View Full Version : Great Hyperspace War (5000-4000 years ago)

SithLord Morgul
05-12-2005, 06:21 PM
First you must create your character for this RP, then start posting.

Just a little referance with the Hyperspace War, When the Ancient Sith lord Marka Ragnos died, the title of Dark Lord was a battle against the lords Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh. When two hyperspace explorers landed on Korriban, Naga Saodw convinced other sith it was a prelude to a Republic invasion so many of the sith declared Sadow as the New Sith Lord. Sadow let one of the explorers escape and put a tracking signal on his ship while the other was trained in the Dark Side. When Sadow learned the location of the Republic he amassed a army of tens of thousands of soldiers and Dark Jedi to fight against the Republic. One battle ground was Koros Major, Kirrek, Primus Gould, and Coruscant.
Brief History there. So when Ready you'll be able to fight in any of the planets and in Republic space aswell. Remember no droids and many are jedi or very trined warriors, lots of blood shed.

SithLord Morgul
05-12-2005, 06:30 PM
Name: Salis Vong
Age: 40
Side: Dark Jedi/Sith
Position: Sith Lord
Equipment: single blood-red lightsaber, Black cloak and gray vest .
Bio: Taught Naga Sadow in the ways of Advanced lightsaber combat and now is Commander of the 26th brigade.

I was stationed on my flagship the Interceptor and neared Coruscant with my fleet. As we entered Coruscant space I ordered all but my apprentice Fathen Dur to go to the Chalis ship in Area 332. I wonder how Fathen will perform in this skirmish?