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04-19-2005, 08:50 AM
((hey guys, i thought that perhaps we could do something other than the basic 'create a character' and apply something that resembles a storyline to your rp. this rp will set up a specific situation that will start everyone off in one storyline. to start things off, i've put together a short story to give you guys the backround info for the rp. i'll post the details after the story.))

The base was strong. The ability of the Sith to project itself through the galaxy was diminished with the defeat of the Sith Armada at the Star Forge, but the Sith were still a force to be reckoned with. Training on the remote base continued in earnest despite the recent failings of both Malak and the traitorous Revan. The Sith Lord was pacing the floor of his office restlessly. The Sith were powerful, yes, but they needed to rebuild their strength.

Yet something was coming to this remote world, something looming off in the distance. Feeling it with the Force, all he could make out was the dim outline of an enraged animal. As much as he leaned on the Darkside for strength, this thing played havok with his mind. He wanted to harness the power, but he could not attain it. This animal was poised, ready to strike, and fear was inspired in the dark jedi. Then an explosion rocked the floor from a small distance. Breaking his thought from the imminant threat, he brought his attention to a threat that was just revealed: the Republic had found the base, and the explosion was from wreckage falling from the atmosphere.

The two fleets were locked in a bitter struggle. The Republic was attacking, and the Sith Fleet wasn't ready. This initial attack was largely successful on the surprised Sith Fleet until they managed to organize themselves into a capable defense. The Sith also called in other ships from several nearby locations, adding to the growing chaos. At the moment, however, the Republic was still using the initial surprise of the attack to land invasion transports on the ground.

However, in one last desperate push, the Sith pushed the Republic back away from the planet. The Republic Fleet then began to falter, and the order to retreat was given.

Captain Osuclio heard the order to retreat given by the Admiral and tried to fly his transport back out of the planet, but the Sith had already cut him off. A full squadron of Sith Fighters was now chasing him through the planet's atmosphere. Most of the other transports had already been destroyed by the Sith, leaving hunderds of Republic Soldiers dead before they could even start attacking on the ground. The transport's escorting fighter had already been destroyed, and now the transport was struggling to stay intact.

Several blasts rocked the transport, and Osuclio knew that the ship wouldn't stay together for long. He decided, however, to give the Republic troops a chance to survive and ordered the transport to land and the troops to disembark. The transport quickly fired its forward thrusters and put the engines in full reverse. The sudden stop made the hull groan in protest, but the Sith Fighters quickly overshot the transport. The transport dropped quickly, only activating its repulserlifts as it was about to hit the ground. The hatchways were opened, and the Republic soldiers quickly disembarked.

The transport then took off in a hope to distract the Sith Fighters away from the troops on the ground. Osuclio was successful for a short time in the distraction. However, several successive blasts from the Fighters ripped into the hull, and the transport began to break apart. Finally, a blast hit the fuel cells, causing a massive explosion. The transport was destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Republic troops quicly moved into several nearby underground caves to escape from the orbiting fighters.

The Sith Lord could still feel the animal, crouched and waiting to strike. Curiously, the animal was still threatening even after the Republic attack. He wondered why: the threat had been dealt with. A large jaw closed shut around the dark jedi's body. The razor sharp teeth sliced through his flesh with little difficulty. It then thrashed around from side to side, further cutting and ripping into the Sith's flesh. Finally, it slammed him onto the floor of the office. Broken, bleeding, and battered, the Sith couldn't do anything but to scream in pain and horror as the creature began to feed off of his live flesh.

Throughout the Sith Base, blaster fire was mingled with horrified screams as the creatures began to attack en masse. Hundreds of Sith were quickly wiped out while the rest retreated in terror to the underground mines. More of the creatures picked off the slow and the wounded as they retreated. These large creatures seemed to be resistant to blaster fire, and the Sith troops felt helpless to the creatures onslaught. In a desperate attempt to save there lives, the Sith began to seal off the mine entrances, even if other soldiers were left behind to die.

okay guys, you've read up on the situation, now here's the deal: you will be one of the soldiers, either Sith or Republic, that is underground in the mines/caves. you can be a mercenary version of either side if you like.

neither side has proper communications to call for help, and neither side has quick transportation available (thus, no ships or speeders). you must limit yourself to two playable characters on the same side.

No character controlling
No God-moding
Two-character limit
No ships or speeders
No Jedi or other types of Force Adept characters
As always, have fun

((you can use my character sheet as a template, but feel free to add to it if you like.))
Name: Piner Wobersly
Age: 22
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 275 lb
Affliation: Sith ((if you're a mercenary, add "/mercenary" to your affliation))
Alignment: Dark
Equipment: Modified Sith Armor, Sith War Sword, Plasma Cannon Rifle, 2x Sith Disruptors

((i'll start the rp after more people have joined.)) :D

04-19-2005, 10:44 AM
(OOC Nice story, are these character o.k)
Name: Jace Nasai
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5' 10"
Affliation: Republic
Alignment: Light
Equipment: Mandalorian assult rifle, Zabrak vibrosword, Combat implant, Republic mod armour, heavy Ion pistol.
Bio- A Resent recruit to the republic army, only saw the end of the sith war.

Name- Nee Nub
Species: Sulustian
Age: (Just post addelessance for sullustians)
Height: 4' 10"
Affliation: Republic
Alignment: Neutral
Equipment: Heavy mandalorian blaster (ion enhanced), Syntec Electro blaster, Force pike, Republic mod armour.
Bio: First mission when disenbarked transport, good friends with Jace Nasai.

Location of characters- In a cave.

Back story-
The transports hatch ways had swung open to the planets surface, Jace and Nee Were some of the last to leave the transport before it took re-launch. The two sentients ran behind the rest of the republic troops towards some cave as the transport was destroyed. "Move it soldiers" an officer screemed to the troops. "We have incoming!" A troop screamed as fighters swooped down towards them shooting its cannons at the troops. one shot hit the ground just infront of nee causing him to fly backwards. Jace ran back to help his comrade up, but when he got to him the rest of the troops were out of sight. Jace saw another cave and they both headed inside untill they felt they were deep enougth to feel relitivly safe.

04-19-2005, 11:39 AM
((your characters are just fine. once again, though, i'm going to hold off starting this thing until we have just a few more people in the rp. ;) ))

04-21-2005, 07:58 AM
((well, i guess most people aren't too interested in something different. oh well, i'll go ahead and start this thing.))

The creatures were running on all fours, and they were fast. One of them quickly reached his troops, knocking several of them to the ground as it grabbed another in its jaws. The ones that got knocked down were quickly overtaken by two other creatures. Piner didn't stay around to watch, instead he kept running with the two men left in his squad. As they ran for the mining entrance, he noticed another Sith soldier about to close the sealing doors. Instead of yelling for him to stop, Piner just simply shot him with his plasma cannon, killing the soldier.

They were almost there when two other creatures lept out in front of the entrance. Piner kept running and began to fire with his plasma cannon. Surprisingly, it had some effect, although not much as it backed away slightly. It gave Piner all the advantage he needed, and he ran into the cave. As he turned around to help his two comrades, he watched in disgust as they were already being chewed and eaten alive. Piner didn't see anyone else coming towards the entrance, so he closed it and sealed it off by using his plasma cannon as a makeshift welder.

04-21-2005, 10:33 AM
(OOC- As Nee Nub will be speaking sullustian and not 'basic' i'll put his dialogue in () )

The cave was both dark and damp, the only light was from a small fire in the middle of the cavern. The Sullustian and human were sitting on rocks eithur side of the fire looking at each other, The sullustians leg was bandaged from a wound caused by the fighter blast that forced them into their current location.

Jace- "Hows the leg?"

Nee- "(It will heal, But what do we do now.)"

Jace- "We need to regroup, If your good to move we should get going soon."

Nee- "( I'm as ready as i'll ever be.)"

Jace- " We should move further down the cave, there's proberly sith patrols out there and i don't like our chances against a sith plattoon."

With that the two sentiant stood up and begun heading further in to the cave. The cave just got darker, luckily all republic soldiers were issued with wrist mounted torches so at least they could see infront of them. Many Moments passed until nee stopped in his tracks and held in hand out for jace to stop.

Jace- "what is it?2

Nee- "(i heard somthing.)"

Jace- "With ears that big i'm surprised you can't hear everything on the planet."

Nee- "(Quiet, Theres somthing further down.)"

Jace- "Sith!?!?"

Nee- "(No, I'ts somthing else.)"

04-21-2005, 12:43 PM
Piner activated the flashlight on his rifle and studied his surroundings. His heart was beating fast from a mixture of the running and fear for his life. This was by far one of the few times he had ever truely felt fear, and he still hated it. It made him feel weak. But, at the same time, he felt stronger for having survived the slaughter that had just taken place.

The doors banged and groaned in protest. Piner looked at them, and it didn't take a genius to realize that the creatures were trying to break through. Those Dark Jedi were supposed to have detected things like this, but now it was far too late. Piner turned back around and looked. Whatever mining transports that were left had already been taken by other Sith Soldiers. So, Piner just walked down the cave. Suddenly, a drop off was just ahead. Pearing into the crevice, he saw the battered and twisted hulk of a large mining tunnler. The scorched bodies of several Sith soldiers lied nearby. No doubt they didn't know how to steer it, and thus went carreening into the crevice.

Piner walked around the crevice and continued further into the cave. Just ahead lied the remains of a body. Several limbs were missing, and the remains were mostly skeletal. Studying it, he could even see teeth marks on the bones. The creatures were inside the cave. Piner thought that the cave had been a bit too quiet, now he knew why: the creatures had herded the remainder of the Sith soldiers that weren't killed on the surface into the mines to be fed to more of the creatures. Smart bastards, he thought to himself.

Realizing that blaster would probably be useless, Piner pulled out his war sword and removed the flashlight from his rifle. After slinging the rifle over his shoulder on the straps, he continued on down the cave.

04-21-2005, 03:33 PM
The two republic soldiers crept forward slowly down the tunnel useing their torches to light the way. As they moved Nee continued to here the strange noise infront of them after a while Jace begun to here it, Somthing was definatly alive down here. Jace held is rifle up to his soldier and looked down the scope as he step forward while Nee held out one blaster in both hands so his accuracy would be improved if anything tried to surprise them.

They came to a large Cavern in the with a small waterfall comeing down from the ceiling of the cave it led to a sstream that continued down another tunnel, Maybe a way out they both thought. The Two desided to stop and fill their cantines with water from the fall, as jace filled his cantine a noise came from behind him causing him and nee to spin round pointing their torches and weapons in that direction. The area appeared to be empty there was nothing there. Another noise to their right also made them swing to look at the noise, This time they saw somthing for a second, alimb of some description.

Jace- "I Have a bad feeling about this."

Nee- "( so do...)"

A creature then pounced on Nee causing him be knocked down, The creature however continued flying forward and Jace followed it with his torch. He fired a rapid burst of fire at the beast all of which hit but appeared to have little if any effect. Perhaps the only effect was that the creature changed its focus from Nee to Jace. The animal began to charge at him, fear swept Jace emotion and he almost froze from it, But he had been trained better than that and at the last moment pulled out his Zabrak vibrosword and pointed it infront of him. The beast was charging to fast to stop from impacting the blade and got the blade in his chest. the creature moaned in pain and moved backwards taking the blade which was still embedded in its chest, Jace knew it was about to run. As it turned it got the sharp end of Nees force pike stabbed into the top of its skull. The creature fell back dead and the two victors stood over the corpse.

Nee- "(what was that?)"

Jace- "The Bad feeling!"

04-21-2005, 03:55 PM
Piner looked up ahead, and noticed a small building built into the stone walls. Piner had read from several reports that the miners had a security office down in the mines since they had been using convict laborers (mostly captured Republic soldiers) for the mining. It had been staffed with two squads of Sith Soldiers.

As Piner made his way towards the office, Piner shone his flashlight at it to study it. The two windows looking outside were shatters, and the door had been beaten down. As he got closer, he could see blood spatter on the walls inside the office. When he finally reached it and looked inside, the eaten corpses of about 12 or more men were inside. And the smell was terrible. Not only could Piner make out the scent of rotting flesh, but he could also make out the scent of feces. He figured the feces were probably from the creatures. Either way, the smell was almost overpowering.

Piner switched on his integrated breathing mask (on of the modifications to the Sith Armor) and stepped inside. The smell was still so powerful that some of it still managed to leak through the breath mask. He carefully stepped over a rotting body, swiping at the flies that were flying about. He reached a computer port, but the monitor was broken, rendering it useless. However, right next to it was a datapad. He picked it up and it read:

"We've been holed up in the office for a while. These dang La'okulla keep pounding on the doors and windows. Its a good thing the engineers were intelligent enough to put in armored glass, or we'd be toast by now. Still, the dents in the doors have a lot of us on edge. Uldona is convinced the creatures are sentient enough to communicate with us, but I don't think so. They're just too bloodthirsty for that kind of thing."

04-21-2005, 04:10 PM
Jace and Nee walked down a tunnel in the hope they would come across the rest of the republic forces that were dropped on this planet. Nee was lucky enougth to escape with only mild injurys from the beast attack and had covered the few scratched he got with bandages. They moved forward as they did before slowly and quietly lighting their way with torches. As they moved forward their torches shone over a dead body, A republic soldiers corpse. They went over to check it out, While nee knelt to examine the body Jace Kept a look around.

The body was missing all its flesh all that remained was the skeleton and armour. As jace looked around he saw more bodies, at least 6, perhaps more the bones were skattered in some places it was hard to tell. They both knew that whatever attacked them attacked these dead soldiers and they were not as lucky. Jace also knew that more than one beast had to have done this, There must be more but how many?

With little other choisce Nee and Jace desided to move forward and hope they would come across more survivors, Republic survivors. If they came across Sith he knew they would be worse than the beast as they were also blood thirsty animals.

04-22-2005, 09:16 AM
Piner set the datapad back down on the table. If the windows were supposed to have been armored, then how did they shatter? Piner walked over a couple more bodies and studied the shattered glass. He carefully picked up one of the pieces and looked at it. It was covered in black soot. Heading back outside, he carefully probed the ground with his flashlight. Finally, he spotted an object of some kind. Picking it up, Piner realized what it was: it was an explosive detonator that the miners used for blowing open new tunnels.

As he looked around, there were pieces of the bomb imbedded in the walls and the surrounding rock. But now the question was who set the bomb? Piner didn't notice any bodies of these "La'okulla" lying around outside. But that would mean...

Piner's flashlight shone on the face of a charging creature. Piner stood his ground with his war sword ready. Lunging at him, Piner quickly stepped aside and swiped at the La'okulla, slicing it directly in the head. As Piner turned around to follow the creature's movements, he noticed blood on the blade: swords could indeed be effective. The creature stumbled as it landed, somewhat stunned from the wound. Piner then jammed the flashlight into a spot on his helmet and charged at the creature.

The La'okulla turned to face the charging man and stood on its hind legs in a threatening pose. It roared defiantly as Piner lept up and did a spinning slash with his double-bladed War Sword. The creature quickly backed away, avoiding the blades. As Piner landed, the creature slashed at him with its claws. It connected and sent Piner across the cave. The claws didn't penetrate his armor, but the strength of the blow broke several ribs. The creature didn't wait for Piner to get up: it coiled up and lunged at Piner again. Piner quickly rolled out of the way and stabbed the creature in the neck.

As the creature roared in pain, Piner then twisted the blade and pushed harder on the sword. The creature tried to swipe at Piner, but it missed. Piner pulled out the sword, and blood poured and spurted out of the injured creature. It made one last desperate lunge at Piner, but it no longer had the strength to do anything. It soon bled out and died.

Piner tried to stand up, but he could hardly breath with his broken ribs. His injury wasn't something a kolto injection would fix: Piner needed surgery. At any rate, Piner still pulled out his medkit and injected kolto underneath his armor into his chest. Hopefully, it would at least dull the pain and heal the minor cracks. Now, Piner had to be extra careful: another brush with one of these creatures would probably kill him.

04-22-2005, 09:30 AM
Jace and Nee continued their journey through the tunnels with their weapos ready to fire. They had desided it was time to search for any republic survivors, as there would be safty in numbers. They tread carefully and quietly as Jace knew that they had two threats, those creatures and the sith. As they moved down the narrow tunnel more bodies were lying on the floor dead of republic troops, as Nee counted the bodies they saw he noticed that the republic force was down to at most 50%. It was obvious to Jace that the way the bodies were scattered that they sent out several scout parties, none of which could return but return where. The deductions led Jace and Nee to beleive that the republic had to have set up a camp and thats where they needed to go.

04-25-2005, 01:04 PM
((sry it took so long to reply. i've been very busy, and it takes about 20+ min for me to make each rp post.))

Piner continued on down the cave, watching carefully for any of the creatures. Finally, Piner spotted a tall box of some kind. Walking towards it, he noticed several warnings on it relating to power and corrosive. That meant one thing: the generators for the lighting system in the mines. He hobbled over to the box and opened it. Inside, it was a complete mess: it looked like someone had taken a blaster to the panel. Piner cursed under his breath, and then opened up the panel. Underneath it, the system was just fine, and he noticed a switch labeled "Override". Flipping it, the hum of the generators could be heard echoing softly in the backround. Then, several lights began to activate and soon, the whole cave was lit up in a fairly bright light.

Almost immidiately, challenging roars echoed across the cave, several of them very close by. Although the creatures didn't seem to mind the light on the surface, down here, several of them screamed in pain. Piner quickly closed up the panel and the cover on top of it. Pulling out his sword, Piner wanted to be ready for whatever creatures may soon come to attack the source of the light.

04-25-2005, 01:23 PM
Jace and Nee still continued down these network of tunnels, With all tje twists turns and forks Jace and Nee were positive they were lost they couldn't get back out the way they came even if they wanted. The two had noticed they had not seen any bodies for well over an hour, they felt that they were proberly off cource and no where near the republic but they thought to continue anyway. As they walked suddenly thet heard roars of pain off in the distance and a slight glimmer of light off in the distance.

They desided to head for the light as there was a chance it could be the republic camp. as they moved nee stoped suddenly again.

Jace- "What is it?"

Nee "(Something is directly behind us!)"

Jace and Nee both swng round pointing their torches and weapons behind them. The creature was behind them but it was following at a distance as if it was stalking them. It Just sat a few Meters away seemingly unthreatening.

Nee "(Whats it doing?)"

Jace- "Summing us up."

Nee- "(What do we do?)"

Jace- "FIRE!!!"

The two began fireing at the creature, causing it to turn around and run away from the two.

Nee- "(now what?)"

Jace- "keep moving to the light, Keep your ears open."