View Full Version : Rotj Special Edtion On Local Fox

05-07-2005, 10:27 PM
Hey guys I was in for a treat this afternoon my local FOX 13 Memphis
station showed ROTJ :Specail Edtion
I have not seen the specail edtion of
ROTJ yet but It was perty neat to see
the clean up work lucas had done on the
movie and to my surprise there was not
a whole lot of whole lot of comerical
interuption in it.So that made me kind
of happy and to I loved the new celebration at the end of it.I to think
that what it should have been in the
first place because you get the feeling
the whole galaxy was at pace instead
of just Endor.Anywho I am glad that
I got to see ROTJ:Specail Edtion verison
and To I bet the local Fox Station got
premission from lucasfilm to air it let me
know if your local Fox affalite showed
ROTJ today thanks?