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05-06-2005, 11:37 AM
I was thinking about doing somthing a bit differant in Dantooine Theatre Company so i thought other than star wars what films do i like. after i went through a list of very unsuitable options and ones that just would not work for a star wars cross over i came across the great vampire hunting film Blade. so i thought how could i integrate vampires ito star wars and this is what i came up with...


The force vampire origin
During the sith war not all captured jedi were taken to the depths of Malachor, some were taken for experimentation at a seacret facility. One of these experiments was to create an ultimate jedi Hunter... Project Vampire. These hunters were made to feed off of the very thing that gave a jedi his skills with the force, Metachlorines. This caused them to suck out the blood and the metchlorines killing the jedi and stregthening the feeder. Unfortunetly if a person with a high metachloine count is bitten (Jedi, Dark Jedi and adepts) they also become a vampire. Towards the end of the war the 12 experimental vampires escaped and killed the scientists and turned the dark jedi at the facility into vampire. Now the vampires are loose in the galaxy hunting jedi and dark jedi to quench this unceising hunger killing innocent people onm their journey.

Vampire Facts
These experiments had some side effects both positive and negative.

Positive- Immune to most energy based weapons including lightsabers and blaster. Only solid weapons Kill vampires (including the worky bowcaster), They are as strong and as fast as jedi without using the force, They are immune to force powers. They also possess increased intelligence

Negative- They are hyper-sensitive to UV Rays causing them to stay in dark plases. They can not use force powers.

When a Jedi, dark jedi or force adept is bitten by a Vampire they turn into one. Causing there physical abilitys and personalities to change. Vampires are more alligned with the dark but hate Sith and jedi equally.

The RP
This is based a year after the vampires have escaped both the republic and sith know of there existance but keep it quiet from the civilians. The vampires ane beleived to have spread through the galaxy and now number over 100 and are even beleived to control some corporations. Both the republic and sith have hired mercs and bounty hunters to kill these vampires In Kotor turms Revan was a LS Male and the star forge was destroyed just over 1 year ago

No god modding
No charcontrolling
No killing other PCs without permission
3 pc max per person
You can be any species including vampire and work for any organisation.
You can be a Jedi, ETC.
And You can be called things like dracula, Blade, Buffy, ETC
You can be the head of a fleet or sith faction if you wish.
And most importantly have fun.

Name: Hannible King
Species: Human
Affiliation: Neutral (working for the republic)
Allignment: leaning Light
Occupation: Mercenarie
Type: Soldier.
Weapons and equipment: Republic mod armour, vibrosword, wookie bowcaster.
Bio: A Mercenarie employed by the republic to hunt and kill the vampires.

((I'll start if more people join and this gets a semi-good responce))

05-06-2005, 12:05 PM
Name: Zarlak
Species: Zabrak
Affiliation: Neutral
Allignment: neutral/light
Occupation: Ex-jedi/sith master
Type: Force Senital
Weapons and equipment: Light saber, dark jedi robes
Bio: Once a jedi knight and he went to war with revan against the mandalorians. He turned to the darkside same time as revan and confronted revan in the temple when revan went to destroy th star forge.

Revan helped Zarlak turn away from the dark side and now hes neutral. He has killed many vampires using the force to kill them with objects around them.

Now he trains in Dxun

Renegade Angel
05-09-2005, 09:55 PM
Name: Gus
Species: Human
Affiliation: Light
Allignment: Neutral
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Type: Master Bounty Hunter
Weapons and equipment: Huge, black blade and an old dark jedi cloak.
Bio: The lord of bounty hunters, he was hired by Czerka Corp. to capture and enslave the mysterious vampires.

05-10-2005, 05:01 AM
((We may as well start))

A male twi'lek and two male humans stood in a dark alley on coruscant. They were just standing around waiting for somthing. As they stood a women walked down the alley and pased them, the three aliens started to follow her causing the women to speed up and move away quicker. Then a twilek and rodian blocked her path out of the alley as the other three aliens gained ground on her.

Twi'lek- "(Hello little lady.)"

Human- "It's time for some fun."

Women- "Really?.. Let the games begin."

The Women turned to face the human who spoke showing her larger cainines and diving on to the human bitting into his jugular and sucking out his blood. The others just looked in shook until she finished and dropped the human body on the floor. The rodian then pulled out a vibroblade and charged at her. The women grabbed the rodians arm before the blade could impact and she through him into the wall. she then jumped at the other human and began to feed off of him. Suddenly a energy bolt from a bowcaster hit her in the leg, causing the women to let go of the man who still had enougth blood to move away.

Women- "King!"

Hannible-"I have been hunting you for along time Toots."

The women then began to charge at Hannible, he pulled out his vibro sword and thrusted it into the womens heart. The womens body then began to burn from the point of impact. As the bones fell of the vampire fell to the floor he looked up at the remaining thugs.

Hannible- "I'd get a new job, if i were you."

Star Ghost
05-10-2005, 06:39 AM
Name: John Lavelle
Species: Human
Affiliation: Jedi Order
Allignment: Light
Occupation: Jedi Vampire Slayer
Type: Jedi Knight
Weapons and equipment: UV emmiting rifle, Modified Lightsaber that emmits UV rays around the blade (plz tell me if this is not alowed) Orange Jedi Knight robes with Jedi symbols on them, night vision implant, vibro double sword (main Weapon).
Bio: After his training John asked his master if he could become a Hunter to kill Sith. But when he heard about the vampires he changed his mind. He went strait to his workshop, and built his own special equipment that he sold to weapon producing companies. But that was 2 years ago. He still hunts vampires, but only for the Jedi.

As complete darkness set in, the shady figure stept out of his dark hiding place, and silently opened the aparment building door. He crept up the emergancy stairs and hacked into the computer, unlocking all the doors in the appartment. His vampire clan would be pleased! About 50 people lived in this building! He opened the firs door and silently walked in. But not silent enough for a Jedi's senses and foresight.

John leapt out of the darkness and jabbed his vibrosword through the vampire, barley missing it's heart.

"You've missed," the vampire hissed at John. "I win!"

The vampire pulled himself from the sword and leapt at John with superhuman speed. John took this as his chance and pulled out his UV rifle, charring the vampire, who screamed so loudly that everyone rushed out of their apparments. John had made sure there was no one in the apparment he was in earlier.

"Go back to sleep, this is jedi buissness." he said.

05-10-2005, 03:42 PM
((OCC- Weapons are perfectly fine but the vampires only escaped the lab 1 year ago. but you don't need to change it.))

05-10-2005, 03:59 PM
((*coughbowcastersareenergyweaponsnotsolidcough* So that WOULDN'T include Bowcasters can kill Vampires, they are energy, play any star wars game, they shoot a green light... ANd one question, can I be part of a special were wolf project? It's like the Vampire project exept with were wolves.))
Name: Gabriel ((Pronounced the boy way.)) Vanhellsing
Species: Vampire
Affiliation: Vampire
Occupation: Vampire
Type: Vampire
Weapons: A cool cross bow and his teeth
Equipment: Just clothes.
Bio: Gabriel is a vampire.
((If there can't be any were wolves I'll edit this.))

05-10-2005, 04:06 PM
((OCC- Lukekatarn firstly a wookie bowcaster fires a solid metal bolt which is enveloped in energy causing it to glow green. Secondly i would prefer it if you were not a Warewolf))

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Zarlak walked through coruscant. It was a nice change to Dxun. No more trees, grass or animals attacking him.
Two female humans walked up to him while he walked through a spacesport.
"hey sexy. Can we make you happy?" asked on of them
I'm old enough to be your father and knowing how many women i've spelt with, i probally am"replied Zarlak. He quickly got into an elivator leaving the two females behind.

He knew they were vampires and it wasnt the last he would see of them but he had nothing to fight them with

05-10-2005, 04:10 PM
((Alright I'll edit it. Exept even though Bow Casters fire bolts it would pretty much does no damage without the energy caseing. ANd since the Vampires absorb it, it wouldn't do any damage. But since it's your thread what you say goes, just saying if someone absorbed energy a bow caster wouldn't hurt much, bow casters are still like blasters in KotOR, right? In KotOR, they don't bypass energy shields, and an energy shield is absorbing the energy, like what the Vampires do. *Goes to edit last post*))

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Originally posted by LukeKatarn
((Alright I'll edit it. Exept even though Bow Casters fire bolts it would pretty much does no damage without the energy caseing. ANd since the Vampires absorb it, it wouldn't do any damage. But since it's your thread what you say goes, just saying if someone absorbed energy a bow caster wouldn't hurt much, bow casters are still like blasters in KotOR, right? In KotOR, they don't bypass energy shields, and an energy shield is absorbing the energy, like what the Vampires do. *Goes to edit last post*))

((If they absorb energy then they'd absorb the energy at the front of the bolt, but it wouldn't stop the impact. The damn thing'd still go straight through them - there's a difference between surface damage and exit wounds.

Besides, KotOR is not what every other bit of Star Wars related knowledge should be judged by. Gimme a break you facetious know-it-all pedant.))

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((Don't flame me. I'm just saying, and this isKotOR Force Vampires so you could say I have the right to judge on it...

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Originally posted by LukeKatarn
((Don't flame me. I'm just saying, and this isKotOR Force Vampires so you could say I have the right to judge on it...

((What I said was not flaming, it was merely me stating my opinion.

I know I hate it when people come into my friends and question everything I do, every second.))

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(( people stop argueing the arguement was resolved before Boxah got involved. also this is a RP not a discusssion on the wookie bowcaster.Also this forum is for role playing so you should only reply in this thread if you intend to roleplay.))

Hannible king walked into the republic bounty offices in corruscant comercial sector. He was carrying abag with his bowcaster slung over her left sholdier and his vibrosword hanging from the left side of his belt. Hannible walked up to the payment desk on the bottom floor and saw the fefale payment officer who he knew as Layla.

Layla- "Got more ash for us king?"

King- "i sure do babe."

King then pulled out three clear tubes out of the bag and placed them on the desk. Layla then put the three ash filled tubes into scanner the scanner opened the jars an took a sample of the ash for DNA comparrison. The results of the tests came up on a screen for layla.

Layla- "Well they are all Vampires... Ummm, one of them is even on the specific bounty list she broke into a hosbital and killed half the doctors and patiants."

King- "I know thats why i targeted her."

Layla- "looks like we owe you 30 thousand Creds... you can retire soon."

Layla handed over the credits and king began to leave.

Star Ghost
05-11-2005, 08:19 AM
John left the appartment building and went to his ship. He left the area and ((he's on coras****)) flew to the upper levels where the jedi academy was.

Amazingly enough the senate actually paid him for 'working for the common good'. The jedi paid him nothing and never would, but he still folowed the rules and the jedi code in every single way he could.

"John you have been doing very good latley," his master said. "but I think it's time for you to come off from vampire slaying for the time being.

"But those vampires know who i am! They are hunting me down, and I feel i must kill them all!" He replied.

"It's your choice but that is my recomendation..."

05-11-2005, 09:41 AM
Originally posted by Boxah
((What I said was not flaming, it was merely me stating my opinion. Originally posted by Boxah you facetious know-it-all pedant.)) ((I rest my case.)) Gabriel was lurking in the night area of Coruscant, he had just finished sttling his thirst, but it did not satisfy him. He needed more, lots more. Family after family, person after person, his thirst for Medichlorians wouldn't settle, it hurt, he could not quench it. Moveing across the night, he needed a worthy host, a Jedi or Sith.

Star Ghost
05-11-2005, 10:10 AM
((why did it censor my spelling of corascant?))

John told his master that he would be a vampire slayer until they were all dead. He decided to find another vampire immeadeatly. He went to the galactic itelagence agencie to find the latest and most dangerous vampire... Gabriel Vanhellsing...

He began his hunt right away.

05-11-2005, 10:30 AM
((Don't know. But just so it won't censor and it looks right, I belive it's spell Coruscant.)) Gabriel fed off of yet another innocent family, He needed more, lots and lots more, he kept telling himself, that just made him more thirsty for the force, the weaklings would never settle it, and he hoped someone strong would come by soon, someone strong in the force.

05-11-2005, 01:50 PM
Night fell on the surface of coruscants Commercial section. Hannible knew it was the time they came out to hunt but he was also hunting. Hannible besided to take his speeder outside one of the nightclubs, this was a place where some vampires looked for their next meal. Hannible parked his speeder outside a Club, he went strait in thinking that he may get lucky and find one preying on some poor civilian. He Walked in sticking out like a swore thumb wearing his armour and weapons around various aliens wearing casual clothing. He walked up to a platform so he could see the whole ground floor and the people on it. As he glared over the croud his eyes were drawn to a human male and female aswell as a male zabrak... Vampires. King could tell who was a vampire just by looking at them now, he had killed enougth of them to work it out. He noticed that they were looking at two twi'leks who just about ti leave and they followed the two twi'leks. Hannibal was lucky he found three vamps without even trying to hard. Hannible walked down to the ground level, as the three vampires were about to leave he pulled out his bowcaster and aimed it at the zabraks heart. The Energy enveloped mettalic bolt pieced the vampires skin and hit its heart causing the vampire to burn and turn to ash. The other two saw king and ran at him they moved to fast for him to pull out his sword and had to push the women down to prevent her from getting close enougth to bite. The male was not as lucky when King pulled out his sword and swung it at his neck beheading him and making both halves ash. When he turned to finish off the women she had already ran out the club.

05-12-2005, 09:30 PM
Name]: Anor Kon
Allegiance]:Neutral [Secretly Sith]
Alignment]:Neutral [Secretly Dark Side]
Occupation]:Senator of the Vampire Nation
Class]:Jedi Guardian [Unknown]
Appearance]:White Hair, no darkside corruption on his tanned body, Tribal Tatoos are scattered all over his body, none are visible through the Sith Robe he wears. He has a muscular build.
Weapons]:Sith Lightsaber [Red Crystal]-[Etched on the hilt are sith heiroglyphics] (Secretly has this)
Equipment]: Sith Master Robes, Eriadu Stealth Unit, Sith Power Gauntlets, Enhancement D-Package, and a sash that hangs all the way down to his Ankles which has Vampiric heiroglyphics imprinted on it.

Info]:Unknown since now..


Senator Anor Kon stared out at the cityscape of Coruscant the smog was deeply opaque, but the moon still shined through. He grunted as he turned around to see an attractive female stand at the doorway of his chambers, Anor Kon was expecting her..
"I summoned you to my chambers, because I have an important mission for you..I need you to track down Hannible King, and tell him the Senator of the Vampire Nation must speak to him, about something very very important.."

05-13-2005, 05:06 AM
((OCC- Darth_krow are you a vampire))

Hannible ran out of the club looking for the Vampire women who had just escaped him. He turned to the speeder parking area an saw the vampire begining to get in one and quickly flew off. Hannible desided to follow and stop her before she did any more damage and hopped into his speeder. As he took off he plased his bowcaster in the pilots seat for easy access if he needed to shoot quickly. He had the vampires speeder right infront of him and to put his into fool speed to gain ground on her. as he got close he piloted by the side of the vampire and picked up his bowcaster firing 3 shots at her the third hit directly at the skull causing her to burn and the speeder fell through the depths of coruscant.

King parked his speeder in a residential building garage and walked to a small workshop were a duros by the same of sumas and a sullustian called kay were working.

King- "Hey guys."

Kay- "(King your back and just in time.)"

Sumas- "(We just made somthing that could help you on your quest)"

King- "Really, IIts not like that mace you gave me."

Kay- "(Hey! In theory that would have worked)"

King- "Tell that to the vamp that nearly bit me"

Sumas- "(This will work though... We modified a flash granade.)"

Kay- "(Now it only 'flashes' Ultra-violet rays)"

Sumas-"(Every vampire within a 15 meter radius will be fried.)"

King- "Deep fried Vamp... I Like it."

05-13-2005, 03:48 PM
No, I'm a loyalist type for the Vampire Nation, hence notice everyone is out to get them and they can't go into the sunlight therefore i'm human, but actually a Dark Jedi in disguise]]

Renegade Angel
05-13-2005, 09:09 PM
*Slashes the 1st vampire in half*
"Yeah! Powned!"
*Grabbed by the 2nd and nearly squished*
Bounty Hunter 1- *Looks at Gus awkwardly*
Gus- "This happens alot"
*Shoves a frag grenade up the creature's left nostril*
"Sick... Vampire snot... Eww..."
*Grenade explodes*
*Falls on head*
Bounty Hunter 2- "That explains alot."
Czerka Bounty Lord on Comm.- "I didnt hire you numbskulls so you could joke around, NOW MOVE!"

05-16-2005, 04:11 PM
Hannible Was hunting again he moved through the vampire hangouts looking for some blood suckers to ash. He walked but could not see any vampires, he thought they may have moved on like they usually do. Maybe they went to another region of the planet or maybe another planet all together. That was until he walked down a corridore and was surrounded by 10 of them.