Force as young child,Jason was very strong in the Force,as he descended of Ulic Qel-Droma.Jason travels with his pet droid T3-G7,his assassin droid HK-55,and his friend,Kate Sunrider.

-Darth Wiggles

09-02-2005, 04:28 AM
sorry dude but this rpg is finished. I had to make a sequal when this thread disappeared but that 2 has disappered

09-04-2005, 08:45 AM
Is this thread dead?

09-04-2005, 08:53 AM
Yeah. The thread is dead.

09-04-2005, 08:57 AM
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