View Full Version : Server Ports

05-08-2005, 10:55 AM

I recently purchased Republic Commando for PC and am having a few muliplayer log-on difficulties. Hope you can offer some advice.

When 'logging' into mulitplayer, using the in-game client, the Query in Progress message comes up but doesn't always bring up a server list. I then click request and it'll bring up 5 or so hosts. Each time I click request a variety of new hosts appear on the server list numbering from 5 to 20. I perform requests immediately after the list 'fully' displays and then perform another request immediately. I really don't believe that so many new servers are coming and old servers leaving in such a short space of time.

I'm behind a router firewall and have configured ports 11138, 27900, 6500, 3658, and 3659 as per Yoda's Help desk advice.

BTW. I don't have any issues with pulling down the Star Wars Battlefront Server list.

I also tried logging in to mulitplayer on a direct connection without using the router. I still get the same issue so it doesn't appear to be a router specific issue.

Any advice would be appreciated.