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05-14-2005, 08:08 AM
Viper Squadron is a B-Win squadron for the rebel alliance. They are the best B-Wing pilots out there, and were trained for taking out important, heavily guarded transports. Right now they are pursuing two imperial transports, loaded with 5,000 E11 Carbines, which are being shipped to a barracka on Tatooine, near the rebel settlement of Anchorhead. If the weapons are succesfully brought there, Anchorhead will be under great threat. The transports are guarded by 3 squads of TIE Interceptors. Thats where we are gonna start off, but the story can change, it all depends on the RP.

So you can either be a Rebel or Imperial pilot.

Please fill in:
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Name: Theo Thunderwalker
Faction: Rebel
Rank: Lieutenant

Theo activated his concetrated radar screen. The transport appeared with about 4 dozen interceptors around ot. He turned on his comm, "This Viper-5, ready for attack." He then switched on his heavy-laser turrets on his B-Wing. He pulled down the visor on his helmet, and shot forward.

05-14-2005, 02:57 PM
Name: Luke Katarn
Faction: Imp
Rank: Commander of Interceptor squadren 459
Ship Specs: A heavily modified Tie Interceptor equipped with proton bombs and homeing cluster missiles. It has an advanced shield system, hyperspace capabilities, and advanced lasers.

Renegade Angel
05-20-2005, 03:48 PM
Name: Gus Kenobi
Faction: Rebel
Rank: Vice Admiral

05-20-2005, 09:45 PM
Name: RK-739
Faction: Imperial
Rank: Sergeant

I was the first to land with the cargo in a cruiser transport. I held a modified E11 rifle, but none of that would help in space. I walked by the command modual watching them plot and plan until I heard... " Sir! many signatures are closing in on our postition! All of a sudden 3 flashes of light lit of the command modual and caused me to fall.I looked at where the explosion came from and not much of the front of the command modual was left. I got up quickly as I felt air being sucked into the vaccum of space and closed the emegency door. A alert went off as we were hit again. I knew only one thing to do, get off the ship.

Renegade Angel
05-20-2005, 09:57 PM
"Ok, men, move out!"
The millions of ships at Gus's command charged at the transports.
"Copy, Viper-5, hold your fire until my men are in position, when I give the signal you and your squardron board the ship, grab some rifles and then we can blow the things up."
Gus started up his Modified TIE Bomber that he had stolen from the Imperial Supply Ships in space.
"Now, Viper-5, move in!"

OOC- A Vice Admiral is the Vice Commanding officer of the entire Rebel fleet.

05-20-2005, 10:13 PM
I scrambled to the transport already making preperations to launch. I saw other carrying crates into it. Again something made the ship jolt violontly. The engines had caught fire, and only god knows what would happen next. I ran up the catwalk leading up into the ship. The pilot and co-pilot were being yelled at by a Lt.Commander. Stormtroopers were loading themselves onto the ship leaving the ones loading the crates on to find another way out. Finnally we were taking off. With enough weapons in the crates to still finish the mission. There were 15 of us on board not including the officers up front. 4 stormies, for turrets to man.

05-25-2005, 12:23 AM
Luke and his squad hopped into their Interceptors and launched to space. "Alright men, we need to cover those transports at ALL costs! I want no mistakes, if any of those transports get shot down that's one mark on our flight records, and for all the transports that may go dwon that can really add up. Comence Gamma manuever A-One-Oh-Five."

05-25-2005, 10:18 PM
Theo targeted one of the TIE's and fired. Laser blasts hit it's left wing and blasted out of space. He then turned his attnetion to the main ship. He had to dock it. He them saw a escpape pod full of people shooting out of the space ship. He fired to blasts at it, blowing it up. He then turned his attention to the targeting computer. His targeter locked down on the main ship's engines. He fired a proton torpedo....It hit it's target and the ship shook violently.

05-25-2005, 10:18 PM
Theo targeted one of the TIE's and fired. Laser blasts hit it's left wing and blasted out of space. He then turned his attnetion to the main ship. He had to dock it. He them saw a escpape pod full of people shooting out of the space ship. He fired to blasts at it, blowing it up. He then turned his attention to the targeting computer. His targeter locked down on the main ship's engines. He fired a proton torpedo....It hit it's target and the ship shook violently.

07-10-2005, 04:16 AM
(all my posys have disapeared!!! NOOOOOO! took us ages!! im not going to start all over again some im gunna pick it off where it left off!)

Name: Jax
Faction: Rebels
Rank: Pilot (Blue leader EX-V-4)

07-10-2005, 04:21 AM
(what happend from the lkast post on here to the last post that was deleted)

Viper squdron was almost gone.Gold commander came along to help Jax to destroy the stardestroyer. A group of tie phantoms appeared and killed the rest of viper squdorn, cept jax. jax's ship damaged wen to get new one. we destroy all the fighters. we go back to base. then informed of Imperial spy, jax goes out to kill him. he sees the base radios back to the imperials and they come along with a grup of star destroyers. we all go out and kick ass. Stu (gold commander) gets a firespray ship. Then we see a shuttle going to a near by planet then a load of star destroyers come along.

and thats about it....so lets continue from there!

07-10-2005, 09:42 AM
((Yeah yeah yeah... OF COURSE THEY ARE DELETED! Look at the announcements please... That should explain things. Ummmmmmmmm, I think all my ships have landed now?))

ALl the ships were finished landing, and soon after they established tarps over the ships to prevent them from rusting when rain comes and things. After that they started constructing a command centrer, it was only temporary, so there weren't very many things in there.

11-01-2005, 05:43 PM
(becuase this thread is dead im going to take a knew path)

Jax awoke to the sound of sirens.
"Viper Squadron report to the bridge"
He had succeeded

Renegade Angel
11-01-2005, 06:25 PM
Gus stood. Jax had used it, the orb... the one he wasn't alowed to use. Ever.
"Thanks Jax, Ya big idiot..." Tears of joy went down his cheeks. Jax had saved him.

11-02-2005, 03:09 AM
(remember rennegade there is no Mira or kaitlyn in this quite yet. Jax's plan is to stop them going to fight so viper squad is never destroyed so Rezillo never turns evil, so he never become the phantom ect..)

Jax's memory was fading fast, he knew his memory would return to what it was at this point in time. He had to warn the captain it was a trap. Jax ran as fast as he could to the bridge. The belted through the door and skidded to a halt. the rest of viper squad was already there. They all turned to look at him.
"It's....a....trap" Jax panted
"The mission....it's a trap. They know we are coming"
"How can you be sure?"
"I just know"
The captain considered this
"Ok Jax if you sure it's a trap-"
"It is!"
"We'll send in a scout....a robotic scout" he added when he saw Jax's face
"to check things out, and then when we know what we're dealing with Viper Squadron and Vice Admiral Gus kenobi will attack, ah here he is now"
Gus had just entered, did he remember anything? Or would he be the old Gus the one still pure. Jax searched his beltline, no lightsaber. Jax looked up at him and said softly
"Kaitlyn died to save the universe and now we must save her"
He waited to see how Gus responded...

Renegade Angel
11-02-2005, 07:13 AM
(Yep, I know)

"Thanks Jax, Thank you..."
He hugged Jax and started to cry. He wiped the tears and strode up to the admiral.

11-02-2005, 05:07 PM
Jax's mind seemed to have jammed. He flet the darkness leave him completly but he could still remember. surly it should have gone. His memory should be back to the way it was. Jax shook his head. He could remember. Then he hit the deck it all flodded out and he forget everything that happened. He got up shaking.
"You alright?" asked Rezillo
"Yeah fine" he said
"I just spun out" he said
Jax looked at Gus he was teary. Jax didn't know the Vice Admiral very well but some people said he was nice others said he was arragont. Jax turned back to his friends.
"Lets go to the ships and wait" Said Viper Leader
They left Gus and the captain to it

Renegade Angel
11-02-2005, 06:12 PM
He frogot... Jax had forgotten. His darkness was putting up quite a fight.. it was ganging up on time itself and pushing it back. His memory slowly slipped away, and the darkness was consumed.

11-03-2005, 12:13 PM
Jax entered the hanger as they did overe the comm he heard
"You were right it is a trap, We are going to send all we have at them"
Jax got into his B wing and took off. As Viper Squadron, Grey Group and white group approached the star destroyers. Jax felt a rush of fear.
"Ok boys nothing fancy, if this is a trap then lets be careful. Ok boys wings in attack formation"
They entered attack formation, Jax could see Tie fighters being released out of the hangers. Jax suddenly felt braver he felt as if he had years of training and dived into battle. He dodged and fired and blasted. He never knew he could do that
"Woah Jax when did you get so good?" Asked Viper Leader
Jax blasted at a Tie fighter which exploded causing another one to swerve and crash into the star destroyer.
Jax said nothing he suddenly felt as if he was the best
"Rezillo cover my approach, Im taking out their shields"
Jax dived along the side of the star destroyer and dived into the hanger
"JAX ARE YOU CRAZY!" Yelled Rezillo as he sped past the hanger. Jax didn't listen. Jax jumped out. He was quikcly surrounded. He gulped. He rumaged in his pocket and found a lightsaber. why was that there? Jax didn't care he ignited it and jumped forwards taking out an officer and a storm trooper. He never knew he could handle a lightsaber or any melee weapon. He dodged fire and entered the room where the shield generator was. He quickly placed a bomb. he hit the deck as it exploded. The shield were weaker but not out. Jax placed another bomb. This time the whole room exploded. flames engulfed him but an invisible shield surraounded him. He ran out of the room and back to the hanger. He cut down several pilots and jumped into his ship. Before he closed the cockpit he threw the rest of his time bombs into the hanger and sped away. The hanger exploded. Nothing was getting out of there in a hurry...

Renegade Angel
11-04-2005, 07:33 AM
((Sorry, oosshx, but 1) You just char. controlled, and 2) I think this is open to Phantom Members only.))

((I'll post later, Jax))

Renegade Angel
11-04-2005, 03:45 PM
That form... Those tactics... It hit Gus like a speeding bullet. His head throbbed suddenly and he felt like Jax, Felt like he had taken out a Star Destroyer before... he felt... invincible... He reached into his robes and found a lightsaber the green blade was a beautiful sight... His head throbbed more and he fainted and fell to the floor of the cockpit.

11-05-2005, 03:39 AM
Jax sped away from the carnage of the star destroyer.
"JAX WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?" yelled Viper Leader
Jax laughed

(will post more later, now im off to work)

11-08-2005, 10:48 AM
ya know. i could say several things... but i wont... im just gonna enjoy the story.

11-09-2005, 05:17 PM
Jax spun and felt a rush of excitement. He felt alive. But his brain was working very fast suddenly he had a rush and he felt the power rush through him....the power of the force. Jax had never experienced anything like it....it was like....it was unbelivable. Jax swerved a Tie fighter and fired a missile at a Tie interceptor that was tailing V-5.
Jax felt as if he could take on the whole world......

a stooped figure sat in a chair watching the battle. He was too far away to be afftected and his ship was neither imperial or alliance. infact his ship was barely visable to the naked eye. He thought hard....somewhere in a mountain it is written that "the one who changes the sands of time will forever be condemned to an eternity of tourment" but this one was something else. He was changing the past but he was a jedi....a jedi? the jedi were extinced....how could this maggot possibly be a jedi? he coughed and snapped his fingers instantly a man appaeared next to him...
"Yes master?"
"Fetch me my data pad"
"Right away sir" the man bowed and left
the stooped figure stood up and let his robe fall off. Benteath was shiny red armour this boy was no jedi....and even if he was....he would be dead before the day was out...but no another jedi? but this one's path wasn't layed out as clearly...either way these two were threats beyond what the imperials or the alliance had ever seen....they were something different.....

Renegade Angel
11-09-2005, 08:23 PM
Gus felt his life slip away. He took short, quick breaths untill his eyes opened. he sat up and sighed. What a horrible experience. A vision about a jedi... kaitlyn was her name... How odd.... He took control of the plane and flew towards Jax.

11-12-2005, 05:40 PM
Jax sudenly felt cold.....he shivered. He glanced into space....nothing was there....but why did he feel so cold....and suddenly scared? Jax looked over. The star destroyers were retreating...they had won that battle...

Far away the stooped figure clicked his fingers again and his servant appeared.
"yes, my master?"
"bring them to me...NOW!" he hissed
the man nodded and pressed a small button
Jax's ship shuddered and disapeared he was falling threw time and then....he hit a cold floor. his head was bleeding. badly and his vision was blurred.

"I've waited for you....Jedi"
"what?" Jax said dazed "Jedi?"
Something in Jax's head clicked, he didn't know why but he felt strong and wise.
He stood up
"I am a Jedi" he said (His memory has returned)
The man stood up and whispered
"We shall see"

Renegade Angel
11-16-2005, 06:42 PM
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Gus shuddered as a wave of cold fell over him. He rose and looked around. His memory. he remembered it all. All of it. Jax. Kaitlyn. Stu.... he shuddered again.. Lord Rezillo.... If only he could stop him. Jax was probrably dead now, and it was all his fault....

01-05-2006, 03:38 PM
(Sos I havnt posted on here for a while)

Jax threw how cloak to the floor and took out his saber and ignited it.
The blue glow filled the room. The man smiled. He took out a lightsaber and ignited it. The red saber imitted a glow all over his face. Jax knew that face. He stumbled backwards
He smiled
"Yes. I know what you've done. You have changed time...and for the worste. Now Rezillo will not fall to the dark side and Lars will never be trained. This also means Gus will never meat Kaitlyn and she will never be able to kill me"
"You....how do you know this?"
"Do you remember my turn to the darkside"
"well....I wasn't born so...no"
"I fell into a pit of Lava after fighting your master....Phinius. He belived if he tried to kill me the dark side or "sith" would never return. But he was wrong. My master found me and using new technology made me live. You could say he upgraded me."
"Phinius was a good man!"
"That he was. I was sorry to hear about his death.....even if I caused it"
Jax gripped his blade. He had to control his hatred and anger other wise he would go down the same road again. He Stepped away from Zion. Zion laughed. And walked towards him. Jax raised his blade to defend himself. Zion started to attack. Jax blocked the attack. Jax raised his blade and attacked Zion....

Renegade Angel
01-05-2006, 04:08 PM
He knew this wasn't the life he needed, nor wanted, for that matter, to live. He remembered to retire after this. when Gus arrived, no one had fought yet, just talekd and conversed, How odd. He ignited his green saber and decided why he'd fight. Honor, destiny, and pure out cold reasons he wouldn't admit. When this was all over... he'd habve to relive his life up until the time they left. He figured it didn't matter if he was still alive... He shot a glance at Jax. he jumped and hit Zion as hard as possible. Then, it happened again. His heart stopped beating and he stumbled back and rose again.

01-05-2006, 04:26 PM
Jax spun around
He stopped. Zion laughed. No Jax had to stop Zion. A movement in the shadows was watching Gus. When Gus got up he ignited a saber and jumped towards Gus
"Gus you worry about him, This is my fight....He killed my master"
Jax looked into Zion's cold grey eyes.
"You're holding back"
"I can't kill you....the prophecy said when I killed the dark one I would turn.....-"
Jax stopped
"I've changed time....that prophecy was about me killing Rezillo.....but now Rezillo will not become a sith lord....so the prophecy will not exist....which means I can kill you"
Zion stopped and smiled
"So it does....but you will not succeed"
Jax took out another lightsaber and ignited it. The purple blade glowed bright. Jax put his blue one away.
"That....was Phinius's...."
"Yes it was, I always promised that I'd use it on the one who kille him"
Zion's smile faded slightly
"So be it"
Zion slashed but Jax dodged. Jax rolled and slashed at Zion's feet. His blade made contact and blood dripped down Zion's leg. Zion force pushed Jax back but Jax got straight back up. Jax jumped over the seat and attacked. Zion blocked it and sent the chair flying. Zion started to get angry. He was losing concentration. Jax was more agile and a lot faster. Zion's suit weighed him down. Jax kicked Zion in the head. Zion stumbled backwards Jax slashed at Zion's chest. He made contact with the breathing aperatus. Zion gasped. This was Jax's chance to end it all right now. To Avenge his master. Jax raised his blade. But stopped. Zion looked up at him.
"What's the matter Polara? Scared?"
Jax lowered his blade
"Unlike you I have mercy and compassion. Get up."
Zion did so. His lghtsaber was on the floor. But Jax didn't see as Zion reached for a lightknife (Basically knife thats a lightsaber) he stabbed Jax in the ribs. Jax gasped. He looked into Zion's eyes and then At the floor. He concentrated on Zion's lightsaber. He made it ignite and threw it against the wall. The blade was still on and facing Zion's back. Jax yelled and Zion flew back. He hit the lightsaber's blade and it went right through his heart. Zion looked down at it.
"You.....killed me...." He slipped to the floor. Just as Jax fell.

Renegade Angel
01-05-2006, 06:03 PM
gsu used the remainder of his energy to jump up and catch Jax. "Polara..." he said "You just saved the galaxy, again." He smiled and lifted Jax up, still trying to keep his own balance with the fact that he was growing weak from the violene and darkness that was still deep in him. the lights grew dim on the ship until they finally went out. "But... it looks like the republic doesn't know we're here..." He said, still holding Jax and heading for the huge, bulk metal door. the ship shook and lurched to the right. it stopped. the ship's engines and the power generator were out, and the oxygen was probably running low, and now, the ship was starting to lurch and turn, and Gus knew it'd blow soon.

01-06-2006, 02:58 AM
Jax turned to Gus with a massive effort.
"You know....I think I might retire now"
He smiled and fainted

Renegade Angel
01-06-2006, 03:46 PM
"im with ya!" he said, carrying Jax as fast as he could back to the hangar. There were no soldiers around, so by the time he got to the hangar, the shi had just started to blow. He felt the heat rise as the huge cloud of smoke and flames caught up tot hem. He swore unde rhis breath and threw jax into the back of his ship. Oh no! eh thought. His ship wouldn't start, sabotage... he shook Jax. "Jax, wake up! HELP!"

01-06-2006, 04:42 PM
Jax woke up to the sound of crashing and Gus's voice.
"Jax, wake up!"
Jax felt faint.
"What's going on?"
He was awear of something being wrong.
He sensed it. He arose from the seat and got out he went to the back of the ship. Sure enough the engines were dead. Even with his skills it would take time, time they didn't have. He remembered that he had been some how transported to the ship. So he turned and beckoned Gus to follow him. He walked back into the room where Zion's dead body lay. He searched the desk and chair. There was a red button. And a circle. He guessed and half sensed this might be it. He beckoned Gus to the cirlce and used the force to push the button. If this worked they should end up back the the republic ship...if not who knew?

Renegade Angel
01-06-2006, 10:04 PM
the sound of crashing and screams came closer adn closer until gus thought he'd die from the extreme heat. Gus closed his eyes as jax pushed the button.

02-25-2006, 06:29 PM
(I know this is over but I think it deserves a proper ending. This is the end of the Viper missions, Phantom Missions and Sector 64 and as it took months of work it needs an decent ending)

Jax was walking down a corridoor in the Temple of the damned. He saw his old master Phinius there. He spoke to him. "You have done well Jax"
"Master? I'm sorry I turned on you and your teachings-"
"Do not worry dear boy. You have done great things...even if they have never happened"
It took a while for Jax to realise what he meant by this
"I suppose-"
"You are one of the greatest Jedi's in history"
"No i am not, Luke Skywalker is much better-"
"Luke may have defeated the so called "Sith Lord" but so have you. You have defeated an anicent power much more powerful than Darth Sideous. In many ways you have surpassed his skills"
Jax nodded.
"But there is one more thing that must be done" He said
"What master?"
"You must let go"
"Let go of what?"
"Your anger, hatred and you shall forever be powerful"
"I don't want to be powerful"
"Good. That was the first step-"
"I can't help thinking Zion was right though"
Phinius stopped and looked at Jax
"Many of his ideas were....out of this world. But he was right in some respects. About human nature...about the Jedi and Sith just being titles and we are who we are regardless. And one mans evil is another good. It's all about points of views..."
Phinius nodded
"You have learned well. I thank you for putting this ancient was to an end"
"I...I don't know what to say"
"Say nothing. Jax. Is shall see you on the other side"
Phinius turned
"Don't call me that. You have done what I could not"
"When I left your teachings- where you....disapointed with me?"
"No. I could never be disapointed with you. You were....something else..."
Phinius said dreamily. He smiled and said
"See you, Jax"....

Jax woke up in a hospital bed sweating and shaking. The door slid open and Rezillo walked in.
"We won" He said smiling
"How did we win?"
"Well whatr happened was Red group-"
"No i mean...We've lost so many pilots and men...how is that classed as winning?"
"Oh be quiet. They like you gave their lives to fight for freedom"
"I suppose"
He looked out the window
"Please Rezillo. I just want to be alone"
Rezillo nodded and left. Jax stared out the window for a while longer thinking. He leant back and felt his lightsaber. He gripped it tightly. He put it down again and watched a star cruiser go by.
"I am definatly going to retire"
At the age of only 22 he felt like he had seen more years than was true or needed. He lay back down and slept for the first time in what seemed like years....