View Full Version : All of the scavenger hunt items

05-15-2005, 02:05 AM
here they are.....

Golden Acorn - NE of the GPC cage you'll spot a squirrel who runs into a tree as you approach. Use your invisibility to sneak up on him and grab the Acorn.
Dinosaur Bone - In the Reception Area locate the huge tree along the north wall (directly between the trailer and the river if you're looking at your map). The Bone is at the top of this tree.
Diver's Helmet - Get to the top of the Boathouse to access the cave behind it. The Helmet is in the cave.
Eagle's Claw - In the Main Campgrounds head down toward the parking lot. Before getting there, note the group of rocks to the left. Bounce up them with your Levitation Ball, then use the trapeze to swing to the far platform, where you will find the claw.
Condor Egg - In the Reception Area, the Condor Egg is located in a next atop a tall stump in the middle of the swamp. Use your Levitation Balloon to float down to it from a high spot.
Fossil - In Sasha's Underground Lab, atop a high ledge.
Glass Eye - Behind the sewer grate beneath the GPC area. Use your Telekenisis to pull it into you.
Gold Dubloon - In alcove along the base of the Main Lodge.
Fertility Idol - In the Reception Area, locate Ford's trailer, then search the surrounding trees for a beehive. Knock down the hive with a Marksmanship Blast.
Miner's Skull - Find the small geyser just NE of the GPC cage. Use your Shield on the geyser and the Miner's Skull will pop out.
Pirate Scope - Use your Levitation Ball to bounce up to the top of the easternmost rock structures just outside the GPC.
Psychonauts Comic #1 - Take the high path along the northern wall of the Boathouse and Beach area from the beach back toward the dock and you'll run into it.
Gold Watch - Atop the fountain in the Asylum Grounds.
Turkey Sandwich - In the Kids' Cabins area get on top of your cabin. From here, swing and climb up the tree to the secret tunnel above. At the end of the tunnel is a refrigerator. Inside is the Sandwich. Use your Pyrokinesis to to thaw it out.
Voodoo Doll - In the Main Lodge, above the band. Use the bookcase. Easy to get once you earn your Levitation Badge.
Cherry Wood Pipe - In the NE section of the Reception Area. Behind the rusty truck.