View Full Version : Tebra and X'ero

Wraith 8
04-27-2005, 07:30 PM
well i had a talk with octaviar about sponsoring both x'ero and Tebra. and he allowed me to sponsor you both at the same time after Zeto gets in for good :)

X'ero do you have like MSN, maybe a cellphone i can SMS your or something. would be easier for me to keep in toutch with you :)

04-28-2005, 05:50 AM
Thank you :)

05-03-2005, 09:00 PM
No cellphone (yet... But I will be getting a T-Mobile Sidekick 2 soon!).

MSN = xeroanarian@verizon.net

I've been busy the last few days, but These next few days I'll be on! I got suspended from work... lol... I looked at the schedule wrong and didn't show up to work last Saturday...