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Jade Kan DeLarb
05-11-2005, 09:30 AM

Can someone talk me through the apparent invisibility some players seem to attain in Multiplayer, and are the missiles from the rocket launcher homing missiles now, with the new (latest?) patch?

Amidala from Chop Shop
05-11-2005, 11:06 AM
If you are playing on a basejka server they are using Mind Trick, a Light Side Force power.

If you are playing on a ForceMod III server, only Jedi and Sith classes can use Mind Trick. Some other classes have a cloaking device or natural camoflage ability.

If you are playing on a JA+ FFA server usually almost all Force powers have been disabled by the server operators, but a few might have Mind Trick enabled. Admins on JA+ servers can use amghost to make themselves invisible even though ordinary players don't have that power.

If you have found one of the rare servers that hasn't disabled rocket launchers, you will find that Alternate Attack (right mouse button) makes rockets into homing rockets. You have to keep your target in your crosshair while holding down the right mouse button until you see a blinking red circle, then let go and fire. The rocket will chase the target as long as it has a clear line of sight. If the target ducks behind a corner, the rocket will lose its "lock". Using a homing rocket costs two rocket shots.

If you want to see an amazing and funny homing rocket shot, download Avalon (http://www.own-age.com/vids/video.aspx?id=1991). Starting 2:17 into the video a rocket chases a player all over the map for 20 seconds.

ForceMod III Super Battle Droid and Mandalorian backpack rockets are homing rockets.

Jade Kan DeLarb
05-11-2005, 12:08 PM

thanx for ur reply. am playing CTF on the "JA+" server. Don't know the stats. but will pay more attentin next time to the download screen.

JA+ Official n1 japlus.fragism.com

JA+ Mod v2.3

Can you tell me ho mind trick works? Does it only work on one particular enemy at a time? Or is a general "cloak"?

Thanks for your time! :)

Amidala from Chop Shop
05-11-2005, 02:51 PM
Like other Force powers, the range of Mind Trick depends on how many Force points you invest in it (level 1, 2, or 3).

With level 1, you have to target a player in your crosshair, and it only works on that player.

With level 2 it works on all enemy players in your immediate area.

With level 3 it theoretically affects all enemy players, but at least one enemy player has to be targeted or in the area.

Players who are affected by your Mind Trick will have blue sparkles over their heads. Use of Force Seeing\Sight at any level will overcome Mind Trick. Also, attacking an enemy player turns off your Mind Trick.

Mind Trick can be useful in CTF for offense players (flag carriers). Turn off your lightsaber(s) or equip with a gun to make yourself less conspicuous. If you have level 2 or 3 Mind Trick, use it as you enter the enemy base to sneak up on the flag and steal it. However, as soon as you get the flag your Mind Trick wears off, and you can't use it while you are carrying the flag. You will need Force manna for Speed and Absorb anyway when you have the flag.

Set up a CTF game at home against bots using Play Solo Game. Practice using Mind Trick and homing rockets on the bots. Light side bots (Luke, Kyle, Jan, Jedi, etc.) might use Mind Trick on you. Have at least level 1 Force Seeing so you can overcome the bot's Mind Trick.

For more CTF tips, including tactics and information about strafe jumping (allows you to run really fast) go to my Education Page http://www.chopshopservers.com/education